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Author Topic: Destiny of an emperor III [Sega Genesis] Need Help for Script  (Read 5116 times)


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Hi guys,
i post here because i need your help.
I have started a project three month ago for fully translating the Sega Megadrive version of Conquering the World III/DOE3 in French and english.
Actually we are three in this project.
We have made a lot of works in that :
-dumped all of the Main Script and Item Script.
-Fixed the ROM for Real hardware works and Gens works

-Insert a Sega Logo :

-insert Cast Screen with all people which have works on the project ( not finished yet)

-And the Latin font with some dialogue exemple:

But please i need your help.
I need someone for translating Chinese script Kanjii to English because my original translator seems to be very busy yet.
Please the game isn't a giant RPG like Final Fantasy or Secret of Mana , it's just a fan game with a game time of 10 hour maxi ( just like Braver Battle Saga) .

At this time , the project is stopped because we need a chinese translator.
Did someone want to help US ?