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Personal Projects / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero translation project
« on: December 02, 2016, 09:38:34 am »
Nice to see the heavily hard to modify rtc as been easily hacked  :)

(From what he said, events still work fine after 2014, it's probably just the programmers never thought some people would still play the game post 2014 so probably limited the year entry screen just because of that).

Looks good to me!  :)

Thanks for the offer, and welcome to the team!

Once the graphics are dumped, I'll provide you with a translation for each bit, and you can work your magic.

Be warned, there's more than just a title screen! (But I think you can handle it.)


FlashPV is da man when it come to graphic edits  ;)

The problem with the graphics decompression is that it uses the SPC7110, so there is no "decompression routine" to debug. You need to extract using the SPC7110 algorithm. Probably there are decompressors, but the problem is recompressing. And you'll need to expand the rom.

Would just require to store the graphics uncompressed and see if the game can handle them uncompressed (modifying the reading/loading graphics routine)

And without decompressors, wouldn't it be possible to get the graphics uncompressed directly from the VRAM? (as it should decompress it before displaying it in-game).

Thanks for your help!

In Gokuuden 1, the VWF is the same for everything (dialog texts, battle texts, menu texts) and it works fine so I guess it'll be easier.

I know all can be done and that it's not that hard as three things has been done for the first game (and even much more).

But nor him or I have ASM knowledge at all, so I can't help further than a simple dump/reinsert help for the second game he's working on.

He managed to fit the texts of the first bank back in the rom but unfortunately, it required to cut some parts of the texts. It's still better than nothing but it's too bad to know the translation could be far better without text size problems.

If it was like LOTSS, I would have been able to fix the problem as the bank byte in this game is pretty easy to find so you can easily move the pointers/text in a new empty bank. But when I tried to do the same for Gokuuden 2, I unfortunately haven't found the bank byte in the rom.

Yeah, the whole hack is done for Gokuuden 1 (a friend of mine did it a while ago, when he still had time to work on romhacking. VWF, switched every pointers to not hardcoded 24-bits pointers, reworked the text routine to only use one byte per character instead of two).

I posted some screenshots a while ago but links are probably dead. I will try to redo some but the beta patch will be available before the end of the year anyway.

(Seeing your other projects, it seems you are enough skilled to do it from scratch but if you need any infos about it, I would gladly share them. For example, I can share the japanese table, address of all the texts, etc...).

Edit : Here's some screenshots :

But if you are really interested about helping, I can mention someone is actually working on Gokuuden 2 to replace the old bad translation (this one : ), but unfortunately, there is a lot of romhack which would need to be done to get a proper version of Gokuuden 2 and my skills aren't enough to help him completely. I could only help about the dump/insert but it would some more work to get a proper version.

1) No VWF, so all characters have four pixels of extra space after them (original font width is 12 pixels).
2) The original text routine use two bytes per character, which is a lot of waste.
3) the bank byte of the pointer seems hardcoded, so no choice but to keep the texts in the same banks, which is a problem to make a good translation.

Those three things would able him to make a proper translation. Right now, he has to cut some texts of the translation because of a lack a space.

The script translation is finally over. It's not 100% yet because of a few strings which need to be found in-game to have contents but it's now 99.9% translated.

As I got some questions in pm, I wanted to say I still give news about the project on the original forum : http://www.kakkoiitranslations.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=197&start=450

Actually, there are only two littles untranslated parts remaining and I expect to release a beta version before the end of the year.

The script is near fully translated and edited. The only missing thing of the beta version will be battle texts, I guess (but if we have enough time to do them, we'll add them) but the game is fully playable without them anyway so it shouldn't impact this beta version.

More than a beta version, the planned patch is clearly to show people the project is not dead and near completion.

Note that the beta version will use the anime names. The final version will offer two choices, one patch with the anime names (english) and one with the manga names (japanese names).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Origin of video game character's name
« on: October 14, 2016, 04:00:38 pm »
Concerning Castlevania and the name Belmont, it is certainly not a French name, because its katakana transcription is "berumondo", whereas in French, the final -t of Belmont is not pronounced and it would certainly be written as "berumon".

I wonder if Belmont isn't rather a bad transcription of "Belmondo", which would rather sound Italian, and which incidently is also the name of one of the most well known worldwide French actor (Jean-Paul Belmondo, of Italian descent), quite popular in Japan, since the character of Space Adventure Cobra was designed upon him...

Belmondo = ベルモンド so it's written exactly the same in japanese.

The japanese wikipedia page says :

主要登場人物の多くは「ベルモンド (Belmondo)」の姓を持つ一族となっている。なお、欧米でのシリーズ名は『Castlevania』であり、「ベルモンド」は「Belmont」表記となっている。日本でも初期作品では「ベルモント (Belmont)」と表記されることもあったが、後に「ベルモンド (Belmondo)」が日本版での正式表記になった。

To summarize, it says the western name of the game is Castlevania and use "Belmont" name. Then, it say at the beginning, the name Belmont (ベルモント) was used in Japanese and then they started to officially use the name Belmondo (ベルモンド).

Maybe Western releases wanted to avoid any problems (like in JoJo Bizarre's Adventures. In the US versions, lots of names are changed because they are groups names/music names), maybe they just thought it sound better or maybe the romanization error come from the japanese. As it seems they were also using this name as the beginning, this answer seems the more plausible one.

If LostTemplar is back, I would say the best is just to wait until he's free to finish the project (except if you find another hacker you are fine to work with).

He's the one who started the hacking (and who did near all the actual hacking if I read correctly), so he might be the best person to do the job.

Even if it take years, I guess it would still be faster than Byuu (which seems to have awesome skills but which doesn't seem motivated from his answers when people were asking for news about the project on his board, it even seems he deleted the thread? Searched for it a while ago and haven't found it back).

