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An english translation of Tales of Phantasia for the SNES, using the GBA and PSX versions' scripts as bases to go off of (GBA especially since it's more "official") and getting rid of any "trash" in the localizations, like unnecessary censoring and whatnot(I'm not aware if there is even any "trash" in the GBA localization, I just know some differences between it and the SNES.) So I'm talkin' from the ground up using a (Japan) ROM.
And I DO know that the SNES fan translation was a bit..."bold" with the liberties it took. I like playing the SNES version over the GBA, but the GBA's script I find to be, like I said before, more "official" if anything.
I'm indifferent about the name differences, but wanting to change the names to their official counterparts is what brought about this idea in the first place. (Cless>Cress, Klarth>Claus, etc.)

I tried to start it, using DeJap's translation as a base, however I couldn't even create a .tbl file, and looking further into it, apparently the text is ultra-compressed. I've never translated a snes game in my life, and I definitely don't even know how to start. My only experience is using tools to make minor text edits and using tile editors to make slight graphical changes.

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