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Started by Avicalendriya - Last post by GHANMI on Today at 10:34:30 pm

Isn't Gideon Zhi already working on this?

Thanks a billion for sharing these. I'm interested in the decompression/compression tools for Goemon 2, and if possible the three other games if it's the same.

Not that it's really important since in this game since you don't get to choose (unlike Ganbare Goemon 1 Princess Yuki's Disappearance/LotMN) but for continuity reasons shouldn't the bathrooms say "male/female"? Well, the continuity will be lost on the people who played non-Japanese versions of Ganbare Goemon 1 since the bathrooms were censored, but still :P

Also, if that's any help, I'm trying to learn ARM to get Goemon DS to show its 16x16 font as 8x16 and I prepared this font (modified and based on ReyVGM's font database) as the English equivalent for the big calligraphic font:

Started by RHDNBot - Last post by mrrichard999 on Today at 10:29:17 pm

This looks pretty interesting! I might have to check this one out :)

Started by Mikh - Last post by GHANMI on Today at 10:20:15 pm

I played and loved some of the licensed manga games you mentioned (Detective Conan GBA ones) but I would advise against prioritizing low-budget "chara-games" over some of the other stuff in your list.

And if you're a fan of FMA, I suggest saving any potential efforts for the third PS2 game since the Enix PS2 ARPG trilogy puts to shame every other game derived from that manga/anime. The Wii games are modern-day FMV projects and it would be really interesting to see a fan-sub of a playthrough since the episode and animation is quite interesting, but that's that. Not even worth it as a game. The PSP tactical RPG spin-off is a disappointment.

Wasn't someone looking at Castlevania SoTN's Saturn port English script injection very recently here?

Your entire PS1 list (excluding Detective Conan) is really interesting - especially Boku no Natsuyasumi considering that series never got a single game fan-translated. You might find the PSP version more desirable though, just for the additions alone (and the PSP has all of the series except the third one). But some games in that series have vertical text.

Also, a translator is offering his services at gbatemp for the 3DS Detective Conan games but needs someone to help him with the hacking part. If you have a 3DS and a way to load modified rom images on it you might be able to help him if you really love the series :)

If you're new to romhacking, I recommend you start with DS games, get Tinke, Crystaltile2 and get familiarized with hex editors and loading Shift-JIS tables (those two have them preinstalled) and experiment with a game of your choice. Some are hard, most are straightforward. Try it

Started by killer dagger - Last post by Seihen on Today at 10:17:23 pm

A (hex) IS 10 (dec)

It's the same number.

Sorry, should've been clearer. It's my understanding that if you were to write an integer (which is usually -- and forgive me if I'm wrong -- decimal only), that would output 10 (ONE-ZERO) to your file when you're writing out, ignoring the four-byte issue for a moment.

Thus, outputting values 1-9 would give Mario lives 1-9, but without doing any sort of DEC->HEX conversion in your program, attempting to give Mario 10 livse (ONE-ZERO) would instead give him 16 when read by the rom.

Started by RHDNBot - Last post by Dwedit on Today at 09:42:29 pm

Congratulations!  You've made an authentic 1993 era Russian pirate cartridge!

Started by killer dagger - Last post by KingMike on Today at 09:30:17 pm

I'd wonder if SMW stores lives with 10 = A.

I mean, using a code where Mario dies on the title screen causes the lives to get set to "P5" which looks suspiciously like 255 (or 25 10s + 5, if "P" were the 25th "digit" in the font).

Started by macbee - Last post by meunierd on Today at 09:16:34 pm

macbee wow that's impressive! Is it your own engine?

Started by killer dagger - Last post by Disch on Today at 09:05:45 pm

Just out of curiosity, but is there any reason why we're using integers?

He probably shouldn't be writing a unsigned int, since that's probably 4 bytes and is likely overwriting something it shouldn't be.  He probably should only be writing a single byte.

I was thinking that 10 lives would be represented by A and not by 10


A (hex) IS 10 (dec)

It's the same number.

As for OP:  I don't know much about VB so I can't give you an actual code example... but I'd say just look up a tutorial for "binary file reading/writing in VB" and go from there.

Started by SunGodPortal - Last post by Gideon Zhi on Today at 08:57:17 pm

Don't let CK1 sour you on CK2. The difference is pretty amazing.

Started by 32x1000 - Last post by M-Tee on Today at 08:37:06 pm

Looks great to me.  :beer:
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