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Started by vivify93 - Last post by Chrysologus on January 26, 2015, 11:29:44 pm

Using either the "il" or "ll" digraph, Killer could be KillerBow. That would be in conformity with the standard you gave in an earlier post for weapons/armor names, if I recall correctly.

Started by Airikita - Last post by Airikita on January 26, 2015, 10:31:49 pm

If you did code some kind of L Button secondary item set, perhaps you could make it an upgrade similar to how Link Between Worlds had the Pouch item that opened up the X Button? Might be a cool idea, especially since you won't have many items in the beginning of the game. Could be useful about halfway through when your inventory is starting to fill up, particularly since it seems like you're adding another inventory screen.
Yeah, I'll have to ponder about it... I'm starting to think of an idea for that for it to work. One method requires creating a way to prevent input spamming, and the other requires a lot of re-coding and hooks. Might go with the first concept and make it work with an upgrade later. There is an item I can use in place of such an upgrade that already acts as an upgrade item.

Today at 12:09:53 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

Both inventories will now equip both panels.

Before the fix, there was an issue where, if the same row was equipped to the c-buttons, the game assumed it was the same item being equipped, and would remove the other item. This happened with the Bunny Hood and the Bow because both of them were in slot 4. I changed it to check for the item IDs instead.

There was also an issue when equipping magic arrows, my custom search for the selection would fail to find it in each panel (doing a looped item search for both), so that was fixed to set the flag for the 1st inventory selection as to not have that conflict.

This does result in two minor inconveniences:
  • You can't equip multiple bottles of the same type
    (meaning if you have a row of fairies in 4 bottles, you can only equip one only, you can't put 3 on different C-buttons)
  • You can equip multiple types of bows (such as the different magic arrows)

That being said, these are minor inconveniences, and doesn't affect the result. The good thing, for now, is that the separate item panels don't have that conflict with items. I mean, who doesn't enjoy wearing bunny ears while shooting a bow? Geeze... I sure do!  :3

Also: credit to Aeroblast43o9 for the new bow icon.
It was due for a change which I probably wouldn't gotten around to for a while until my to-do list got to that point.

Started by Mayorofunkytown - Last post by Dr. Floppy on January 26, 2015, 10:24:23 pm

Dr. Floppy:  I know you mentioned that there was the known "bug" with the overworld/underworld wherein if you enter/exit on the same exit, you spawn back at the start.  Off the top of your head, do you know the fix for that, or approximately where it's happening?

Yeah, I ran into it with the first level of my Second Quest (although it could technically happen anywhere). As a shout-out to the original game, my 2nd Quest levels are shaped like letters, and the "D" I used for Level 1 was placed all the way at the bottom/left of the 16x8 Low Dungeon Array. Since the player enters via the lower-right portion and proceeds counter-clockwise, Gridslot #63 is marked as the Entrance Room.

Unfortunately, Gridslot #63 on the Overworld's 16x8 Room Array is where the access point to Level 1 happens to be found. This plays hell with the value stored at $526, and is a holdover from the original game. [All eighteen dungeons in the OG had entrance rooms on the bottom row of the 16x8 dungeon grids, but only one dungeon (L3/Q1) had an Overworld access point on the bottom row.]

According to my notes, my fix-it routine just adds a special check for Gridslot #63, since I don't have any other instances of this happening. Specifically:

Original Game
Code: [Select]
EA1C: LDA $6BAD (dungeon entrance gridslot)
EA21: CMP $526 (overworld gridslot we came from)
EA28: STA $526
EA2B: blah blah blah

I replaced a key portion with:

Code: [Select]
EA26: NOP x 2
EA28: JSR $E035

E035: CMP #63
E037: BNE $E03A
E039: RTS
E03C: STA $526

As for Stairwell Listings, you already know it's a list of the gridslots reserved for the stairwell "rooms" themselves. In practice, I've found it best to arrange them according to access point: leftmost to right, uppermost to bottom (lower gridslot ID#'s = higher priority). So for a theoretical level occupying the leftmost quarter of the gridform (eight rooms high x four wide):

00 <--> 73 via slot #42.
03 <--> 70 via slot #32.
40 <--> 40 via slot #41. (item)
53 <--> 61 via slot #31.

Stairwell List = 42, 32, 41, 31

Started by Airikita - Last post by TheZunar123 on January 26, 2015, 10:22:19 pm

If you did code some kind of L Button secondary item set, perhaps you could make it an upgrade similar to how Link Between Worlds had the Pouch item that opened up the X Button? Might be a cool idea, especially since you won't have many items in the beginning of the game. Could be useful about halfway through when your inventory is starting to fill up, particularly since it seems like you're adding another inventory screen.

Started by Seeeeph - Last post by Seeeeph on January 26, 2015, 10:02:22 pm

Started by vivify93 - Last post by vivify93 on January 26, 2015, 08:46:57 pm

Hey vivify93, I had one more suggestion that I forgot to mention previously. I love Cid; not only is he funny as heck, he's also pretty darn handy with a mallet in a pinch! Cid is listed as a "Chief" in the status window; I would suggest that he should be called an "Engineer".
We're only allowed seven letters for job titles, otherwise Cecil would be a D.Knight instead of a DKnight, Cid would be an Engineer instead of a Chief, Rosa would be a W.Wizard instead of a Wh.Wiz., and Rydia would be a Summoner instead of a Caller.

