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Hello, not sure where to post this, but it is a request.

I've been searching on and off for a few weeks, looking for a IPS or code to disable a sound.
A sound for the most annoying, rage inducing, throw your controller across the room, kind of sound.
The damn horse in Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar!
My wife plays this game A LOT, and the horse breathing, whinnying, chuffing, is just driving us BOTH mad.
It's her favorite game to play, and it's the only sound that's so irritating.
(Yea we don't mind the kid saying "Hey, Hey, U, U" as he toyals on the screen.

I've looked up for IPS hacks, cheat codes, etc. and there is not much for HMGB.
Now I mod other games, (Civ, TES, CoH, etc..) but this IPS stuff is beyond me, like LUA programming.

I'd love it if someone could make it so the horse makes no sounds, with a IPS I could patch over the ROM.

Reminds me of the Skyrim horse, breathing in my ear while I sell to the Khajiit, modded that real quick.

Thanks for reading.

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