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Started by RHDNBot - Last post by RHDNBot on Today at 08:25:21 pm

Update By: mrrichard999

Here is a full Beta patch for the game Wizardry Empires II: Oujo no Isan also known as Legacy of the Princess for the Windows PC version of this game.

Currently we believe we have 95% of the text completed but there may be imperfections, misspellings, and bugs which are currently being looked for during testing at the moment.

Enjoy the translation and stay tuned for the Wizardry Chronicles translation which will be the next one to he completed hopefully within a month from now.

RHDN Project Page

Relevant Link

Started by Gideon Zhi - Last post by Bobolicious81 on Today at 07:51:48 pm

For quite some time I'd been unable to beat my high score on Tetris Party Live for DSi, but I decided to try again while ...under the influence... a few days ago and shattered my old record by 60,000 points   :laugh:

Started by Special - Last post by Nightcrawler on Today at 07:30:36 pm

Absolutely. Actually, the name/s givenoin that form is ALWAYS the entity releasing the work. That's why it's always shown on the entry's page as 'Released By' regardless if it is a group name/s or single name/s. It is in no way representative of any individuals or credit information. It just so happens that single person projects are often released under the single person's name, but that doesn't change anything.

See the example of Sliver X's profile. His releases and his credited contributions are very different lists.

Started by mrrichard999 - Last post by Nightcrawler on Today at 07:16:25 pm

This sums it up:

The credit system was an elaborate solution hashed out by several people over several years. It had to be designed in a very specific way in order to work with a long lineage of mixed data types dating back to the Whirlpool. As such, it's ingrained as an add-on module requiring it be done the way it is now. We'd probably have to embark upon several new maintenance projects to do something new with it! :laugh:

Started by justin3009 - Last post by Nightcrawler on Today at 07:03:31 pm

You can also expand the SRAM area about as easily as you can expand the ROM. The challenge of course is hacking the code to be able to utilize it. ;)

Started by eientei95 - Last post by ze10 on Today at 05:46:43 pm

Nice to see this, it would be cool to see other PC-88 games translated! *choughXZRcough*

It's awesome to see the PC-88 getting some attention. There are so many incredible games for old Japanese computers that need to be translated!

Started by Special - Last post by snarfblam on Today at 04:54:49 pm

One snag there is that the "author" may not refer to an individual but rather a group, whereas credits are for individuals. It would still require user intervention. It could potentially increase frustration if credits become an obligatory part of the submission, causing rejections when mistakes inevitably happen.

Not that I'm arguing against streamlining the process, those are just the considerations.

Started by caydang254 - Last post by resq on Today at 03:43:07 pm

I think it looks pretty good. I like the blue platform colors.

You know there should be a hack of Contra that uses all new graphics. Change it up a bit. Maybe I'll put that on my list for 20 years from now. I'm sure people will still be playing 8-bit games then right?

Started by mrrichard999 - Last post by MathUser2929 on Today at 02:29:49 pm

Why can't credits be auto-added to the page when a new page is created? Then someone wouldn't have to add a credits section to every hack that is submitted. That would cut down on submissions.

Started by RHDNBot - Last post by xnamkcor on Today at 01:48:34 pm


All that is missing is Grey, but I think we all know what color that is. I also fixed the part where I only swapped the Green and the Red to match the readme on one axis
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