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Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Battle Zeque Den
« on: April 29, 2012, 09:59:48 pm »
Also, I chose to translate 方術 as "magic" because it tends to be elementally aligned, and there's 特殊技 (special technique) and 必殺技 (something we normally translate as "special move").
Yes, there is no one particularly good translation for 方術 that I’ve found (it plays an important role in a super duper secret project I’ve been doing on and off since 2009 but there’s just so much goldurn text). You see, what it really means is a “way” or “method” primarily. Secondarily, it means “art” or “skill” (synonymous with 技). Ternarily, it means “law” or “procedure” in the sense of “how to make an immortality elixir”. So depending on context, it could mean magic, if your magic was the “walk around a circle backwards and write a sutra in runes on your arm” type or “mixing up potions” type. As Prof. Sussman noted in a famous lecture, “computer science” has less to do with computers and science than it does with magic.

I don’t think that’s what’s going on here.

特殊技 could be translated “command move” here, if not for the unusual use of the term コマンド技 (it is not that コマンド技 is an unusual term, but that it usually means “move that uses some kind of command”). I do not have a specific solution to get around that except to call it something else entirely (sorry).

Also, 連続技 means “combo”, and 同時押し means “press simultaneously” (i.e. the inputs have to go down at the same time, not one then the other). (unfortunately, I do not have time to look this over thoroughly, but... can you tell I’ve looked at a lot of movelists before?)

While I would concede that using Wizard would be more palatable to those that have played the series in the US for a long time, Wizard or Sorcerer is more technically correct as far as the strict translation I'm going for. Unless there's something I'm missing about how these terms are actually used by Japanese speakers.
What you’re missing is how the differentiations between various terms for magic users are used by RPG players. Everything goes back to D&D.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Battle Zeque Den
« on: April 29, 2012, 04:06:19 pm »
“In this game, experience points you gain vary according to the number of enemies you defeat and how you defeat them. Each character levels up by gaining specific amounts of experience points. However, technique levels are raised by items (see p. 19).”

Page 11 concerns stage and character attributes. “Each character’s attack strength is higher when the stage has the same attribute as they do.” So Rufuu is more powerful on stage 4, Hamusu is more powerful on stage 2, and Kairu is more powerful on stage 3, in terms of offensive capability.

If you mean the “prologue” section, it has not been translated in this thread (it’s considerably longer).

Also, the SFC version has six columns instead of seven.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Your most recent gaming purchase?
« on: April 27, 2012, 02:46:09 pm »
Uh, most projects fail to turn much of a profit and that’s not new by a long stretch. That’s a very traditional model; the publisher sticks its neck out for the >90% of books/games/whatever that seem okay but almost certainly won’t sell for the <10% of the books/games/whatever that will pay for the others and then some. It’s basic risk pooling. It’s safe to say that EA Sports alone has funded many experiments.

The rise of the indie game market is also a complex phenomenon; I would not point to that as a sign of the unsustainability of big-budget studios and such, but as a sign of the flexibility and smaller scale of indies opening up new opportunities for growth. The two cater to somewhat different markets (there is some middle ground), and they really can’t compete with each other in every arena. AAA doesn’t bring you good $1 iPhone games, because they aren’t really good for the “throw it at the wall and see what sticks” mindset (I’m sure some older game companies are funding some sort of “ashcan” concept-mill approach somewhere, but with every 15 year old out there being able to pirate Flash and upload things to Newgrounds, it probably doesn’t get too far). Likewise, indies don’t bring you the next big FPS or MMORPG in a box (Yes, I think all of these things I’m mentioning can be hurrfests to some extent, too, now don’t bring that up I’m just free-associating here :| ).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Your most recent gaming purchase?
« on: April 27, 2012, 01:18:59 pm »
How do you know that? (Not disagreeing, just asking to be informed) Why is it different from the book or music industry? For example I know that as a book author with a publishing contract, you typically get an advance from your publisher. Sales will pay the publisher back until that amount is exceeded and after that you typically get a royalty for those sales. I believe it works similarly in the music industry.

Is it because games are developed by many people? I know obviously some of those poor programmers or artists slave away for a salary and don't get any piece of the pie.
I’m not an expert, but as with many things in life, there are a number of factors that may or may not do it. But overall, it’s that way now because the corporate models are very similar industry-wide (no unions, high start-up costs, only a handful of game companies are older than video games so this is not exactly a mature industry with finely crafted executive experience) and inertia is a hell of a drug.

