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You know how there were 2 games made for the SNES that had actual voice acting in them? Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean.

Tales of Phantasia got fully translated, both the text done by DeJap Translations, and another translation group, Topping Translations, did the audio. The 2 translations were combined into one that works with regular, non-interleaved ROMs by Spinner 8 and you can find it here:

Star Ocean got its TEXT translated by DeJap Translations, same as with Tales of Phantasia, and you can find that here: However, nobody ever bothered to translate the audio from Japanese into English as it was done for Tales of Phantasia.

Somebody needs to do an audio translation patch for Star Ocean for SNES, the way Topping Translations did it for Tales of Phantasia for SNES. Nobody even needs to do any voice acting. The enhanced remake, Star Ocean: First Departure, for PlayStation Portable, already has English voice acting, in fact quite a lot more than the original.

The relevant audio that is equivalent to audio used in the original SNES version just needs to be extracted from the PSP version, converted to the form used in the SNES version of Star Ocean, and then put into the ROM to replace its Japanese voice acting. OK maybe I was making it sound easy when I used the word “just” in that last sentence, actually it would be quite difficult, but the point is, no actual voice acting would need to be done, just ROM hacking, a single person with enough ROM hacking skills could do this. And it would be AWESOME.

Gaming Discussion / Re: De-patching?
« on: September 22, 2018, 09:50:30 am »
Try this program and use it to make a BPS patch: Floating IPS. It can make BPS or IPS patches but IPS patches are not designed to work with files as big as ISOs for CDs, so a BPS patch is what you would use this to create. Just tell it what ISO file is the original and what ISO file is the version you want the patch to change the original into, and it will create a BPS patch file.

There is an alternative, if you think BPS is too slow and don’t care if your patch file is larger. You can try this other program if you want to make an XDelta3 patch: Delta Patcher. Pop in the original Japanese ISO file as the original, the patched English ISO file as the patched version, and then tell it to create an XDelta3 patch. I think that this will be faster than making a BPS patch but the downside is the patch file will probably be much bigger.

So I recommend the first program, Floating IPS, for making a BPS patch, over using Delta Patcher to make an XDelta3 patch. There are other programs you can use to make patches too, but I am not sure about whether they are good or not for making patches for large ISO files. Both of these are quite good programs. As long as you have the original Japanese ISO and the patched English ISO you ought to be able to easily recreate the patch using one of those programs.

Forget what I wrote earlier and have crossed out. I THINK the information I got about BPS being better was probably stuff I read online that was written by byuu, the creator of the BPS format, who tends to be very accurate in his statements although a bit biased in favor of stuff he created himself (which is understandable), but then, I misinterpreted his statements and thought he was saying it was better than XDelta3 when he was actually talking about how it was better than IPS, in terms of creating smaller patch files and being able to process much larger files. Those are true regarding BPS versus IPS, but NOT regarding BPS versus XDelta3, this was my reading comprehension error. I DID correctly get that BPS is quite slow because byuu himself admits this.

Anyway use this program to make an XDelta3 patch: Delta Patcher (Full version, not Lite version). Pop in the original Japanese ISO file as the original, the patched English ISO file as the patched version, and then tell it to create an XDelta3 patch. It seems this makes smaller patches than the other formats and is also faster, and able to handle very big files. Not just according to me, but according to other people posting in this thread, too, who have actual experience with this sort of thing.

I found a webpage with a bunch of ROM hacking utilities, some of which are on here, some of which are not, as well as translations for almost all of the Zelda games into Russian. Unfortunately the website is in Russian but fortunately Google Translate works really well and if you are viewing the website in Google Chrome you ought to be able to see it in English quite easily. Most of the ROM hacking utilities are in English, just the descriptions on the website are in Russian but Google Translate can take care of that.

Various ROM hacking utilities

A whole bunch of Russian translations of almost every game in the Zelda series

I think for users of this site, since most of us are English-speakers and the site is in English, a much higher priority should be making sure all of the ROM hacking utilities that are listed, if they are useful at all, are also on this site too. It seems those ROM hacking utilities are the ones that were used to make all of those translations of the Zelda games. It is an actively maintained website. Anyway some of those utilities look really useful. In the Google Translate translations of those webpages, you sometimes will see the word “Roma”, substitute the words “Roman alphabet” whenever you see this, sometimes you see “rum” instead of “ROM”, various little things like that, no big deal, Google Translate makes minor mistakes. Anyway if we go through everything on this webpage that is quite a long list of things to submit here. Some very useful utilities for ROM hackers are there. Submitting the Russian translation patches is a much lower priority because Russian-speakers can already easily find those translation patches for Zelda games on that website and Russian-speakers are unlikely to look at romhacking dot net very much.

If nobody else bothers to submit any of these I will just have this post here for personal reference so that I can submit all the things on that site that are not already here, when I have the time, if I ever get around to it. In the meantime, anyone else is welcome to look at that and submit anything there they thing is useful too. If you are trying to increase your number of submissions to this site, I would suggest that this is an easy way to do it but you’ll have to put some time and effort in. It might be easy but it will take quite some time to submit all of this, quite a lot of time. If anyone wants to hack Zelda games, the utilities there are really good ones that have been proven to work for that purpose.

I found this site when looking at utilities with unknown authors, and coming across BFN Dump. When trying to look up the author of BFN Dump, I found there are hardly any sites on the Internet that mention this utility, but it and a whole bunch of other related utilities are all listed on this site. In fact BFN Dump is pretty useless by itself since the utility for dealing with .dds files that it generates, DDS Viewer 0.663a, is not on romhacking dot net, but this Russian Zelda ROM hacking and translation site has that utility and many others. There are a bunch that deal with Yaz0 compression, a common compression algorithm used in many games, and NONE of those are on this site. And a bunch of utilities for dealing with the BTI format and the TPL format and all sorts of things, yes these are also used in games on Nintendo consoles, none of those are on this site either. Hopefully we can get all the useful utilities from there submitted here on romhacking dot net.

I don’t know a single word of Russian so if anyone here knows Russian perhaps you would be a bit more suited for dealing with this than I am. Still I can handle myself pretty well with Google Translate. This is a site with dozens of obscure but very useful ROM hacking utilities I have found here.

RichterSnipes is the developer of Pokémon Throwback, a popular hack for Pokémon FireRed for Game Boy Advance. His main thread for the development of Pokemon Throwback is on the website PokéCommunity, here:

Last year (2017), RichterSnipes took a break from Pokémon Throwback development, and another hack developer, tkim, took over and has been putting out unofficial builds of Pokémon Throwback, the latest of which is version v180715 released July 15, 2018. Information about BOTH the official RichterSnipes AND the unofficial tkim builds of Pokémon Throwback are in the first post of the above thread on PokéCommunity, including download links and documentation. RichterSnipes has given approval to tkim’s unofficial version and encouraged people to use it. To quote him:

“To PokéCommunity:

I'm taking a break from hacking. However, that doesn't mean the end of Throwback!
In my absence, tkim will provide new updates and changes to the long-running hack.

Download tkim's most recent version
Changelog for tkim's version

The original download is still below. You can also skip down to the source files and further fine-tune the hack to your liking, if you wish.
I hope Throwback will be able to thrive long after I'm done working on it myself.

Thank you, everyone!


ROMhacking dot net has the latest official RichterSnipes version of Pokémon Throwback here: However, this website does not have the unofficial tkim version of Pokémon Throwback, which, I believe, would merit its own separate entry as a different ROM hack. Specifically according to ROMhacking dot net terminology, the unofficial tkim version would be an Addendum Hack to the official RichterSnipes version of Pokémon Throwback.

tkim calls his updated addendum version of this hack “Unofficial Pokémon Throwback”, and RichterSnipes also uses that name. So I think that is the name that should be used. Anyway I think this should be added as a hack in your database.

