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I don't get the slight variants, either. Maybe the developers entered them by hand and made some slight mistakes. Either of the two unknwn ones (see below) could be Veorin, as he hasn't made any entries in any of my savegames yet.

In order:

Unknown 1
Unknown 2

Below are two screenshots with differently colored text. I've also posted a link to a save file pretty far in somewhere on the last page...

The game writes the journal entries into the "Memo.00x" files that go with each "Save.00x". I've meddled with those files in the very beginning, the formatting there is rather complex, each character seems to consist of 4 bytes. One byte for the color, one for the gap to the previous (or following?) character, and always two bytes for the character itself. I forgot the order they're in, though.

Switched the subtitle font for the FMVs:

I'm now done with the subtitles and .npl files now, and started translating the script. (Judging by the number of lines, I'm about 0.5 percent in. This will take a while...)

By the way, when you're dumping the journal text, could you try and extract the the text color information, too? Occasionally, different characters write into the journal, and their text is color coded. The way they're structured, translating could sometimes get confusing without those...

Awesome, great work!

I'm almost done with the .npl files, so I'll start translating the dialog soon. Is there any preference between the two files? I can work with either.

The third type of text comes in really long lines, about twice as long as the dialog boxes, and the game doesn't have automatic line breaks.

Could it be the text that's copied into the journal?

Just for fun, here's a piece of official artwork that I thought was lost because the wayback machine had only saved the thumbnail, but I recently found it on a random Korean blog:

So I've got about 40 hours still to go. If I can keep this pace up then I can dump the script this weekend.

So... A plea for help to anyone who may be reading this.  If anyone is willing to help make the pointer file let me know. It's easy to do just very time consuming as the script file is almost 2.5 Megs.  All that is required is a hex editor capable of displaying euc-kr. Not every line needs a pointer and there are sections of the file with no text at all.   Since my wife is coming back from visiting her family in the next day or so its unlikely I'll be able to keep up this pace after tomorrow and more hands make for lighter work and all.

Don't sweat it, I've still got enough to do in the time I can justify to spend on the project for a while. I'm currently translating/rewriting parts of the official documentation that was on Garam & Baram's website, and I'm only halfway through the .npl files.

By the way, I was in the mood to build an html homepage, so I did:

EDIT: Turns out VirtualDub's subtitler plugin has some nice options for scrolling text. I've still got to experiment a bit with border strength and the like, but this'll be the least I can do for those videos:

Ive used vdub to subtitle video before so if you need me too I can help out on a few of the non scrolling ones.

Nah, that's OK. Once I got a template for the subtitles it's a matter of seconds to put them in each video, and when I do them all, we don't need to coordinate font and layout specifics.

About the videos I'm afraid they will just have to be subtitled but if someone can help they use the indeo 5 codec.

I've checked in VirtualDub, and I can do simple subtitles alright. If someone feels up to the task of properly retouching the scrolling text ones, that position is still open, though.

Just don't use it if you want to see the text with the original font.  The included font was just me messing around.  The original font isn't terrible just a couple letters look out of place depending on whats around them.  Like the lower case "p" looks fine at the beginning of words but looks funky in the the middle.  Also the lower case "x" is just awful.  If I can't implement a 16x16 vwf i'll just edit those offending characters and it will be fine.

Hm, that new font makes it kinda hard to read stuff in the menus. I think it's also a bit smaller than it should be. Anyway, improving the original one sounds like a good alternative, too. Lower case "y" looks also terrible.

So after getting you a dump of the main script my to do list in order of priority are:
Fix the ending battle text. (easy but takes time)
Write a script inserter. (easy but takes time)
Make the game load movies/music from hard drive. (should be easy)
Fix the in game book to type English. (Not sure, I have some ideas but haven't looked into it yet)
Fix the looping of back ground music. (Not sure)
Change the font to something not quite as ugly and implement vwf. (probably hard)

Let me know if I'm missing something.