But I found one self-proclaimed expert and a very short explanation of why it stopped happening very often as of late (by which I mean almost a decade ago).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Your most recent gaming purchase?
« on: April 27, 2012, 12:38:49 pm »
Yeah, royalties for games? Not a thing, for the most part.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Your most recent gaming purchase?
« on: April 26, 2012, 09:47:48 pm »
Ordering Xenoblade.

(Not pre-ordering, though that was the intent. Because someone withheld a certain gift card that was coming in the mail... [/basement dweller].)

And since I don’t pay for full-priced games very often, it goes without saying that I won’t be making another purchase very soon. Well, actually, I gotta find a way to use that gift card, so... probably that’s how I’m going to buy ME3 soonish.

Better to call ゼリー状 gelatinous and プルプル jiggly, as far as American English goes.

いけてる首輪 - いけてる is slang that means "cool".
Already have a cool, that’s the thing.

あまからそうな実 - I would personally call this "Bittersweet Fruit".
It only means bittersweet in reference to feelings.

まずそうな実 - I've always taken まずい as being "gross".
Also works. Admittedly, the textbook I learned the word out of was oldtastic.

ゲロゲロな薬 - What is the "accurate translation", exactly? I always thought this was a frog sound, or meant "gross".

when it doesn’t mean ribbit, anyway

サラサラした薬 - Wouldn't this be "silky (consistency) medicine"?
Only if the medicine is made out of hair. Check a dictionary... one that isn’t EDICT.

Card with holes
Suggestion: punched card

Cut-off card (or Sharp card)
Suggestion: shredded card

Mirrored card (Warping card)
Correction: warped card

Mud(dy) card (or Dirty card)
Suggestion: mud-stained card

Dust(y) card
Correction: stained card / blurry card

Wet card
Suggestion: damp card

Old Card (or Shaky/Trembling card)
Clarification: old/used card

Lost card (or Tear card or Off center card)
Suggestion/clarification: ripped card [yeah, they kind of used a lot of synonyms here...]

Advantage collar
Correction: neat/chic/trendy collar

Must have collar (or Go card)
Clarification: pretty good / not bad collar

Clumsy collar
Suggestion: not-cool collar [in the roguelike tradition, making it seem like two unrelated items are related is actually welcome... one of those few genres where it’s okay to be a jerk to the player :woot!:]

Mossy collar
Suggestion: moss-covered collar

Rugged collar
Suggestion: stiff collar

Elaborated collar (or Stiff collar)
Suggestion: ornate collar [for whatever reason, elaborated doesn’t mean quite the same thing as elaborate, by the way]

Shibui collar (or Bitter collar) What is this??
Suggestion: tasteful collar [it means a range of things, like dour, grim, austere, refined, quiet, controlled... think frowny people in most of the old photos]

Plain collar
Suggestion: basic collar [“plain” can also mean ugly... but it’s just a suggestion]

Simple collar (or Thin Collar)
[are you sure this is シンピル?]

Uncool collar
Suggestion: frumpy collar

Spike collar (or something with accomplishment)
Clarification: spiked collar

Muddy collar
Suggestion: mud-caked collar

Fancy collar
Suggestion: gaudy collar

(Too) Big collar
Suggestion: loose collar

Negative collar (or Decrease collar)
Correction: weird collar [could also mean something else, but let’s not go there :) ]

Psychedelic collar
Suggestion: tie-dyed collar [loose translation, but more accurate in terms of how you’d expect it to look... unless the collar does cause hallucinations :P ]

Sweet fruit
Correction: salty-sweet fruit [all these い -> そう names just mean “probably ___” as if you don’t know and you’re making a guess; for the sake of brevity, it should probably be ignored in item lists such as these—after all, the reason it’s just a guess is that you may not have tasted these unidentified items! haha, gotta love game logic ._.;; ]

(Seems) Sweet fruit
Suggestion: sweet fruit

Shiny fruit
Correction: bland fruit

Savory fruit
Suggestion: delicious fruit [savory will remind people more of something that tastes... meaty]

Hard fruit (or Stiff fruit)
Suggestion: tough fruit

Coated fruit
Suggestion: firm fruit [same adjective as before, but with a そう ending]

Moldy and stinky fruit
Suggestion: musty fruit

Hollow fruit ???
Clarification: salty/spicy fruit [I’d go with spicy]

(Seems) Unpalatable fruit
Suggestion: bland fruit

(Seems) Watery fruit(or fruit)
Suggestion: soggy fruit

powdery fruit [might want to consider making some of these fruits nuts/seeds instead, thanks to entries like this one]

Bluntly fruit (or Perfect fruit)
Correction: coarse fruit [gritty seeds?]

