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Eh, I think I'm more offended that he considers me "dear". That's weird.

Also, whales! And hunting! And Assassin's Creed... I've only played one for the PSP and it was pretty meh. I'm surprised there's a fourth one coming out.

You don't think that hurt him?  You think it's okay to hurt him like that just because you admit you're an "evil jerk"?  It's not okay Kaio.

Eh, I'm used to it (doesn't hurt me). 'sides, it's true that I'm not really the brightest star on the sky. I've been trying to put more thought into what I say, though, in order to get less of this sort of criticism.

Does everyone else feel the same way?  Or is Kaio being extreme here?   

Kaio is being extreme, imo. But I guess he'd say the same about me.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Die Reboots
« on: March 06, 2013, 05:20:51 pm »
Kinda like the style, but those really don't look like turtles much. Specially with the oversized cranium that makes them look like a human skull with a beak rather than a turtle.

Also splinetr looks more feline than rodent.

When I got to those issues, I was kinda taken off-guard a bit. You kinda have to warm up to the style a bit.

My point, though, is that the Turtles have received this treatment before.

General Discussion / Re: Dbz new movie
« on: March 06, 2013, 03:06:43 pm »
If you're into it, they've made an abridged version out of it:
Warning: really corny humor

I actually enjoyed that! XD

Oh god, this one sounds like it'll be hilarious: (based on the first one, the one I watched)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Die Reboots
« on: March 06, 2013, 02:49:01 pm »

Gaming Discussion / Re: Hard and STOOPID HARD
« on: March 05, 2013, 11:46:01 pm »
There used to be a problem with that warning when the site got upgraded or something a while back. But that got fixed recently.

General Discussion / Re: Dbz new movie
« on: March 05, 2013, 08:57:02 pm »
...Huh? What the heck what...

That was not in the "prequel" episode I saw... I think... He just sorta... "Son, survive!" and then dies. But I'll admit, it's been years since I saw it, and I must've watched it like twice...

Gaming Discussion / Re: Your most recent gaming purchase?
« on: March 05, 2013, 08:33:26 pm »
I wonder how much you'd really enjoy Super Mario 3D Land, Talbain... Granted, I really enjoyed the game, but it was really just a sort of "easy fun". Definitely not the Super Mario Bros. of old where Bowser was REALLY trying to get you to lose.

Programming / Re: Big O notation and in-engine text formatters
« on: March 05, 2013, 06:55:58 pm »
Big O notation is always the upper bound, iirc. I'll check my book in a bit, if I can find it.


Big Oh = T(N) is O(F(N)) if there are positive constants c and N0 such that T(N) <= cF(N) when N >= N0.

That really doesn't help much*. However, to contrast Big-Oh: "Big-Omega [...] is the lower argument". It's not used commonly except in "more advanced analysis".

source: Data Structures & Problem Solving Using- Java Fourth Edition, Mark Allen Weiss

*The author was a professor at my university while I was still studying there. He was always hailed as a living compiler, because he could "compile code in his head". I never spoke to him in person.

General Discussion / Re: Dbz new movie
« on: March 05, 2013, 06:54:48 pm »
Aww. I remember liking the Bardock special... But at the time, I was twisted and thought that stories where the protagonist died was deep. Oh, how wonderful it is to be young and stupid.

Is it just me or is it bullshit we can't get the silver XL here?

Very smelly and putrid indeed. Almost as bad as if it were dry and old.

There's no shame in an original model.  I had the wherewithal to upgrade, and decided to do so, mainly for eye strain purposes.  I really need to upgrade my DSi to the XL as well.

Yeah, I want one for the bigger screen. I can see well enough on my original model, but the XL's screen is just so comfortable...

Do you have to anticipate slurs, mean looks or even violence every time you hold hands with your partner in public? Does your family constantly verbally abuse you when you bring your girlfriend or wife around? Has any of them disowned you? Have you had to worry about waiters spitting in your food or you and your girlfriend being kicked out of privately owned establishments because you're together?

Just how much is a "share," Sarge? I bet I can throw bigger pity party than you. :P

Come to Miami Beach, Florida*. Theoretically, you shouldn't have that problem (aside from the whole family thing; I don't know what to say to that). That and South Beach.

*caveat: It's expensive.

Oh. Hmm... I don't have a smartphone anymore and I'm not sure if I can rely on Gamestop's connection either...

Either way, it's not like I can afford it right now anyhow! XD

I know there are some communities I wouldn't be able to walk into as a white dude, too.  Especially at night.

People think that if you look white and are straight (because that's so evident from just a single glance, I guess), then you've pretty much got it made. It isn't the truth. I actually have to be careful, since to most people in South Florida, I actually look like a white American kid (I'm actually not American-born). You've got people looking at you like they're jealous or something...

At least I don't wear expensive jewelry or anything. The worst thing I have on me is my watch, but since it's not gold-painted or anything, I think it doesn't attract any attention.

...But then again, people in South Florida are crazy to begin with. :S

Internet connectivity isn't needed? If that's the case, maybe I'd try it...

Red. Always go for red!

... Well, my favorite color is red. :P But dangit that video makes me want to trade mine for a 3DS XL. :'( But hardware locked games and all that.

General Discussion / Re: How did you met your significant other?
« on: March 05, 2013, 04:49:47 pm »
... I should really watch what I write...

Edit: Dank, I sent you a PM to help clear things up.

General Discussion / Re: Heading to Tokyo
« on: March 05, 2013, 04:48:45 pm »
Fish makes my throat close up. I've actually forced it down in the past, but it usually comes back up within an hour or so. My dad's convinced that my problem is simply that I don't like fish, so maybe there's that. I can eat this one brand (Bumblebee iirc, too lazy to get up) of canned tuna, so maybe I'm not so allergic? Or maybe all the preservatives in it change its chemical makeup?

Shellfish makes my mouth go numb. I once had a lobster paste sample and I had a crazy pain in the back of my head... Shrimp tails would only numb my mouth. So, I can eat a bit of shrimp, just not too much, but lobster's simply too strong. Either way, to kinda prevent any accidents, I just try avoiding it completely.

I never had problems in Japan. Maybe my father's right and I had plenty of fish in Japan and I gobbled it all up because I didn't know... but then again, he's tried to fool me with fish ("It's a special chicken recipe! Try it!") and my body's never been fooled... so idk.

General Discussion / Re: Dbz new movie
« on: March 05, 2013, 04:42:29 pm »
A dark and mysterious evil.

This made me giggle. +1

I still haven't watched it because of how bad the trailers were. I remember this one girl, though, who was crazy obsessed with it, pre-launch. She wouldn't shut up about it. I have no idea if she watched it or if she liked it because I never saw her past the semester we were taking Japanese II (and the movie came out later).

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