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Okay, but look.
Can't you accept another kind of non-moving splash screen with a background image?
You really considere THAT intrusive something like that?

If the thing is so distorted and unfaithful like your Niponologist friend says you have my blessings, of course. I remove you the splash screen (if you have not done it by yourself already). But let me see some material about those distorsions so I can make myself an idea of the dimension of the problem. If the thing is serious I will help in whatever I can.
I could even use that for retranslating my own Spanish translation (even though you can't imagine how lazy I feel about that idea).

Completely agree with you, danuffo, except in the part that having some regional languages in some parts of Spain is NOT a problem for us (it's only a problem for crazy secessionists that pretend to speak only Catalan). Anyway I'm from Seville; my region is monolingual. We have much regional accent, though (sort of similar to Cuban, but without so much intonation).

I agreed with the problem of too many foreign English words in the speech of some Mexicans that are too careless about speaking grammarly Spanish, but I don't think Mexican accent is grammarly downgraded: maybe with some low-classy people that speak too slangy and are not capable to speak more formally, nor write using dotting symbols, that happens. But I think the grammar is the same, no matter how many slang words you put, how much you add -ito, or if you use more indigenous words, or even some English loans more than in standard variety.

Anyway, let's go back to the topic!

Quote from:
no faithful translation existed for these games[...]
censorship, mistranslations, overly stylized translations that depart a long way from the original text, removal of cultural and mythological references such as in monster names, and more.

Okay. Maybe you are right.
Can I see some examples of those, with Japanese and RPGone's text (and your alternative)?

Anyway, you both are talking in a way it seems I'm not letting you do this.

Quote from: JKPhage
This was literally your first response to people saying they didn't like the splash screen.

Quote from: Red Soul
Terra is Tina originally and nothing can change that.

Yes. Nothing can change TERRA was TINA, but TERRA improved it. Unless you prefere to play reminding "Tina Turner". Come on, don't compare TERRA, so enigmatic, so mystic name, with... "TINA", that sounds to a pop star. Who preferes that? Only in Japan where Tina doesn't have those silly pop-starry connotations.

Grandleon is very beautiful, though.
But Magus, it's much better than... "Mao" (Tse Tung, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Mao Tse Tung! Do you imagine playing that way? It's impossible. There is even a bear trademark that is "Mahou". There is "LMAO". There are many things: no, it's impossible to restore Magus to Mao after having been improved to something so beautiful and Middle Ages-like as "Magus" is, that sounds to a mix of Latin and the Arabic or Persian word "Majūs"; it sounds to sorcery!).

Another example: Schala and... Sara! LOLOLOLOLOL. It seems my neighbour! 10000 years ago there is Sara? How come?

Some localizations of Woolsey were made up. But others objectively improved.

If everybody drives in a country by right, you can't drive by left! You need to adapt and be normal!

But Grandleon is very beautiful, I agree. Nobody knows what it is but it's beautiful.

If people would rather have whatever script was originally shipped, they are free to do so, but that's not the only valid position.

Okay, I get your point. But it's a pity he is not using that energy to translate new stuff with his Niponologist friend, and instead he wants to redo everything. Even DQ3! Oh, my...! @_@ What a sacrilege!!

Quote from: JKPhage
but a spinning rainbow-vomit holdover from an incredibly obnoxious era of game dumping
Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja (Spanish laugh)

Why do you hate things so much? Lol. Calm down, man! Take it easy.
They're just games!

I'm not sure where you pick this up. RPGOne's script strikes me as pretty contemporary in its language approach

Yes, it's modern English, but it has a kind of oldie taste in many rethorical resources it uses.
I'm not intending it uses renaissance grammar nor conjugations.
But that was one of your points to state this needs to be redone! "It's too archaic, and it should not be." Or that I understood.

I already did. It's much better than the DQIII SNES translation--I'll certainly say that. :laugh:
I'm translating that one to Spanish and I find it very professional and good too. You want to redo that too?

Either missing (or censoring) the scandalous Inn text with the princess in DQ1 & the line about Hargon himself growing enormous

And for that you have to redo the whole thing? Just fix those little things and let's update. If you want I include them in the next update.
Are you sure Token of Roto is a wrong translation? I understand it referes to some kind of medal, signal, or shield. Not much difference there among Token and Emblem. And as someone already told you everybody knows it like Token of Roto in the SNES version so far, it appears like that in all the walkthroughs for the SNES version, and so on. I have many problems with people when I try to change standardized names. If for example I try to replace, in FF6, CYAN by CAYENNE, or KEFKA by CEFCA, people eat me. It's not possible to do that anymore once people have been decades playing like this. You can't appear and change TERRA to TINA, it doesn't matter how the original was. You can't change Esper to Genjuu or to Phantom Beast, nor even to "Djinn".

If everybody drives by right you can't drive by left (unless you're in Britain, then you have to adapt to left, and can't go by right).

I agree with Meda and Kiss Dragon. Those things I fixed them in my Spanish translation, too. I include them if you want. They're minor changes that fix some obvious mistake.

