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Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Some SciFi mumbo-jumbo
« on: October 23, 2013, 05:47:09 pm »
Biosynch it is! Thanks, everyone and especially BRPXQZME!

(SymBioSys is clever, too, but maybe a bit too playful for the setting, which overall is quite grim and dystopian.)

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Some SciFi mumbo-jumbo
« on: October 22, 2013, 01:17:10 pm »
So if I understand it the system is more of a "inject and watch you get taken over" rather than in a sensor suit/mind reading type thing?

That's how I see it. In the setting, the old models are of the sensor suit type, and this is more like a symbiosis, with it's efficiency influenced by genetic disposition.

Thanks for the words, I'll try and juggle around with them some more.

Are you thinking of reducing it to acronyms/initialisms at any point during the game? If so would be worth forcing it somewhere?

I'm still hoping to find a term that's slick enough to be repeated frequently, but that might be a possible alternative if it doesn't work out that way.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Some SciFi mumbo-jumbo
« on: October 22, 2013, 11:06:38 am »
The original is Korean, but the problem isn't so much the translation but to find a good word for in English.

The game is Astrocounter of Crescents, a sidescrolling action game where people fight in robot suits:

In the game, the new suit models seem to allow the pilots to move naturally as the robot (kinda like Neon Genesis Evangelion or Pacific Rim, only with small size robots) through a technology that literally translates to "Organic-Activation-System" or "Bio-Activation-System", but I think that sounds kinda weird. Any better ideas?

Here's the translated description from the game's manual:
"As the name says, a system that covers the entire metabolism of the organism and initiates a widespread overall acceleration process.
The Organic-Activation-System centers around the interconnection of organic life and machine in an outer space environment and was first employed in the Artemis Project prototypes Alent, Bulgidung and Zenith. Artemis Project is currently in the process of intensifying
Biofeedback between Bulgidung and its Pilot."

The last two months have been really busy again, but I'm still working on the translation :)

Yet to prevent me from getting tired of this game, I've started a small side-project. Copying from my Homepage:

"Well, the translation of Seal is still going on very slowly, but for a change I felt like I needed a project with something less than several full time months amount of work ahead of me. Astrocounter of Crescents, the only commercial game made by a duo of developers called Object Square Team (both Kim Donggun and Lee Eunseok were well-known names in the Korean indie scene of the '90s, though, and kept working together on several larger projects, including Nexon's Mabinogi series). The game contains a surprisingly large amount of text for a side-scrolling action title, but still only a tiny speck compared to Seal. It also doesn't require any actual hacking to speak of, so I hope I'll be able to finish it before the year is over."


By now I've inserted all the text I've translated so far into the script. About the first three hours of the game are now playable in English (although later revisits to the same locations and some more global text are also mostly covered, so there's more stuff done than just those three hours).

This Game looks excellent! :D I'd wonder if it's possible to port a dos 16-bit rpg game like this to the Super Famicom/SNES or the Sega Genesis w/english translation? tho i'll take many years or months for that too happen! :-\

The game files take up much more space than even the largest 16-bit cartridges. It should be possible with a more economic composition and/or compression, though, the game isn't all that big. Of course you'd also have to deal with lower resolution (SNES) and lower color depth (Genesis), but other than that, the game has nothing that would go beyond either system's capabilities.

Progress has been slow, and in the last few months it had pretty much grinded to a halt, due to life being much too hectic. Progress for the dialog has gotten to about 20%, I think.

However, there has been an awesome new development yesterday, which provides me with the means to conveniently insert & test the script as I go along translating, which suits my preferred style of work quite well, and means a major boost of motivation. I've already started to insert the text I've translated so far.

方法 is more the nuts and bolts of something, the specific way that you do something. Using 方法 in relation to how one translates wouldn't be "closely as possible to the source" but "open up MS word, highlight unknown words, produce initial translation, proofread, ect.

I think the word you are looking for is 哲学 (てつがく) which means "philosophy". Garoth mentioned 倫理学 (りんりがく) which is more along the lines of "ethics" and while is a form of philosophy, would actually be a part of 哲学 a long with other philosophical subjects such as 論理 (ろんり) "logic" and 理念 (りねん) "ideology" (although the latter can also be translated as just "philosophy" depending on the context).

