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Author Topic: SMB1 Rom Help  (Read 1582 times)


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SMB1 Rom Help
« on: March 18, 2012, 12:36:03 pm »
Hello all,
I am currently making a version of SMB1 for FDS, the goal is to make the graphics, physics, and sounds match SMB2J.

I was able to change the graphics 100% to match the SMB2J version. But I do not know the offset to change the physics to make them match SMB2J. If anybody knows them please post them so I could know them. I want BOTH Mario and Luigi from SMB1 to match ONLY Mario from SMB2J (the physics when landing on enemies, you get more air).

Also I am having trouble editing the skid sound when Mario/Luigi makes a sharp turn, can anybody help me with this ? Maybe Dr. Floppy? Thanks.  :)