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Started by RHDNBot - Last post by puzzledude on Today at 06:24:46 am

I play all roms on my iPad using SNES9x-EX, and rarely have any problems, but this hack just doesn't work.  The title screen is a bit bugged, and the Enter Your Name screen is just totally fubar-ed.  I patched to the right ROM - also tested on my computer in ZSNES and it worked fine.

...anything I can try doing to make it work?

By the way I loved your other hacks and am looking forward to playing something new.  Great job with Parallel Remodel.  Maybe I'll try the original but I've been avoiding it for fear of the difficulty lol.

Strange that it wouldn't work on your phone. I usually play it on a real SNES via the Powerpak with no issues. There are a few Zelda 3 hacks with the menu bugged, to get around that I usually open an unpatched ROM in ZSNES, name my character and then copy the save that ZSNES made (.srm) onto my Powerpak. You could try that.

This may be unrealted, but when opening a patched ROM up in a hex editor I noticed there were an extra 200 hex bytes (I hope I'm using the right terms here) at the beginning that I believe shouldn't be there. As far as I know it's not a header or anything. I could be confused though. I hope Puzzledude sees this and fills me in on that area of the ROM. Could just be a Hyrule Magic bug, I know the menu bug is.

I was a rookie at the time and did not know how to fix certain things. But it is easy to fix the menu. The problem is the file-size (ortodox 1.027kB). This is just a little over the 1MB (1.024= or exactly FFFFF in hex with no header).

After you patch the rom, you need to open it in hex. First erase the initial 200 bytes (header) to work easier, then go to the end of the rom and insert 100000 bytes with the value 00. Then go to exactly 200000 and erase everything above. The file-size will then end with 1FFFFF or exactly 2MB, should be 2.048kB in explorer.

I can also post such an IPS (as unofficial release).

The ZSNES emulator is the only one, who can display the title and naming screen correctly if the file-size is not »even«. All other emulators will display it wrong.
But there is a way around it. Once you are in the glitched naming screen, press A + start to have the name G.

The rom is otherwise also quite affected, but through testing I could fix all major glitches, some small ones still remain (like some false warps in the Triforce shrine etc).

I'm bringing out the »God mode« and the »Byrna mode« small hacks for Parallel Worlds and Goddess of Wisdom to encourage players to at least »see« both games and enjoy some casual playing rather then to suffer.

Those 200 bytes at the beginning of the rom actually are the header. It is not necessary to remove it. This data has no effect on the game. It only shifts all the data by 200. This means if you decide to keep the header, your file must then end at 2001FF (header+2MB), so that the core is 1FFFFF big (2MB).

Started by Next Gen Cowboy - Last post by Avicalendriya on Today at 04:49:32 am

RoF was cool but I have a bunch of gripes about it. The game was way too linear, and those towns could have been a hell of a lot more interesting. I would've preferred to wander the game's world on a human scale rather than navigate an icon over an abstracted map.

It came through when I was at Sega, and I ended up working on it for months, which led to this drawing:

Started by ahakomi - Last post by Dr. Floppy on Today at 03:34:54 am

Why remove the Anchor if it isn't necessary?

I'm interested in how Kuribo's Shoe will fare underwater! Although, it might cause problems for levels where Mario has to be little or crouch to proceed (7-7 comes to mind).

Started by ahakomi - Last post by ahakomi on Today at 03:05:57 am

Thank you :)

Started by ddstranslation - Last post by azidahaka on Today at 03:00:58 am

A month has flown away :)

Anything good we should know?  :angel:

Started by ahakomi - Last post by henke37 on Today at 02:31:59 am

I am not going to insult your intelligence by quoting the dictionary. I am going to insult your intelligence by [url)http://lmgtfy.com/?q=super+mario+3+disassembly]linking to google[/url].

Started by ahakomi - Last post by ahakomi on Today at 02:18:00 am

I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean.

Started by ahakomi - Last post by henke37 on Today at 01:58:29 am

There is a complete annotated disassembly of the game. Start there.

Started by ahakomi - Last post by ahakomi on Today at 01:34:23 am

Hello fellow gamers, I have a question if anyone can help me, I've been reimaging super mario bros 3 for some time now. This will be my second game I've done and I wanna go a little further and try to create my own inventory item, of course there's a lot of play that goes into this but i have absolutely no idea where or how to get started. To be truthful, I wanted to incorporate Kuribo's shoe (or whatever the hell it's called) into an item and take the anchor out in it's place, if i had to choose an item to take out in it's place I'd get rid of the leaf (as i would keep the tanooki suit if possible). If anyone could give me pointers or tips. I have FCEU to go into the rom file and modify things if need be and im okay with understanding rom addresses. thank you so much.

Started by abyssonym - Last post by abyssonym on Today at 01:11:09 am

Hey tvtoon, thanks for playing the randomizer. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Do you know the seed and version for your randomized game? It would be at the top of the text file. I'd like to see if I can reproduce those bugs too. Also, what do you mean by "a flag to take your hacks from the pool"? Which hacks would you like to remove, for example?

I think it's possible, but only if you know when in the game an enemy is going to appear. That would require having 'sliding-scale' ability pools, though, rather than shoving everything into a giant pool.
The ability pools are on a sliding scale. The real problem is that M-Tek Armor, a very low level enemy, has Tek Laser as part of its AI, so when the AI gets shuffled, it can end up on a Leafer or something. But like I mentioned before, that's not even half as bad as Megalodoth, a level 1 enemy that can use Blizzard on the entire party. I've tried to make the AI swaps a little more reasonable by ranking monsters according to stats other than just their levels, but this has been a bit of a double-edged sword.

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