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GOOD JOB RM, push past the nonsense you get and keep up the nice work.
Thank you very much.

going to play Wild Arms 3 for an hour and meet up with my gf in an hour for a drink.
You do the right!

That "t" overflow was repaired already, I don't remember if in the current version that is released or in the new one that will be uploaded probably this evening or tomorrow, when I have time to check and fix the DQ1 level 30 bug (RPGone's version doesn't let you save the game after reaching level 30 in DQ1, where the Japanese version does let you; I think it's easily fixable; I hope so).

Due to a matter of editorial respect, I'm leaving RPGOne team's translation decisions unchanged. That's not my task, just to make fully playable without glitches that historical translation (that I think is a good job even though there're those little freedoms or licenses).

By the way, how do you difference Stones and Stone in plural or singular in Japanese there? Usually Japanese doesn't tend to specify plural or singular in most of words, except for some names of people, does it?

Let's take life with a little of humour. Humour is important in life!
Nice attitude.
I have a humouristic attitude towards life!

Quote from: Chicken Knife
I just haven't seen this tendency for lots of rewrites in any other language than English.
I think that's because of the difficulty of the Japanese language and its script. Rewriting is always easier than translating a new thing from Japanese from scratch.

But English uses Latin alphabet with nearly a 60% of Latin words. So making a new translation is always easier.

Quote from: Chicken Knife
Apologies if I sounded like I was insulting the Spanish language itself.
Of course you didn't sound like that.

non-vertigo inducing splash screen

when he has made his feelings and expectations so clear.
Well, people can't say at least I'm not transparent. I say the things as I see them at any moment.

Spanish is not English
Don't forget we are 500 million native speakers, more or less, distributed in around 23 countries.
Just the number of people that study and learn Spanish is pretty smaller, more comparable to French, but it's growing everyday.
Also it's a language with a very long and large written tradition (not so large like Latin, Arabic or Hebrew, anyway), that lets you access a very abundant literature, much of it of much quality, as well as much recorded material.
That gives you an idea that the possibility someone wants to learn how to ROMhack at any moment and tries to do a translation of whatever game is not small.
We see it everyday in community: the number of released translations to Spanish per day is far bigger than the number to French, German, even Portuguese (with Brazil) and other European languages (what for me is a good symptom). Also, translating to English from Japanese is not easy: but we have a bunch, an ocean of translations to English, or games officially in English, to translate to Spanish more or less easily.

Who is going to invest that required amount of knowledge, time and skill to rewrite an RPG translation? Not many if the pre-existing work(s) are of quality.

The problem here in my point of view comes with those self-alledged translators that use automatic translation software (wave?) for generating patches of poor quality, for those games that don't offer much difficulty in terms of character table decyphering and font editing, as is the example of Dragon Quest 1+2, in a constant search for self-protagonism and visibility in the community that in my point of view adds more noise than something valuable or useful.
And it's not my wish to contribute to that or feed it in any way if it's in my hand, I'm sorry.

I think a phenomenon like this doesn't exist in the English speaking translator community, does it? Correct me if I'm wrong. I may agree more or less with retranslations I see here, and their need, but they're mostly serious. I may not agree with SkyRender FF6 retranslation (for example), but I have played it years ago, it's playable and offers an acceptable experience. Same for Bahamut Lagoon one, that Recca has mentioned. It was unnecessary, but serious.

Is there a point to re-translating a game that already has a completed translation? The answer is sometimes, but usually no.
P.S.: By the way, completely agree with Recca in everything mentioned.

No. It's only that. At any moment I may update, the old patches will remain outdated, and also I would prefere to avoid a massive duplicity of versions of this addendum out there, that at the end you don't know which is which and who has made what (if it's the 2.0 version of RPGOne with bugs, if it's a previous version of RPGOne, if it doesn't have bugs, or what).

Thank you.

I don't care the individual people that may have them privately. I just don't want a constant spectacle be made of my constantly updating patch.

What's a better method of exiting out of this function early?
I think you did it well with 1.03c.
Putting the first line of the Japanese ROM and reverting a couple of jumps to their original form.

But if you do what you put yesterday you're altering the code of the splash routine and if someday someone regreats and wants to go back he will find a non-functional routine.

There is much information in those splashes that even makes reference to the translator, RPGOne team, for bibliographic purposes. People may want to consult them. And they're easily skippable.

