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This is for:
(zelda oracle of agaes) .


For example the single sign that is used in:
Map 59.

That says:
(arrow-up-symbol) Nayru's House \n (arrow-down-symbol) Lynna City

Actually uses these addresses:
Code: [Select]

According to the (ZOTE - Zelda Oracles Text Editor) .

76849 says:
Code: [Select]
's House
7743B says:
Code: [Select]
Lynna City
77A8E says:
Code: [Select]
And in:
(ZOLE 4.6.01) ,. The: (Sign Editor) , .
It's called:
Code: [Select]
Sign Index: 12
Map: 59
Text: 16
I dislike when patches requires 'transformations' not included in the patch to work, like the light of indra patch.

Since i prefer softpatching, it's a extra layer i 'have' to do to keep things consistent with the base rom being no-intro. What i do is copy the rom, do the expansion and hardpatch on the copy, and only then create a new patch from the original no-intro to hardpatch and keep only that.

This also serves to softpatch for patches which use a different base rom while using no-intro roms as a base of the new patch, but it's tiresome to remember.

I've also seen very many romhacks pages where it seems the crc of the base rom was lifted from the net, *not* from a md5sum or crc32 tool. Mostly because for some reason the person doing the patch doesn't have access to these tools (whyyyy?). They're often wrong.

But anyway, a way for verification of the base rom to be done on file upload (javascript calculating hashes asking for the base rom, maybe matching against approved dats?) would probably be useful.
I prefer the VWF on the Gemini translation myself. But to be honest, i keep both versions of the game... the corny lines and audio is nostalgic. Sometimes i wish the gemini hack allowed switching the jap voices for the english horribleness and script at runtime given the two games.

I do know that is rather unlikely to ever happen because of the space limitations and pointless effort.
Do you think it would be possible to add the letter font to the game's menus?
Font changing is going beyond of this hack. Besides, such visual changes may not like the rest people. For example, I do not like the font in the screenshots of your links. It is too compact and small.

Found maybe a bug.
In the bad ending, alucard floating in the air. Please fix that.
Screenshot please and game save too.
Newcomer's Board / Re: Very Basic Question
« Last post by Jorpho on Today at 12:50:41 am »
You know, there is a FAQ on the main site for Very Basic Questions.

Also, please do not ever use "Very Basic Question" as a thread title.  It is not descriptive.
A Shinobi 3 level redesign hack would be nice, although the game is actually fine up until round 5 and only takes a dive in 6 and 7 which are ridiculously brutal and full of instant kills.
Hey, I just discovered something about the SNES version of Bart's Nightmare (haven't verified with the Genesis version). First, I need to explain something. In Bart's Nightmare, your score is tied to the grade Bart gets upon getting a Game Over or completing the game. The following scores are needed to qualify for their respective grades:
  • Under 8000 - F
  • 8000-20999 - D-
  • 21000-35999 - D
  • 36000-44999 - D+
  • 45000-54999 - C-
  • 55000-67999 - C
  • 68000-76999 - C+
  • 77000-86999 - B-
  • 87000-98999 - B
  • 99000-108999 - B+
  • 109000-118999 - A-
  • 119000-124999 - A
  • 125000 or more - A+
Of course, there's an extra qualification for the top three grades in which you need to actually clear the game.

Now, on to the point of this request. When you receive your grade upon getting a game over, Bart says something different depending on the grade you get. If you get a F through D+, he says, "Uh oh." If you get a C- through a B+, he says, "Oh yeah!" In the game's ending, however, Bart always exclaims, "Cowabunga!" regardless of the grade you get. I'd like a patch where he says the phrase appropriate to their respective grades at the end of the game, saving "Cowabunga!" for the A grades.

Also, in the final scene where the Simpsons have Bart's grade on the fridge, Homer is clearly seen saying "D'oh!" when if you get a D+ or lower, and Maggie is sucking on her pacifier as usual, but you hear no sound. Sound samples of Homer saying "D'oh!" and Maggie's pacifier are in the game, however, and I'd like to see a patch that makes use of them in this screen.
ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Extracting GBA Famicom or NES games
« Last post by KingMike on August 20, 2017, 10:28:15 pm »
Famicom Mini Zelda II should be an emulation of the FDS version of Zelda II, so I don't think it's what you are looking for.

I own the Famicom Mini Metroid and it is indeed the FDS version (including the save feature and extra sound channel), not the NES version (unlike Zero Mission which used the NES ROM even in the Japanese release).
Newcomer's Board / Re: Very Basic Question
« Last post by KingMike on August 20, 2017, 10:20:26 pm »
You need to download a Final Fantasy "ROM" file (we're not allowed to link to that, do a Google search is all we're allowed to say). Often they will be distributed with the exact filename listed on the hack pages.

Then you need to download another program called an IPS patcher. "Lunar IPS" is the one I use most.
Run the IPS patcher, follow the instructions to Apply the Patch. It will ask you for the ROM file and the IPS file. Usually they will overwrite the ROM file, so you should make a copy first in case you want to play other hacks of the game.
Remember how Chrono Trigger had "Poi?"  Golden Sun 2 does something similar, though you do not drink it:

This is a bit small for a patch (too small for me anyway) and making the dragon drunk=poisoning it is pretty smart, however this is very much in tune with the theme of Izumo itself.  The GS series as a whole has only this censored outright I believe.
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