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Started by ddstranslation - Last post by ddstranslation on Today at 10:00:57 pm

In a conversation with Neidhart, the part after "a great bird that lived there." is practically unreadable, because the text box closes immediately and the main character walks down.

(minor) The text box that appears in the early storm event closes a bit quickly.

Oops, there's supposed to be a pause there. I'll put it back in.

And I'll change the text timers for the storm event to just button pauses, hopefully that will work better.

Started by Gideon Zhi - Last post by Gideon Zhi on Today at 09:38:07 pm

Thanks! Three more strings. I think this is the last of the stuff that needs to be doublechecked. At this point I've had at least two testers beat the game.

ぼ ぼく テ―サクっていうんだ
まいごミュ―が きたんだ
なんかいいにきた みたいなんだけど
メラメラしていたから こわがって
ここに かくれちゃったんだ

ぼくのなは ユン
ランド2からにげてきた しみんだ
だが ここも あんぜんではないようだ
ぶきや しょくりょうを もとめて
ここまできたが もう さんそすらない
てきの 「ハイドロウイング」をうばった
あとからきたものが つかってくれ
ぼくは ここで いきたえるだろう
…ごめんね マり …さようなら

「プレシデントファイブ」の ひとり
イシスのり―ダ―だった ひとだよ
バイオぐんは タニアぎちょうを
たてにして ちきゅうに
のりこむ つもりかもしれないな

Started by FShadow - Last post by DSwizzy145 on Today at 08:07:19 pm

Do you recall seeing any princess in the introduction scene?  If not then i would probably persume Himeji Mizuki (姫路瑞希) is the person's name correct?

Started by Gideon Zhi - Last post by DSwizzy145 on Today at 07:50:40 pm

I know this (ヒーホーくん:ヒーホー !)  would be "he-ho"  :P translating more lines along the way as i'm typing this.

Started by Piotyr - Last post by Hiei- on Today at 07:48:05 pm

A bit late, but...

Curriously, I've always felt SD2 was one of the most, if not the most, overrated game of the SFC.
Maybe due to its ugly French translation.

It's probably because it was one of the first "big" action-RPG that got localized in french.

I personally think it's the third that is the most overrated, and one of the main reason, in my opinion, is because it was only released in english as a fan translation (the fact that it was probably one of the harder game to hack, back in those days, because of huffman compression, is not enough to just make it a awesome game, though I suppose and can understand that lot of people were like "woot, WE CAN FINALLY PLAY IT IN ENGLISH, THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER !!").

I'm not saying it don't look like a good game. I just know that I really like SD1 (Mystic Quest) and SD2 (Secret of Mana) but I never really managed to like as much SD3, though the several scenarios divergence and such was a pretty good idea.

The original french translation of SD2 is not that bad for a 1993 translation (I can confirm it as I read the official japanese script when I did my copy-paste from the retranslated iphone version to the snes rom), it's just heavily cut to fit in the 16Mb rom. I would say half of the text has been cut, but in a so tiny free room for texts, the translation look rather good, especially when you know the english localization seems to only got one month to do it and when you know the french version, is of course, translated from the english version (I think the first big RPG directly translated from japanese we got in France was FF8, after FF7 translation debacle).

Started by FlashPV - Last post by M-Tee on Today at 07:22:57 pm

Thanks, Clippit.

I tried the eyes in various layouts.

I quite like the double googly eyes and their location relative to text in the prototype; imitating it is a pretty high priority for me.

I actually had intended on imitating the typeface from it as well, until I realized that the only difference between it, stylistically, and the US one was being squared instead of rounded.

Started by Zed - Last post by Seihen on Today at 07:19:40 pm

なにみてんのよ! Something like "What are you looking at!" maybe? It's a weird picture that kinda looks like the house is on fire to me.

Close! I admire your innocence. It's a peeping tom peeking in on a woman (possibly in the bath, see her arm over her chest). "What the hell are you looking at?!"
But it's a Mario game, so... your version works.

かうまでうごかねぇぜ I really don't know. Something about buying. Looks like a dude in a ski mask showing a woman a trumpet.

"I ain't goin' nowhere until you buy it."  There must be some sort of cultural background to this related to yakuza and door-to-door salesmen, but I think he's threatening to just basically stay there and be a hassle until she buys the product (vacuum?).

だいもんじ I just went with "Daimonji." A Japanese festival where the form giant letters out of fire on a mountain.

Yep, it's a festival that takes plate in Kyoto every year. It's pretty straightforward.

のこりじかんが! He looks frustrated. May be running out of time.

Literally means "the time left is...!" but since Japanese often implies the final verb, we can assume it means that time's almost up. "Time's almost up...!" or something.

おや,できたのかな? Really don't know.

Something like "Hey, I guess I did it?" or "Did I just pull it off?"
It's not clear if the text is from the player's point of view ("I did it!") or from the game's point of view ("You did it!"), so you'll want to conform the translation.

あと2ふんちょうだい! Something about 2 minutes maybe. Bing thinks it's about poop which seems unlikely.

Bing is a crime against humanity when it comes to Japanese translations. To be fair, 分 (part/minute/hundreds of other words) and 糞 (poop) are both written as fun (ふん). That aside:
"Just give me 2 more minutes!"

できた!あれみんなは? Probably cleared the puzzle. Wondering about more something.

"I did it! Hey, where'd everyone go?"
So, he's been so absorbed in the game that all his friends/family got bored and left. The character at the bottom, ヒュー is the sound of wind blowing through something empty, kinda like a tumbleweed rolling past.

7月21日 seems to say August 21 but I don't know what the symbols on the bottom mean.

発売, meaning "for sale." So "For Sale on July 21"

The left part says "issue" maybe. The middle is definitely "Picross." I have no idea what the right part says.

"Picross Comic Monthly," supposed to be the name of a magazine of Picross comics.

This is an entire level of Japanese words. They all seem to relate to Picross.

Hmm.. yes and no. Each of these should actually be read as a kanji pair, with the whole mess kinda making a word/phrase.

難問 (nanmon) = difficult puzzles
克服 (kokufuku) = overcoming, conquering
制限 (seigen) = limit
時間 (jikan) = time
終脳 (shuunou) = telencephalon (guess they're implying brain growth?)

"Overcoming challenging puzzles within a time limit promotes brain development"

And people said my degree in Japanese history was useless. HA! I can answer questions about old Gameboy games.
 ... T_T my life is boring.

Started by FlashPV - Last post by Pennywise on Today at 06:51:27 pm

I love the way the Parody World part looks just like the Monster World one. It really looks authentic. By the way, is the translation project stated for a Halloween release?

That was the plan, but I've been busy with other stuff and that's not gonna happen.

Started by FlashPV - Last post by Clippit on Today at 06:15:35 pm

Agreed. It hadn't crossed my mind that the US one shares its background color with the lower half of the letters instead, affecting its readability when moved onto a different background.

Here's a second pass.

October 20, 2014, 11:31:36 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Double post update:

I worked in some of the additional eyes from the Japanese version as well.

I love the way the Parody World part looks just like the Monster World one. It really looks authentic. By the way, is the translation project stated for a Halloween release?

Started by hiroshi - Last post by snarfblam on Today at 06:04:01 pm

The only way I can really play the original Contra and find it interesting is to try to beat it without dying. But I am a big fan of the spread weapon. It helps balance the challenge of beating the game without dying, and it's just plain fun to send some bullet hell back at the enemies.
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