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Author Topic: Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.  (Read 1119188 times)


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Re: Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.
« Reply #5660 on: March 20, 2019, 04:15:00 pm »
Medievil (PS1)
-Can quickly exit beaten levels and exit new levels via their entrances for better world interconnectivity
-Add (expensive) lightning ammo to a couple of later shops - currently there's one charge and you're not warned plus have to exploit a glitch to get more
-More persistent levels where possible (puzzles etc. won't reset, only money and health maybe?)
-Allow saving at shops
-Faster block pushing and health restoration at restoration points
-Can save one or more health potion/vial for later use in the inventory
-Less camera rotation limitations (can rotate while moving and in more places where it was previously blocked) and faster rotation if possible
-Bread crumb clues in the ant's nest segment
-Fixed strafing (currently can't move backward or forward while doing it - holding strafe and moving backwards makes you start walking backwards instead of strafing and then you have to re-press the button to strafe)
-Can map alternate weapons to the alternate or main attack button and/or all weapons' only attack are mapped to the same button (square seems best w/ y to block)
-Can access the inventory menu while moving
-Less picky positioning requirement when interacting with some objects and NPCs
-Auto-use keys on locked doors
-Easier boulder trap segment in level 2 and pools of the ancient dead level
-Added clue to the order in which to step on the four icons at the entrance to the shadow demon lair
-Sooner warning about dying quickly from walking into the corn fields in the fields level
-The very short levels are extended a bit
-Metal giant mini-bosses activate sooner and some of the easier bosses like the dogs have boosted stats and/or speed
-Maybe make some weapons more different to avoid some becoming obsolete in the mid-late game?
-Better hall of heroes rewards scaling (one is just a couple of energy vials and the last one in the game is three vials - could be switched with lightning, two are a somewhat low amount of gold which you could've collected by replaying one of the early levels instead)

Tomba (PS1)
-Removed extra lives system since there are save points - chest contents can be replaced with healing items and/or the 1-ups can give AP
-Redistributed dialogue so that you'll encounter NPCs with relevant tips easier, and better clues to each quest and item in the menus
-Can move while charging for better flow early on
-Rebalanced AP rewards - later and harder quests should give more and there could be a couple more AP boxes with goodies in the mid-late game as well
-Redistributed chests for less backtracking and memorization of their locations - wings aren't really needed in the mid-late game since there's the dog so these can be removed. Some chests can also be moved to be rewards for platforming/exploration/puzzle/combat challenges leading to them instead of lying in the open
-Better hit detection when grabbing onto poles/grapple points with your hands
-Fix lame rewards (the door that couldn't be opened due to the strong winds should lead to something better than 1 lunch box/healing item, 1-up for carrying the frog for half an area without being hit, etc.)
-Can switch between these items on the fly (including in mid-air) - umbrella, elemental gems, fish
-^Either that or the umbrella can be toggled on/off with a button press OR pressing down has more of an effect
-Full control config if possible (only the face buttons can be remapped currently) - Shoulder buttons could use running for example
-Lower collecting requirements for such quests - fewer pump rocks, pieces of cheese, etc. for better flow
-Gate removing where possible - sometimes you're locked out of sub areas because they're "very dangerous", lava cave invisible wall?
-Skippable quest text/graphic as soon as you can see what it says - the many loading screens and transitions are interrupting enough
-No longer have to use each ingredient manually at the witch's place - used when you talk to her if you have all ingredients
Tighter vertical scrolling underwater for fewer cheap hits/allowing faster movement
-Wrap-around menus
-Can do a running or walking jump on the z-plane for better flow
-More consistent 2.5D movement - where the player can't be allowed to move it should be made more obvious in spots where it isn't
-Fix how in "stone"/super fast form you drop too fast to grab items from chests falling out of mid-air - bad in the lava cave for example
-Beating enemies with the fire or water jewel attack still increases your ability points so they can be used to grind quicker
-Less picky positioning requirements when talking to NPCs (fairly easy to miss Yan in the first area since he stands right at a point where the screen transitions to the pond area and you have to stand very close to it to talk to him)

