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Started by Piotyr - Last post by tryphon on Today at 02:59:07 am

I have no problems with noobs asking naive questions, I did and do from times to times.

The problem is indeed that it takes time to answer, and more than often it's lost time. I remember some Diesch's (and others') wonderful posts (thus not those in General Discussions  ;D) (by the way, he doesn't post a lot these days, less time I guess), giving precise details about some non-trivial hacking, and being totally ignored.

We don't emphasize enough that hacking, and especially asm hacking, *is* hard. Really. It's almost  worthless to dive into if you never programmed before. And even with that background, it's hard, especially in this time when most languages are so high-lrvel that most coders have no idea about what's happening low-level.

There is a reason why there is so few romhackers. Even on this board. Skilled hackers barely answers noobs (Diesch is an exception),  SunGodPortal bashes them, but he/she isn't credited for any asm hacking, from what I see :)

We should have some trial to filter unwillingly noobs before they deserve precise answers  ;D

So, yes, we're an unfriendly community, but there are reasons.

Started by Sky_Yoshi - Last post by Sky_Yoshi on Today at 02:52:31 am

Gee Thanks for these replies!

Started by joe73ffdq - Last post by joe73ffdq on Today at 02:48:01 am

I have been at this for a couple years, but it seems like things take forever, and I would like opinions for some better methods or tools. Also, what are some patterns in the code I might not be thinking of.

Started by Rai - Last post by Bring Stabity on Today at 02:28:07 am

This is already looking awesome.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by SunGodPortal on Today at 01:17:37 am

...Why such hostility towards those who are new?

I'm just playing. LOL

But seriously, some people need to try harder or just stick to lurking.

Started by dougeff - Last post by Mauron on Today at 01:15:11 am

My roommate occasionally likes to look up prices on his boxed Bubble Bobble part 2. Looks like the lowest at Amazon with box and manual is $499.99.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by Grimoire LD on Today at 01:06:34 am

...Why such hostility towards those who are new? This line of thought only creates an aura of elitism and an impossible hurdle to overcome. This is not the correct mindset to grow a community. Yes some of the new people lack will and temerity, but you still take that chance to help them where you can, when you can. You do not build a community by looking down on others, especially novices who are hoping to make some strides in this hobby.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by SunGodPortal on Today at 12:43:46 am

More noob bashing: Someone in the other hacking forums I frequent asked where they could find a certain piece of information that was in a thread that they had posted in just one day previously. And it wasn't even like there were 10 pages or something. It still only had enough posts for one page.

Hack idea: A hack of Alien 3 where your job is to eradicate noobs instead of aliens.

Hack idea: A hack of Bart vs the Space Mutants where it becomes Bart vs the Noobs.

Started by Madsiur - Last post by dougeff on Today at 12:42:53 am

undisbeliever has a blog and github on programming homebrew games for SNES, lots of great source code...


Started by ddstranslation - Last post by hanhnn on Today at 12:04:11 am

What kind of official localization you use for this patch?
Will you use Levin Sword for Thunder Sword ?
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