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Started by celcion - Last post by celcion on Today at 05:40:21 am

This looks like it has a Phantasy Star 2 look to it. Does it use the same game engine?

Hardly. Gameplay itself is nothing like Phantasy Star 2.

Started by celcion - Last post by Da_GPer on Today at 05:37:41 am

This looks like it has a Phantasy Star 2 look to it. Does it use the same game engine?

Started by ArkthePieKing - Last post by ArkthePieKing on Today at 05:33:36 am

Basically as the title says. This is one of my most nostalgiac games. Everyone I knew played Secret of Mana (and I can only image why  ::) ) but that's not the game I fell in love with. While I played Secret of Mana first, it never grabbed me as a kid, but thanks to the magic of fan translations I got to play this one, and it totally did. I've beaten the game numerous times, and I just don't get tired of it.

So I decided to share my love for the game with the world! Or the 15 or so people who regularly watch my videos. :P

That said, I'm bringing in a friend who's never played it. In fact, he's played next to no older generation games. I want to get a good, fresh perspective on the game. I let him play Duran's opening section and showed him a few clips of the game to get him acclimated to it and see if he'd want to record 20-ish hours of the game with me, and he's on board. Funny enough, he even wants to play Duran so I'll be picking someone else for myself as player 1, and I'm having a 3rd party pick the 3rd character.

My question to you is this: Which story is going to make for the most interesting LP to do? I know it's only really going to make a minor difference at the end of the day, but picking the main character is going to be a big deal. I'm shying away from Angela if only because spell casting bogs the gameplay down so much. I don't much like Carlie/Charlotte, but I could deal with her if I really need to so I can get some healing on the team (He's going the gladiator route so no heals there). I'd prefer to play Kevin, Hawk, or Lise. Those are my three favorite characters but I want to make sure the story is entertaining to watch.

Anyway, this has been rambly as all get out because I'm exhausted and I should go to sleep before the sun comes up. It's much appreciated!

Started by RedGuy - Last post by Vanya on Today at 05:02:02 am

It'll be available when it's available. I'm just glad it's still being worked on at all.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by maseter on Today at 04:37:28 am

Mini hack idea for Rock n' Roll Racing on the Sega Genesis,
set Larry the commenter to off by default, like this:

Why? Because the Genesis can't handle both the music and the commentary at once, so every time he talks, the music cuts out! I'd rather just have the music playing uninterrupted, thanks.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by mz on Today at 03:13:21 am

I always find it interesting when a hack takes a normally happy game in a dark direction. Are there any good examples of this?

Started by celcion - Last post by celcion on Today at 02:49:32 am

Hello everyone,

Sorry if it's not the right place to post this topic.
I'm doing Star Cruiser translation. In fact, I'm pretty much already done it: only about 1-2% of text left untranslated because I didn't encounter it during my playthrough. I'm currently replaying it to find this untranslated bits.

Important thing is that I have almost no Japanese knowledge. And also not that great English knowledge (not good enough to write without numerous mistakes) as it's not my native language.
So, as you may already guessed, translation from Japanese was done using Google Translate, Excite and online dictionaries. So it's probably not fully accurate. But it's not just machine translation, I made sure I got meaning from each line (which was pretty tough at times) and story plays out properly. No meaningless bullshit anywhere.

Right now game is fully playable, with a few drops of Japanese from some obscure places that I'll fix when I find them. But before release I'd like some native English speaker to play it and help me to fix my terrible English. I can send translated game and script. Is there any volunteers?

  • Determine correct English transcription of some names (Tomovsky, Gervin, etc.)
  • Translate people ranks and titles properly
  • Fix mistakes, typos and untranslated parts
  • Cleanup and replace some dirty hacks with "proper" ones
  • Retranslate Japanese text if someone with a good knowledge of it can help me with that

Started by Sephirous - Last post by MathUser2929 on Today at 01:58:31 am

I wish you could do a ROB no real pits thing. Pits that just make you backtrack. I dunno if you have that kinda skill but it sure would be a nice touch. Pits used to peeve me off in the old Castlevania games.

Started by Chaos Rush - Last post by Chaos Rush on Today at 01:56:41 am

The script is currently about 40-45% done, up to the Gulgan Gulch dialogue. Here's some screens:

I'm really hoping I'll be able to finish this before summer ends. One reason why progress is moving a lot faster than when I did FF2, is if you all remember around August-September 2015 when I first started working on FF2, I had made a rather shoddy text editing tool for it (called FinalText), as it was my first text editor, and it only let me compile one offset at a time (the only programming language I knew then was VB, which doesn't really count IMO). If you remember back in December, I then made a new text editing tool that supported dynamic text compiling (called CastleFynn), as by then I had started learning Java so I was able to develop a much better tool, and then progress suddenly moved at a much faster pace because of how much more efficient my tool was (no longer had to worry about offsets). The tool I developed for FF3 reuses a lot of code from my FF2 tool, so right off the bat I have dynamic text compiling, which makes me not have to worry about repointing text and stuff, so I guess that would explain why progress on this is moving a lot faster than when I did FF2.

One difference though is that when I was comparing FF2's GBA script, I was able to compare the text just by running FF Dawn of Souls on VBA and using the speed-up function. I can't do that with FF3 since DS emulation is meh on my PC, so instead I have to actually compare using my 3DS and my Final Fantasy III cartridge.

Anyhow, I probably won't post any more screens until I'm finished, considering I'm moving at a pace faster than I thought I would. I hope to finish this by the end of summer, but I can't make any promises. If not by the end of summer, then hopefully by the end of 2016. Thank you all for your support!

Started by KevvyLava - Last post by KevvyLava on Today at 01:30:01 am

Thanks for the feedback, guys!  I'm going to attempt to feel out some of this stuff to start with.  I suppose that giving everyone 30% more health (as opposed to reducing attacks by 30%) would be a great start and would solve most of my problems.  I'll try to poke around and see what I can do.  I was looking on YT just now and found this...maybe some of the stuff here will be useful: https://youtu.be/N10WqVCJTQ4?t=14m51s

And I'll check that other post, too.  Thanks again.
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