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Hello everyone, I have a question. I want to know if you have a patch for Final Fantasy VII from the psx that lets with dash auto, I know it may seem a bit lazy, but it's pretty annoying after a while, having to be holding "X" forever. All other games came with this option, and the GBA remake as well. And if this patch does not exist, could someone with experience do it? in fact it's a simpes thing ... Thank you! :crazy: :D  :crazy:

some time ago I've been asking myself, where is this DQIV translation of playstation? I remember seeing some old topics that talked about a certain translation in progress, but I never saw any updates or new information or anything. Anyone please let me know of something you could let me know, a brief translation or anything, even just the translation of items and menu (just as they did with Final Fantasy VI T-Edition EX). If I knew how to do these kinds of thing I would do it myself, but I started to study Japanese very recently, so I do not know anything yet. Does anyone know anything about this translation? If possible let me know, because I really like this franchise and would love to play the version of DQIV psx, which is very beautiful and incredible by the way. Thank you very much in advance

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