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Author Topic: Translations: Ancient Magic Translation Release  (Read 13873 times)


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Re: Translations: Ancient Magic Translation Release
« Reply #20 on: August 22, 2011, 08:04:48 pm »
Here´s my review on Ancient Magic. It might help future visitors to find out, if the game is suited for them or not.

Ancient Magic offers an interesting story, which evolves rather slow paced but gets pretty dramatical later on. There´s even an "afterplay" included, so you shouldn´t turn off once you see the credits and "End". I liked about the game, that you actually can choose between answers in very few cases. However, it has some drawbacks, too. There´s the strange combat system, where you have to give orders even to the people, who can´t act any longer. The encounter rate is sometimes extremely high and you can´t even walk a few steps without having a fight, which can be annoying. There are almost no informations about Spells, Items and their use, so you sometimes have to learn by just trying them out.

I can confirm that most damaging spells aren´t worth the magic points they use up. Most of the time I was fine with "chill", which offers the best cost-benefit ratio. Plus, you get "chill" pretty early in the beginning. Other than that, the most usefull spells were charm and hypnose (or something alike).

The map-system is a bit intricate. There are firstly the town maps. Then comes the regional maps. In both you can move around rather free. Lastly comes the global map, in which you can only choose a destination point and your group travels there automatically. There aren´t any random encounters in the global map.

Alltogether, Ancient Magic might be worth a try, even though it´s far from perfect and there are a lot of better games.

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Re: Translations: Ancient Magic Translation Release
« Reply #21 on: August 22, 2011, 08:08:54 pm »
Great! I'm glad you think other people should play the game, but maybe you could post this review on the translation's page here on RHDN. :)