Anyway I have not done a submission before to your hack database. I will attempt to do one for this hack. If I run into any problems or need any help I will post about it in this thread. Thank you.

September 12, 2018, 02:13:27 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
OK I managed to post it and now it is in the queue at At first I had trouble submitting it but I managed to figure out how, I just needed to use the scratchpad and study some BBcode, I got it working. Well, I am glad I managed to do that, I had quite some difficulties at first but I managed to get the hack submission done.

Hopefully it will be accepted, since this is a really really great hack. I am not the developer or anything, I just really like playing it, this hack is the definitive version of the original Kanto journey of the Pokémon games. I mean RichterSnipes’s official version of this hack was already the best version of the Kanto journey of Pokémon Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, FireRed, and LeafGreen. But now this improved version of it, this addendum hack by tkim, is even better, I think people will really like this. I have been playing it and honestly I don’t notice any difference from RichterSnipes’s version so far. I don’t think I have gotten far enough in the game to any of the parts that are different in tkim’s version. And tkim made 2 versions of it, one that includes improvements and changes as well as bugfixes, and one that just has bugfixes to RichterSnipes’s last version. So really this is the Pokémon hack for people to be playing, this is really quite good.

Of course with the upcoming Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! for the Nintendo Switch, I suppose once that is out, it will be considered the best version of the original Kanto journey. But it doesn’t come out until November 16, 2018 and I don’t think the Nintendo Switch emulators “yuzu” or “Ryujinx” are good enough yet to support those upcoming games. For now this is the best version, it will be nice to see it once it is approved, assuming it gets approved.

September 14, 2018, 05:02:25 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
It was approved! Thank you. You can find the hack at Try playing it, it’s great!

I looked this up, OK so I played GBA games for years on VisualBoyAdvance-M, great emulator with a lot of features including a debugger and everything, been around a long time. But apparently one called NO$GBA is better for programming and debugging purposes if you don’t just want to play games, in fact it seems it originally started out as a debugger and later had emulation added too, but it is not quite as popular for playing games. Also there is a newer emulator called mGBA which is more accurate and faster but does not have as many features yet, but people really like it. You should probably try all 3.

There are other emulators too for GBA but they are not as good, at least according to what I read, those 3 are the only 3 you should bother trying.

OK so here are official download links for all 3 of them to get the latest versions:
NO$GBA (currently version 2.9a, get the debug version for programmers)
VisualBoyAdvance-M (currently version 2.1.0 Security Fix)
mGBA (currently version 0.6.3)

VisualBoyAdvance-M and mGBA are both cross-platform while NO$GBA seems to be Windows-and-DOS-only, all 3 should be fine for you in Windows 7, but in Linux Mint, well you can use 2 out of the 3 but NO$GBA supposedly is the best for programming and debugging. And emulators have different interfaces and feature sets on different operating systems, I know VisualBoyAdvance-M for instance is definitely different on Windows and Linux. You might be able to use Wine to run the Windows version of NO$GBA in Linux but Wine is rather a pain to get working.

The easiest one to install on Linux Mint is mGBA, there are prebuilt binaries for Ubuntu there and you just need to pick the one for the Ubuntu version that matches your Linux Mint version. VisualBoyAdvace-M has WxWidgets, SDL, and GTK+ versions, not sure which one is best, they currently have the WxWidgets as the default version but I have found on Windows that the SDL version of VisualBoyAdvance-M is the best on Windows, at least the last time I checked. NO$GBA is supposed to be the best one for programming and debugging though and for that one, running it from Windows is best, unless you are really good at using Wine. Don’t even bother with the DOS version of NO$GBA since it lacks programming and debugging features.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Datacrystal page history wiped on a few pages
« on: August 14, 2018, 04:40:34 pm »
This one looks perfectly fine to me, unless what the history shows is not really what happened:!_Forbidden_Memories:ROM_map&action=history

This other one, though, it shows you as creating the page with its current contents, in September of last year, and no modifications since then:!_Dark_Duel_Stories:RAM_map&action=history

So I assume you are saying that what those 2 pages show as the history is not actually the history? Is that the problem? Maybe you could please clarify by saying exactly how the history shown on those pages is not accurate? Or did the problem go away? Or is it showing me a different version of the webpage than what you see? I can’t login to the wiki so I see what people who are logged out and unable to edit anything see.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Cannot log on DataCrystal
« on: August 14, 2018, 04:33:12 pm »
I have the same problem, I have never been able to login to the DataCrystal wiki here. Sometimes I get the error message “There seems to be a problem with your login session; this action has been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking. Go back to the previous page, reload that page and then try again.”

Other times I get the error message “Incorrect username or password entered. Please try again.” I get this second error message if I delete cookies for the DataCrystal wiki like people here suggest.

In both cases, trying again gives me the same error message again.

My username is not a problem, is it? It is just 8 alphanumeric letters. It is possible that my password for romhacking dot net might not work on the DataCrystal wiki since maybe the MediaWiki software that the wiki runs on has different password requirements than the main site. I might be using characters in my password that are not allowed in MediaWiki passwords but are allowed in romhacking dot net passwords. Or maybe the password lengths allowed are different?

Obviously something is wrong. It might even be possible that I don’t have an account on the wiki despite having one on romhacking dot net, since I have not had a romhacking dot net account for very long, just about a month or so. Do I have to wait longer before I am able to have a wiki account or something? According to the DataCrystal wiki I ought to have an account there with the same login as my romhacking dot net account if I have a romhacking dot net account.

Anyway I have valuable information I can add to the wiki. Not very much, just a little currently. But I have looked at and tested Pro Action Replay codes for at least one SNES game and found things in the memory of the game that are not in the RAM map of that game on the wiki. So I could improve the RAM map by adding that data. And a bunch of games do not have RAM maps at all, I could at least start them by using a little bit of data from verified Pro Action Replay codes I have tested, this would be better than having no information at all about their RAM layout.

But to do that I need to be able to edit the wiki here and right now I can’t login to it, I get those 2 different errors depending on if I clean up my cookies or not. I can see from the wiki history that some people are able to edit it successfully but it is not terribly active, I guess since a lot of us are having trouble. Really a shame. Apparently for mantidactyle, cleaning up the cookies was able to solve it for them, but for me, it doesn’t accept my username and password even after cleaning up my cookies, local storage, cache and so on, all that does is change which error message I get. I still get an error message no matter what.

It's not the wrong icon. It's the black magic icon, except the color black is seen as transparent in the dialogue boxes. So you'll see the gray and white middle of the black magic icon but the black is green, or blue, or something because it's showing what's behind the dialogue box. The only ways to fix it would be Rodimus removing the black from the blk mgc icon, or eliminating them altogether which would be a tough work

Sorry, my bad. I was just looking for typos in the script, didn’t realize it was an issue with how the original game engine renders the tiles for dialogue text involving black being used for transparency like in a GIF file. Please just ignore all that I said about the specific issue of icons for spells being wrong, oh and, both of those ways of fixing it you mentioned sound like they would make things even worse, so please just leave things the way they are regarding the black magic icon, I would rather just see it stay the way it is than have black removed from black magic (it would not be black anymore which defeats the whole purpose of it being black), or to remove magic symbols from the dialogue (then you would not see anything to visually identify them as magic spells anymore).

It is probably possible to fix this and make the pixels that should be black actually display as black, the way they do in the menus when you browse what spells one of your playable characters knows, but this would require some kind of hacking of how the whole layers and transparency thing works with regard to dialogue text and require ASM hacking and be difficult and complicated, especially since we WANT transparency for the 4 tiles in the corners (since they are rounded rectangles that display some transparency on purpose in the corners), just not for any of the tiles that have text on them. Anyway I am not calling on anyone to do that, it would be cool if someone did do a real fix that involved ASM hacking to make the color black display as such in dialogue rather than showing up as transparent, but it seems too difficult for me to just casually suggest.

