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i just needed to log in to add that these weapon energy patches are a good thing. not lazy in any way. this is the definitive combat flow the series should have. without this setting change the trial and error redundancy and combat experimentation is intuitively incompetent. and has kept classic megaman (besides 8 because 8 is perfect) combat feeling rigid compared to megaman x for decades. this is why megaman 8 and megaman x4 are probably my all time favorite special weapon sandboxes. the weapons are useful and kinetic and are very resource lenient. x4 even lets you get unlimited ammo for basic attacks which actually for once allows you to choose your common utility instead of always spamming buster fire in reliability you can just use aiming laser whatever condition you see fit. this doesnt matter at all because most of the game revolves around charge shots. so the upgrade is satisfactory. the dynamic projectile accessibility gives x4 better game flow than most of the franchise. ammo scarcity doesn't make megaman fun because megaman isn't a resource survival game. ammo has to be a modest concept for progression balance. the only time resource restriction would be exciting is if the game was DESIGNED around exploring environment for equipment and scavenging for ammo. like resident evil. but its not. megaman is an Arcade Linear Action Game. ammo serves as a Reasonability Restriction. like metal slug. not a junction for strategy tedium.

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