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Started by SC - Last post by SC on Today at 01:37:48 pm

Now, it is confirmed, Konami is "D.E.A.D." ...

Will they bring up other old IPs, to then cancel such hyped up projects?
(please Konami, don't do this with Gensou Suikoden or Akumajou Dracula >:(, though Suikoden staff and Castlevania's Koji Igarashi are out... :'()
or... Will they create new IPs, pay the media to create hype, and then releasing some s***t and run away with the money?
or... Will they continue milking MGS, except this time without Hideo Kojima?
or... Will they try continue milking the outdated (since PS2) soccer PES game series every year?
(instead of upgrading the game/graphical engine and releasing a Master Version updateable through small/reasonable price DLC for new soccer seasons or free middle season updates)
or... Will they end up as Sega, or be bought by Square Enix Holdings?

Please, place your bets right here.

I think they will try all I've written above.

Started by ShrineFox - Last post by Steven Anthony on Today at 01:29:47 pm

Yea, i modify these mith too, but the iso crahs in ten emulator,

sorry for the
Someting else modify the .font of these game ? ( persona 3 )

Started by Steven Anthony - Last post by Steven Anthony on Today at 01:22:24 pm

I  newbie, i want traslate these game to spanish, but i cant´the way for modify the .font file :banghead:

i want translate persona 3 too, but i gest is soo more hard   :-\

Started by Piotyr - Last post by aterraformer on Today at 01:11:56 pm

You know what would be the bee's knees?  Final Fantasy III Nes remade as a hack of FF4 or FF5.    :thumbsup:
Yes, like the FF4 NES that never was but almost.

Started by Rockman - Last post by Jorpho on Today at 12:53:43 pm

I'm going to check out the Mario Bros. ROM.  I want to add it as a bonus game on the titlescreen, so you can play it at anytime.
Wouldn't there be issues with distributing that?  Or are you going to make a custom patcher that will require a Mario Bros. ROM in addition to an SMB2 ROM?  Or are you going to create a clone of Mario Bros. using the same engine?  (That's ambitious, to put it mildly.)

Started by Kogekko - Last post by paul_met on Today at 12:50:34 pm

You had only to stretch the field up to 32 tiles wide.

Started by Swarm - Last post by lunarwhale on Today at 12:43:42 pm

Not sure if I speak for anyone else, but I personally like to see a lot of posts - nice way to keep people informed about the project's progress. Sounds like you're doing a great job on it too, I'm looking forward to it!

Started by Bobolicious81 - Last post by Bobolicious81 on Today at 12:28:49 pm

When I was playing The Legend of Iowa the other day, some of the NPC dialogue reminded me of advice I was given in a dream once:
"It's hard to carry on a casual conversation during a colonoscopy."

Also, I once rode to the bottom of the sea on a toilet.

Started by Jandrem - Last post by Jandrem on Today at 12:09:57 pm

Thank you! Holy cow you've been amazingly helpful, spelling out exactly what I was looking for!

Today at 12:47:30 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Noob question #976: what do(should) I use to open .tbl files? I found the hex offset you mentioned for the intro text, but Windows can't recommend a program to open the DTE table, and I'm leery of just grabbing a random program sight-unseen.

Started by Jandrem - Last post by Disch on Today at 12:02:05 pm

Hackster doesn't support intro/bridge text.  I don't know if Hackster Companion does or not -- you can check that out... maybe it will.

Otherwise you'll have to use a hex editor.

The intro text is simple.  It's at offset 0x37F30 to 0x3800F.  Use the 'DTE table' provided with Hackster.  There's no pointers or anything, just a big block of text.

Bridge/credits/epilogue text, however....

The pointer table for the bridge/ending text is at offset 0x36810, each pointer points to 1 page of text.  The text data immediately follows that, at 0x36842 to 0x36E0F.  It uses normal DTE so Hackster's DTE table can be used here.

There are currently $19 pages -- but this is easily changed:
Pages 0 to X-1 are for the bridge scene text
Pages X to Y-1 are for the ending epilogue text

The value for 'X' is stored at offset 0x36E10
The value for 'Y' is stored at offset 0x36E11

Currently X=$4 and Y=$19, meaning pages $00-$03 are bridge text and pages $04-$18 are epilogue text.  You can change that to add/remove pages for specific scenes.

Note that after the bridge scene finishes, the game draws 4 pages of credits text, which is stored separately from the bridge/epilogue text.

Offset 0x37883 (currently $04) is the number of pages to draw for the credits.  (Note putting $00 here will result in 256 pages of credits text.  If you want to disable credits text, see below for how to do it)

The credits text itself is stored at offset 0x37B10 to 0x37B9E.  It starts with a pointer table (4 pointers because 4 pages of credits text), followed by actual text data.
Note while the credits normally stops at 0x37B9E, there appears to be unused code/garbage immediately after it that should be safe to write over, so if you need more space you can use all the way up to 0x37C0F.

Credits text is stored in a very weird format.  Outlined below.  Note that you can't use DTE so you'll have to use Hackster's 'standard table':

Code: [Select]
;;    Credits text is different.  Rather than being a complex string, it's a series of
;;  simple strings -- each of which has no support for DTE, or even simple control codes
;;  like line breaks!
;;    Each such simple string is prefixed with a 2-byte address which specifies the
;;  PPU address that this string is to be drawn.  The string then continues until a
;;  $00 or $01 termination byte is found.
;;    The $00 null terminator marks the end of the page (ie:  the end of this series of
;;  strings).  The $01 terminator marks the end of the individual string, but another
;;  string immediately follows it (the new string is prefixed by a new PPU address)
;;    For an Example:
;;  80 21 ...(string data to be drawn at $2180)... 01 A0 21 ... (data to be drawn
;;     at $21A0) ... 00    (end of page)

Alternatively, since the credits text is kind of wonky, you can remove the credits text entirely by changing offset 0x3786D from '0A' to '22'.  Then you can use all the space previously used for credits text for additional pages of bridge/epilogue text.

The game sort of has an 'antipiracy' sort of thing where if you change some of the bridge text or the credits text the game will make itself crash as soon as you enter a submap.  To prevent that, change offset 0x3CFDB to '60'.
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