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Author Topic: Hacking (classic) MAME roms... I can't find nothing about!  (Read 3168 times)


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Hacking (classic) MAME roms... I can't find nothing about!
« on: December 02, 2011, 10:44:07 am »
Hey guys!

I love the romhacking subject and I really appreciate the
efforts that so many people have been doing thru all these
years improving, translating, fixing and modifying console games.

But there is a question that pursues me for a long time...

Why nobody hack classic arcade games?
Shinobi! Shadow Dancer! Golden Axe! Thunder Fox! Etc etc...

I have a dream project --- I really wild like to just
change the COLORS/COLOR pallete of classic Moon Patrol game.
It's so, how can I say, foolish to ride a moon rider on those
pink and green colors.

I really would like to just change the colors to something
more realistic, rock and sand hues, things like that.

But I can find anywhere anything related to hack
Mame games, except for a program caller TURACO, if I remember well.
However the program require specific romset releases and it is
a nightmare to find such binaries out there.

Well, thanks for your attention!
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