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Author Topic: SM64 - Star Road Previews  (Read 3142 times)


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SM64 - Star Road Previews
« on: January 12, 2011, 11:26:19 pm »
SM64 Star Road is a complete Super Mario 64 hack I am working on which will have 121 stars. Below are the previews available so far and a screenshot of the level above it you would rather that then watching the video.

Preview 1 and 2 excluded from this post as they are not levels that will be included in the hack.
If you want to view them, here is my YouTube page:

Bob-Omb Island (Preview 3):

Sky Land Resort (Preview 4):

Lagoon Side Hideout (Preview 5):

Melting Snow Peaks (Preview 6):

And also, a Christmas Special which was released instead of a demo...

Christmas Carnival Special:

Any feedback you would like to give is appreciated.