There's one little thing (at least in my latest version, maybe you already fixed that): "Earth" element still reads only the first four characters, like it did with Water.

Edit:  Hey derboo if you want to see it in game I can make you some ips patches for the script and font real quick.

Sure, if you got the time. Currently I'm going through the .npl files, translating all the names.

Yeah, having the names attached would definitely help, especially as this is not the kind of game where you get to see all the text in one playthrough (Romance of Forgotten Kingdom had two paths, too, but this game is much bigger, with a ton of easy-to-miss mini quests). But it's not essential. Where it's important most of the main character's manners of speaking are pretty well distinguished.

I gotta say, this game has some truly great writing, both in dramatic and in funny moments. I hope I can manage to do it justice...

Eventually we'll also have to find someone who's able at retouching FMV videos. There's no help wanted category for arts stuff, so if anyone knows someone who can (and would) do that kind of work, please let me know.

To anyone interested, this is the kind of stuff you'd be up against:

Text is scrolling while the pages of the book are turning. There are three videos of this kind, I believe, and it would be great to have the text replaced without the result looking too horrible. There are also some fancy animated text in front of a black background, but those should simply be subtitled (that's what the official Japanese version did with them, anyway).

That leads to another issue on the hacking-side: Is it possible to have the game always check for the /movie folder in the game folder and only resort to the CD when the files aren't there? (to have it the same for the /music folder would be convenient, too).

Here's the translation:
Take care when you're comparing the versions, though. Seems i messed up the line breaks somewhere.

Edit:  Also have you come across character names in any files?  They are not in the script file and I don't see anything that indicates who is talking; though there are lots of little bits here and there that could mean anything.

The party character names are in the save game (For some reason they get copied there from hero.hlt and hero2.hlt when the characters join the party for the first time. Maybe the team planned to allow custom names at some point and then dropped that feature), NPC names can be found in the individual .npl files in the /map folder.

There are two more minor issues with the .exe: The Princess' class description is a byte too short (because the next class name begins after that), so at the moment it reads "Princes". Could you move that string one byte backwards, so the last letter fits in?

Also, I've translated all the after-battle lines (also in Seal.exe). The translated lines fit in the spare zeroes after each original entry, but for some reason the game doesn't read them until the next 0x00, some end too early. Maybe there's some fixed length to them?

I've uploaded an IPS patch for Seal.exe with all the changes so far, and also a save game further in the game for testing:

hope this is easier to install/play than Romance of the Forgotten Kingdom (impossible to get to play).

Have you seen the instructions I've appended to the blog post at Hardcore Gaming 101?

I'm sure that could be done but I suck hard core at graphics.

If editing the image itself is the problem, I could take care of that if I had the original in .bmp or similar format. The current version looks ok, though. I guess the positioning is because the window originally has some kind of headline that is concealed?

Cool, I'll start working in the line breaks.

The fact that I did any hacking today is a miracle considering the collectors edition of Diablo III was on my door step today when I got home.

Hehe, thanks for taking one for the team. ;)

I've uploaded an ips patch for the /data/magic.mgl file (names only so far, but the descriptions are not an issue):

Would there be a way to extract the bitmap and replace it with another, bigger one?
In case we're stuck with the double windows, the back one is a bit too far to the left, so double digit item quantities are written over the border (also, the single digit quantities already touch the inner border, it would look better when there was 1 pixel in between, like on the left.)

Yeah, seal.scp contains the script. Not only for the text, apparently, but also cutscene scripting, which could make the task a bit more complicated.

One more question what is the longest item/skill name that would be displayed in battle?

The longest so far is High Spirit Potion (after I've shortened the Black Pearl Necklace one) but I'm still trying to come up with something shorter for that, too (in the original, it's a portmanteau of 'spirit' and 'potion,' like 'spirotion' or something). Other than that the longest item names can be seen in the screenshot below, magic names are all much shorter:

EDIT: A later item description enforced renaming the Spirit Potions to Will Potions, so the longest item name is now just one "n" wider than the Disfolt's Sword seen in the screenshot.

