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Perhaps the 'O' in of and the 'T' in the should be lowercase? Only important words should be capitalized in title I believe.
The most common way to title case is to capitalize all internal words (i.e. the first word is always capitalized), except articles (e.g. the, a, an), prepositions (e.g. of, in, on, at), conjunctions (e.g. and, but, if, then), and forms of "to be" (e.g. am, are, is, be, was, were). Sometimes pronouns and possessive pronouns will be uncapitalized as well.

More importantly, it's closer to the spirit of cursive (especially the kinds with more curious capitals) to not let capital letters crowd the rest of the writing out, aesthetically. Rules of grammar be damned! They're just guidelines for what looks good.

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