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I wanted to confirm if other people are experiencing some errors in DQ Translations' translation patch for Dragon Quest III on the SNES. Although I've just double-checked with NSRT that I'm using an unheadered backup with the specified CRC32 hex value, I'm getting the following issues:

Status ailments appear to be nonsensical characters.
When obtaining an item at the end of battles, the text for getting the item appears broken.
The town of "Soo" is a blank entry in the Return list of locations.

I just wanted to be sure these were consistent issues others were having, and that I didn't just make some mistake applying the patch.
Same thing for me. Biggest glitch of them all, is "appraise" option for female merchant. She just tells you complete nonsense (like club weapon is cursed or something like that). Male merchant works fine, i think. I can't believe developers of this hack just completely abandoned it and never fixed these horrible, horrible, horrible issues. What a rip off.

Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Quest I - IV: Delocalized
« on: October 07, 2020, 03:08:14 pm »
That's the point of the retranslations at their core: attempting to recreate a Japanese player's experience for English speakers.
You just make no sense with these arbitrary changes to spells.

"This hack's goal is to revert everything back to original japanese versions, BUT spell names gonna be completely fanfic-tier nonsense that will alienate everyone who played DQ games before and misinform people who never played them before."

For whom you make those rom hacks? Definitely not for the old or new fans of the series.

Personal Projects / Re: Dragon Quest I - IV: Delocalized
« on: October 02, 2020, 01:05:10 pm »
These made up spell names ruin these re-translations. Keep DW spell names or just bring Japanese names (Gira, Begirama, Begiragon etc). Or make optional patches for everything.

I wish someone would fix that horrendously bugged DQ I&II for SFC instead of tinkering with nes versions

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