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Started by Kallisto - Last post by Starscream on Today at 11:55:15 am

It looked like it had it's own OS, and eventually it picked up Windows 95

Wait a minute...there was another one in console form -


This is probably the correct one..or is it both?

The Marty is essentially a console variant of the computers that came before, to my knowledge there is no such thing as a "Marty game", meaning a game that would actually only run on the console. Rather, some games won't be able to run on the Marty.

There are actually very few games that were exclusively running only on FM Towns systems.
I believe that Abel is an exclusive RPG.
Most games came either from the PC-98, Arcade, or western PCs. Some of the ports were improved, e.g. the Uncharted Waters games have a CD soundtrack.

Started by ZacheryTheHedgehog - Last post by ZacheryTheHedgehog on Today at 11:39:13 am

that thread has not had a reply in over a month. so i decided to make a new one.

Started by Kallisto - Last post by Kallisto on Today at 11:37:34 am

In a sense it is a lost chapter of the series we never got, but I always wanted to know what the story was like, the only thing I know that it is a follow up to a sub-plot that appeared in Arc the Lad II.

Started by Tom - Last post by GHANMI on Today at 11:30:17 am

Oh.  :( I should have known. Right till the very end, the one thing that caused the most problems for translation projects of this game has been the graphical compression. Well, at least the menus are translated now finally so that's a relief.

From what you described, even testing the game as it is right now isn't very wise considering the reinserted recompressed graphics might overwrite something in the game and cause problems. You can't do more than testing the text formatting at this rate :/

Started by justin3009 - Last post by Made in China on Today at 11:10:38 am

I usually hate VWF, because I feel like it makes reading harder by allowing creators to cram in more text - but the original MMX font isn't really taking advantage of the space it has, and could use more contrast. This looks great! Also having the other fixes in the final patch - it really is what MMX3 should've been to begin with!
I already consider this romhack the ultimate way to play MMX3, and it just keeps getting better! Thank you so much for your work!

Started by q8fft - Last post by FAST6191 on Today at 10:55:58 am

For the NES it will probably be a nightmare but many that have sought to translate games to RTL languages before have taken the cowboy method. That being use the left to right engine but stick enough spaces in there that you end up on the right hand side. Functionally it is not a lot different to manual line breaks.

It requires a lot of space, and some engines face memory issues, so hopefully that does not trouble you but it is one that works.

Super cowboy method is mirror. Treat the game and LTR but mirror the glyphs. Mirror the whole screen in the emulator and you have your hack.

That said it looks like you have a start on actually rendering RTL so carry on with that, it looks like a fair bit of the harder stuff is already done or able to fall into place now.

Started by RHDNBot - Last post by thepatrickinator on Today at 10:30:00 am

It's great to see Roll in Mega Man Games for the Game Boy. I liked how the hack creator used Rollchan World for Rockman World cause the original titles we got were the same name from the NES Games. All but six cause there were only five Megaman Gameboy games.

Started by RealGaea - Last post by SCD on Today at 10:25:40 am

Oh wow, I didn't know that was the actual song from the SNES game. I thought it was custom made, sorry about that.

The best version to hack is the Japanese version of Final Fight Guy, because it's uncensored, it has all the fixes from the PAL version, it has two exclusive items and new animations.

For Uptown Part 1, give it the Industrial Area music. For Uptown Part 2, give it the Rolento's theme music.

Started by Tom - Last post by Tom on Today at 09:03:55 am

That's a hard question to answer.

DougRPG has sent two graphics roms. The last one he sent had the end-game stuff, and the first one that he sent had graphics inserted up to the second nation in the game, but he said that he was going to redo some of his old work to make it conform to some new standard (since the first way that he was inserting before had some sort of issue). He said he was planning to "work backwards." So I have two graphics roms from him, some with certain graphics missing, and another with different graphics missing.

All of the graphics are important, but I suppose the most crucial graphics for the storyline would have to be located in the fourth nation in the game. Those aren't inserted in any of the versions he sent me, though he has pictures on his twitter account of those working in the game. He just never sent them.

The most important graphics to me (and to Cargodin, the packaging editor) would have to be some of the festival signs, and two signs in the third nation in the game, because I need to take English screenshots of those for the manual. (The English packaging and manual is complete, aside from four screenshots that currently show Japanese on the signs. I need those signs inserted so that I can take the last remaining pictures for the manual. It's the only thing stopping the manual from being fully ready for checking/release.)

Basically, once the graphics get hacked, the manual's done AND testing begins. It's just a matter of waiting until that happens. I've sent e-mails, but that's all I can do. Until there's progress with the graphics, my hands are tied, so I'm moving on to other projects.

Started by Tom - Last post by GHANMI on Today at 08:24:14 am

If I may ask, which graphics are not inserted yet, and how important they are?
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