I'll promise you one thing. If we ever do publish a retranslation (or possibly merely a revision) of this game's script, we will do so with utmost respect to the RPGOne team, as we are all indebted to them for their labor and, as you say, the good job they did, all things considered. That respect will be made loud and clear in the way that we publish. I'll probably even say that the version we create is not intended to supersede or eclipse that which came before, but to offer an alternative reading, and one that's in line with our past work and ideals.


And for the record, I won't be saying all that about the current DQ3 SFC English script. That thing is a straight up hot mess.

You want to change everything! Lol.

Why don't you use that energy for translating from Japanese to English new things?

Not only the "passing", the script is okay. If it's not like that (made up translations for example), let's demonstrate it.

There is no problem to improve things when they really need to. Yesterday I improved that "Ball of Light" thing (it's very few anyway, but if we start like this, changing little things, we fall into endless perfectionism about something that WAS released like that! That's the historical work, and it's good).

What worries me is if it's intellectually honest to redo that translation.

It's not bad, RPGOne's script, admit it. And it does make me feel. It makes me feel I'm in some kind of Late Middle Ages or in some kind of Shakespearian era; not very exagerated, though. Here they didn't write the Thou's and Thee's (in the NES official version they overuse them; they never use You or Ye singular for polite situations or courtesy as it happened in Shakespearian English, what shows a stereotyped way of archaic English; RPGOne's translation doesn't do that, it's far from that, actually).

I think you are being too perfectionist.
However, I understand you, I'm perfectionist too with my own translations. I do exactly what you are saying.
But I think RPGOne's script is not so scarce of linguistic sophistication to do him the same... after 20 years... If it was a pidgin translation, or even a shoddy one, in proper English, but with poor vocabulary (like the Spanish translation of DQ1+2 made by a Chilean I found) I would completely agree you, but I don't see RPGOne's translation is poor in vocabulary. There's something about redoing his job that makes me feel bad, man! As if I was stealing a lollypop to a child or something. That's not good! I feel pity (or sadness, I don't know how to describe). I feel it's an injustice.
He is even dead!

But okay, put me examples of RPGOne's dialogs and the way you'd had translated them, with their Japanese original counterpart, to see if it's true this oldie work needs to be redone.
I need to see something objective!

I accept your perspective is different, of course! It's obvious it is.

I'm philologist.
I have been my whole life studying languages, including English (but not only English). But I'm not native. That means I'm probably not so qualified for making a professional translation to English (I may sound 'foreigner' at some moment, without noticing), but I am for playing and understanding well an English translation, and noticing if it's good or not. I think my knowledge about English grammar is enough for noticing that, even though I'm not familiar with some idioms, because I've never lived in an English-speaking country. The same way someone may know Latin without practicing its speaking. He won't maybe produce authentic material in Latin like Cicero, but he can understand and translate Cicero very well, appreciate its quality, and even notice mistakes in handscript copies. That's called "Philology".

Do you or your group have a similar knowledge of Japanese language, by the way?

I was not specifying you.

Anyway, I still remember how you called me ignorant in our last correspondence, when I was just sharing and reasoning my point of view.

A troll why?
I think everything I've said so far is reasonable.
I've even offered solutions (like removing the spinning).

I was civil since the beginning. Just saw a lot of people over reacting with that during days and I got amazed. As a proverb from my land says: "Receive bad weather with good face."

And I won't spot the title screen with my name. I have no right to do that. That would be worse. Who am I to plague an Akira Toriyama title screen from 87/93 with my anonymous name? That's not having the slightest editorial respect.
The splash, at least, it's obvious it doesn't belong to the original game, since it's a cracktro; that's why I added it like that.

Anyway, don't worry, I will solve it.

My cracktro is not "safe"? Lol. Really?

P.S.: Many people have shared screenshots with battle dialog windows broken with that patch. Besides, not everybody likes oficial modern names, or not that much for bearing that.

That last sentence is literally you being passive-aggressive too.

All you're doing by mocking and hammering in how "lovely" the splash screen is turning people away from a great patch.

I already said I'm open to modifying it to make it milder (but I have to sleep!).
If I was passive-aggressive I would be finding any kind of excuse and putting obstacles to that. I know it by experience.

June 21, 2021, 02:35:19 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
It would be better, but splash screens themselves are awful. A simple credit in the title screen is the best thing for an author to do.

What he means is that the link in your website doesn't work. It downloads an empty zip file.

It works for me.
There is also a "Mirror 2" link below, that addresses to a MediaFire link (it was outdated, though, with a buggy version; just updated: ).

The hacking work is indeed excellent, just a milder splash screen would be welcome.
No one here is trying to deny due credit, far from it, but a static logo or image with not many colors would be better, I think.

Okay. I will do it. Promise!

June 21, 2021, 01:10:05 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I just want to reiterate what I said earlier in this thread and thank you for your hard work in fixing these bugs that have lingered for YEARS. I think you have every right to add your own personal splash screen.

I, myself, plan to port the
official Mobile/Switch script 1:1 to the SNES versions once I'm done with the NES games. I intend to use whatever best version of the English patch available as a base since the groundwork for English text is already there. If you're not okay with this, let me know as I don't want to step on anyone's toes. I just want fans a way to play the games "officially" without the awful mobile touch interface or bad upscaling of the Switch version.