I have read a bit about this sort of thing and it seems like it would be quite hard to implement, certainly not impossible but still very hard, I am more focused on solving the easier problems since more of them can be solved faster, solving a whole lot of easy problems using less time and effort than it would take to solve one really hard problem.

The hardest thing I have suggested is to use Lunar Expand to make the ROM bigger, to make it 1.5 megabytes (12 megabits) or 2 megabytes (16 megabits) instead of the current 1 megabyte (8 megabits), and then to use that space in the ROM so that the current limitations holding Namingway Edition back go away. Which would actually make things easier in the long run, more room for expanding the text and other data of the game, or being able to improve the graphics from 8 color (3 bpp) to 16 color (4 bpp), or add in other improvement hacks that require more room in the ROM. I would just expand it to 1.5 megabytes initially, if that turns out not to be enough, you can always expand it again later. But if you expand it too big and later don’t need all the space, well, Lunar Expand does not have any “undo” functionality. Anyway I am mostly suggesting this ROM expansion because it appears to be a “blocking” problem, the ROM size issue, that if it is not solved, blocks other problems from being able to be solved, making it a higher priority than it would otherwise be. It is possible Project II might benefit from a ROM expansion as well, if it is also low on ROM space the way Namingway Edition is, or maybe this is only something Namingway Edition needs, I am not sure.

Thanks for the constructive feedback on my comments! I am glad to see that you are so active on working on this game.

Typo from final battle against Zemus/Zeromus:

After Zemus is killed and comes back as Zeromus, and Fusoya and Golbez are fighting him and they try to use the Crystal, Zeromus tells Golbez, “You cannot draw out the crystals power.” It should be “You cannot draw out the crystal's power.” with an apostrophe. This line is actually cut in half with a ..., the first half appears with ... at the end and then a little while later the second half of this line appears with a ... at the beginning, I took out the ... to show the complete sentence in order to show the correct grammar for the entire sentence, namely, an apostrophe is missing and needs to be put in, that is all.

So I started over from the beginning again to see if I can find more typos or bugs now that I beat it again.

In Baron Castle at the beginning, in the Black Magic Research room, the Black Mage in the upper right says “Basic spells like ·Fire, and ·Blizzard are weak against many monsters.” That comma doesn’t belong there. Commas are only used in a list of 3 or more things, not just 2 things. It should be “Basic spells like ·Fire and ·Blizzard are weak against many monsters.” So yeah here you just need to remove a comma.

And now for 2 Ninjutsu names to change from the original SNES names, the same way you changed White and Black magic to more modern names... Edge’s Ninjutsu Image ought to be called Mirage. It is the standard name in the PSP and 3D versions. It is 6 letters in a 5-letter space but i is very thin and r is fairly thin, so fitting it into that space is quit doable. The Japanese for the Mirage or Image spell on the other hand is “Bunshin” which I have seen translated as “Alter Ego” or “Clone” but the modern translations do not translate it literally. You COULD call it “Clone” for a literal translation of the Japanese but that would not fit your goal of using the standard names from newer releases of Final Fantasy IV and other Squaresoft games in English. And Image has a related meaning to Mirage but is not as close to the meaning that is intended here, clearly Mirage is the best choice. Using the non-standard name Clone would be confusing because, think of other Squaresoft games, in Chrono Trigger you actually DO have REAL clones of your characters and this is NOT that, it is just an optical illusion technique so Mirage fits much better.

Also the “Pin” Ninjutsu should be called “Shadowbind” or “Shadow Bind” since that is also the standard name in PSP and 3D versions. But “Shadowbind” is way too long to fit (even “SdwBnd” or “Sdwbnd” is 6 letters and hard to figure out what it means) and “shadow” is just a descriptive word for the main important word “bind”. So I suggest to abbreviate it as “S.Bind” with the period and i being half-width to fit it into the 5-letter space (also in Japanese the name for it is “Kage Shibari” which literally means “Shadow Bind”). Here the original Japanese and the recent English-language releases all agree on the name, the only problem is fitting it, but I think “S.Bind” is a perfect way to fit it. The effect of this Ninjutsu paralyzes the enemy so clearly the Bind part is much more important than the Shadow part. If it had an effect of blinding the enemy instead of paralysis maybe the Shadow part would be more important but it paralyzes enemies, not blinding them. I can also think of 2 other ways to abbreviate it, “DkBind” since dark is similar in meaning to shadow and everyone knows Dk is short for Dark, but this would not be the standard name used in official English translations, and the other way would be to just call it “Bind” and not even mention the Shadow part. Still out of the possibilities “S.Bind” seems the best option, easiest to fit and understand and closest to the newer official English translations as well as the original Japanese, and it seems clear your (Namingway Edition) goals are to use names from newer official English translations when possible.

I looked into the names Project II uses and when they differ from the original “Final Fantasy II” US localization for SNES. It seems that in the majority of cases, names are just changed to match things in the “Final Fantasy III” US localization for SNES by Ted Woolsey. Except in the case of the “Berserk” spell, which both the “Final Fantasy III” US localization for SNES by Ted Woolsey AND Namingway Edition of Final Fantasy IV for SNES call “Bserk”, the original “Final Fantasy II” US localization for SNES called “Bersk”, and Project II calls “Fury”. I suggest Project II changes this to “Bserk” to match its standard pattern of using FF3US names by Ted Woolsey. Not to mention that this spell or status is not called “Fury” anywhere in the Final Fantasy series, in fact Fury is a completely different status effect that occurs in Final Fantasy VII and some other parts of the series. And in the original Japanese, the word “Berserk” is used as a loanword from English, although the Romaji version of it looks like “Bāsaku” because of Japanese being a syllabic language rather than one based on letters that stand for individual consonants or vowels. Anyway since a loanword from English is being used in Japanese, with its original English meaning, the only correct translation back to English is to use the original English word Berserk (possibly abbreviated in some way), which is why every official translation ever done by Squaresoft has done exactly that. The “Fury” status effect from Final Fantasy VII causes someone to be able to attack twice as fast but miss a third of the time, it does not limit them to physical attacks only, and it does not prevent them from having control over their actions. The “Berserk” status effect, on the other hand, makes someone lose control of their actions and do nothing but physical attacks, while attacking faster and doing more damage. Quite different from “Fury” where you can still control yourself, still use magic, and your attacks are actually LESS likely to hit, about the only thing both status effects have in common is they make characters faster. So I say, Project II should do what both Ted Woolsey and Namingway Edition do and call it “Bserk” just like in FF3US for SNES, so that it matches everything else in Project II that uses the FF3US Ted Woolsey names for things (Espers, Pearl, Doom, Regen, Scan, etc.).

Oh right and this next one is about Namingway Edition again, the correct name for Pink Puffs is Flan Princesses, the more recent official translations all call them Flan Princesses and in the original Japanese they are called by the funny-sounding pun “Purinpurinsesu” which literally means Flan Princess. Of course there is not enough space to fit that full name so I suggest “Flan Girl”. Not only does this fit but it sounds like “fangirl” so it is also a pun just like the original Japanese. Perfect name for those things, much more accurate than “Pink Puff” and it also preserves the original Japanese aspect of it being a pun! With a flan being a type of pudding, obviously, and lots of little girls like to pretend to be princesses, my niece included. You should put in a space and make the i and the 2nd l half width so that “Girl” only takes up the width of 3 characters, that way you can fit the whole thing into 8. And the original “Purinpurinsesu” is just as much of a pun if not moreso. Putting in a space makes it more obvious that Girl is a separate word from Flan and also makes the pun slightly less obvious, so that once people realize what it says they will find it funny. Maybe. Unless they don’t like that kind of humor. But it is just translating the type of pun humor in the original so if people don’t like puns they should take that up with the original Japanese creators of the game at Squaresoft. Anyway this is just PERFECT for the most rare enemy in the game, although obviously you need to document it in the readme so that people looking for Pink Puffs won’t get confused. Plus it is also the most accurate translation I can think of and it keeps MOST of what the standard translation of “Flan Princess” has in it, just substituting Girl for Princess to save space and make it into a pun.

