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Author Topic: Translations: Mobile Suit Gundam F91: Formula Wars 0122 English Release!  (Read 8165 times)


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Update By: RedComet

After more than 5 years, Twilight Translations has finally our English patch for Gundam F91 for the SNES. This is a weird take on the strategy genre and isn't for everyone, but Gundam fans will love it. The plot covers the period between the Gundam F90 manga and the beginning of the Gundam F91 anime film.

The hacking work is top-notch (if I do say so myself), complimenting SteveMartin's translation to create an entertaining game for any Gundam fan (and hopefully non-Gundam fans) to enjoy.

RHDN Project Page

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Looks like a double dose of anime-based games.

Anyway since I tested and beat this game I might as well comment on it. I don't believe I've ever played anything like it before. As such it's kind of hard to classify what genre it belongs to. You start off on a SRPG battle map and when you make contact with an enemy there's this weird radar screen and once you get the enemy in the right spot, you can attack. From there the game becomes entirely cinematic. I suppose the closest thing to describe it is a cinematic fighter. Personally I found the battles to be mind-numbingly easy and kind of redundant, but the game does a complete 360 on the 10th and 11th battles. All of sudden the game becomes frustratingly hard and bordering on impossible to beat, but with some patience I was able to get past the hump.

Finally the story. To be honest I'm not much of a Gundam fan these days so I could care less about the series and story. I found the script to be somewhere in the middle in terms of how much I liked it. I have a suspicion that this has nothing to do with the translation and more of a problem with the source because there is a vague mention about the fate of an important character that is never fully revealed. That kind of pissed me off and makes me wonder at the same time.


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I'd like to get my hands on a copy of the manga that's based on the same story to find out what happened for certain. In the end it sort of suffers from the same problem most licensed games do: they assume too much and explain too little.
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Awesome release!
Congrats to Red Comet and everyone involved in the project. As a big Gundam fan I can only say, thanks for bringing this game to light for english speakers. I really like the formula mobile suits and I think they should have gotten a proper series, as just a feature film is just not enough at all. Anyhow, the whole package is top notch and a real treat to anyone that likes the Gundam mythos, keep up the good work RC.


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Big surprise for me, I forget exactly how long ago it was I translated this but it was one among a few other projects I finished translating that were left stagnant due to the hacker being busy. I'm glad this one got out, I just hope the translation quality is to everyone's approval, especially as I was and still am completely unfamiliar with Gundam and its universe. One could say I know a gundam thing about it....  :laugh:
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