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Author Topic: Gran Turismo 2 translation help  (Read 2569 times)


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Gran Turismo 2 translation help
« on: November 25, 2011, 12:15:28 pm »
First thing is sorry about my english.
I wanted translate Gran Turismo 2 (with help my friends who speak english very well) to my language (polish).
My target is translate "Info Cars" and descriptions parts to tune.
But i have technical problem. I dont now where i can find this stuff. I try soft "snesedit" and other hexeditor
and i use search and not found any words from Info Cars descriptions. I found only names of cars.
Later i use snes edit to extract TIM graphic files but i found only names of cars. It is possible the text is compressed?
What i must do? Where i must search, what software i must use?

This forum is my last chance to learn something about that. Because I ask on polish forum and they dont now nothing about that.

Please help.

I greet.
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Re: Gran Turismo 2 translation help
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2011, 08:12:06 pm »
Well, it's hard to tell you where the text is because I believe nobody ever looked into translate any GT.
Anyway, the text can be compressed or use a custom table or even be graphics (like you saw with the car names).
Just by a quick look at the structure, I can say that what you are looking for is:
-Faulty.psx: all 00 so only padding file
-GT2.ovl: possible compressed data
-GT2.vol: probably the most data is here
-music.dat: probably only the musics of the game
-SCES_023.80: the executable but because so small, probably it's really only the main program and no data in there.
-stream.dat: the movie of the game
-system.cfg: system file

At the beginning of GT2.vol there are 3608 tims but only the cars names and the wheels.
Anyway start from here and choose your level of knowledge. You should find all the advice you need there.