OR... you could fit “FlanPrincess”, 12 characters, into the 64x8 pixel area usually used for just 8 characters, I thought more about it, it would be a very tight fit, but fitting “Blizzaga”, 8 characters, into an area for 5, is equally tight and you somehow managed that! I guess that would be an even better solution but I am not sure if you can manage such a tight fit. Also since the original Japanese uses “Purinpurincesu” and they are using the English word Princess as part of it, it would be a shame not to use Princess. But leaving out the part about this being Flan would leave out something equally important. I think the Princess part actually IS important in thinking about this more, because who would drop the all-important Pink Tail for Adamant Armor, a very important item, other than a really important monster such as royalty among their kind like a Flan Princess? An ordinary Flan Girl who is not royalty, yes it is a pun but would she really be carrying such an important item? OK so “Flan”, you can fit into slightly less than 3 characters’ width by making all 4 characters narrow. Then “Princess” would have enough room for more than 5 normal characters. The “r” and “i” can take up the space of just one character pretty easily, and the 2 “s”es at the end can be made a bit more vertical so that the space between them is also shaped like an “s” to REALLY save space at the end. That gets you down to ABOUT the width of 6 characters for “Princess” and then by squeezing the “P” and the ”nce” tighter, the few remaining pixels can be squeezed out so “Princess” is slightly more than the with of 5 characters, and with the “Flan” taking up slightly less than the width of 3 characters, it all fits into the width of 8. At first I thought 12 characters in the space of 8 was implausible but then I thought of this. Probably the best solution IF it can be managed.

OK I fit it into the area myself, the full name “Flan Princess”, here is the image link: It uses the same font that you use in the rest of Namingway Edition, fits the full name into a 64x8 area. I felt like doing it myself, saves you the work. Check it out, I think I did a pretty good job!

New Post 2 Days Later (the forums combined it with my old post so this appears like 1 really long post but really this next part is a separate post):

OK found a very simple one in the town of Troia, a male NPC in the northwest part of town says “Metals gets too heavy to carry in Magnes Cave, on the northeast isle.” It should be “get” not “gets” since “Metals” is plural... the correct sentence would be “Metals get too heavy to carry in Magnes Cave, on the northeast isle.” Another typo is after Kain leaves the 2nd time in the Underworld and Cid attaches a drill to your red airship so you can return to the Overworld, Cid is back in bed afterwards and says “I'll back outta the limelight. for you kids now.” That is an extra period, it should just be “I'll back outta the limelight for you kids now.”

Also there are a WHOLE bunch of places where spells are mentioned during dialogue, spells like Cure, Fire, Blizzard, Meteo, etc. Very often the wrong spell icon is used for them. There are 3 different spell icons in Final Fantasy IV, one for white magic, one for black magic, and one for summons. In most of these cases, the spell icon for summons is used instead of the one for white magic or the one for dark magic, when discussing a magic spell. I have noticed this a TON of times in the dialogue, it would take too long to list them all, it happens about half the time when a magic spell is mentioned. About half the time the correct spell icon IS used though. Anyway I only noticed this problem with white and black magic mentioned in dialogue, in various scenes throughout the game (no problems with summons mentioned in dialogue that I know of). I could try to list each occurrence of this but it would take a long time to go through and find every single time this happens via gameplay, maybe when you open the dialogue in the dialogue editor that you use, it is easier for you to see, I am not sure. Anyway this definitely happens several times that Meteo is discussed although this is not the only spell that the wrong spell icon appears next to in dialogue in the game. And sometimes the correct spell icon is next to Meteo too so it is inconsistent. Pretty much every time this error happens it is the summon icon instead of the white magic or black magic icon, next to the name of a white or black magic spell.

Oh and another thing in Troia, mostly in the castle: Namingway Edition calls the 8 leaders of Troia the 8 “Clerics”, but the GBA, PSP, and 3D official translations of Final Fantasy 4 all call them the 8 “Epopts”. I looked up the original Japanese for what they are called, the 8 “Shimai Shinkan”, it means “Shinto priestess” according to Google Translate. But recent official Squaresoft translations all unanimously agree on calling them “Epopts” in English. If you do go with the official terminology and switch it to “Epopt” instead of “Cleric” you should capitalize that word everywhere it occurs, I know sometimes “cleric” is lowercase like with other occupational nouns, but with “Epopt” it has to be capitalized all the time, I think, just like when you mention the Pope or the President or certain nouns referring to people’s titles like that. “Cleric” was just used in the original lousy SNES translation and again in the PlayStation one which was just a copy of the SNES one. Since the GBA, PSP, and 3D versions ALL use “Epopt” as the title for the 8 women who lead Troia, I think that is pretty unanimous as the correct standard translation.

Oh right and for some key plot items the recent translations are different too (these next few names are all consistent between PSP and 3D versions and by 3D this means Nintendo DS, Android, and iOS): the “SandRuby” should be the “SandPearl” (“Sand Pearl” in dialogue, “SandPearl” in item list which would require a little cramming), the “Package” a.k.a. “BombRing” should be the “C.Signet” (short for “Carnelian Signet” which is way too long to fit at 15 letters), and the “Twin Harp” should be called “Whisperweed” (a name that requires significant cramming to fit but is still totally doable without leaving out any letters). Anyway the reason for this is to have names match the recent official translations, all 3 of these key plot items have the same name in both the PSP and 3D releases. Also the Whisperweed really is a potted plant, not a harp, so I’d remove the harp icon if changing it to Whisperweed.

Man do I got my work cut out for me. I'm taking notes on everything you've found so far and will be going in to fix up Namingway Edition as soon as I get free time. Currently my family and I are moving, so I won't be able to devote time to it until after we settle in. Thank you so much for pointing these all out!

I figured it would be best to do this testing now while you are still active, in a year or two you might be done with this hack/translation and no longer working on it, who knows, I would like to help fix as many problems as I can before it is finished for good since every hack/translation eventually stops getting updated at some point in time, rarely do they remain active for more than a few years. Even then if someone else takes over and makes an addendum patch a decade later to continue work fixing things up, well, that is too long to wait!!

Anyway I just found another bug/typo involving hardcoded names (my secret is I am playing the game with a TON of Pro Action Relay codes and cheating to make the fights REALLY easy so I can get through the game VERY fast to view as much text as possible, I am not THAT good at this game that I can get through it so fast without cheating). OK so this is the exact same type I found earlier with Rosa and Rydia having their names hardcoded. In the boss battle in the top part of the Tower of Babil, not the 2nd one with Rubicante but the 1st one before with Edge’s mom and dad, the Eblanese king and queen (and you are correct in calling them Eblanese, I looked it up, the latest translations use that and your enemy names are really good too, very true to the PSP translation), there are some more hard-coded names of a party member: Edge.

First, before the fight, the Queen says “Edge...come...” This is after several lines where Edge has his correct Namingway-chosen name said. (Yeah, I went back to the Namingway in the Cave of Eblan among the Eblanese to change Edge’s name prior to this fight, I changed it to Sasuke from Naruto because he is a ninja whose parents are killed and who gets his powers from his rage, I am really going with this anime character theme.) So anyway since I was using the name Sasuke she should have called him Sasuke in that line, earlier in the lines before the fight he did correctly get addressed as Sasuke by the king. Anyway this is where she asks him to come “To HELL!” Then a little while later during the fight, after the parents recover their minds and Edge is correctly called by the name I changed him to, Sasuke, several times, the king says his last line, “Take care, Edge.” right before dying, a second case of Edge being hard-coded instead of using Edge’s current name. After this, everyone goes back to correctly calling Edge by the new name I picked for him, Sasuke, again.

