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Started by creeperton - Last post by creeperton on Today at 09:55:53 am


Will DiskCryptor work?  I prefer open source software for something so important.

Is there anything which can make a list of hashes to files and tell me when a file doesn't match it's listed checksum?  I've had patches become buggy after sitting on an external hard drive for a few years.

Started by creeperton - Last post by MisterJones on Today at 09:45:23 am

Started by FAST6191 - Last post by GHANMI on Today at 08:27:28 am

Oh, save state support was finally added? It took way too long :P (loading a RAM dump is not a viable stable alternative imho)

I see he mentioned wifi tweaks. Is it relevant to local multiplayer/download play emulation? I know no$gba is the farthest in development in that regard even though the feature is incomplete (compared to DesMume which has functional WFC emulation but absolutely nothing for local wifi... being open source didn't help that much)

Started by RedScorpion - Last post by Ryusui on Today at 07:20:27 am

I dont want to change the BOF1 menu on this way, because its very hard to realize.

Too bad for you, then: it's the only way to make any meaningful changes in this case. 'Cause for developers, coding things that make life hell for lazy hackers like you (or me :P) is frickin' easy.

Started by blokun - Last post by henke37 on Today at 07:19:26 am

It's not audio tracks. You should read other book colors than red.

Started by vivify93 - Last post by tryphon on Today at 05:24:24 am

@ Vivify93 : I can provide an ips to apply to a clean ROM, then you can apply your patches. The checksum would have to be fixed though. Are you okay ?

Started by FAST6191 - Last post by FAST6191 on Today at 05:23:25 am

As the title says no$gba and its debugger got a new release, there have been a few changes but most notable for this site would be the revamp of the documentation and the move for the debugger to freeware (it has always been paid before). You can still buy the author a beer over paypal though.

For those unaware the debugger is the best one available for the DS by some way and easily holds its own among the GBA debugging emulators, possibly even beating some by virtue of the very nice GUI it has for it all. In general I would probably place the debugger behind fceux but they definitely go to the same parties.
http://problemkaputt.de/gba-dev.htm has more on the debugger.
http://problemkaputt.de/gba.htm has downloads.

Equally if you have ever wanted to know about GBA or DS hardware you probably read (or want to read) the specs the emulator comes with

One changelog
28 Jul 2014 - version 2.7c
- webpage: moved from http://nocash.emubase.de/ to http://problemkaputt.de/
- freeware: both no$gba gaming version and debug version are now fully freeware,
  donations http://problemkaputt.de/donate.htm are welcome and valuable support
  (I am working fulltime on no$xxx emulation projects without any other income)
- snapshots: supports savestates in NDS mode (formerly supported for GBA only)
- nds/snd: replaced nds_snd_getnext_proc by "proc_id" (snapshot compatibility)
- gaming version: allows to access recent files menu without cartridge loaded
- mem: forces gba-slot region to be 00h-filled on deselected cpu (arm7 or arm9)
- help: nds mem control: notes on gba-slot deselection, and gba-slot open bus
- help: major cosmetic changes to arm/thumb cpu chapters (parts from no$sns)
- cpu: exported arm disassembler and arm cpu engine to external include files
- snapshot: re-included bg2/bg3_refx/y registers (for gba and BOTH nds-engines)
- snapshot: does freshen_waitcnt_raw before emu-run (needed after snaploading)
- snapshot: snap-saver skips empty chunks (eg. unused NDS chunks in GBA mode)
- cpu: supports ldmd/stmd direction (increasing, NOT decreasing) (classic nes)
- cartloader/gui: reinit game-window size when switching between gba/nds mode
- mem: with_new_memory_system (completely new memory system: now using separate
  small macros per memory region, instead of old giant all-in-one macro, this
  does resolve a terrible mess, does speed-up source code assembling, and does
  speed-up NDS tcm/wram emulation, and allows to add DSi memory areas in future)
- snapshot: added new snapshot/battery sna/sav compression option (as in no$psx)
- setup/sound: volume slider (optionally hardware/mixer or software/multiply)
- a22i: fixed ".fill" directive (destroyed ecx when fetching 2nd/3rd parameter)
- help: added "GBA Cart Protections" chapter (namely about "classic nes" stuff)
- nds: allows nds7bios intrwait bios-bug with any incoming lz77-random values
- nds: allows jmp to 05ECh without warning (can be used for dumping NDS7 bios)
- gba: forces rom-mirror (instead "increasing numbers") for "classic nes" series
- gba: forces eeprom (no flash/sram) for "classic nes" series (game code "Fxxx")
- mem: moved misaligned_mem_reads to subfunction level (instead macro level)
- xboo: recognizes DSi's 128K flash id (allows to dump/patch wifi calibration)
- help: added note on ldmd/stmd transfer order (uses increasing addr for rlist!)
- help: corrected wifi calibration chapter (version is at 040h, not at 044h)
- web: changed no$gba forum link: http://ngemu.com/forums/no-gba-discussion.102/

Started by vivify93 - Last post by lory1990 on Today at 04:14:00 am

Could you please provide the address of the move.l you added ?

At address $CF68 there's this line:

Code: [Select]
move.w #$1690, ($FFFFCD00).w
This is called when you have all the Nei items and talk to Lutz. I simply replaced the move.w with move.l and added the other text pointer to process:

Code: [Select]
move.l #$16901693, ($FFFFCD00).w
The value for the byte before pointer 1693 must be C4 to make the routine return so that it can process the other text. Since there are 5 pointers for these lines,
we can process them one by one with multiple move instructions:

Code: [Select]
move.l #$16901691, ($FFFFCD00).w
move.l #$16921693, ($FFFFCD04).w
move.w #$1694, ($FFFFCD08).w                ; this pointer is also used for the old man in Paseo for some reason...

Again inserting C4 at the end of every of these pointers is necessary for it work. I prefer the first solution since it's only a line of code.

Thanks for the fixes, lory1990! I think fixing the music bug is beyond my capabilities, though, unfortunately...

You're welcome  :)
Actually for the music bug I found another solution, although this requires adding code at the of the ROM. It's up to you. If you're interested I can walk you
through the lines you need to edit and add.
Basically at the part where Lutz says those lines we jump to the end of the ROM and we add our fix there and we return from there. This way data stays aligned and the game won't crash. This is much shorter than having to change the lines. This is also based on tryphon's idea when he wanted to implement the control sequence and break the dialogue and then add the code at the end.

I tested it and it works and it doesn't take long.

Started by Lifelover - Last post by Gideon Zhi on Today at 03:16:30 am

The issue here is that whatever image editing program you're using is assigning your palette colors to different indexes. They need to remain the same indexes when you import as when you exported, otherwise they'll get mucked up like this.

What I do, using Paint Shop Pro 7:
Extract 16-color paletted image
Save palette from image to file
Make a backup of palette file
Edit palette file (it's a text file); remove all but first 16 colors, change color depth to 16
Indexes are still the same at this point.
Make a backup of the original image and palette.
Edit image as necessary.
Convert image to 16 colors.
Import modified palette, use nearest color matching.
Convert image to 256 colors
Import original palette, use maintain indexes
Save as BMP
Import into TLP

I THINK that's how I've done it in the past. Something like that. It's been a while since I had to do any mucking about with palettes though.

Started by Lifelover - Last post by Kunio on Today at 02:34:53 am

Try to follow this tutorial to find out how to do it :

آموزش وارد کردن لوگو به بازی میکرو

It is in Persian and you need to use google translate.

Good Luck
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