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Started by TheHappyFaceKing - Last post by Eden.GT on Today at 11:23:23 pm

Can you please specify what level it is.

World 4-4.

Started by Craftvania - Last post by TheLuigiLightning on Today at 11:17:13 pm

Do you plan on implementing any newfound advanced knowledge to Vengeance on Hell?  A while ago, you said that it wasn't going to be a high end hack, but you might be able to after learning all of the ins and outs of Castlevania III.  I still stand by my statement of there being uses for enemies that can only be placed on certain screens with the knowledge you currently possess.  Wouldn't it be great if you could find a way to place enemies at will?

Started by TheHappyFaceKing - Last post by TheHappyFaceKing on Today at 10:58:45 pm

By the way, I saw one of your videos that there is a glitched level (World x-pipe tile). In order to fix this, set the "Stairs, Width:9, Height:8" to 0. But, you could replace the tile with another tile (E.g. World x-?) you desire, and replace the tile you choose into the pipe tile, then change the pipe block pointer with SMB Graphics Workshop.

Can you please specify what level it is.

Started by Supper - Last post by chrisw80 on Today at 10:16:45 pm

I'll put up the updated patch ZIPs later, but here are the other updated CUEs if you want to go ahead and try them:

Popful Mail

If anyone cares about the PCECD patches, they appear to have correct CUEs already.

The issue with the Eternal Blue opening is more serious. That game doesn't use CD audio for anything except the ending credits, so it can't be a CUE issue, and everything syncs properly in Fusion. It sounds like this is some hardware quirk that older emulators aren't handling correctly, which means it'll probably be hard to fix.

I've made an alternate version of the patch that uses the US intro that you can try. If that still doesn't work right, then we really have a problem.

The issue is still present with the US intro. The audio doesn't get as out of sync during the first part and the credits are perfect, but the last part goes way out of sync. I also tried it on a Model 1 Sega CD and a Model 2 Sega CD, just to make sure it wasn't a hardware issue. Can't believe the Model 1 is nearing 25 years old.

Popful Mail and Vay's audio is now working perfectly, thanks. I also have a PC Engine Duo-R and will test out Exile 1&2

Today at 11:10:45 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Exile 1&2 Un-Worked, working as intended. Audio and all.

Started by Supper - Last post by vivify93 on Today at 10:05:59 pm

Lunar 2 v3 works well on GenesisPlusGX for Wii as well. So it might be an emulation issue. I wish I could help on the real hardware bit, but it should all be fine for emulator-users for the time being.

Started by ethanwhite - Last post by ethanwhite on Today at 10:04:23 pm

How can I edit the Cast and Credits text at the end of SMB2?

I've tried looking for the text in the ROM using the SMB2 text table, and also trying to make a new text table by figuring out what values corresponded to what graphics tiles in the credits using the FCEUX PPU viewer, but I can't figure it out. :(

Where are the credits stored and what text table do they use?

Started by resq - Last post by Isao Kronos on Today at 10:03:09 pm

last thing i played was star ocean 3 yesterday

my gaming nosedives when I have internet of the regular persuasion

Started by the_icepenguin - Last post by the_icepenguin on Today at 09:57:26 pm

Just tested. The bracelet always takes priority over the sword, no matter when the buttons are pressed.
Almost a same time post!   :o  Thanks for testing that.

thanks both for testing.  some ideas:

- like you said, avoid by assuming the sword will be affiliated with a certain button.  downside: starts abandoning game's flexible approach of assigning items to buttons interchangeably.
- find code that determines priorities, and downgrade the Bracelet.  downside: more complex, possible side effects.
- allow Bracelet priority toggling, or flat-out Bracelet usage toggling, with some special key press or key combo.  it'd have to be a quick and simple one, as going into the menu to change gear isn't that hard.  downside: complex, can border on too much work for user, since there aren't shoulder buttons or X/Y available here.
- maybe allow Start + B/A to override Bracelet?  it seems that while Select to enter menu gets very high priority, pressing Start to enter map is less so, at least with Virtual Gameboy circa 1997. :P  so if you're able to register the otherwise-discarded Start press, and there's an item in the Bracelet's button's slot, don't have Bracelet kick in.  downside: complex, as you're hacking both controller input, AND finding the code that determines priorities.
- simpler than the last might be a more specific check to have Sword override Bracelet if you're also pressing arrow in the same direction Link's facing.

yeah, ideas are a dime-a-dozen when i won't be the one implementing any of them. ;)

There are a few ideas I'm considering.  If I make any progress on it, I will post back.  Hopefully the solution isn't too complex! 

Today at 10:24:40 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Great news!

Luckily this wasn't too complex to figure out. As a recap, the original issue was the new bracelet interfering with the sword when poking walls for bomb spots.

I've been doing some testing since my last post (~30 min ago lol), and I found a way to assign the bracelet to both A and B buttons.  This seems to be the best solution!  For those who like the sword equipped on A, can use B to pick up items, and vise versa.

The "issue" will still be there - if you have sword equipped on A, you won't be able to poke walls with the A button.  But now that you can use A or B, it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Edit: I just realized my mistake, haha!   :-[  That won't work.  Oh well.  Back to testing!

Started by resq - Last post by Spooniest on Today at 09:30:39 pm

I spent today playing left foot right foot. I've never owned a powerpad in my life...ahem.

I am now going to play, I hope that people will not mind. ...What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.

...Should I say Scrooge it and replay Ducktales? Or start something up newly? I dunno. How should I know what people like, I don't go out

Started by linkncb16 - Last post by Spooniest on Today at 09:24:02 pm

Adventure! ah! Excitement! ah!

...A Jedi seeks not these things  :angel:
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