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Personal Projects / Re: Zelda II Redux
« Last post by ultimaweapon on Today at 08:02:32 am »
Not yet.
That's something I still haven't even looked at, not attempted in any way.
That and the possible restoration of the Dragon Quest reference are still way down in the list of things to do, and perhaps even need help with, but we'll see :)

I know you said you were planning to reach out to JaSp outside of RHDN to see how to do it. It would be pretty cool to see how it's done.
Hello 720!

Yes, I've read most of that website. I've also bought the book. Thank you for your answers though!

More questions:
しかし 今は 剣を作るための 素材か道具が 足りないようだ。
However right now you lack the necessary material to make the sword.

Question 1:
What is the purpose of ため here? Or is it ための? I couldn't find anything on ための so I'm thinking ため is 為 is ''make''? I'm not sure however as 作る is make too so I don't understand the purpose of ため(の)here.

Second question:

Are か and が here a construction of some kind? Or is it that が is the usual particle but then what is the purpose of か there?

There's also the possibility that both か and が here play a different particle role than I'm used to.

Third question:

What is the purpose of the よう there? I don't think it's an inflection of 足りない. I think the だ there is just the past of です. It's this よう that's confusing me.
Newcomer's Board / Super Mario Land and Graphics Compression
« Last post by 7spice on Today at 07:14:40 am »
So, I'm hacking Super Mario Land right? I know I can't just call my hack "Super Mario Land", but if I'm going to call it something different, then I should most definitely change the logo graphic on the game's title screen in order to reflect that, of course.

I never thought of it as such a big deal at first; I'd imagine that if people can make entire graphical overhauls for this very game, then editing just a single graphic would be the easiest thing ever for me, right??

Well, no. The graphics in Super Mario Land, or at least my rom, were compressed, so now my once confident mindset in regards to hacking SML1's graphics has now been diminished to the point where I don't think it's even possible without screwing something up.

Of course, this is where I ask the rom hacking community for potential solutions, because I'd like to believe there is a work around for this issue, hopefully I'm just not aware of it yet.

If there is a solution that I'm unaware of, then I'd be very happy to hear about it!
I'd greatly appreciate any and all support!
Personal Projects / Re: For the Frog the Bell Tolls DX (WIP)
« Last post by Bonkers! on Today at 07:12:53 am »
Always thought this looked better than the font used in the final version of the English translation.

Any chance of an optional patch after/with the release of the colour hack?
I feel like it was meant for Surf City because it's so upbeat-sounding. The gloomy-sounding song used for both levels in-game fits a level where you're stuck in a pipeline full of spinning blades and carnivorous fish more than it does surfing down a river through a wide-open cave.
There's an unused theme, but what makes you think it was supposed to be played in Terra Tubes ? Just because Terra Tubes reuses the surf music doesn't mean the unused theme was necessarly going to be Terra Tubes' theme.

Also the Megadrive version re-use the Intruder Excluder music for Terra Tubes, so two levels in row have the same music, which is not particularly great - I think the NES version is supperior.

Personally I think that as the unused theme loops rather shortly it was probably intended for some kind of race.

Before youtube, hearing the full Speed Bike track was beyond most people's skill.  ;D
Even if you hear it, you're so concentrated on the game that it's unlikely you'll really listen to it. Also NSFs appeared long before youtube.

That's the Master System. I know the OP didn't mention which system, but I would assume he meant the Genesis, no?
I was under the impression that Marvelous ONLY works with its official ID?

Thats right but not at all, also runs with 0000 and any SA-1 Extra Byte but with blurry texts and music issuse.

I also tried with other combinations of IDs and Extra Bytes like 9C10+08 and it boots but messed up my console, main menu music sound with black screen when boot.  :P
I have tested all SA-1 Extra Bytes and the only one wich looks to work fine with ID 1610 is 08.
But only apparently, it doesn't solve the music issuse with borders at all.

I was under the impression that Marvelous ONLY works with its official ID?
Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« Last post by teahouser on Today at 03:56:44 am »
Hey Chronosplit, I've played through a new game+ with your latest release + sluffy's canoe patch and everything no bugs to report!

I found a couple minor text mistakes this playthrough:
-Trading Hut: The caveman on the left who tells you what is available still shows Saint Bow instead of Shaman Bow.
-Rainbow Helm: Still says cuts "Lightning" hits by 50% instead of "Sky"
-Power Seal: description is Power+5 Stam+5, but it should be Power+10 Stam+10 since the Power Seal raises each stat by 10 not 5 in menu.
-Third Eye: Description says 2x evade but the stat actually raises by 2.5x . Noticed Mauron posted about this a few pages back, not sure if the description should read 2.5x or should the menu stat be lower?
 Mauron: "The Third Eye actually applies a 2.5x multiplier to evade, not 2x. This effect works properly in battle, but the menu has different code to display the effect, which matches the item description."

I was wondering why the change from Lightning and Lightning2 techs into Thunder and Thunder2 for SkyDark patch? I thought Lightning and Lightning2 worked well with the Sky element, since Lightning was no longer the element name, it doesn't clash with the tech naming. For accuracy sake, Lightning is the actual electricity itself while thunder is just the sound it makes, so I feel an electric attack name that Lightning works better than Thunder here. It just feels like something that didn't need to be changed, and would be better suited as an add-on option.
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