Secondly, and less significantly, I still feel that "It was my privilege to have been counted your comrade" is the better choice of the two. I believe that the change from "a" to "my" makes the statement far more personal, and thus more meaningful. I see Yang as not simply stating that it was one among many privileges in his life ("a"), but rather the deepest honor of his life. This to me seems like an appropriate final parting statement for the disciplined, and dutiful martial artist to utter before he makes the ultimate sacrifice.
I would reword it as "There was no greater honor than to be counted your comrade"? I feel like "It was my privilege" doesn't sound like something someone would actually say. Of course, this all depends on if it fits.

On a side note, I won't be able to spend any time playing Project II for a couple of weeks, although I believe I am quite close to the end (just arrived at the Moon). I'll be sure to hit you up with any other ideas that come to mind when I complete my play-through.
Awesome, thanks!

Started by SuperMuppet - Last post by marioxb on January 26, 2015, 08:45:29 pm

Here is the table file for Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!


I think this is what I used on Punch-Out (non Tyson) to change it into the Virtual Console versions. I think the only change was Piston Honda's "Where is the NHK TV camera? Hello, Tokyo!" to "Where are my camera crew? Hello, Tokyo!". This change was not made to the version in GameCube's Animal Crossing.

Started by Airikita - Last post by Airikita on January 26, 2015, 08:12:40 pm

I believe the debug version's colors are the same as the GC port: red/green/grey instead of green/blue/red.

You know, I just had a thought. Is it feasible move Navi and the first-person view to somewhere else like the D-Pad and open up C-Up to be another item slot? That'd probably require a lot of hacking, actually... Might be cool to have that though. Depends on how much work it would be. Or, heck, open the D-Pad up to item slots, that might be cooler, though probably loads more difficult.
That... hm... would require more space for extra spots... I'm sure there could be the option to swap items without the D-pad being used. I can make it so that you just hit the L-button to switch between item sets, or hold the L-button to use the secondary items. In fact, it would be loads easier to have the player hold the L-button, otherwise I have to account for the player letting the button go requiring more variables to be used.

I'm sure the D-pad can be used another way. Of course, now there's the obvious issue of finding space in RAM for the read-outs. But yeah, it's possible to have a 2nd set of items, just not as easy with the D-pad.

It would be fun to do so.

Anyways, might be a few weeks... the current hassle of the bow is giving me a headache over my changes. Apparently equipping magic arrows makes the game assume that the bow is being set in the 2nd inventory... which now looks strange. I have coded up a way to keep the selection boxes independent, however the magic arrows are now a new hassle.

Started by Bahamut ZERO - Last post by pinkpuff on January 26, 2015, 08:08:55 pm

I've been editing the text in Bank 1, but when I go to save I get a Bank 1 overload message.   I'm sure it's from me adding a lot in, so I ask what is probably very obvious: when I add text somewhere, I should take out text from somewhere else, correct? That or make sure it's within the same length or the original message?

There may or may not be a small margin for adding in extra text in a given bank but in general, you'll want to delete stuff to make room for adding stuff. The stuff you delete must also come from the same bank; so, you can't for example add a bunch of text to bank 1 and try to make room for it by taking away from bank 3. As for the amount, it's difficult to measure in terms of the number of letters/characters because the game uses a certain kind of text compression and the editor decompresses/compresses it automatically for you, so just because you deleted 10 letters doesn't mean you have room for 10 letters; you might only have room for 5, or you might have room for 20.

Is there a way to expand the rom to add extra space to the 3 main banks of dialogue?

Not if you want to continue using FF4kster; it doesn't play nice with rom expansion and/or moving data around.

Granted, my overload's probably coming from me editing the chocobo messages from one word to a text box full of stuff... haha.

That would do it ^_^

Right now I'm quite new to romhacking in general. Seeing as I've loved this game since I was 4 years old in the early 90's, and it has a nice editor, I figured I'd start off with a decent spoof text hack for my own enjoyment, maybe share it on here once I get the hang of editing things and I've got funny script that doesn't make my banks not want to explode. :D I'm aiming for the quality of FF5 Spoof, where there's a lot humor, but it's not completely stupid humor or constant sex/porn references like any Chrono Trigger/FF6 spoof I've come across.

Thanks ^_^

Be sure to read the readme though as there are some things that are stored/programmed very strangely in FF4 and it may not be obvious just from using the editor.

Started by Paul Jensen - Last post by FallenAngel2387 on January 26, 2015, 08:07:12 pm

Well, at least nothing breaks the game itself, but...
After Beaker is saved, the president of Heyon's text is unreadable gibberish. It's stated that he's a nervous wreck, but I don't think his text is meant to look like that.

After the Nanuninium side quest, if you try to drink the Old Blue Bull, the text cuts off after "you lost" which breaks the border as it is, and I assume the rest that got cut off is "20 HP."
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