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Author Topic: Translations: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood English Translation Patch, Essentially, Complete.  (Read 11513 times)


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Update By: Burnt Lasagna

Well, after 8 years the Castlevania: Rondo of Blood translation patch for the PC-Engine is now, essentially, complete! Mind you a majority of those 8 years was leaving it abandoned until just recently.

I say essentially complete because there are still three small things left to be done and with my limited knowledge of ROM hacking I’m unable to hack them in.

The three things are the text for the ferryman, the billboard in stageX and the title screen. Also the opening subtitles are all in SJIS characters which forces us to shorten the dialogue and take liberty's with the translation in order to fit it in the game's limited memory space. There is an alternate smaller font within the game that would fix this problem but neither Cubanraul or I know how to switch between the two fonts in the game's text engine.

If anyone feels they can achieve these goals by themselves we can integrate them into this patch, you would be credited for it of course. A mockup of the game's title screen can be found on the website for this patch, courtesy of fragmare.

But enough talk... have at you!

RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link: (


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Little suggestion about the stage names: make the shadow use more pixels, like an actual 3D shadow (90°+135°+180°, instead of just projecting 90°), or alternatively use a bold font (not recommended tho). Another suggestion would be making all the titles use the same font size for consistency, since the original didn't squish the letters like that IIRC.
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Great work on this!  Any chance of having an option for a smaller download without the dubbing?  (Or is it there but I'm not seeing it...)


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