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Author Topic: Translating a PS2 game  (Read 3563 times)


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Translating a PS2 game
« on: August 16, 2011, 12:53:24 pm »
Well hello, i registered at this forum because it seems people here have a lot of knowledge about hacking games so i tough some of you could answer some of my questions. I saw some of the stuff about translations here "", and saw some of the hacks in the rom hacks section and they are quite impressive. My objective is this one: i have a ps2 game and i want to start trying to translate it, but i dont know how to start up because it is a ps2 game, so i tough some of you who have knowledge about ps2 hacking could give me any leads? Some of you might know the game, its a remake from 2 games of the gba, and it's called Super Robot Taisen OGs, and it is a remake the games Super Robot Taisen OG and OG2, along with new stuff and some extra missions. For those who dont know the series, SRT or SRW is usually a tactics style game, and you have to proceed through missions until the end of game while reading the history. Its almost a text only game except for the tactics section on the missions and impressive animations. Here is some information : . Well I hope someone can give me a light and thank you. Obs: i used the spell check even tough it seemed strange so if some spelling seems strange ...