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someone made a version of tsukihime(a Visual Novel from the creators of Fate, with a remake coming this year) for the DS, but doesn't work on emulators, is it possible to use this to create a proper ds rom of tsukihime?

i wanna know if it's possible to convert a book pdf into a playable snes rom, think like a visual novel and what would we need to do it

I found a Tsukihime gba rom, by Type Moon(the same creators of Fate Stay Night).Could i suggest that someone puts the translation of the pc version on this gba rom? I have a download link and you can find it on roms on reddit or on Beasts lair site

I found some time ago a gba version of Kagetsu Tohya that works pretty well on GBA emulators, but it's only in jp. Since the pc version is already translated, could anyone put the english script on the gba rom? You can find it by typing "Kagetsu Tohya GBA rom" on google search there's even a thread on reddit with the links

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