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Personal Projects / Re: Megaman 1 hack (PCE)
« on: September 11, 2008, 12:03:37 am »
How do you emulate CHR-ROM in PCE and/or make it load Sprites and Tiles with Multiple Colors, I will try to make the rest of the PCE port of SMB1 my own.

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman 1 hack (PCE)
« on: September 10, 2008, 12:10:01 am »
What?  Lack of JMPs?  SNES addresses?  huh?

What are you talking about?

While Looking at the log at the point of loading a SMAS game (such as SMB1), There is not any JMP instructions in the log.

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman 1 hack (PCE)
« on: September 09, 2008, 11:55:29 pm »
But there is one thing I want with SMB1: Enhanced Graphics!

Something wrong with All Stars?

Yep. I couldn't seperate SMAS Mario 1. Same as 2/USA, 2j/TLL and 3. Not to mention that SNES debuggers does not help find a way due to lack of JMPs while logging, Despite it, No luck for the SNES addresses too

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman 1 hack (PCE)
« on: September 09, 2008, 09:56:47 pm »
When you release the CD version, will changing the music be as simple as replacing the files, or will it require hacking of some kind? Now that you brought up the CD Audio this is seeming really interesting.  :)

 Yes. It will be in an CUE/ISO/WAVE format. Replacing the wave files as those are the CD tracks. No hacking required - very simple. Hacking the game code to take advantage of the 512 colors (onscreen) will require some bit of hacking, but I'm going to take care of this for people interested in making their own hacks of this - so they only need to take care of tilemap and tile/sprite editing. CD tracks and ADPCM/PCM/SCC sounds effects are will be the first upgrade to the game.


Next, how about porting Sonic or Phantasy Star to the SNES and take advantage of its vastly superior audio? Not a request really, I'm just saying, could be fun!  :D

 Hah - that would be cool, but that would require a complete static recompile (might as well write the game engine from scratch). The SNES doesn't share the same type of CPU as the SMS or Genesis. That's much different from what I'm doing. The PCE is backwards compatible with the NES instructions, so I can let the original game code run natively (with exception to some timing).


 Also, if anyone has any hacking info on megaman that they would like to contribute, that would be great  :)

Although the game SMB1 has been ported to this system, I wanted it to be redone with your MegaMan Code, But there is one thing I want with SMB1: Enhanced Graphics!

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman 1 hack (PCE)
« on: August 04, 2008, 11:10:53 pm »
When I assemble this, It does not work. Since the emuiators cannot run the assembled code.

Good try, Though.

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Unlimited (SMB) - In progress
« on: July 25, 2008, 04:36:35 pm »

Any more news, frantik? I am so jittery for it's release

Yeah, game code would be more exact, but nobody seems to have much interest in diggin into the Z80 ASM. I definetly don't. (I've already derailed all my other ROM hacking project with the work I've put in on this so far. Not that I mind, bud disassmbling code for a mostly undocument (in English at least) Japanses computer without quality tools isn't something I'm interested in at the moment.)

That said, as I've mentioned before, if anyone is interested, I can provide some useful pointers on the format of the disk images, where the code, levels, graphics, text, etc. are for both the X1 and PC88 disk images. They're both z80 based so anyone who knows that CPU (GB hackers, I guess) wouldn't have to hard a time with some of it.

Furthermore, I don't much care for the z80 ISA. Call me weird.

If you were to disassemble anything SMB1-related in Z80, I recommend trying to disassemble SMB1DX (Gameboy Color). After that, I can make a version of SMB1DX to Super/Original Gameboy and possibly Sega Master System.

So, percentage wise how far along is this project? And what timeframe do you expect this to be done? In a month? longer?

100% LevelWise (I Dunno, Depends on the level of ASM hacks will be implented in future versions)
ASM levels are unknown (about 50%-25%?)
Memory (70%-80%?)
Music does not need any modification what-so-ever.
Graphics - 75% (May need work due to NES Graphics Limits)

If you need someone else for that stuff, Might have to wait,

So, does no one want the X1 version?


I think I want it, Email or post the X1 ROM of SMBS if possible

@Katatorian: Can you please update the source code if possible?

@Frantik: Can you give me the (Python-extracted) SMB levels with code for use in the source?

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Unlimited (SMB) - In progress
« on: May 11, 2008, 03:12:00 pm »
Fantastic stuff  :thumbsup:

Any idea of when it will be released?  ;D

I guess it is possibly in the middle of this Summer.

BTW: Nice Screens, Frantik!

There is one thing about the .PY file in the TOOLS directory: Python support in Windows 98 isn't supported anymore. So you might have to rewrite it to another language!

I would go with the programming language called Euphoria. It supports a whole lot of OSes, Including Windows.

(or make an EXE using PY2EXE, Although it is not even a good idea in windows 98)

Fantastic! I was planning to do levels in SRAM, But you beat me!

Can you please give me the source if possible, I really want to save space now.

You can either use mapper 69 (Sunsoft's FME7 mapper) or mapper 5 (MMC5) to help expand levels in new expansion at $6000-7FFF, or use MMC1 or MMC3 to put levels in WRAM/SRAM @ 6000-7FFF. Although I'd use the MMC5/FME7 space more than the usual WRAM/SRAM.

By The Way: I might try to create a SMB-SPECIAL style one-screen level changer. (one with and without expansion levels) But if I have the nessicary time to do it. (I am currently using SMB1 Disassembly by Doppleganger to do my hacks)

Personal Projects / Re: Super Mario Unlimited (SMB) - In progress
« on: November 25, 2007, 06:42:54 pm »
Frantik, I have 1 favor to ask:

(1.) Can you give me your Animation Patch

(2.) Can you give me your Lava ASM patch

In return, I will PM (Private Message) you a SWEET ASM PATCH.

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