Oh and one more... 2 items have inconsistent names, in the side-quest involving the frying pan used to wake up Yang that you get from Sheila. First you get the frying pan, when Sheila gives it to you in Fabul it is called “FryinPan” in the dialogue but in the inventory it is “FryingPan” with the ing taking up the space of 2 letters instead of 3. So the dialogue version of the name of that item should be the same as its inventory version. Later on after you wake up Yang and get the Sylph summon for Rydia and go back to Sheila and return her frying pan, she gives you something identified as “Cleaver” in the dialogue but in the inventory it is called “Kitchen” next to a knife symbol so basically it is a “Kitchen Knife”. Now this is a recurring item throughout the series, usually the PSP names for things are best for Final Fantasy IV things, I think, and the PSP version calls it “Kitchen Knife”. It is called “Cleaver” in 2 later games that I know of, Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. In Final Fantasy VIII and XI the name is “Chef’s Knife”. But, I think, to be consistent with more recent translations of this same game Final Fantasy IV, “Kitchen Knife” is best, or a knife symbol with the word “Kitchen” after it, as appears in the inventory, so the use of “Cleaver” like in the dialogue upon receiving this item from Sheila, I think, ought to be changed to match the name “Kitchen Knife” used in the inventory. So basically in both of these cases the inventory names are correct and the dialogue names should be changed to match them, I think. (The full name of the frying pan in Japanese is “Ai no Furaipan”, or “Frying Pan of Love”, but we do not have enough room for such a long name, but still, I think the Japanese name is very cute. But much too long a name to fit into an English version of this game, I suppose that just has to be lost in translation.) Anyway there is a good guide to names of things in different translations on the Final Fantasy wiki here: (I would go with the PSP names in the rightmost column whenever possible and it is very clear on “Kitchen Knife” for the throwing weapon Sheila gives you at the end.)

Oh and this side quest has to be done at a very specific time in the story, you can only start it after visiting Yang in the Sylph Cave in the Underworld at least once which means after getting the red airship upgraded to fly across lava, the one that later gets a drill added to it so you can return to the Overworld, after Kain leaves at the Sealed Cave. But to finish it you need to be able to visit Yang’s wife Sheila in Fabul after seeing him asleep in that cave to get the frying pan, then return to the Sylph Cave to hit him with the frying pan and wake him up and get the Sylph summon, then return to Fabul to get the kitchen knife after returning the frying pan to Sheila. Anyway the problem here (not with your translation but with the game) is you have to do this BEFORE you go to the moon and recruit Fusoya into your party, and do most of this quest with only 4 members in your party: Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, and Edge (no Kain or Fusoya). Because Kain leaves before you can get anything from Sheila, and once you get Fusoya it is too late to finish this sidequest. Anyway to test this out that is important to remember, to delay getting Fusoya on the Moon until after you are done with all of this. This is very easy to get wrong by having Fusoya join too early since everyone is telling you to go to Mysidia and take the Lunar Whale to the Moon and this can easily mislead you into missing this sidequest entirely. Regardless I am glad that you gave Sheila and Joanna their proper names instead of just calling them Yang’s wife or Rosa’s mom, I definitely agree with using their correct names like you did.

One last naming issue: the cave/passage that goes to the Feymarch (you have the Feymarch correctly named) is called “Passage of the Eidolons” in both the PSP and 3D versions so that is considered the canonical name. You have it called “Feymarch Passage”, which does make it a bit more obvious where it goes, but this is not the standard name in recent English official translations. Also “Passage of the Eidolons” is closer to the literal translation of the Japanese name for the cave, “Genjuu no Dōkutsu”, which literally translates to “Cave of Phantom Beasts”, making the original SNES translation “Land of Monsters” not that far off although I would not recommend that, I think going with the standard PSP and 3D translation of the name is best. If you really need to save space in the name you can just shorten it to “Eidolon Passage” from “Passage of the Eidolons”, that is about the same length as “Feymarch Passage”, but it is better not to shorten it if possible.

Anyway I would not be able to find all this so fast without using PAR codes for cheating to get through the game much much faster... which I am doing for testing purposes, I have beat this game in the past several times WITHOUT cheating so it is not like I don’t have the ability, I am just trying to find typos in the script or other bugs faster. And yes I am aware cheat codes can create bugs that do not occur in the game unless you cheat, I am very careful about that, I only report genuine bugs to you, the stuff that is caused by cheat codes I fix myself by either reloading the game from before I used the cheat codes or using more cheat codes to clean up the mess. I do not use any PAR codes that are even remotely plot-related or that are known to cause glitches, I just use safe ones, to max out experience, stats, levels, money, etc., give people their best equipment and all their magic, and make my party basically invincible.

This is another typo-type thing except it is one involving if you change the names of your characters, one of the NPCs using their original names rather than the current ones you changed them to.

In the Break Room if you go down the stairs from the Developer’s Room (which was really neat of you to add back), the guy in the right of the 2 beds who looks like a Black Mage says “Rosa and Rydia, eh? You girls are cute! Let me be of service!” This is fine if Rosa and Rydia have not changed their names using Namingway, but I am testing this with them having different names, and this NPC does not use their current names. (The names I am using are Kagome for Rosa, named after an archer/white mage from the Inuyasha anime, and Lucy for Rydia, named after a summoner the Fairy Tail anime, since in the current playthrough I gave all my characters names from different anime.) So anyway given the names I have it currently set to, for me at least, it should say “Kagome and Lucy, eh? You girls are cute! Let me be of service!” But it doesn’t, since the names Rosa and Rydia are hard-coded into this text.

So I guess this is more of a bug than a typo, anyway this does not happen elsewhere in the game, like when I rename Palom and Porom to Gimmy and Darry (the twins from the from the Gurren Lagann anime) everyone in Mysidia calls them by whatever I rename them to, and if I rename Kain at the beginning to Suzaku (the traitorous rival from the Code Geass anime), his new name is what the game uses for him in all the scenes after that where he is one of Golbez’s lackeys and stuff like that, this is the only place I have encountered the game not respecting the current names of characters. Anyway elsewhere in the game many times the dialogue uses the current names of characters so the code to fix this is probably not that hard if you are able to edit dialogue. (I do not know how to edit dialogue, it would be very hard for me to do it, but I am guessing, much easier for you, although you have mentioned some difficulties involving space in the ROM, not sure whether the utility Lunar Expand by FuSoYa like I suggested earlier would work or not for that problem.)

Oh also there was a review posted in July where someone had some complaints about Namingway Edition, I think Chicken Knife, although they ended up recommending it. One of their complaints is definitely doable and you mentioned it earlier, the passages thing, I personally like seeing the passages like in the U.S. release, but Chicken Knife and some other people prefer playing it with the passages hidden like in the Japan release. So like you discussed earlier, whether to have the passages visible or hidden ought to be an option, basically I suggest including a second optional patch that can be used after the main patch, the main Namingway Edition patch would leave the passages visible and would be exactly the same in this regard as it currently is, and this optional add-on patch would just be for hiding the passages and and changing passages from the way things are done in the U.S. SNES release to how they are done in the original Japanese Super Famicom release.

I still think the POC for the "Final Fantasy IV Prettified" looked like a good model to work from!