As DS mentioned, the 学 denotes the study of something, but it's not always as strict as you might think. I know that 企業哲学 (きぎょうてがく) can be translated as "business philosophy" and 経営哲学 (けいえいてつがく) as "management philosophy". So that would be a good place to start. Though if you are talking about your own personal philosophy on something, you would be best to state that explicitly and not leave what you mean to context as one can often get away with in Japanese.

Alright, thanks a lot for the detailed reply.

Not in the proper sense, but the colloquial one, as in: "My translation philosophy is to stay as close as possible to the source text." (just a hypothetical example)

Alright, here is the best I can do for two of them:

Still looking for more able volunteers, though.

Yeah, the left one is what I had in mind. I came up with yet another variant, which I think I like even more.

(Very quick and dirty mockup:)

Hmm, I think I'd like the cursor and text be moved a bit to the left (so that the text is about centered for double-digit item numbers, and the cursor only halfway inside the window).

Alright, here's what they say:


He's shouting "Argh!" split over three frames. Not sure how one would go about imitating that with roman letters... (the rightmost one should be the one actually displayed first in the game, the one in the middle last)

This reads "Very disappointed look." ("Disappointed look" should be enough for the translation, in case it's hard to fit inside the bubble) That's the one I had seen in the game.

Yep, I think "Completion" would be better for the translation, as the percentage also includes optional sidequests.

We don't really need to edit this either way, since it just spells the town's name in Hangeul.

Btw., are we now also able to change the size of the original "Items" window in battle? I could modify that one myself (as it's just a job of cropping and pasting multiple copies of it together so that they fit) if you can rip and upload it.

And yeah, I tried meddling with one of those images posted here, and the results didn't look good. So if someone more talented is willing to contribute, please do. :)

I've decided to remove two enemies from the front row. It's still one of the tougher fights in the game and you have to know the system well to succeed (at least on a grind-free playthrough), but now it's at least somewhere on the same level as the rest of the game.

The diary text is finished, too. Now to the dialogs... *sigh

I'm checking out the website now.  Thanks for taking the time to put it together.  There appears to be some missing images on the about page though.  Also you can run by holding the shift key; much easier than double tapping the arrows.

Oh, and I played through the entire game with that annoying double-tap. Darn!

Images should all be there, though?

Awesome. Now I could try out the re-encoded FMVs with subtitles, and they work perfectly.

In other news, I've uploaded a translation of the documentation from the old homepage (together with lots of additional background info by me), complete with information about the setting, character profiles and artwork. You can find it at my translation project page.

That sounds cool, I'll probably run with that. Thanks!

I've got one translation issue I'm currently not sure how to solve. Before making an extra thread in the script help forum, maybe someone here has got some ideas:

There's an organization of warriors in the game whose name would be best translated as "militia" in the context of the game (literally it's just "citizen organization") but there is actually a proper militia nearby from which it has to be distinguished. I was thinking of using "Rangers" for the name, but they're also associated with a forest, and I want to avoid them being confused with THAT kind of ranger.

It's called 시민단, the characters would be 市民團/市民団/市民团, for anyone who reads Hanja/Hanzi/Kanji.

Personal Projects / Re: Magna Carta
« on: May 29, 2012, 06:19:36 am »
@derboo : I was quite a fan of this game (I love the design), and it's the only one I ever played hardcore (with the alpha patch), something like 6 years ago. I was quite far into the game, even after nothing was translated anymore. I would be willing to go through it again to make saves and/or walkthrough if anyone is still willing to translate it.

I'd say the most useful would be a clear and easy tutorial to make the party useful in combat, so the game can actually enjoyed by a wider range of players. Best with a complete tuning-walkthrough for the first dungeon.

Cool! I guess one would have had to switch the input type to Korean and then press alt to change to latin characters originally, but AFAIK that is only possible in windowed applications, or maybe by defining hotkeys.

I've currently put the main script on halt to concentrate on the choices and journal, the size of the script is a bit daunting to start with ;)

Concerning my predictions for the journal colors:

Duran : correct
Clare : correct
Duran?Clare? : Duran
Duran? : correct
Velgarus : Seems to be Clare, oddly enough. Maybe we should fix this color to avoid confusion? Not 100% sure yet, though.
Velgarus? : correct
Arus : correct
Unknown 1 : correct (yeah, really unknown)
Unknown 2 : correct
Baldea : correct
User :correct

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