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Started by Thanatos-Zero - Last post by Thanatos-Zero on Today at 03:01:16 pm

I'd rather the Mana Fortress was not renamed the Throne of Mana. Keep names the way they are except for certain names of people: do what you will.
The Mana Fortress was built to control the world's mana if I recall correctly.

Those who control mana, also rule about it, as such the Fortress is rather a throne for the one who controls it.
Also Administrator of Mana, Controller of Mana do not sound threathening as well as the original.

The Mana Fortress, for someone who hears its name the first time, would rather believe it serves to protect Mana, myself included when I was a child.
With the Throne of Mana as its name, its purpose can be directly grasped without much explaination, as a throne is a symbol of rulership.

Those who own the throne, are the sovereign, which can decide about the fate of their people.
As such the one who owns the Throne of Mana, decides about the fate of Mana.
That is why the Moon Gods have send a elder Flammie, the Mana Biest to destroy this blasphemy.

Now here I have been starting to create a concept graphic for the Egg of Mana, which will be a boss in the game.

open the spoiler on your own risk as I provided a background entry for it.
This is a original concept for the Seiken Densetsu 2 Expansion, the Egg of Mana.

Created by Thanatos using Mana tribe woman to construct this monstrosity. It is a infinite source of Mana, as well serving as a cocoon to birth a god.

However since the Mana tribe became nearly extinct for reasons not offically known, Thanatos used the Blood of Randi, a actual male member of the tribe and the blood of Purim, which has come in contact with the Sword of Mana, to create female hybrid clones out of the two using Purim as the base, which in effect recreates Mana tribe woman necessary for its creation.

Unlike in the original Thanatos, will sucessfully highjack Dyluck's body and not lose it, by the original owner committing suicide. Thanatos in Dyluck's body will enter the Egg of Mana to bring forward his ascension to godhood. In the meantime his Shadow will intercept the Protagonists and transform into the Dark Lich.

Reaching the egg will ultimatively commence the first phase of the final battle.

Started by FlashPV - Last post by Rodimus Primal on Today at 02:17:38 pm

Thanks guys. It's been submitted and should be approved soon.

Started by FlashPV - Last post by Zero Dozer on Today at 02:08:17 pm

It does. But it originally was going to be just Earth Bound. Also Neo Demiforce released it as Earth Bound Zero. So if I do release the title screen it would be with the option for with or without Beginnings in the title.

August 30, 2015, 09:35:17 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
So now we have a title screen with Earth Bound Beginnings.

What do you guys think?

Seems great, man. Fits the game right.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by AxlRocks on Today at 02:06:10 pm

Huh, signed up to post something else, decided not to, then seen this. Been complaining about it since before release. I'm glad to find others with the same mindset about this. It really is a load of missed potential and lies. And yet, quite a number of people really bought into the marketing. That's probably the most disappointing thing. To think this style of "port" could get popular because they've fooled people into thinking this was a great service to retro gaming "preservation." I die inside a bit thinking of this happening to the X series...

I mean, it doesn't even support a 1:1 PAR output or full 256x240 output for crying out loud. I understand why their options are the way they are, but retro-authenticity isn't my thing. I like my bastardized square pixels. They did include widescreen stretch though.  ::) I just, I don't know lol (I mean, some people don't mind that and it really should be there, but that's WAY less "authentic" than square pixels.)

They also insisted for a while that Cutman's stage is baby-blue compared to the greenish color it has been in like, every version of MM1. I kid you not.

It could've also had simple things like L+R weapon switching and a slide button. Not to mention fun little unlocks like skins of Bass, Protoman, maybe more. Ya know, like ROM hacks made by individual people have done for years. Charging and sliding in the old games as unlocks/cheats. Bunch of the official music remixes. I too thought a Wily Wars graphics option would've been awesome, GHANMI. The GB games with color would've been pretty great too. The save state based Challenge Mode is mildly interesting, but I can't say much for the art stuff compared to actual gameplay features.

The only good thing to come of this is that I found out FCEUX has a new-ish overclocking feature that works amazingly with MM1-5 lol Not tried 6 yet but I see no reason it would have issues. Gemini Laser without massive slowdown. It's surreal almost.

If only this collection did that and way more, or even as much as MMAC did without the few issues it had. What a scam and joke, the whole ordeal.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by Zero Dozer on Today at 02:02:38 pm

Okay, SCD, now this has finally caught my attention. I need to know, what's your problem with the name swapping for SFII's bosses? You know they did it to avoid problems with Mike Tyson, didn't you?

Also, that name change is ingrained into Street Fighter culture now, why the hell change it back now?

Started by Gemini - Last post by Zero Dozer on Today at 02:00:17 pm

(WIP) Final Fantasy 1 GBA color restoration, using the PS1 and WonderSwan colors. Worth finishing?

(Don't worry guys, this is done on a European ROM so it can be played in multiple languages)

Quite worth finishing.

Started by Gemini - Last post by Gedankenschild on Today at 01:31:25 pm

(WIP) Final Fantasy 1 GBA color restoration, using the PS1 and WonderSwan colors. Worth finishing?

(Don't worry guys, this is done on a European ROM so it can be played in multiple languages)

I love it! :) Can't stand those overbrightened/oversaturated colors of the GBA Final Fantasy ports!

Started by I.S.T. - Last post by Bahamut ZERO on Today at 12:47:55 pm

The world's lost one of the greats of horror.

Think I might watch Wishmaster later tonight as a memorial service.

Started by chillyfeez - Last post by MarkGrass on Today at 12:10:58 pm

I can guess that Nintendo figures that it's time to cash in. After all, they most certainly hold that right... and in all honesty, they've created one of the most desirable level creators I've ever seen in my life. Still, it's bound by a set of standardized rules and cannot allow for any true modification - textures, programming, music and so on.

It's extremely unlikely that Nintendo will change it's stance with any of that.

Super Mario Maker will likely be seen by the casual gamer as being nothing more than a fun and creative spin on a few bundled classics. Even those who are otherwise aware are often deterred by unwillingness to learn, the amount of time it takes to completion, etc.

I'm not expecting much to change around here or anywhere else, but it's nice to think that a new wave of knowledgeable people will come. Sadly, that's almost never the case when something goes mainstream. The amount of "What's hexdecimal?" posts alone make me cringe at the thought.

Started by chillyfeez - Last post by MegaManJuno on Today at 12:07:48 pm

The fairly recent Mario vs. Donkey Kong game for WiiU and 3DS (Tipping Stars) was largely focused on user-generated levels as well. It did have some pre-built levels, but the main focus was definitely the level editor.

It's reception and quantity/quality of user-content might be a decent indicator for SMM's success..?

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