Pressing M, D or alt brings up Baldea's notebook

Just for the record, a small correction for this. The third key wasn't alt, but tab.

Are there any item names with more than two words?
Do you have a need to have more than one word on one line in the status screen?
Those same questions with regards to skill names.
Anything else special regarding item/skill names?

Well, so far I have preliminary item names like Black Pearl Necklace and Ring of Darkness, but I guess those could be eliminated if necessary (BlackPearl Necklace/Dark Ring). There are some that would look weird when there's a line break after the space, like War Mace. Would it be possible to have some kind of control character that causes a line break in the status screen but is ignored in the shops, a slash or something? Doesn't look like there's anything different for the skill names. There doesn't seem to be an analysis spell, btw., so the monster names might not even appear in the game.

I'm not sure, but the Item/Skill window in combat could be a bitmap with no alternative sizes. The data files contain enough empty space to have alternative short item names for combat about 24 bytes after the main name, if that is a possibility.

One more thing; it seems the game isn't working perfectly in 7 x64.  When the BGM ends it doesn't start over.  It's not a game breaker, just a little annoying, but I thought I would mention it here.

I have it the same way in XP and in VirtualPC with Win98 installed, so it might be a bug/design decision in the game itself.

There's one more issue aside from the main script: Pressing M, D or alt brings up Baldea's notebook where the player can type in custom text, but by default its set to Korean. Usually on a Korean computer, you'd just have to press the right alt key to switch to English, but they might have left that function out.

How much more time do you intend to sacrifice for the project in general? Would you be available for dumping and reinserting the main script? Then I'd take down the help wanted ad...

Is it a traditional RPG or an action RPG? Looks like chrono trigger esque battles

Kinda like Chrono Trigger, but more dynamic.

Ah, I might be able to help with that. Every once and a while I like to write a bit of poetry and I've even done so for a translation. I converted a bard's song in Silva Saga to rhyming prose. Perhaps I'll try to whip something up for this.

Putting it into rhymed verse sounds a bit risky, but if you can make it sound solemn, I'd be down with that. There's a variation to the first stanza that goes like this:

my name means...
fear to you
anger to you
sorrow to you
joy to you
love to you

At the center of this game's story stands a prophetic poem. I really suck at poetry, but here's my first attempt to vaguely bring it into verse:

the meaning of that name
fear to one
anger to another
sorrow to the third
joy to the fourth
love to the last

when seven kings have passed
the moon has lost its light
a joyous bard awakes
the darkness back to life
the light will lose its ray
the lion lose its head

two blades leave on the way
as four they meet again
until the very end
as four they will remain

a road held in the hands
a place held out of sight
when fear decides the fate
Elios points the way

unfold before your eyes
four oceans and four lands
four mounains and four lakes
four boulders and four trees
and spread to the four winds
four signs

Hey, thanks a lot! That's Awesome!

Oh yeah it was done on version 1.13f, the latest update I'm aware of.

Yeah, that's the fully patched version.

I'm going to be busy for the rest of the week, have family coming to visit, but I will start working on the items tomorrow when I get some free time.

No hurry, the translations will take me some time, anyway. Magic causes the same issues as items, btw. There are also names for the monsters, but I haven't seen them displayed, yet. Maybe they need some kind of Analysis spell.

Overall I'm really impressed with this game, and it seems to be running fine on Win 7 x64 to boot.

That's good to know, I wanted to test that on a friend's computer (I'm still using XP).

Any chance you'd be willing to translate the War of Genesis games provided someone hacked the games and you had the time?

It's possible. Progress would be slow, though, as for the time being I want to spend more effort on this game, and I use to translate while playing through the game (that's why I never got through with helping on the MagnaCarta translation, cause I simply couldn't play it properly). And these games are huge. So far, I've only played a bit of the first game (which I wouldn't recommend to spend the effort to translate, as most of its story is supposed to be contained in the second). I figure interest would be the most for War of Genesis 3? I'd have to see if I can get along well in that game (the first wasn't too difficult) and if someone were to send me a cleanly readable Korean script dump, chances are I'd do work on it, however slowly.

