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Started by Isao Kronos - Last post by RyanfaeScotland on Today at 02:29:24 am

It occurs to me that I've pushed this as soon as it was done with relatively little testing across pages. At the least I should have checked in the main forum page and the new post page but I only did the main forum page. Ooops!

It might be ok, it might cause issues. I'll check over the weekend. :)

Started by Piotyr - Last post by julayla on Today at 01:46:02 am

Weird idea, but I've been thinking...after finishing watching a Conker playthrough, I thought up this idea: An option to turn on and off the subtitles for the game (though it may be difficult to program in that).

Started by Piotyr - Last post by KingMike on Today at 12:37:06 am

Mega Man Game Boy games having color?
Please send such hacks back in time to Capcom circa 2004. :'(

Started by hollowaytape - Last post by kuoushi on Today at 12:26:16 am

Sorry for the late reply but the scans look good enough to either OCR or just translate however. I'll let you know when I can focus on them after finishing work on the main game.

Started by toruzz - Last post by toruzz on September 29, 2016, 11:23:47 pm

Thank you very much guys, you really encourage me to keep working on this :beer:

@asdfqwer426, actually that was already discussed and I changed the colors to take that into account.
I updated the first post, please check it out as you can even see comparison screenshots  ;)

Started by Isao Kronos - Last post by MathUser2929 on September 29, 2016, 09:40:23 pm

Well, I look forward to the firefox version. Firefox also has a kinda plugin store but I think you can only ask for donations, not sell it. There are people who don't host their firefox plugins there tho. I use facebook purity and the updated version is on their website, it ain't on the plugin store. It is, but it's only to plug their updated version.

Started by Isao Kronos - Last post by RyanfaeScotland on September 29, 2016, 07:30:42 pm

Ok, that's an initial version complete. http://mybrillgamesite.com/files/RHDNAddIn.crx

It's minimal, so minimal but it has the ability to hide threads based on title and now that I've got that in I'll look to add more functionality sooner and faster.

For now it is Chrome only, multi-browser support is high on the priority list but I was using Chrome at the time so it got priority. Next is Firefox then IE. If others are needed please ask.

It is hosted directly on my site, here is a direct link: http://mybrillgamesite.com/files/RHDNAddIn.crx you'll be given a warning about crx files harming your computer and this is because really it should be released via the Chrome Web store and that is also on the todo list after getting some more features in. (Not cause I'm selling it, just cause it is the 'proper' way to release on Chrome.)

To use it in the current form all you need to do is drag and drop the RHDNAddIn.crx file anywhere inside Chrome. It'll ask if you are sure and warn you it can edit data on romhacking.net, say yes and it'll install.

To uninstall go into Chrome's settings -> extensions and click the bin icon next to it.

To see the source code change the extension .crx to .zip and open as normal and try not to laugh at my random use of jQuery vs pure JavaScript for doing the same task, clean up also on the todo list.

Like I say it is pretty minimal, I won't explain how to use it cause there is only 1 dialog box and the instructions are in it but it allows the hiding of an unlimited amount of threads by copy and pasting their title in full onto new lines for each one. Simple.

Something that is pretty cool, but may be removed in future versions depending on cross compatibility issues, is that your settings will persist across Chome browsers. So if you install it on 2 computers you should only have to enter your settings once and they'll be saved to both. Nifty.

I'll add user hiding, emphasizing, puppies and other cool stuff soon.

Started by Gemini - Last post by Pennywise on September 29, 2016, 07:04:50 pm

Hacked Oni 2 to display 4 lines of text instead of 2. Probably some kinks to work out along with a lot of menu hacking.

Started by UNDISCOVER - Last post by FAST6191 on September 29, 2016, 06:36:46 pm

It is probably not a lot different than changing stats on a RPG, with a dash of text editing. It will likely be full text editing (video for others playing along at home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn2ZptkliVY ) rather than some graphics based monstrosity but OK. Looking at the video I am not sure what the stats are, and if there are any hidden values (it could be basic and just key off the value, the staff search has a rating though so who knows). According advanscene the game is only 32 megabits (4 megabytes) which is tiny for a stats driven game so maybe not so much on the crazy hidden things.
Year (4 minutes in the video for an example), and I don't know if we are handling leap years and making sure it is the proper day of the week as part of this, might take a tiny bit of looking at the logic involved to handle. I imagine it will probably be a number counting up rather than some abstract date code, but I am prepared to be surprised. Anyway similar to making a time/ammo cheat then step one is finding the time value in RAM. Once you have such a value you will be able to look into how it changes with the date on the screen and use that to ultimately change what goes.

This is an odd game to be hacking, we have certainly seen people hack sports games to reflect current players and equally spent time messing with SNES and equally old "simulators" but it is not like football management games are unrepresented among current games. To each their own though.

Started by ShadowOne333 - Last post by MathUser2929 on September 29, 2016, 06:15:37 pm

I'm sure I saw portraits for all the characters tho, why don't you include them?

September 29, 2016, 06:24:25 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

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