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Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: May 18, 2018, 04:41:35 pm »
Thanks everyone!

Nice to know that the new Canoe patch format is working with the update.  I very highly doubt there are any issues as they are extremely similar.  There are things that keep liberties extended from being compatible with everything and that's why there are two BPS patches, but there should not be anything that would break Sluffy's patch.

It's working, but sluffy's .bps canoe patch that you converted to an .ips patch for some reason reverts the sky/dark menu icons back to lightning/shadow while using your Bugfix+SkyDark and Name Liberties patch.

Both the .ips and .bps canoe patches change your game from a ExHiROM to ExLoROM + S-DD1 so it plays in Canoe, just that issue with the menu icons when using your patch with the .ips Canoe patch you uploaded.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: May 18, 2018, 11:59:26 am »
I can confirm that your updated patch works with sluffy's patch, ctfix_1a.bps + 110B + 03 in Canoe. Everything seems to be perfect.

The Sky/Dark elemental menu icons are now displaying Sky/Dark in Canoe, great work Chronosplit! I'll go through a new game+ just to make sure there everything is 100% working, but it looks like Sluffy's patch is completely compatible with your newest release!


I tried patching again using your new ctfix_1a.ips instead of .bps and the game loads, except the .ips patch reverts the menu icons back to lightning/shadow.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: May 18, 2018, 03:44:25 am »
I can confirm that using your SkyDark patch changes the text (except when speekkio introduces you to magic, he still says lightning/shadow still) but Chronos and Magus elemental menu icons are not the updated Sky/Dark they remain lightning/shadow, respectively. I'm playing on Canoe.

I'm halfway through a new game+ using sluffy's patch with zero problems. I saw your post in his thread, I'll be happy to start another game and test your updated version when it's out.

Great work with Star wars sluffy! I'm halfway through a new game+ in Chrono Trigger using your patch with zero bugs to report so far.

I've beaten Chrono Trigger and started a new game+ with zero issues. Everything is working properly, looks like you can add Chronosplit to the fixed list!

Great work Sluffy you fixed this one insanely fast. Have a relaxing break you deserve it man.

Chrono Trigger - Chronosplit ver
ctfix_1a.bps + 110B + 03

15 hours testing it so far everything is still working perfect, great work Sluffy. Only once in the last 15 hours of gameplay did I get a black screen, and I was unable to make it happen again, regardless of trying. I'll describe exactly where and when it happened if anyone else wants to try to recreate it:

Chapter: The Magic Kingdom

When you first visit Kajar you open three books, go into secret room and get the black gem (stone). I grabbed the black gem, left the room, then immediately went up the stairs into the top right room. This gave me a black screen. I then used rewind to go back to when I was in the secret room with the gem, loaded the game, ran up to the room but this time it loaded normally. I kept rewinding and starting it and slightly different times trying to get it to black screen again but it loaded properly every time, so if anyone else wants to try and recreate the backscreen when the top right room in Kajar is loaded for the first time after the secret room, feel free.

I'll keep testing and having a great time, this game is joy to play)

Chrono Trigger - Chronosplit ver
ctfix_1a.bps + 110B + 03 = Working great so far

Currently at The Trials chapter (~2hrs) and everything is working properly. Great job with this one so far Sluffy!

Working on Chrono Trigger bugfix edition now. Then I'll get around to the list.

Chronosplit messaged me back, you're good to go. His current patches are complete and he doesn't plan on changing them, and any new patches will be optional add ons, like MSU-1/FMV support, and won't effect your work. :thumbsup: Good luck with this one, I'll be available to help test.

Ohh, you have no idea! Exhirom is great for romhacking. Bad for people like me. :)

Chronosplit makes lots of updates?? That would make me some bit nervous about working on it.

Old wip Tales saves can break the game ... okay. That's very new for me. :o

Chronosplit has had one major update and a few smaller ones, the last one being the end of March. I don't see him updating it again anytime in the near future, as he's accomplished all the bugfixes and additions he was after. The big update was fixing the enemies targeting AI bugs, added ending scenes, and adding back chrono's nickname with ayla, that made all older version save states incompatible with the patch. If you were to make any Chrono Trigger version of the game run on canoe other than the original 1995 release, I would say without a doubt this would be the one, and I think pimpinelephant would agree.