I've kind of been interested in some Korean games too lately.  I poked around in this a little today and there is no real pointer table, at least for the stuff I was looking for.  It just uses lots of calls to wsprintfa with hard coded pointers in each call.  I edited the one for the Elemental affinity one and moved it.  It worked fine but the elements themselves are all hard coded to read only one word.  So even though I had written "Water" it was only reading "Wa."  Playing around with it I got it to read more but was only able to get it to read a dword permanently.  So I was only able to get it to display "Wate affinity" permanently.  Ill play around with it some more tomorrow and see if I can get "Water" to display fully. 

Ah, that makes sense, as the elements are all only one hangul character in the original. Cool to have someone with more knowledge poking around!

I was thinking of leaving out the "affinity" part eventually, as it makes the menu entry awfully long (not too long, but still), and I figured it would be generally understood when it just reads the element's name.

In case you're inclined to experiment some more, the item names caused some problems: In the status menu they're two lines, so I filled in spaces to avoid the words breaking up in the middle. However, in stores they're a single line, so the extra spaces show. In combat it's worse, as the window is spaced for short names only. Worst case (e.g. with my hacking skills), I would have to rename all the items to 8 characters only.

My next Korean-to-English RPG translation project after Romance of the Forgotten Kingdom. This time it's a Windows game from 2000, which has also been released in Taiwan, China and Japan. While the mechanics are similar to well-known JRPGs like Chrono Trigger or Grandia, the world is fairly openly explorable from the beginning, mostly sectioned by the strength of the monster encounters (compare the first Baldur's Gate in this regard).

Combat is most comparable to Grandia II, monsters are visible on the map to begin with, and it's very involved ATB where timing actually matters. It's possible to avoid enemy attacks by moving out to attack at the right moment, for example, but attacking enemies can also be missed. The party consists of up to five heroes, so later in the game there's much to do during combat.

Hi-res spritework and animation are great, with only the backgrounds falling a bit behind. I also like the music, although it's comparatively quiet and low-key. The composer, Hwang Jooeun, also did music for The War of Genesis and Rhapsody of Zephyr (and later Ez2DJ, Kingdom of the Wind, Aion and others).

I can't translate the main text body yet as I haven't figured out the pointer table and scripting (I've place a help wanted ad for the hacking in general), so I've started with character and item names and stuff. The first screenshot is a translated one (the text in graphics was English from the beginning, element affinity is still in Korean cause it needs pointers set to fit in English).

Try IRQ 7

EDIT: Here's an installation guide for the game itself:

1. Take the game install files and extract them to a folder that you mount it in DOSBox (can be a subfolder).

2. Switch to the folder in DOSBox and type INSTALL.

3. First the setup asks for the source folder, this should be correct by default, so just press enter.

4. The game automatically installs to C:\Mirinae\RPG\ (in the DOSBox file system). After installing, you can move the folder wherever you want.

5. During the install process, the game asks you several times to insert the next floppy. Since you're likely using the CD-ROM release, just press enter and it goes on.

6. Next up is sound configuration. Chose the first menu point, then the second (the one with the "100%" in the text).

7. The second through fourth menu points are the usual Sound Blaster setting. Set the adress to 220, IRQ to 7 and DMA to 1, then go back with the bottom choice.

8. Chose the second point, then once again the line with the "100%".

9. The third menu point saves the settings and quits.

10. Quit DOSBox and run the Romance_of_the_Forgotten_Kingdom_English_v09.exe

11. Just browse for the folder the game is installed in and click "Install".

12. Start DOSBox, go to the game directory and type PLAY.

Maybe the http:// is missing in the entry? I get that all the time since stupid Firefox doesn't display it anymore.

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