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Started by RHDNBot - Last post by never-obsolete on Today at 03:18:45 pm

Yeah, I played that Contra one waiting for the full on penetration, but the penetration never came. I was frustrated to say the least.

Started by filler - Last post by kern on Today at 03:11:50 pm

"doth appeareth" is wrong; the plain verb appears after "doth". "Shalt" is second-person, so it should be "power shall". That shakespeare translator doesn't seem very good.

Started by MrFwibbles - Last post by FlashPV on Today at 01:50:16 pm

I made a title screen artwork for this game.
Let me know if you wanna try to insert it.

Started by Euclid - Last post by Kallisto on Today at 01:47:00 pm

Lot of you guys should do extra-pay work for these companies to fully repair their old codes in games.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by Kallisto on Today at 01:38:14 pm

Thanks for the info. If I decide to work on the hack at all I'd add the wavy water to the game, and also include the 2 hidden bosses for the playstation version of the rom. Unfortunately, there's no RAM map info at all for the sega saturn/playstation version of the game so I'll have to manually find that in the rom first. It looks like they released the Saturn version after, so perhaps they added that stuff  specifically to that version. (Sometimes there's unused graphics stored in the rom). I don't have any experience adding music/video to roms so that will have to wait. Maybe someone can add the Bonus Mode later on.

I wouldn't worry about the videos, I just thought I share all the general details. The videos were considered worse in the Saturn Version, and was cleaned up in the Playstation version.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by TonyBiH on Today at 01:27:30 pm

I would love to see Twin Peaks NES game something like hack of Earthbound. If someone would start this project I would be glad to help draw some sprites.

Started by DML - Last post by Ziko on Today at 01:14:11 pm

This would be awesome as I wanted to attempt one myself to see how good I am at the game buy the RNG and other issues really ruin your day. I say go for it and I would be willing to try this out!

Started by RHDNBot - Last post by mkwong98 on Today at 12:39:18 pm

Good work! I'm happy to see someone interested in HD Packs.

Started by RHDNBot - Last post by KingMike on Today at 12:16:35 pm

I think it's simple enough to use a generic hex editor to cut out the first 16 bytes manually, but the above can work too, I guess.

Started by Sephirous - Last post by DavidtheIdeaMan on Today at 11:22:51 am

Oh wow,so you are nearly finished with your end of the work and so is Seph since he dosen't have much work left to do like you said,so I guess CoA is very close to being finished but one question,I wonder how Patcha is doing with the sprites of the lesser enemies?
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