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Author Topic: Professional opportunity (seeking native Italian, German and French speakers)  (Read 2263 times)


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Hey guys, I thought some of you might be interested in this:

I'm doing the Spanish-to-English translation for a very cool iPhone port that's near completion -- it's a 3D shoot 'em up similar to Wild Guns, with the silliest plot you've ever seen. If you're heavily into WiiWare titles you may have played the original release already. The developer is interested in fresh translations for the port but is having some difficulty finding native Italian, German, and French speakers for translating into those target languages. Strong familiarity with videogames is the developer's next concern after language skill. Well, let's see if we can't solve that!  ;)

The game has an 833-word script plus an App Store description. The source documents are all in Spanish (Castilian variety, shouldn't be too many worries there). Knowing Spanish in addition to the target language would of course be a major plus, but the script is simple enough that I should be able to provide a literal starting point in English. If you can write decent Spanish I can put you in touch with the developer directly, or I can serve as go-between otherwise. A strong sense of perfectionism is important, but I figure most who are active here have got that covered in spades.

Yes, payment in your favorite currency is definitely doable -- my guess is it'll probably be a Paypal arrangement. The studio isn't huge, but they're not operating out of their garage either, so you can use your best judgment here. The developer's hoping to have translations in place by Monday(!) but I'll see if they can't provide some more wiggle room if necessary. The guy who runs this studio has lots of connections with Japanese devs (he lived there and studied game design there for a decade), so this is an excellent contact to have IMO.

Please PM me if you're interested, or feel free to ask questions or provide leads here in the thread. I think I already have a good idea which fan translation houses I should approach for this, but a reminder can't hurt!
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