Wow, what a thin font, and pretty too! You can fit a lot more text on the screen with that! And you have descriptions for ALL items, even weapons and armor! I like it a lot! Too bad “Final Fantasy IV Prettified” is not out yet, I hope it gets finished. From the GitHub page it seems it was last updated in January, and the last forum post in the thread about it was in December, both less than a year ago. I would post in that thread about the Prettified hack to encourage the author and praise their work but the forum warns me not to post a reply since the last reply was over 60 days ago and I am not sure if necro-posting is allowed on this site, I don’t want to get in any trouble here.

Anyway I agree with you! That kind of variable width font gives a lot more space on screen for longer names for everything from enemies to items and so on. Of course since I have read here that the main problem regarding space for Namingway Edition and Project II is a lack of space in the ROM, I think that possibly this can be fixed by expanding the ROM using Lunar Expand or something. Final Fantasy II/IV for SNES is only 1 megabyte and it is a LoROM, but LoROM can be expanded to up to 4 megabytes and still be LoROM and this should not change the addressing system. I think that ought to be feasible if you use Lunar Expand. See, it is right here on this site. For now I think it would probably be enough to expand it from a 1 megabyte (8 megabit) ROM to a 1.5 megabyte (12 megabit) ROM, that would probably give more than enough space for what is needed for Namingway Edition and Project II, or if that is not quite enough, 2 megabyte (16 megabit) ought to be plenty, I don’t really see any reason why expanding all the way to 4 megabyte (32 megabit), the maximum size for a regular SNES LoROM, would be necessary for this specific game unless not only the text was expanded but a lot of other stuff was added too like improving the graphics AND the sound.

Technically there are even formats bigger than that (ExLoROM and ExHiROM) but compatibility with some older emulators is not as good if you go above 4 megabytes, I think the only games that use those are Tales of Phantasia, Star Ocean, Far East of Eden Zero, and Daikaijuu Monogatari II (which in English translates to Giant Monster Story II, giant monsters being things like Godzilla). Some fan translations and hacks such as fan translations of Chrono Trigger expand to 6 megabytes since Chrono Trigger already starts out at 4 megabytes and they need the space. But there would be no reason to use those formats here since Final Fantasy IV starts out at only 1 megabyte and compatibility with old emulators is bad when you go above the normal 4 megabyte limit. I think expansion of the ROM using the Lunar Expand utility is fairly easy, just put in the ROM, pick a size, and go. I’d start out with just 1.5 megabytes, no need to waste disk space by making it too big. Oh and many people say that LoROM and HiROM are not even real since there are more than just 2 memory mappings and that this is an oversimplification, but whatever, I just say, try out Lunar Expand, see if it works.

Cool. I'll have to make those changes too. Also, specifically should the Magic Plus be removed for Namingway Edition or should I leave them? Since they are changes to vanilla FFIV it might be best to restore them back, perhaps as a part of the restoring hidden passageways.

Hmm, now that I know that the change to the name of Dispel making it Curse goes along with changing the effects of the spell I do not know what to do. I was just giving advice on names since I thought it was the original spell but if it causes a negative status effect the name Dispel would be inaccurate with this new effect added since Dispel means to remove magical effects but causing a new negative status effect would be much more in line with the meaning of Curse. It looks like this is because of a pretty neat improvement done to the original game called Magic Plus, included in Project II and carried over to Namingway Edition.

I am not aware of any improvements that are present in Project II but removed in Namingway Edition. One thing I like about Namingway Edition is it keeps all the improvements from Project II and adds even more improvements on top of that. So I guess all that really needs to be done is to document this in the readme file for Namingway Edition, the various changes that have been made that are not already listed in the readme. The readme does not say anything about the Curse spell. If there were improvements present in Project II but removed in Namingway Edition then I would have a bit of a problem since then I would not know which edition to play! So I guess I have changed my mind now that I know the reason it was changed to Curse, it makes sense this way if the effect of the spell is changed. I have to admit I do not personally find a spell that removes positive buffs from enemies very useful, I think the Curse spell is more useful than the original Dispel, the Curse effect that the enemy Lilith does to party members on Mt. Ordeals is pretty nasty and it is neat to be able to do that yourself too, and having that negative status effect combined with removing any positive buffs makes it a genuinely useful spell that I might actually use in a battle.

Oh and one more typo I noticed! In the Beginner's Classroom which is underneath the Devil's Road (a.k.a. Serpent Road) passage in Baron, the guy in the lower left mentions “Gyshal Greens” rather than “Gysahl Greens” which is the correct name and the name used for the item elsewhere in Namingway Edition. And possibly this typo occurs in Project II as well since from what I read apparently they share mostly the same script, and it does not appear that this item has a different name in those 2 editions.

Oh wow, it's a Gurren-Lagann reference? I had no idea; I just thought it was a cool-sounding line when I wrote it. I ran with a pack of weeaboos when I was in high school, and maybe I picked it up from them.

There were an overwhelming amount of people who asked me to remove some added memes/references that I thought "fit well," but turns out they didn't at all. Since this ended up being one of them, maybe it should go, too.

What say you, Rodimus? Do you think we should try and change this to something else? (Maybe just "Who do you think I am?")

Yes, “Who the hell do you think I am?” is a Gurren Lagann reference, see or or to see this reference written about or to see all the times it occurs in Gurren Lagann (just the original show, it happens several more times in the Gurren Lagann movies), quite a major meme from that show. Nobody ever said that before Gurren Lagann, prior to that “Who the hell do you think you are?” was a common saying but “Who the hell do you think I am?” was not something people ever said. In the original Japanese it is “Ore wo dare da to omotte yagaru?” (Romaji) or “俺を誰だと思ってやがる?” (Kanji) or “おれ を だれ だと おって やがる?” (Hiragana). Google Translate is able to correctly translate it from Kanji (not Romaji or Hiragana) although it leaves out the swearing and simply translates it as “Who do you think I am?”

“Who the heck do you think I am?” as Cid says it before you fight the Giant of Bab-il in this translation is not how it is said in Gurren Lagann but I know in this translation you tone down the swear words and have things like “Curses!” and replace “hell” with “heck” so I can see how that got into this translation. I guess if you want to remove references to other things and remove memes you might replace that with a more accurate translation. Personally I like that reference but I guess other people might not, I just think, if you are going to keep the reference at least have it worded the way it was in the original. If you look at the original Japanese text that Cid says in the Japanese Final Fantasy IV, you can see if it is anything at all like the Japanese text from Gurren Lagann which I referenced above, if it is quite a bit different then I suppose the current translation might not be accurate. I don’t really know what the original Japanese text for that scene is because I cannot really read Japanese text, the symbols look like gibberish to me unfortunately unless it is in Romaji (the alphabet used in English).

Oh and another typo I found:

When you get Yang to join the party on Mt. Hobs, Cecil says “And this girl was one of the many victims of our kingdom's recent attacks...which I have personally lead.” This is a typo in the last word, “lead” is the present tense of the verb (as in “I will lead the attack.”), “led” is the past tense of the verb (as in that quote), we need to use the past tense here, so instead, it ought to read “And this girl was one of the many victims of our kingdom's recent attacks...which I have personally led.”

