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Peixemacaco, I may be able to help you with your Super Monaco GP project.  I can probably find the info you'll need for modifying suspension, transmissions, engines, tires and brakes.

I recently spent a lot of time working on new codes for the "Mega Games 3" European version of Super Monaco GP.  Here are the codes:

They are mostly codes for faster acceleration, higher top speed, and also a code that converted the 4 speed automatic transmission into a 5 speed automatic transmission.  I still have all of my notes for that as well as notes on a lot of stuff you're looking for.  Would be more than happy to help.
I really can't!

It's astonishing!
It's amazing!

One of my favorite games of all time — mervelously remastered.
Thank you SO much for this.
Definetely I will play it as soon as possible.

Still remember how arduous was my first playthrough back in the 90's. Leveling up was reall a pain, and made me gave it up from the game so many times. But I was able to beat it after all... Eager to replay EXODUS now! (Albeit I found a way to cheat on the original NES cartridge: If you simply pull off the cart with console power ON and push it back, the sram memory gets crazy and you end with a lot fo money and crazy items on you invetory... pretty insane! [Used to cheat on Genesis games this way as well]).


Huge congrats on the release!
Personal Projects / Re: My Neighbour Totoro (SMB1)
« Last post by Farlight on Today at 08:52:59 am »
Looking good!  I checked out the video. I think the music and style fit very well.  I look forward to playing this.

Just for info:  Unseen 64 just had an article on a cancelled My Neighbor Totoro SNES game that was pitched.  Sadly it never was developed. :(

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario All-Stars Redrawn
« Last post by Razieldemon on Today at 08:44:08 am »
actually pocket he looks right at home... almost moreso than in the game you designed him for
Small Shin Sedai update.

I haven’t been able to work on this heavily, but it’s happening steadily. I’ve made progress on the tools I’m writing to handle game files, text tables, and more groundwork. I’m pretty much done with the process of accessing text files, being able to edit them, and repacking the main data file.

I’m currently figuring out problems related to handling Mode2/Form2 data files. The tools and methods I’ve used before to either replace the file on a BIN or rebuild the whole disc don’t support this kind of files. I’m also not sure if I’m supposed to generate the sector’s header data myself and replace raw data, or if there’s an existing tool that handles it.

I haven’t yet tried everything at my disposal. If I can’t figure it out myself, I’ll start asking people around.

As I said before, I plan to finish a file editing workflow first, replacing the font and spacing second, and only then I’ll start looking for a translator. (I’d love if Tom changed his mind and came back, but I haven’t been in touch with him, so I can only go by his decision of leaving the scene)

Video editing to replace subtitles, and various graphics replacement, are all things that will come after the main text is taken care of.

MrFwibbles, Raidou, since this will probably take awhile, and this thread will probably be buried and forgotten in between updates... If either of you is interested in keeping in touch directly PM me your Discord ids. Would be cool to have a group chat for these.
Can someone tell me what the MD5 should be for the track1 BIN after applying the PPF? I tried patching this game and it hangs after the start screen.

CSotN has a mistake on redump, where the game marked as '1.1' is actually '1.0' and the 'plain' game is '1.1'.

You are most likely using the wrong source.

As for the checksum:
Personal Projects / Re: Pokémon FRLG: Sevii Expanded
« Last post by Pape29018 on Today at 07:30:10 am »
I have no problem with more rival battles, less wild pokemon grinding and you get money out of it.

Something that came to mind, having a NPC in the Sevii Island teach Pikachu Surf. I was thinking of exchanging the Light Ball to teach the Surf ability to Pikachu. I can't think of any other item you could trade in for Surf, so I'll leave it up to you. Can you get a Light Ball in FireRed? I'm pretty sure you could in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.
Personal Projects / Re: Ultima: Exodus (NES) --- Now released
« Last post by arciks11 on Today at 07:19:57 am »
Thank you for old font patch!
If I may make another suggestion. the "Lvl" text in idle status screen now feels a bit small relative to other text. I was wondering if it would be possible to make it bigger and similar to original font and maybe just say "LV" or "Lv"
Personal Projects / Re: NES RoboCop with Arcade sprites
« Last post by sics on Today at 07:06:02 am »
It's great to see that you're getting your goals, congratulations!!! :laugh:
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