I have no problem you do that. It's legitimate in my point of view.
When you have done it if you need help for removing the splash screen or changing it by something else I will provide it.
Your thing can't be more legitimate.

June 21, 2021, 01:12:27 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I haven't had the chance to play this patch. It's really that quick? Geeze, I posted earlier saying I could understand thinking it stayed on the screen for a good while and the colors really bothered people but sheesh.

It's immediate. No fading away effect. If you keep the B button pressed since you turn on you don't even see it.
Removing the spinning is not that easy, I will have to invent some machine code, but I'll do my best.

June 21, 2021, 01:26:41 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I'm looking forward to your eventual work on the SNES ports, since the NES versions kick my butt quite thoroughly. I wish you the best on your project.

I really wish the switch ports didn't upscale the sprites, it was almost the definitive version of 1 and 2.

I can't agree more with you. The initiative this man intends to do is a praiseworthy one.

June 21, 2021, 01:27:21 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
In any case, the patch looks great, and I applaud the efforts of RodMerida.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

I know a friend who is passive-aggressive, by the way! Lol. In the less expected moment he fvcks you.
One day he made me believe he was going to plagiarize the story of a novel I was writing, whose summary I had passed him on .PDF to know his opinion months before. He even said he was going to register it as his creation, lol. Unfortunately, no spinning splash screen could be added to it.

So yes: passive-aggressivity exists. But nothing can resist to a lovely splash spinning screen!

That's what I have noticed; some people seem to prefere to play with game breaking than with a cracktro, Lol.

I even offer intermediate solutions and get no answer, just "I don't want your patch, thank you".

A splash there has to be (a non-removable one, by the way): otherwise someone may arrive, write nonsense over the English text and say he has translated it from Japanese, when he is just reinterpreting the RPGOne's script and just changing it to whatever goes out of his imagination and feels like, then say he has translated it from Japanese from scratch.
I can't allow this.
For a matter of respect to the original translator's work.
I'm here to protect his legacy!

Whoever wants to write his inventions will have a beautiful spinning screen telling the truth.

I've said my last word.

Thanks for the patch, but I won't use it due to that awful rotating splash screen when you boot the game.

I really don't understand why hackers need to add such vanity splash screens.

If I replaced it by a non-spinning counterpart, would you be more confident with it?

I can't find that version on either RHDN or, but I guess I just have to be patient.

The one in the web is that version, believe me. Try it. You'll see how now it sais "Light Orb".

The spinning is pretty easy to remove. It actually does by pressing A. Not hard to reverse (so when pressing A it'll spin).

Do you think if I did so, this controversial matter would be solved?

I see some people suffering with this, even! I'm surprised!
Mine is much more skippable as you say.
People want everything!

What are those DQ3 bugs that you say, by the way? That interests me. Could you list them to me?

Why it bothers you guys so much. I don't understand it. It's beautiful cracktro from beginning of 90's that I have rescued from oblivion and customized. It passes quickly just by pressing A; it even offers players the chance to read about RPGone's credits (that seemed to involve many people, and would be a sacrilege from my part if I removed it; I would be profanating, and plagiarizing such a awesome translation, if I did). It's like a library of information! And it's damn beautiful! See what colours. I become hypnotized (not kidding).

Would you be more relaxed with an alternate splash screen in the RPGone's style. But I have to recognize I am a little surprised with this sudden, harsh reaction of some people, that seems to divide the opinion in the community.

June 20, 2021, 04:43:11 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Rod, have you submitted the 1.031a patch yet?

It's sent for updating since this afternoon. It's in the queue. But from my web page you can get it already:

It's not, because it breaks the text windows in battles.

So my humble patch, believe it or not, is a front runner (with splash screen included). It also changes "Ball of Light" to "Light Orb" since the last 1.031a update.

And if you didn't like the crediting screen you should have just only asked me for changing it to something milder, I'm constantly updating the patch as new people reports me about pre-existing bugs and I wouldn't have had any problem on considering that. RPGOne's row patch also included one and I have not ever seen anybody complains.
Translators and ROMhackers have a certain right to a little of crediting for his work. There is also a second person involved in this project, and my responsibility was to mention it.

But it breaks some message windows during battles.

With my humble patch you don't have anything of that, and in the last update (1.031a) it changes "Ball of Light" by "Light Orb".

Did you know English is not the native language of everybody in the world?

That's why I do not make translations to English, but FROM English to my own native language, Spanish. And that's why this is not a translation, but a bug fix applied to a pre-existing translation (that I love, and except for that thing of "Ball of Light" > "Light Orb", I leave unchanged).

Anyway, for making so many "grammar mistakes", that you say, you've understood me pretty well. I think your problem is not with bad grammar, but with tolerating some deegree of Spanish influence in my speech (probably intentional, as an ironic way to reply your last comment, more focused in metalinguistic matters than in ROMhacking affaires). That has to do, also, with ability to distinguish what is a joke from what is serious, and taking life easy.

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