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Started by SleepyFist - Last post by filler on Today at 10:23:03 pm

They probably don't want them to eat into their sales of Switch. You probably won't see any for a while, if at all.

Started by MathUser2929 - Last post by SunGodPortal on Today at 09:52:31 pm

As for the contact, I don't think the staff is here every day. It took my sister almost a week to get her account approved.

Started by Grimlock - Last post by Ballz on Today at 09:51:14 pm

Typo to report:


No apostrophe in "its"

Started by MatatabiMitsu - Last post by Blackiris on Today at 09:33:43 pm

Happy to see someone working on this! I hope you'll find someone to help you on the hacking/programming site.

Started by Spooniest - Last post by Spooniest on Today at 09:17:00 pm

Ghaleon actually transformed in the original!? Wow I didn't know this!
...Many are unaware but Lunar on sega cd was dark af.

Started by SmashManiac - Last post by EntroperZero on Today at 08:59:40 pm

FYI, the URL for FF1 Randomizer has changed, with the release of 1.0 this evening.  :)


Started by MathUser2929 - Last post by MathUser2929 on Today at 08:43:32 pm

I submitted a hack called NBAJam2K and I tried using the contact staff button and left two messages and got no responce. Then I tried to edit the page and it got rejected. I'm trying to change the hack author cause it's actually someone called Emiller518. Hogswithablog is the site I got the hack from and they took credit for the hack but the hack author is actually shown on this screen:


The guy updated the page is called Ethan Miller so I know that Emiller518 is the true author.

I also tried replying to the rejection email I got for my credits submission and still got no answer.

Started by Lovintendo - Last post by Lovintendo on Today at 08:25:53 pm

Do not think I'll do it all by myself. Like I said, this is a Collab project. Who's with me?

Started by tc - Last post by tc on Today at 07:46:47 pm

How many connections to RHDN is supposed to work? I've noticed I have difficulty browsing the site while simultaneously downloading a file. Any further pages opened on RHDN just won't load until the file is 100% downloaded, and no error message pops up to warn me about it.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by FAST6191 on Today at 07:20:44 pm

Max GBA ROM space is 32 megabytes/256Mbit, at least until you try bankswitching ( https://mgba.io/2015/10/20/dumping-the-undumped/ ), and full space is available to and always fully in memory for each and every game on the system bar those from the link. Flash carts had this in some iterations but let us not go there, for some forum searcher then the exception from homebrew tended to be pogoshell.

Very few people will build GBA multiroms as flash carts were so prevalent and geared towards multiple games from menus. In commercial games things when multipack games appeared tended to be compiled for it (ASM was not unknown to commercial GBA coders but C was very much the standard for most things) and just branched to/soft reset to, the most interesting stuff you will see will be for phantasy star collection and possibly Bauldur's gate which did things differently and troubled cheat device users as a consequence.

To do a multi game you will either have to find a way to do virtual pages within a game (not going to happen, flash carts did this with hardware if they did it at all*), remap everything in the game which is as tedious as it sounds or create some kind of abstraction layer for reads (as it is all in memory you might map something to 09?????? and then any reads to the original 08?????? region should not be hard to pull off). Pointer maths, calculated pointers and similar concepts are common enough on the GBA as the processor is kind of geared for it in some cases (it does well at shifting for one) so if you were thinking some kind of static analysis then consider it carefully, it is however not a required thing so you may dodge that bullet. Owing to the tools made for it (a guy named Atrius did some fine work on it, including tools that scanned for files and had a lot of baked in info about the pointers) you might be able to get a lot done on the static analysis side of things however.

Likewise that extra space being available means you will definitely not be able to combine it with some of the nice hacks like the voice acting experiment.

*older NOR based stuff will, later RAM/dump section based things most likely will not or will have a lot of stuff in the middle of it all to handle saves.

Personally I think it is a silly idea. By all means have something to share any kind of save data you want but a fusion hack is a lot of work for no real gain. The "best" way for anything close for me would be a custom build of an emulator that holds the other in reserve, hack in an interrupt at a key point, sort any save/character info and then soft reset or branch into it a la how a lot of flash carts worked. Not really what people seem to go in for around here and still fairly pointless from where I sit but to each their own.
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