Quote from: FCandChill
I also remove it under the impression you are okay with it. As said before by you...
I have no problem people individually remove it. But this is becoming a constant disemboweling of whatever minor update I release, even when I make no change at the splash routine at all!, by altering the internal logic of the routine in an arbitrary way.
And sometimes even with mistakes, in a way that now we don't know if those people that say it doesn't work anymore it's because they copied your last patch or the previous one that jumped to 70A9 position in RAM!, probably not declaring any stack, variable or whatever!, what you yourself said broke the saving game system.

June 25, 2021, 07:13:14 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
So after all this I have been meditating and no, I don't agree anymore all this is done to my patch.

The best option is to leave the patch as it is. Lol.

Where are you jumping, by the way? It's late and can't check the computer.

Intro removal patch for version v1.04:

There are no changes in the intro system since 1.03c version. Wouldn't that be unnecessary?

All I ask of you is that you be more willing to perceive errors as they are, and stop making excuses for sloppy, poor quality writing.
Okay. Seeing is believing for me.

Quote from: nejimakipiyo
This is the page I'm referencing.
Very kind from you.

June 24, 2021, 11:27:52 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
By the way, there is a new version of the patch ready, that can be ontained in our webpage:
or in the submission queue.

Of course it's much better with a native. Or with someone fluent in Japanese.
My Japanese reading is slow and with dictionary. It's good for some paragraphs, but would be too slow and time taking for a whole game.

Anyway, the important thing in a translation is the translator to be native in the targetting language.

Can I please talk with that native friend?

Nice, thanks! Really wanted to have the version with the rotating splash screen for archival-historic purposes.
I have it! Look:
This is version 1.02 (it already included the name Gwaelin replaced to Laura in the first dialog of DQ1, but still the spinning splash screen had not been replaced, and the checksum is right. You still had to push A-button once more when making field magic, so there was no text overflow yet when using Antidote or Revive in the field).

Check if it's the same than FCandChill's, please.

And this is version 1.03 (still with spinning screen, that didn't get changed until 1.03c):

This version 1.0, that had an almost game breaking bug when using Search with the Hero dead (I don't recommend it):

They were all in my download folder, since days ago.

June 24, 2021, 11:30:07 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
New version of the patch ready (v.1.04):
It fixes a glitch that misinformed the total amount of money stored in the vault, when bigger than 65535, saying instead a very small quantity, what made us believe we had lost our money (even though it was still there).

Thanks to Lilpuddy38 and Dudejo for their very much contributing to the betatestings, the 1st in DQ1, and the 2nd, in DQ2.

it's not going to be sub-par. It may not be to everyone's taste, but it certainly will please many.
Okay, okay. I believe you.

I understand that in part what you would like is to avoid the repetition of efforts, but really Chicken Knife and company want to do it, and many, including myself, appreciate this.
I don't doubt it.
They're eager to do this.
They don't seem to find any thrauma in the repetition of efforts. Lol.

I've done my advice, anyway.

Do you think individuals were actually empowered to create translations in the middle ages in the way that people are now?
"Empowered"? Lol. What's that.
They couldn't make many translations of the Bible because they had lost the originals Lol, until Constantinople fell, that they could access the Greek and Hebrew originals thanks to exiled monks. Until then nothing! Besides that the Vulgata got a prestige, and also became the official text of the Church. Besides that not everybody is or was qualified to interpret that text correctly, nor they could translate it however they wanted, there had to be some rules. Otherwise imagine the chaos (that's a difference with Protestantism, by the way: whoever can make a translation without a quality filter and much quotation).

That's partly my point with this.

If whoever comes makes whatever translation they want over the other we end up in anarchy: in an anarchic mess of patches and translations that most of people, not so informed, won't know which is the right.
Added to this is not easy to read Japanese (thanks goodness Lol).

I'm only waiting your full list of things. Don't pass them to me one by one. Pass me the whole bunch. I will find a page with the Japanese script, will start translating it myself with a good dictionary, will compare your things, see if your points have a point, and if I see reasonable and right your criterium you will have my blessings. I will help you in whatever you need.

Anyway I don't know why you necessarily want to convince me. Probably you've already figured out how to remove the splash, it's not hard.