Also one naming-related issue for a spell:

The white magic spell that is typically called Dispel for Final Fantasy IV and also in later games (see, which removes mostly positive status buffs but also a few negative status effects and requires 12 MP, is called Curse in your translation; as a white magic spell it is one learned by Rosa, Palom, Tellah, and Fusoya. All the other white magic and black magic spells seem to follow the standard names except for Dispel. Anyway it should be called Dispel instead of Curse, this is the standard name in all later Final Fantasy games. I know the spells in this translation are limited to 5 letters of width. So with Dispel to fit that into 5 characters you would need the i and l to both be half-width and then have the last characters 2-5 (after the initial D) be some special ones: 1) a regular D 2) i followed by left half of s 3) right half of s followed by left half of p 4) right half of p followed by left half of e 5) left half of e followed by l. This would be similar to what you do to fit the names of the other white magic spells Silence, Protect, Confuse, Curaga, Reflect, and Curaja already. Anyway the name you currently use for Dispel, Curse, is not only wrong but Curse is the kind of name that would be used for black magic, not white magic. Black magic has nasty-sounding damage-type names typically and white magic has more friendly-sounding healing-type names typically. So it has totally got to be changed from Curse to Dispel. The rest of the spell names are fine, this is the only one I have an issue with. In fact I do not find any reference to a Curse spell in Final Fantasy IV anywhere on the Internet, it is uniformly called Dispel other than a few very early mistranslations of it as Despair instead of Dispel that didn’t realize it is supposed to end with an L instead of an R. Anyway good job translating all the OTHER spell names correctly (much higher accuracy rate than the official Final Fantasy II localization of EasyType into English, which does not even include this spell)!

It fully is space in the ROM itself that becomes an issue. What I can do is try to reword any leftover incorrect lines as best as I can, with notes from Mato to help me. Spacing is limited and I've tried adding things in before with mixed results. If you have any lines that stand out and you think should be updated, don't be afraid to let me know.

Thanks for clarifying. Later on I have a line that is wrong, I will address it in the last paragraph, fixing it will free up space actually.

Where did you get the idea that the J2e "translation" used a variable width font?

The big font here is fixed width. You can see how "Will" lines up perfectly with "200 ".

Ah I was confused about that, sorry. They used a font that is taller than 8x8 for the dialogue but the width was fixed at 8 pixels, I guess I was confused about the details and got that wrong. I definitely got that detail wrong, what was unusual was J2E increasing the height of the font, it was still fixed-width though. Sorry.

I think you mentioned this at some point, but I'd support cleaning up the couple lines in particular that I think you're thinking of. (The dancer talking about taxes instead of smack-talking the king, and the woman talking about her mortgage instead of her taxes.) No complaints here.

I also agree on the patch to remove hidden passages being visible, as an add-on if nothing else. It'd make it seem a little more authentic.

I agree on cleaning up those lines involving taxes rather than the king and the mortgage rather than taxes. It should be authentic to the original at least with regard to the subject of what is said although sometimes, since space is an issue, it might not be possible to have the entire lines.

Personally I like having hidden passages visible, which is apparently the default in the US version which was called Final Fantasy II, but was not the way things were in the original Japanese Final Fantasy IV. That comes down to if you prefer convenience of being able to see them or if you prefer authenticity of restoring the way things were in the original NON-EasyType version of Final Fantasy IV in Japan. I am fine with leaving them visible but since other people might like it the other way I suppose this being an optional patch would be best so people can choose.

OK now for the line that is wrong that I just found. I am playing the latest Namingway Edition of Final Fantasy IV and in the part when you come back from the moon with Fusoya and are about to fight the Giant of Bab-il, Rydia says “Can't we do anything?!” and then Cecil says “What's 's that?!” in one of the screens shortly after the giant emerges from the Tower of Bab-il but right before the dwarf tanks show up. It should say “What's that?!” instead of “What's 's that?!” If you fix this typo, as a bonus, you free up 3 characters of dialogue that you might be able to use elsewhere. Also it is probable that this might also exist as a typo in Project II so I suppose they ought to also fix it if that is the case, although I am only playing Namingway Edition not Project II. I continue to enjoy your version of this excellent game, occasionally there are few lines here and there that might need some work but overall it is excellent! This is the first mistake in the text I have found since the last one I posted about, nothing else major enough to warrant me commenting on it.

Also a TINY bit later there is a line that I would just personally like changed a little bit, where Fusoya meets Cid, and Cid says “Who the heck do you think I am?!” I would change it VERY slightly (2 letters different) to “Who the hell do you think I am?!” because that is such an iconic line from the anime Gurren Lagann which is a classic involving giant robots and the Giant of Bab-il is a giant robot and it just fits perfectly. I am not asking you to fill it with tons of swear words or memes or turn it into the J2E version, this would be very subtle and still be an accurate translation but make Gurren Lagann fans like me very happy. It’s just as iconic as the line about the spoony bard, only it is an iconic line from a TV show that came out over a decade after this game, but still, I think it is a justified change, I am not asking you to change anything to be less accurate of a translation or anything. Anyone who has seen the show Gurren Lagann would know why I am asking this. It makes a lot more sense than if Cid, after installing the drill on the red airship used in the Underworld, told Cid “Your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!” (an example of a change someone could ask for) since Cid does not say anything even remotely like that in the original game, I am only asking something much more minor that is true to the original Japanese game.

Thanks for letting me know. I'll have it fixed in another update. In addition, after looking at Mato's look over at Namingway Edition, I might also look at updating some lines IF they fit since the text space in the game is so tight.

Also, I've been thinking about making an option for the hidden pathways in dungeons. It was the last thing I chose not to change back from the original FFIV at some folks request. Much like how Bugfixes are optional in Woolsey Uncensored, this would be the same. Is there anything else that would be worthwhile to make a reasonable option for?

When you say text space is so tight, do you mean, not enough room on the screen given the fixed-width font, or are you talking about not enough space in the ROM to fit in more text? Anyway, I am in favor of a variable-width font, something used not just in the J2E fan translation but also in the more recent official releases on PlayStation, GameBoy Advance, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and so on.

The English version of Final Fantasy VI for SNES (called Final Fantasy III in the U.S. market originally) used a variable-width font, as does Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG, all of those Squaresoft RPGs for SNES. I am sure if the localizers had enough time and resources and expertise they would have used a variable-width font for Final Fantasy IV, too. Their use of a fixed-width font in what they called Final Fantasy II but was really Final Fantasy IV was because they did not have enough time and staff and expertise and so on to do a variable-width font.

And if you compare the Variable Width Font edition of Secret of Mana made by FuSoYa to the original Secret of Mana, it is really quite an improvement.

So I am really in favor of making the font variable-width at least for dialogue that appears at the top of the screen. In menus and screens listing equipment, spells, stats, and such, as well as battle commands and lists of enemies, I think those would stay fixed-width, the variable-width font would just be for dialogue at the top of the screen. I think that is how things were done in Final Fantasy VI (III in US), so doing the same for Final Fantasy IV (or II in US) would be what Squaresoft localizers would have done if they had enough time and resources.

I mean a variable-width font would give you a LOT more space for accurate translations by eliminating unnecessary space between letters, allowing you to add more text. Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition of Final Fantasy VI is variable-width too, I think. And the more modern official Squaresoft releases of games that use spell names like Curaga and Firaga and so on, they all use variable-width fonts, so it would be very fitting. This would make you much less constrained for space on the screen and able to fit more words into dialogue. Text space was really tight in Secret of Mana, that is why FuSoYa made it variable-width so he could fit more text, using his Lunar Magic abilities for ROM hacking.

This is just a suggestion of course but I am trying to make a strong case for why I think it is a good idea and why I think it would be authentic towards the original game. Just because the J2E translation was not very authentic (I mean come on, they inserted stuff about Backstreet Boys and William Shatner and plenty of other silly stuff not in the original game) doesn’t mean its use of a variable-width font was wrong, I think J2E got the variable-width part correct, they just went a little overboard with the way they wrote things and had a curious mix of trying to be true to the original in some ways and making stuff up that never was in the original in other ways.

Your project is obviously trying to be much more true to the original than J2E was, and not insert anything made up by you or anyone else outside Squaresoft, and I respect that vision, it is why I think your translation is the best. Well, definitely the best fan translation anyway. The best official translation is probably the one for the English PSP release, although probably not quite as good as your translation. I don’t really like the type of Shakespearean-sounding text used in the DS translation, regardless of how accurate the DS translation is, the game should sound more like normal English than like the writings of Shakespeare. I am referencing the comparisons made on this webpage: When I look at that page and look at the translations, yours clearly looks the best, at least to my taste. So I am totally 100% behind Namingway Edition as the best edition and I LOVE it. Just to make it clear how much I appreciate your work.

