News: 11 March 2016 - Forum Rules, Mobile Version
Current Moderators - DarkSol, KingMike, MathOnNapkins, Azkadellia

Registration Agreement

Last Revision - 26 June 2011


1. Act friendly, maturely, and respectfully to all your fellow community members. If you have a problem with a particular member, you may report it via the "Report to Moderator" button or PM any moderator. You may not publicly start a discussion about it.

2. RHDN should not be used as your vehicle to piracy - we're not a piracy ring. Any requests for or offers, either directly or indirectly, or hotlinking to illegal material, such as ROMs, ISOs, DVDRips, animations doesn't belong here. This includes discussion that would encourage or enable piracy of "0-day" or recently released games (discussing emulation problems, copy-protection cracks, etc).

3. Avatar size limit is 100x100. They should generally be 20K or less in size.

4. Signatures. Text only signatures are strongly encouraged, however signatures containing non-animated images will be tolerated within the following restrictions; 100px height limit, 400px width limit, 25K file size limit. We reserve the right to evaluate signatures on a case by case basis and ask the signature be removed if it is distracting to our visitors. You may advertise your own personal site with a link in your signature.

5. No personal advertising without permission from a Site Administrator, currently Nightcrawler. Use your signature instead.

Rules of Thumb:

General community ethics suggest the following rules of thumb. While not official rules you will be penalized for, repeated failure to act appropriately will likely cause your peers to report you for a rule 1 violation.

  • Please don't ask when a project is done. It is done when they release it.
  • Please try not to ask if there's any updates. Updates come when something new does come up, and no earlier than that.
  • Please do not resurrect old topics unless you have something very relevant or new news to add. Often dubbed 'thread necromancy'.
  • It is never a good idea to request someone else do work for you. That includes asking for someone to make a utility, do a translation, write a document etc.
  • Make a best effort at spelling,  proper grammar, and punctuation. The forum has spellcheck for you to use.
  • Please don't post or quote an excessive amount of code, hex, text, or images. We don't want to store a second copy of your work in our forum database. Use a link instead. In many cases when quoting, such as responding to the post above yours, a simple "@User:" will suffice.

Rule Violations:

1. Warnings:
  • When a warning is issued, auto notification will be made via PM.
  • Warning levels will be viewable in profiles via a percentage bar to both moderators and offending users.
  • At 50% you will be placed on a Moderator Watch List.
  • At 75% you will be in supervised posting mode where your posts must be approved before showing up.
  • At 100% you will be permanently banned.
  • Warning points will decrease over time.

2. Warnings will be issued via PM only. There will be no public discussion.

3. The percentage value of a given warning is determined by the infraction.

We hope nobody will purposely violate any rules; we do like to be lenient and let mature, respectful people govern themselves. However, individuals who do not follow the rules make this board a less than ideal place for our community to come to. Our community does not want that.

In summary, each infraction brings with it a warning, which will be issued via PM and will gradually expire after a period of good behavior. In the case of extreme offenses, immediate bans -either temporary or permanent- can be issued. In the event of a ban, any site privileges associated with the offending account will also be restricted for the duration of the ban.
So, please, just do unto others as you wish to be done unto yourself and all will be perfectly fine. I'm confident that together we can keep this board a nice place for people to come to.