For my blessing, I just need facts, and to check the thing myself with the Japanese source in my hand and your list in the other hand. I'm a philologist. I'm very used to do these things with Middle Ages original handscripts (or photocopies of them, of different versions of a book from different countries), in Arabic language or in old Castilian (with damn paleographic letters), this is even easier, because it's printed, typographic text, the only complication are kanjis, but they're not many in this game, and with a good dictionary, my knowledge of Japanese grammar will let me see the truth.

Quote from: Red Soul
I think it would just become an endless iteration of circular thinking.

Don't worry about that circular thing. I have said everything I had to say. I think my points have been understood, as I have Chicken K.'s. I've said nearly my last word.

By the way, you were right in your reviews. You encouraged me to do this port. Other people did too through different social networks, like Twitter or Facebook, but your review was the detonating drop. What did it cost me? Only answering by here to many kinds of attacks of all the varieties, even linguistic ones Lol.
Well. I can't deny it's funny.

Quote from: Red Soul
Let's not erect holy monoliths for things that shouldn't have them.

There're no holy monoliths, I think you misunderstand me.
There are philological criteria, in a subject where I have a formation and a qualification, and I try to be professional.
I'm not illiterate in Japanese. Maybe I'm not fluent, but my knowledge of read Japanese is enough to understand what is happening with good dictionaries, that I have in paper since before starting the university, and patience. I also know some 500 kanjis by heart (the standard list is around 2000).

That's it.
If I see the translation is good, except some details, it's not for free.
It's not because of a religious belief, nor fanatism, nor idolatry, nor I'm a fanboy nor anything. I have an age for being fanboy.

Just because something is well-written enough that it isn't plain gibberish doesn't mean that it cannot and should not be improved.
We're not talking about improving. We're talking about investing months in correcting... a whole team of people!
It seems RPGone is just a person, ChrisRPG. He didn't even translate, he was one of the main ROMhackers.
The translator was spspiff.

if the translated scripts of these old hacks is held as sacrosanct, then shouldn't the underlying hacking and code be too?
I think fixing the hack's bugs and adding extra features like intro screens can be considered just as "disrespectful"
The difference is you are not altering anything from the original English text because it's a quality reliable work (except unintentional typos), and people don't loose their advance because they've found an unexpected bug that freezes the game, and they can complete it.

I think the difference is obvious.
And a splash screen is necessary to difference the bugfixed version from the original row one with those bugs that already had its own splash screen (that the new version still conserves as optional, by the way, so where is the disrespect), so people may difference it easily, don't confuse, and know they're actually playing a bugfix.

Otherwise imagine the mess.
If the Japanese version has no splash screen and the RPGOne's bugged version has it, and you remove your splash screen, how do they know they're playing the RPGOne version, but bugfixed? Most of people don't research so much, they just push start and play.

Chicken Knife:
You can't compare something written millenia before Christ, and during centuries, like the Bible, that is besides the core script of the main religion of the Roman Empire and later of Europe since more or less 4th to 6th centuries, with a game from the late 80's or early 90's.
But even if you do, during all the Middle Ages until Renaissance with the downfall of Constantinople (that is, during centuries) there was only one official translation of the Bible for the Catholic Church: the Vulgata, in Latin, made by Saint Jerome. But after centuries of endless handscript manual copying the mistakes and alterations (due to human mistakes mostly) were so many in the different copies that it was virtually impossible to know how the original was: what made necessary a new Latin retranslation from the Greek translation of the 70 ones (that is the official, nowadays, for the Catholic Church).

If with something like Bible, that has counted with so many translations through history, there was one only translation commonly in use in Western Europe during the whole Middle Ages, why should it be different in only 20 years since DQ1+2 was first translated to English, in 2002?

Anyway I think both things are not comparable. If you want to compare an RPG with something in literature it should be with a theatre work, since an RPG is a dialogistic genre into video-games.
Or at least, compare it with something from the 20th century, like The Lord of the Rings (or The Hobbit):

Do you know how many translations there exist of The Lord of the Rings to Spanish, in the world?
Same with The Hobbit.

Do you know why? Because it's not necessary more. And because it's of very good quality too. It's faithful, and everybody understands it perfectly, so redoing a so damn long work seems useless.

That's my point.

P.S.: I'd like to hear other opinions from people too.

they are far less patient than I am.
"They"? You are pluralizing him! Lol. Like in "Elohim", or in DQ2!

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