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Started by DragonSpikeXIII - Last post by DragonSpikeXIII on Today at 10:01:39 am

(I wouldn't hire a samurai.  ;D )

Hehehe, yea, there's no need to resort to something like that :laugh:

But seriously, I think it's as you've said, you do what you can to the best of your abilities and keep on trucking.

Started by BlackDog61 - Last post by BlackDog61 on Today at 09:52:25 am

:woot!: :woot!: :woot!: Awesome work !!
Thanks, Dullahan81!

Hi guys awesome work as always
Thanks! I'm sure you rock, too.  ;D

can you add this soundtrack and make it Combatler V's default theme?

Also "Heats" for Shin Getter and "Fire Wars" for Mazinger
What Isao Kronos said is what I've already said before. Please read the thread.  8) http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,19055.msg321621.html#msg321621
Let me know when you are done, we can sync'up the patch releases.  :cookie:

Started by RHDNBot - Last post by Plint Michigan on Today at 09:52:08 am

Neither the Sonic Graphic patch nor the Sonic Graphic + Music patch worked for me.

The Xdelta Music patch worked wonderfully. What an improvement!

Actually, the graphic patch worked for me. The changes are subtle, but there. The floating rings are smoother, the trees look cleaner, and some of the pallets are cleaned up.

Started by DragonSpikeXIII - Last post by BlackDog61 on Today at 09:30:23 am

If that person uploaded it on my project thread, I'd ask to take it down, and if the person doesn't respond, I'd just report to admins for help to do that. It doesn't have to mean the person's intentions were wrong (maybe they didn't know... well, it's hard not to know in here but it can happen).
If they did it on another site, then same answer as SunGodPortal.
- If they posted pre-release work, then I'd ask to label it as such and then be a pain for quite some time. Until I cool down. And they better not come back knocking for help...
- If they posted final work after release, then I'd ask to take down, but I can't do what's outside of my reach, right? So you do what you can, and the rest is up to the big guns.
(I wouldn't hire a samurai.  ;D )

Started by Zeemis - Last post by Zeemis on Today at 09:00:32 am

I think you're right since the editor placed the sprite at the end of the rom, it may have not added those two bytes. I'll look into those bytes, they are most likely related to mold data since the editor doesn't go over molds (assume FF5 uses molds).

Alternatively, I could elect to instead replace the exsting sprite; however, if those two bytes do in fact have to do with mold data, then it wouldn't matter unless I'm replacing the exact size sprite with that of the same size.

Replacing the existing sprite didn't work; however, I did find this:

So if you look at the end example of that "Steel Bat", that shows exactly why my sprite is showing up partially. I believe it's using the existing "form" data. I really wish that editor would allow us to go a step further and choose the new sprite form data lol. That'd make me greedy though, so I'll keep at it.

Started by RHDNBot - Last post by Gamerhenky on Today at 08:59:27 am

Found a spelling mistake

I think there should be quotes there in Stone Phantoms.

Oh damn, I found these spelling mistake first during in beta but I forgot to give a feedback like this.

Started by Sephirous - Last post by DavidtheIdeaMan on Today at 08:29:53 am

Nicely done there Seph,this game is looking very good,loving the Main Hall,keep ti up,also I hope you hire the guy who can help you & your team with the sprites. :)

Started by Sephirous - Last post by sonny on Today at 08:27:13 am

i can help you find this guy, he's a veteran in some castlevania forums, and is very active. he's very know for this skills in pixel art and sprites.

Started by Kitsune Sniper - Last post by Madsiur on Today at 06:59:26 am

FF6 font selection (Normal and GBA): https://youtu.be/e-uTBDrwQrg

I'm quite happy of the hack but if there could be a smoother way to do this without the forced V-Blank screen flashing it would be great...

Started by DragonSpikeXIII - Last post by DragonSpikeXIII on Today at 05:52:59 am

good to see ace combat 3 in english, hope you can finish it till end mr dragonspike, good luck

Thank you so much for going through the trouble of registering just to wish me, and by extension my team, good luck.

I'd like to use this opportunity to say the translation is coming together really well and if you liked our previous release, you're gonna love this one, no doubt about it!
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