Moisty fruit
moist fruit

(Seems) Salty fruit
Suggestion: saltish fruit [just to avoid a conflict with the other... unfortunately, this word is not as well known as it ought to be, what with the worldwide incidences of hypertension :P ]

Resilient Fruit
Suggestion: rubbery fruit [just like they served us in the school cafeteria :-[ ]

Packed fruit
Suggestion: stuffed fruit

Muddy and stinking fruit
Suggestion: dirty fruit [lit. fruit that smells like dirt... to my knowledge, there isn’t a good word for that]

Fishy fruit
[interestingly enough, can also mean it smells like blood... hmm, best stick with “fishy”, I guess]

Strong smelling fruit
Suggestion: smelly fruit

Bitter fruit
Suggestion: acrid fruit [avoids being the same as the other “bitter”—the rough distinction between 苦い and 渋い doesn’t really exist in English, I don’t think?]

Flabby fruit
Correction: mushy fruit [flabby doesn’t apply to plant matter]

Chickabiddy fruit
Suggestion: peep-worthy fruit

foamy medicine

Oily medicine (or Medicinal Oil)
Suggestion: greasy medicine

Glistening medicine
Suggestion: dazzling medicine [ギラギラ implies a harsh light]

Limp medicine
Suggestion: weak medicine

Disgusting medicine
Suggestion: [... on second thought, let’s not use the accurate translation ._.;; ]

Whispering medicine
Correction: dry medicine

Rough medicine
Suggestion: gritty medicine

Slurping Medicine
Suggestion: slippery medicine

Jelly medicine (<$01>タ=MISSING KANJI)
[not sure I can help you without that kanji, but probably implies medicine in gelatin form]

pungent medicine

Plebby medicine (<$02>あ= MISSING KANJI)
[ツブツブ probably means pulpy or lumpy in this case]

[not a well defined word—probably means “gloppy” or something like that]

Throb medicine (or Pounding medicine)
[thumpy medicine? yeah, I’m not too sure on how this one is supposed to work]

Pulp medicine ???
simmering medicine [boil, boil, toil, and trouble...]

Muddy medicine
Suggestion: gloppy medicine [どろどろ is less about the actual mud and more about having mud-like properties]

Big medicine (ネタ>stuff/contenent so 2xstuff=big)
NO IDEA maybe something like valueable medicine
[these both mean sticky medicine]

Sticky medicine

[me neither]

Downy medicine
[this too means sticky]

Bye bye medicine (パカ in russian is bye :p)
[it’s the sound of hooves... nope, no idea how this one is supposed to work]

Twitched medicine
Correction: twitching medicine [not that that makes a lot more sense]

[I doubt that’s what it means, but in absence of a better idea...]

Data medicine
[this also also also means sticky]

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: It's Puzzling. Desu.
« on: April 21, 2012, 03:42:57 pm »
close enough

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: April 20, 2012, 11:17:19 pm »
Sounds like someone is knee-deep in the hair-pulling process :P

Mug does necessarily include physical assault. In dated usage, it actually just means to hit someone.


Man, I can’t tell you how many translations I’ve made in this subforum with absolutely no guarantee there was an inserter or anything. It really doesn’t bother me in the least.

I (and a couple of other translators who browse this forum either regularly or occasionally) have expressed an interest in this every time it came up. What we have here is a failure to communicate :D

(but I only do Japanese->English, plus my PS knowledge comes from a small number of blissful hours playing the games very cursorily, so I might need a little research aid)

Yeah, I seem to notice that that feature’s gone AWOL lately :S

勁 is focused, tense power. 発勁 is the discharge of that strength. A few years ago when I was running through a lot of SNK movelists, I would often put this one down as “Strength Discharge”, “Release Power”, and so forth, but that was me just trying really hard to make everything English and not what I would normally do in a translation. Of the ones I’ve gone through, Kensou (KOF), Shion (KOF XI), Lee Rekka (Last Blade 2), the Jin twins (in RBFF-RBFF2), and Cheng Sinzan (in FF3 and RBFFSP-RBFF2) have this word in one move or another.

ため(る) isn’t really any sort of martial arts technique; it’s just a verb. Charge directions are often notated as (for example, using a “Sonic Boom” motion) ←タメ→, for instance.

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