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Update By: Neil

SMILE is a drag and drop style Super Metroid level editor written by Jathys. Version .70 adds a boat load of new features. What's new you ask?

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  • Re-Added Pointer Pop-Ups
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  • Added parti
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  • al support for Area Load Stations
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  • Added support for enemy palettes to be converted to YY-Char format
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  • Rip/Save scenery palettes to/from TLP/YY-Char formats
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  • Rip/Save scenery graphic sheets for editing in a tile editor
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  • Added support for editing tile tables (ie- choose which 8x8's make p the 16x16 tiles)
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  • Changed CRE ignoring to be done based on area (Ceres) instead of the sheet number
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  • Added support for an ASM code (available at a later date) to allow for more than one bank to be used for enemy populations
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  • Lots of bug fixes
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  • Lots of stuff I'm either forgetting or choosing not to list
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You can grab the program from here or from Jathys' site here.

Relevant Link: (http://jathys.zophar.net/index.html)
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