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Started by jobless_floppy - Last post by henke37 on Today at 06:16:25 am

It is rather simple. First you go for a known point (the tilemap) and then you find what code writes to that. Then you check if that's the actual source of the data. If not, then you need to find where that code reads from and repeat from there.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by tc on Today at 06:03:14 am

Originally I just wrote the hacks to be applied when in Japanese mode for testing and then just quickly swapped the one bit at release, probably thinking "eh, people will probably just use an emu anyways". But I guess the proper solution would be to swap all

Code: [Select]
move.b $A10001,D0 ;put this is for US-region check
 andi #$C0,D0
 cmpi #$80,D0

Code: [Select]
move.b $A10001,D0 ;put this is for US-region check
 andi #$C0,D0
which should then skip the hacks if in Japanese mode (high 2 bits = 0) and apply otherwise.
I'd have to look up how many bytes "cmpi #$80,D0" (though I think 68k instructions are always an even number of bytes) but I recall 4E 71 is the hex for the 68k NOP (strange value :P ).

Sounds good. At least 50hz Japanese mode doesn't need fixing. :)

Started by Panzer88 - Last post by Next Gen Cowboy on Today at 04:13:54 am

Many people sell their systems back to chains like Gamestop when they upgrade systems. For example when the 160 gig PS3 was being offered for $200 U.S. trading in an older system would get you $90 credit towards the system, that's 45% of the system's cost.

Started by ddstranslation - Last post by Jonesy47 on Today at 03:43:06 am

Just read your whole story on romhacking aerie and yeah, all I can say is thanks for not giving up on this or yourself. It all paid off in the end. Stories like these are highly inspirational. Good job, man.

Started by Nightcrawler - Last post by GregArashi on Today at 03:25:38 am

Hello Everyone. The names Greg Arashi and I'm here to learn to hack NES games and make some friends or whatever.

Anyways, I'm currently messing around with the sprite editor on this game "Mendel Palace". I remember playing this as a child but that was it. When I decided to look for this game, I found out it was made by "Game Freak" aka the creators of "Pokemon". So I played it and I fell in love with it and I'm surprise that no one talked about it, or at least on the web somewhere but not many. So I decided to hack it with the easy hacking tools like YY-CHR to mod the protagonist into a different character. So far it was going fine until I found some issue with it.

I'll make another post about it somewhere on this forum because I really need help on it. Just not here.

I hope this forum will help me like this website and a few other sites did.  :cookie:

Started by FAST6191 - Last post by Celice on Today at 03:07:09 am

Well, smealum's exploit currently seems to work on 4.5-8.x firmware. He apparently wants to wait a bit more to see how the new 3ds thing pans out before releasing. He's also not behind the manufacturing of any flashcarts :o

Started by jobless_floppy - Last post by naxis on Today at 03:04:30 am

Gideon, what do you mean when you say "search backwards to find that in RAM?"

Started by ddstranslation - Last post by ddstranslation on Today at 02:45:47 am

Apologies for not responding quickly. I've been a bit preoccupied working on another translation project now, so that's been eating up my time too. It's not SMT-related, sorry. :(  But it is another project that I feel that I have to complete, because of all my history with it. And now's the best time to go back to it.

The game crash right after the Altus logo on my SNES PowerPak. It shows what seems like garbled font graphics from the intro for a split second and then gets stuck on a black screen.  Does anyone was able to run it on real hardware? It works fine on every emulator it tested though, even on Higan's accuracy mode.

Anyway, thank you so much for this great translation!

I haven't been able to test it on actual hardware, but it was my hope that I didn't change anything to prevent it from running. It's strange that it works on your emulators, but not the cartridge. I'm at a loss for any suggestions.

I got a Super Everdrive in the mail today and the translation has been working great for me so far. I'd get another copy of the rom and try the patch again.

Also, thanks so much for all your work on this ddstranslation!

No problem, it was my pleasure. :)

Congratulations on finishing this long-awaited translation! Thank you so much for all of your work and time!  :beer: :beer:

Thank you. :)

Started by Panzer88 - Last post by Jorpho on Today at 02:15:47 am

I guess that's possible, but considering that prices on the secondary market seem to be kind of lousy, and considering how much it costs to purchase individual games, it just strikes me as unlikely.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by NES Boy on Today at 01:33:12 am

Since 3DS ROMs can be decrypted now, any chance of porting Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D's eight new levels to the original Wii version?
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