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Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana, Turbo - Beta 190423
« on: April 25, 2019, 02:06:43 am »
Actually the VC patch doesn't affect the gamma at all, it's an issue with Canoe and games with HD text enabled (like SoM and SD3). They usually end up with jacked up gamma brightness when played on Canoe that need to be patched back down to normal levels.
Are you enabling [VC_without_PCM] in the [Technical] section (near the very bottom of the list of feature checkboxes)? That should be applying Canoe-specific fixups to the ROM, and if the helper script is working as intended, also directly preparing an SFROM file.

I haven't tested on a SNES Classic in a while, so I may have broken things, but if that still works, I should probably label it more clearly.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana, Turbo - Beta 190423
« on: April 24, 2019, 03:17:15 am »
Hey Queue, having a great time playing your turbo beta. One question, I play on SNES Classic and was wondering if you are going to have a patch to fix the high gamma in the menus? When any non vanilla version of SoM is used on the SNES classic it requires a separate patch solely to address the high gamma. Sluffy made a few of these patches for the PAL releases of SoM, is there anyway you could make or modify one of his patches to lower the menu gamma back to normal? It would make it a lot easier on the eyes.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana, Turbo
« on: February 14, 2019, 07:39:50 pm »
If you want this to run perfectly on the SNES classic, you'll need to have a patch to fix the high gamma in the menus. Sluffy made some patches to fix the gamma in the PAL releases of Som, but the patch also converted it to 60hz from 50hz PAL. If you applied sluffy's patch to those PAL ROMs and saw what bytes it changed you could figure out how to make a patch to fix the gamma in your US 1.1 ROM.

Other than a patch to fix the high gamma in menus your version of the game should play flawlessly on Canoe. I'm excited for your release.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana, Turbo
« on: February 02, 2019, 02:19:09 pm »
Really nice to finally seeing what SoM's title screen should have looked like from the beginning! Really excited to play this project, I'll be glad to test it on Canoe once its released.

Hey guys I know sluffy made patches to correct the high gamma in menus with high res text in SD3 and Secret of Mana PAL versions, but was there ever a gamma patch for the non vanilla VC version of Secret of Mana? 10B0 ID only works with the VC SoM, I'm using the VWF version with ID 1016 so high res works but there is high gamma. If you guys could link me to a gamma patch or know of one that would work with a non vanilla version of SoM that would be greatly appreciated!

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy IV SNES - Critical Hit Bug Fix?
« on: December 09, 2018, 09:12:09 pm »
This was a very interesting thread to follow. You were able to pinpoint the bug in the code and fix the problem that nobody has addressed in decades, very impressive.

I was going to do a playthrough of ff IV soon,can I use this patch on an already patched Namingway version?

Thanks Bosco! The entire E row isnt showing up for me on the document, I must have something out of date, thanks for the working link, much appreciated!

Its on the compatibility list under Hamelin no Violin Hiki

I checked and it doesn't have a link to any patch, just says the game has issues except sluffy fixed them with his patch. The canoe patch link has expired so just looking for someone who has a copy of the patch since its not in any patch packs.

Does anyone have a copy of the Violinist of Hameln canoe patch? Also, does anyone have a collection of all of Sluffy patches that can be downloaded in one go? The patch pack by lich on the main post is not very up to date, and with pretty much 100% of the file links now expited and useless, it would be nice to have an updated patch pack download available.

If anyone has all the patches squirreled away in a folder I would be grateful for a download link  :woot!:


These are all for sfrom tool.

Anybody got the original IPS patches?

Isn't that what the patch pack by lich link is in the first post?

That's the one I downloaded, all .ips

In the current climate regarding ROM distribution sites as of late, and sluffy being hit with a cease and desist, I don't think I'm alone with thinking we are so lucky we got fixes for as many games as we did before shit hit the fan. I have 118 SNES titles on my classic, all of which run natively in Canoe thanks to Sluffy and everyone involved in this thread.

I wonder if the copies of The Lost Vikings and Blackthorne ROMs they have available for download are also heavily butchered.

Also I love the irony of removing the music from a game called Rock n Roll racing lmao.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: July 14, 2018, 05:47:17 pm »
Hey Chronosplit just throw me a message when the canoe patch is done for the latest update and I'll test it out for you.

I recently had another playthrough with your update before this one, and noticed zero issues  :thumbsup:

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: July 14, 2018, 01:43:59 am »
I've found that if you patch using the program beat, even if there says that an error occurred while patching, it still applies the patch and saves a working rom. I think this is the only option until Pimpinelephant comes out with an updated canoe patch. Hope this helps you.

I downloaded the 5g update and encountered an issue when I use the flips patcher to apply the skydark + liberties extended patch to the same chrono trigger rom I've been using for all your recent updates. It gave me a message about it being an incompatible rom. After that, I applied the skydark + liberties (not extended) to the same rom and it worked fine.

Ogre Battle report:

- VC patch from Darkakuma: tested with sfromtool (ID 10B8) and hakchi2 (ID B810): no changes.
- Sfromtool 10B8 and hakchi2 B810 without darkakuma's patch: no changes.
- SlowROM: no changes.
- Magic ID 6810 (1068 in SFROMT): no changes.
- Tactics Ogre's ID: no changes.

It seems this is a difficult one to fix.

Does this screen glitch happen in every battle when you play a tarot card or only occasionally?

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: June 24, 2018, 07:38:40 pm »
The changes you have instore for 600AD are right up my alley, super excited for your work  :beer:

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: June 24, 2018, 04:33:28 pm »
Hey Chronosplit regarding whether the rock and shine helm were switched in Canoe, I just realized the rock helm is +5 higher then Shine Helm, so in Canoe they are switched still. I think it will require another update from pimpinelephant.

Nvm we're all good, even though I was getting an error message saying the patch didn't work while using Beat, pimpinelephants latest update 6 works with your latest patch and Shine helm is now above Rock helm in defense as it should be. So even though Beat gives an error message when patching the Canoe fix, it still works. Not sure if this is the case when using other patching programs.

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: June 21, 2018, 02:47:18 am »
What do you want me to check in Canoe Chronosplit? Last thing I checked was you said you had the shine helm as the rock helm but you changed it back and that took effect. Are you saying that now the shine helm and stone helm have switched places?

Personal Projects / Re: Chrono Trigger Bugfix and Uncensoring Patch
« on: June 08, 2018, 03:54:50 pm »
Everything seems to have taken effect in canoe, good work you two!  :thumbsup:

Awesome, thanks Bosco!

I plan on laying through Lufia II for the first time, I have a question about it's current state. Unpatched, is the only issue garbled credits at the end? Does the game have any sort of new game+ feature that the glitched credits will make me unable to access, or is it purely cosmetic? I know that the current canoe patch fixes the credits but causes some other graphical issues, but I'd rather just deal with scrambled credits if thats the only thing it affects than have other graphic issues in game.

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