I'll message Chronosplit and see if he plans on updating his patch anytime soon, last thing I'd want is to waste your time with something.

Chronosplit's Chrono Trigger hack expands the ROM to 48 Mbits ExHiROM.
Great hack by the way, it's the one I prefer. ;D

Let me guess, Canoe doesn't play 48Mb ExHiROM? lol I had a little bit of hope when I didn't get any errors loading it and it played until Chrono wakes up. I prefer this hack as well, but I'll have to find a different one that works with canoe.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Introduction Topic
« on: May 07, 2018, 03:25:49 pm »
Hello all! I decided to join this forum after I found myself having visited this site quite frequently for releases and updates. I'm excited to explore everything the boards have to offer.

Hey Sluffy the Chrono Trigger bugfix and uncensoring patch that I would like to use isn't working with Canoe. Using 0B11 in Hakchi the game runs, the opening cutscene plays, your mom asking you to wake up dialogue, then a black screen appears but no error message. I'm using the "Bugfix+SkyDark and Name Liberties" patch on an unheadered copy of CT.

Would you check to see if it's a simple fix or not? Thanks Sluffy.

Sluffy I tried your audio patch for Clocktower in canoe leaving the PID 0000 and the audio is behaving the same way and staying completely muted until there is sound fx.  The footstep sound that plays when navigating the main menu is such a quick sound that the sound system can't turn on fast enough and misses almost the entire sound, same goes for footstep sound fx while playing the game, they get cut out bad.

Is there anyway to make it so that the games audio doesn't output a mute signal to the sound system by default? This is the only snes rom that I've had this cut out problem with out of 120 games, and unfortunately it's also one of the best sounding snes games to play in the dark, hearing those scissors snipping sound coming from the left channels, so it'd be awesome if it played through the sound system without cut out.

Keep forgetting about those special chip pids. Mario pid should be good. :)
=== Now my game won't boot. Recreating patched game again. ^^

Clock Tower: teahouser says that official pid has an audio problem with optical audio systems. Because the game volume is often muted, it has a delay turning back on the speakers which cuts off some audio. On normal TV systems, this doesn't happen.

I didn't see anything different from other games. So asking teahouser to use alternate sound patch with 0000 pid to see if problem goes away.

Thanks sluffy I'll try out your patch in canoe with no preset ID and get back to you. Perfect example of the problem is the main screen menu, if I scroll the menu slowly then the sound is almost completely cut out, but if I start scrolling quickly it'll kick the sound on and the proper sound can be heard.

Are you using Sluffy's Snes9x 1.51 patch from HERE, or are you using Clock Tower's official Preset ID (10F7/F710)?

Keep in mind, that patch is for Snes9x and was never tested with Canoe (since the game already had its own Preset ID that fixed the sound issues).

I remember playing this game months ago with its official Preset ID and no patch, and the game played perfectly from what I remember.

I'm just using the official preset ID, no patch. There is no problem with the audio itself, just the way its being output. Instead of sending a constant signal to my sound system, it only sends a signal when there is a sound fx or background music. So when there's the music playing constantly, there are no issues it stays connected, but if its silent the audio will only connect when a sound is played then immediately disconnect. During this disconnect if a new sound happens it is cut out and cant be heard. This only seems to be a problem with optical connection, if I go through the TV speakers its fine.  I'm just wondering if there's somehow a way to see how the game is outputting its audio signal differently from other roms, and if its possible to modify it so its constantly sending an audio out signal allowing it to stay connected to the sound system like other games.

Thanks sluffy for patching all these games to be able to run correctly with canoe!

I've noticed something with the audio in Clocktower when played with canoe, it will constantly cut the audio signal off and on with each sound fx played, so you don't end up hearing half of it, such as the sound of her footsteps when there is no music playing in the background. Is this anything that could be fixed?

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