I just bring up the variable-width font thing because this would be a good way for you to fit in more text and not be stuck using text from Project II or that is unchanged from the official translation due to space concerns, due to an accurate translation taking up more space than can fit on the screen.

Of course if the problem is not enough space on the ROM, I guess you would have to make the ROM bigger so that it can fit more bytes of text data, as various different fan translations have done when they ran into ROM space issues. And that would mean changing addresses of things in the ROM probably and be a lot of work, and also the changing addresses part would mean it would probably not work well with other ROM hacks or patches unless you were really careful to keep all non-dialogue data in the same place and only move dialogue into the additional ROM space after expanding the ROM. Anyway great job, your translation is my favorite already, regardless of whether you improve it further or not.

The description of SomaDrop says “Increases Max MP by 50”. However, the SomaDrop actually just increases your Max MP by 10.

I think you must have gotten the number 50 from the SilvrApple, which increases Max HP by that amount. Anyway the description for SomaDrop should be changed to “Increases Max MP by 10” to make it accurate. This is a typo in the current 1.85 version of Final Fantasy IV Namingway Edition (I am using the names for items that Namingway Edition currently uses).

I guess I can see why this error was not discovered before, since the SomaDrop is not found until late in the game, namely once you are in the Underworld the second time and have a ship and your ship is upgraded so it can go over magma, at that point you can go to the southeast and find a SomaDrop in Kokkol’s Forge.

But using a Pro Action Relay cheat you can see if this error is happening, much much earlier in the game. The pair of codes 7E149AE1, 7E149B63 should give you 99 SomaDrops in your last open inventory slot, the last one prior to the Sort and the garbage can (Slot 46), so if you make sure that slot is empty, and use those codes, you can check to see if SomaDrops have a description that matches how many MP they give you much earlier in the game.

I think it is supposed to be 10 MP because the maximum HP can go to is 9999 but for MP it is just 999, so it makes sense for a SilvrApple to give 50 HP, a GoldApple 100 HP, and a SomaDrop 10 MP, since you get around 10 times as much HP as MP. Anyway I don’t think you changed what any of the items DO so clearly the error is in the item description, not what the item does.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:01:55 am »
Hi everyone! I have been into emulation for 15 years now, since 2003, I think, and into ROM hacking just as long, the first one I ever used was the RPGe translation (NOT the final version, I accidentally was using a buggy earlier version off some ROM site) of Final Fantasy V to play it in English. Then I found this site which had the latest version of that patch which worked MUCH better. And had a lot of other great patches too!

I am really into translation patches to play Japanese games in English, and even retranslation patches for games that were released in English where people try to do a better translation. I am also into bugfix patches, I really like those. A ton of people have made individual bugfix patches for Final Fantasy VI, ridiculous numbers of individual ones. I used to have my own project to try to combine them together into a mega-bugfix patch which I hosted on my own website. Some other people posting on a website called Slick Productions started working on mega-bugfix patches too collaboratively, the FF6 Improvement Project by ShadedMagus and some of them even noticed my patch after they had been independently working on theirs for a couple months, theirs ended up being a lot better than mine so I discontinued my project since theirs is better, theirs included all the bugfixes mine had plus more. Now some other people have done even better work than that in the years since then, there are some really excellent patches from the last few years that I have recently noticed, some of which are actively being developed. I would like to give feedback on some of those so that is one of the main reasons I am joining.

I really am obsessed a bit with fonts. I came up with my own 8x8 pixel font over a decade ago which I like better than any other 8x8 pixel font, it was based on various other 8x8 pixel fonts but I carefully edited each letter until it looked perfect. It was originally based on an alternate serif font used in a version prior to the final one of the J2E translation patch for Final Fantasy IV. At one point I hacked a whole bunch of different games to all use my font, NES games, SNES games, all sorts of games, from Super Mario Brothers to you name it. It was rather excessive, but a lot of old NES games use ugly fonts, I got too obsessed with that for awhile. Not sure if I still have those files around anywhere. My font includes all the uppercase and lowercase letters as well as all the symbols used commonly in retro console games, but I would like to complete it, to make it at the very least include all the characters in the DOS code page 437 and the Windows code page 1252, and have it both as a real font file as well as something that can be used in tile editors to replace tiles for the characters of a fixed-width 8x8 font in a ROM.

Although I have some programming ability in higher level languages and at one point studied x86 assembly and wrote some simple DOS programs in assembly I mostly just know higher-level languages, so programming in the assembly code used by the processors of consoles, the code that is in ROMs, would be super difficult for me to learn. I can use a tile editor though and I am good at using ucon64 and other utilities. I don’t know any other language besides English fluently enough to translate things accurately, I do know varying amounts of Spanish, German, Latin, Hungarian, and Japanese, but my primary language is English and I am pretty terrible at all other languages. And I am illiterate at non-Latin scripts such as the 3 scripts used in Japanese, or Cyrillic, or Hebrew, or Arabic, or even the Greek alphabet despite using a few of the Greek letters such as pi in math class.

About the only truly original ROM hack or patch I have done that I think I should post here is one to patch Final Fantasy V for the SNES to have different graphics for the Mute/Silence spell. Existing translations of that game do not patch the graphic for that spell, which is also sometimes automatically cast by various weapons such as the Mage Masher. The original graphic displays a gigantic Japanese character that means Mute or Silence, inside a circle, but English speakers cannot read this. So I made a new graphic using a tile editor, with the word “MUTE” inside a circle of the same size and shape, for English speakers to be able to understand that. I will see if I can find it, it is on an old hard drive from a computer I don’t use anymore, but it ought to work. I’ll see if I can recover my work and test it and maybe post it on here as a ROM hack. Oh right, and I did all my tile editing using Tile Molester by Snowbro although nowadays I would at the very least upgrade to the latest Tile Molester Mod by Mewster. And also ucon64 is a super useful ROM utility I used too. I wonder what other software is good to use for ROM hacking. I have not researched that in quite some time. My skills are maybe a little rusty but I think I might be able to start patching together various patches for games one of these days. But without ASM hacking skills or Japanese language skills about all I can do is tile editing and combing together other patches, probably. Oh wait some games have script or level editors or things like that, I guess there are other things I could do without ASM hacking skills. Yes, I will hack some stuff, hopefully. This is going to be fun! If I get any ROM hack done that is ready for prime time and worth sharing with other people I will share it and upload it here.

And yes, I have even made silly hacks for my own amusement, like ones where I made naked sprites for characters so they went around naked all the time. Never released those publicly, mostly because I suck at drawing tiny pixellated naked people and it is nowhere near as good as the original graphics. The main way it is not as good is, it uses less colors and I did not figure out how to edit palettes. When someone has clothing on the clothing has different colors from the skin but naked, with the skin all the same color, not as colorful unless I edit the palette so I can add some kind of gradient or dithering or shadow effect or something because having an entire sprite be pretty much all the same exact color looks boring. My artistic abilities are not that good although maybe I could improve them. Plus it is a ridiculous idea that I only did because I thought it would be funny. Definitely not ready for prime time, in fact I deleted all that sort of thing years ago, if I make something really awful like that I delete it. I would only ever upload quality work to a site like this. I am just mentioning this as an example of the kind of stuff I have experimented with in ROM hacking myself. The real reason I was doing that was just to learn how to edit character sprites in a ROM as a beginner, of course. A skill which I could put to use in actual good hacks in the future (a good hack would make things look better, not worse, obviously).

Thanks for reading!

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