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I believe the cheat is in ram I just dont know how to change it in the rom.  Justice beaver demo on snes is the game.

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Thats ammo, bombs, and lifes at 99

January 31, 2019, 02:31:12 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
I tried game genie guy

I used snes9x to find a hack in a game.  How could I edit the rom to permanently use the cheat?

If you're one of the backers of that game so you should just ask the developers to fix it for you. Surely they must still have the source code.

Well it took 4 to 5 yers to do justice beaver so I doubt they would care.  I only asked here because I thought it might be simple for people who make hacks but I dont really know.

It is supposed to become a full new game, and they made a demo available for download. It's not a remake(wouldn't be much of a remake anyway, given the original was available on Amiga), but more of an homage.

It reached its goal on indiegogo but the developers seem to have taken their time as it's still under development 5 years later. :) The full version might have better controls, so there's no need for hacking the demo.

The demo is a remke of rick dangerous and the game they are releasing is a completely different game so I think it would be worth fixing.

The game is justice beaver (rick dangerous remake demo)(snes). The buttons are x is jump, up is jump, hold A plus up is gun, hold A plus down is bomb, and hold A plus left or right attacks in that direction. Could they all be changed so its just one button?  L and  R could be the left and right attack. X jump A gun B bomb. The music is also messed up.  I dont know if the music is in the game or just messed up but there is rick dangerous soundtracks that could be used if its not to hard. Theres 4 levels and music seem fine in the rest of the game just not on the levels. Thanks

Would anyone easily be able to hack a snes rom to remove up as jump and see whats wrong with the music.  There is already a button jump and having up as jump gets you killed.  Thanks

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