-Less trial & error - can interact with the door to the witch's hut in the beginning so as not to dismiss it later on, clues to finding the seven friends to unlock the door to the final boss, added strong wire location hint (room/cardinal direction), the dwarf forest square pig gate location could be moved a bit, the green gem should appear the first time you reach the top of the phoenix mountain, added warning about the fire jewel making you unable to swim while equipped (you can even die from this if in the jungle), some leaps of faith+pits in the laughing/crying flowers and lava cave area and on phoenix mountain - can look further down/up to fix this?, don't have to jump into the fire to trigger that quest in the second area, visible captured warves (in the spores) in the first dwarf forest area, the game should ask if you're ready to go when first encountering the phoenix (you'll end up falling into the village near the mountain and having to re-climb the mountain for some items close to where the phoenix was otherwise), can use the raft anywhere on land near the waterfall in the jungle OR the jetty is viewable from the other angle in the water

-Rebalanced difficulty (fairly easy bosses besides the stormy pig - these could test your current abilities more, tough lava cave area, phoenix mountain is pretty tough with wind effects+hidden springs+small platforms and pits of death+a cheap projectile attack at the toughest platforming part+invulnerable plants that can send you backwards if they swallow you (ugh), mushroom forest area could be less cluttered with mushrooms and enemies, pits could also do ~3 HP damage and bounce you back like water and spikes do instead of killing you, harder on foot race and easier car race (with the no jump-exploit removed))

-Either no more one way exit from the house at the first screen or the game at least says the door is locked
-Fix how the tree of knowledge doesn't tell you about the five golden items until you already have them
-Quest items you're finished with are discarded
-Can move between screens in mid-air
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Re: Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.
« Reply #5661 on: March 21, 2019, 04:44:11 pm »
I'd love to see a save or password feature added to Blaster Master (NES). I've always felt this game is incomplete without it.

Some improvements for Tengen's Alien Syndrome (NES):

+ Color revision to make it closer to the arcade.
+ Make the player walk a tad faster.
+ Faster reload time.
+ Maybe an easy version or some rebalancing to make the later enemies less cheap yet challenging. For example make the bullets speed slower from monsters in level 4. On the same token make the enemies in levels 1-3 move faster (but not too much).
+ When a player activates the map it pauses the game for a few seconds that seems like an eternity. You can't do anything until the map timer runs out. Make it so the map can be turned off by moving away with the D-pad or a button press.

This game may be overlooked but the maps are actually pretty close to the arcade! Would make a great candidate for an improvement hack.


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Re: Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.
« Reply #5662 on: March 21, 2019, 05:50:48 pm »
I wonder if the Japanese version (published by Sunsoft) is any easier.
I only played it a bit to notice that, at the least, it gives more time on the first level. I wonder if there were other changes.
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Re: Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.
« Reply #5663 on: March 22, 2019, 10:51:26 pm »
Here's a censored SNES game few bring up, Total Carnage!

Though honestly, I think some of this might've been done due to the SNES's limits as it's an arcade port.  Interesting how one line of text was censored into "you will die" considering the console...


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Re: Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.
« Reply #5664 on: March 23, 2019, 12:06:00 pm »
I would love to see hacks of Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle (i mean ones like fan ports of the Game Boy and Game Boy Color sequels and homebrew sequels that improve the formula) and improvement hacks of Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5


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Re: Hack ideas: for those without the skill but with all the ideas.
« Reply #5666 on: March 25, 2019, 10:47:17 am »
Here's an idea i had when i was watching a vid of the Street Fighter III romhack: what about making it more like the real SFIII? i know the parry thing and other stuff would be a serious pain in the butt or nearly impossible, but things like the winquotes and some moves could be possible, like giving electricity properties to ryu's hadouken in reference to his denjin hadouken super art, turning dhalsim's yoga flame and yoga fire into electric shock a-la-blanka like necro, and so on.

Something i've always wanted to see is a romhack of Super Street Fighter II based in SSFIV, with Juri and Abel replacing T.Hawk and DeeJay. I think that, like SFIII's genesis romhack, "Juri" could be actually ChunLi with new colour palletes based in the black-purple-white colour scheme of Juri, and adding some fireball properties to the lighintg kicks of chun li, for example.