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Started by CM30 - Last post by Jonesy47 on Today at 05:27:03 pm

K. Rool looks fine.
The whole hack is a mish mash of pixel art styles so it works.
Can't wait for the finished product!

Started by RHDNBot - Last post by chillyfeez on Today at 05:12:10 pm

I'm so glad you guys were able to solve the 5th digit display issue.  Love to see more of these FFIV / FFIIUS mods that improve the experience.
This one would have never even occurred to me to try without the work you did first, JCE3000GT.

Cool stuff man. I think 9999 even went as far as Final Fantasy VIII but was shattered in some places. Will this work okay in Project II or Namingway without causing problems?
It absolutely should work with Project II and Namingway. It's pretty low on the intrusive scale. I had to write 19 bytes of custom assembly that are wedged in at the very end of the block used for events. Waaaaay, way down. So it should be fine.

So, it's breaking the damage limit, yet not breaking the party's HP limit :)
Yes. Unfortunately, breaking the party's HP limit is a much trickier proposition. For the most part, the system was already in place in FFIV to display the 10000s place in the bouncy damage numbers - like it was part of the original plan then abandoned. To break the Party HP limit, one would have to expand the battle window by the width of two sprites, which would require reworking both of the main windows at the bottom of the screen, not to mention the target window for curative spells. I spent some time looking into battle windows before this venture and they are wicked complicated.

Started by Kafke - Last post by Kafke on Today at 04:59:57 pm

Is this in regards to Nintendo Puzzle Collection still?
Perhaps the differences are not so great.  Have you tried decompressing a file and recompressing it without any changes?  Does the recompressed file have any kind of similarity with the original?  Maybe it's just a matter of a few extra bytes at the start of the file, or something.
What happens when you try to use it?

As I said, I tried recompressing it with the available tools. But the tool that is supposedly able to recompress doesn't work in either direction. Maybe that's a bit of my fault for attempting to compile/run on mac. But it generates a file, just one that the tool itself cannot read (nor my decompression tool), and the game crashes. The resulting file is pretty different from the original. And yes, it's for Nintendo Puzzle Collection. I'm not sure what the compression tool is doing differently, but it's clear that it messed up, since there's a lot different, as well as some obvious differences (some 00 bytes before some similar data).

Do you tried this tool http://www.romhacking.net/utilities/1088/ ?

I already did. This is the one that doesn't work. For both decompressing and compressing.

Try this:

Works perfectly. Thanks.

Started by RHDNBot - Last post by Dwedit on Today at 04:53:34 pm

So, it's breaking the damage limit, yet not breaking the party's HP limit :)

Started by SunGodPortal - Last post by puzzledude on Today at 04:53:25 pm

You will need the Snestuf program to calculate this:

Set addressing mode to LoROM (Type1), since that's what Alttp is by default; uncheck the "include header" and "format results".

At PC address type in 150000 (location you want the data to be at), and at SNES address the automatic output will be 2A8000.

Reverse that and group it by bytes into 00 80 2A. So this is actually the Snes address reversed, since the CPU of the Snes sees addresses in little endian (reversed).

So basically what we (the humans, lol) see as 150000, the Snes "machine" will se as 00 80 2A. Reminds me of Matrix for some reason.

Original values (pointer) were 0C 99 00. So input 00990C into the Snes address field, and you'll get 00190C. So at this address you can see the Alttp list of all rooms with hurting pits: first value of the code is 72 00, which is 0072hex is 114 dec. In Hyrule magic go to room 114, and you'll see if you fall down here, you will not be teleported (but respawned to the door).

Started by justin3009 - Last post by justin3009 on Today at 04:34:48 pm

I'll probably have to make a PAR code.  I really don't want that as an actual feature of the project for Zero.  It doesn't even require any ASM work per se.  It's just a matter of setting a trigger in Zero's Z-Sabre animation setup.  'Tis about it.

Started by Kafke - Last post by Zoinkity on Today at 04:05:00 pm

Started by SunGodPortal - Last post by SunGodPortal on Today at 04:00:06 pm

Okay, awesome. Thanks. I'll ask Conn about that one byte the next chance I get.

150000 should be perfectly fine. I have tons of empty space. The only thing I've put in the expanded portion so far is the room header data that I moved to 120000.

I'm pretty sure I understand everything, but how did you get 00 80 2A as the new pointer at 394AB?

Started by RHDNBot - Last post by Rodimus Primal on Today at 03:33:00 pm

Cool stuff man. I think 9999 even went as far as Final Fantasy VIII but was shattered in some places. Will this work okay in Project II or Namingway without causing problems?

Started by Gideon Zhi - Last post by Gideon Zhi on Today at 03:16:38 pm

So with the discussion about elementary school games in that other thread, it got me thinking about wanting to set up Apple ][ on my HTPC. What are the latest and greatest Apple ][ emulators around? I have a few requirements:

  • Should allow for full-screen at 1080p. Doesn't need to stretch though; I don't mind black bars.
  • Should have analog joystick support.
  • Should be able to load games and boot to full screen via command line.
  • Should have multiple floppy drive support and should be able to macro disk side flipping to a button on (say) a 360 controller.

Mainly I just want to play Think Quick! though.
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