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Started by RHDNBot - Last post by hxlnt on Today at 11:16:35 pm

Um, OK... That's fine. I don't think I need help at this juncture. I've already dumped the script and begun translating and reinserting the English script. Was just wondering if anyone else was already working on it.

It's been fun to work on so far--lots of Japanese puns that are interesting to figure out how to translate.

I'm Rachel. Nice to meet you. I usually do custom NES dev rather than NES hacking, so I'm not on these boards too much.

Started by Rotwang - Last post by SunGodPortal on Today at 11:14:01 pm

The look in his eyes says it's a fine day to die.  >:D

Started by Kitsune Sniper - Last post by Rodimus Primal on Today at 10:29:32 pm

Figure I'd show some of the features in Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition:


Started by dejavu_gackt - Last post by flynninfite on Today at 10:29:30 pm

I can see why people have been asking me for years to translate the PSX port of "If...". Given how much similar the engine those ports use, it might be interesting to do the whole PSX SMT trilogy.
Man it'd be a dream playing the entire SNES trilogy on the PSX  ::)
I hope the project is still on

Started by Piotyr - Last post by Rodimus Primal on Today at 10:23:38 pm

There is a new NES Super Mario All-Stars that allows saving,  The Spoony Hou. I think that might be what Chpexo is talking about. I just tried it and its awesome.

I'd REALLY like to see an NES Wily Tower.

Started by Gideon Zhi - Last post by Kiyoshi Aman on Today at 10:23:22 pm

It wouldn't be hard to make use of jQuery UI's autocomplete widget, particularly if having Javascript disabled shows the dropdown. That said, at this point RHDN may want to look into developing a register-walled JSON API. This would allow users to contribute tools for making submissions easier, among other things.

Started by Rotwang - Last post by I.S.T. on Today at 10:09:36 pm

Well, I gotta say, this is the most uniquely named hack I've seen in a long, long time! Hope it all goes well for ya.

Started by Rotwang - Last post by Bobolicious81 on Today at 10:01:29 pm

What a rebel!

Started by Chpexo - Last post by Chpexo on Today at 08:33:43 pm

That should be "only one who has noticed this". I thought about just letting it go, but then I realized you did make the mistake twice. :P
I don't know what you're talking about, I'm pretty sure I sad "who" ;D And don't you dare look at the topic in previous posts!

Started by Rotwang - Last post by Rotwang on Today at 08:31:51 pm

Making the most of these new metatiles:

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