I re-established contact with LostTemplar by email a matter of months ago. He mentioned some personal matters and said that he wanted to finish a different project first, which I suppose must have been your project. I'm sorry to hear that you've had no progress, both for your sake and mine as well.

I don't think it was my project because it wasn't really a "real" project. It was just someone I know who translated Arabian Nights from japanese to french with a canadian hacker who seems to have dropped the project, so we had just planned to ask and use LostTemplar work to reinsert the french version.

LostTemplar was okay about that idea, we started working on it but after a while, he dissapeared (and yeah, I supposed he had some personal problems so I haven't retried to contact him to not bother him).

What I mean is if it's this project he was referring to, then it won't be a big problem as most of the work is already done.

Quote from: Nightcrawler link=topic=22799.msg31a9549#msg319549 date=1475710517
I'm not clear on this. Is the script available for a hacker to pick up and complete said hacking? Or should this topic just be ignored as no new news? If you want your work to have a large impact, you might want to get it out there sooner rather than later before someone else's work on the game takes that spot instead. For all practical purposes, this project was abandoned years ago and other efforts may have started.

From what I read, the english main script is already reinserted (so basically, the work left to do is everything else) so I guess if someone want to redo everything one day, there won't really be any script to share but rather a rom where the hacker should extract the english script from it (which is not a bad thing, it would avoid to remodel the script or copy-paste it in a new dump format).

I don't think LostTemplar is still active on the Romhacking scene.

I was working with him on a project and it's been several years since the last answer, not to mention the last time he visited those forums is more than two years ago.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Does anyone know what game this is?
« on: August 25, 2016, 02:19:47 pm »
A few years ago I had this bootleg GBA cartridge with a bunch of games.

One of them was a Yu-gi-oh card game, which is what I'm looking for, but I can't seem to find the actual name of the game anywhere. I can't look at it on the cartridge either, because I cannot remember where it went.

Anyway, this game was originally for the GBA(clarifying this since these bootleg cartridges usually have NES games). You could select 6(or 8? somewhere around that number) people to battle in this fighting mode. When you select your opponent, they say some stuff, and then you face off in rock paper scissors to see who goes first in the match. Then the card game begins.

That's all I can really recall, except that it also had link support to battle actual other people, but I don't think that's really helpful.

If there wasn't any RPG-thing, it's probably "Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel" (it have a completely different name in japanese and there are at least two versions in Japanese, the western one being the more recent version), as what you say seem to be the main map of the game, where you can select which duelist you'll fight.

General Discussion / Re: Got Windows 10?
« on: June 19, 2016, 05:16:11 pm »
Yeah, a W7/W10 dual boot.

I mainly installed W10 just for a few exclusives games that might interest me (like Killer Instinct).

Except those games, I still only use W7 (my W7 have the automatic updates disabled since I installed it so pretty sure W10 will never install without asking first).

Personal Projects / Re: KiddEd: Alex Kidd in Miracle World Editor
« on: May 27, 2016, 11:04:15 pm »
Nice. Thanks for the infos!

Personal Projects / Re: KiddEd: Alex Kidd in Miracle World Editor
« on: May 26, 2016, 11:41:49 pm »
This is my favorite game on Master System and though I really lack the creativeness required to create levels, I really hope some people will do some romhacks with this editor, as I always wanted an Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2 ;)

I wasn't quite as offended by the PS2 remake's soundtrack as most of you guys (I actually liked it), but I really like the stuff you guys have posted here too!

I definitely understand the feel you guys are going for--the originals music gave off a very different feel from some of the remakes tracks.  I think the stuff shown off here does a good job of kind of recapturing that futuristic/tech feel of the original OST while making those tracks sound a bit more modern.  I'll definitely be interested to see how this all turns out!

I wasn't really offended either by the PSG2 soundtrack but I really like what I heard on this thread :)

At least, it's was I noticed about french translations, I wouldn't be able to tell if it's the same about english ones ;)

Personal Projects / Re: Battle Robot Retsuden: English translation
« on: May 21, 2016, 02:37:19 pm »
Even in French, the character is called "Char Aznable" even if the reference is official (I read somewhere the series creator is a fan of the singer ) so it would be pretty weird to call it "Char Aznavour" when even french people doesn't put the reference in the name.

About the name origin, it's also referenced in the japanese wiki page of the character (search for シャルル・アズナヴール which is the japanese spelling of Charles Aznavour name).

I've never really minded san/sama (as long as it isn't overused), but I've always had an issue with the  "big brother" translation. No one calls their big bother -> Big Brother. You call them by their effin name.

Depend, it can be the case with very young kids even in Western countries but for adults, it's clearly never happen or it's very rare.

I don't like to see -san -chan -sama and such kept but the big bro doesn't bug me that much, as it's sometimes hard to put the name, especially if this name is near never used (in a anime for example), as they near always use the family name and so seems completely off.

The problem with Japan -> English/French translators is that they are quite rare, and so we "take what we have", even if they don't have good skills in their own languages. I'm lucky : I worked with 2 translators (Hiei- and Eien Ni Hen), and both of them did a marvellous job (go play Phantasy Star Generations  2 and Psy-O-Blade if you don't believe me), but I've played French translations so badly written that I switched to the English one : at least, if they were bad written, my English was not good enough for me to notice :)

French translations are pretty good since a few years ago. For example, if you try the Earthbound or Mother 3 translations, you can see they feel pretty nice. But I'm okay with you for translations which was made like ten years ago, they were often done from english (and english ones weren't also pretty good 10-15 years ago) and the biggest problem at that time was how to fit all the texts in the game, which were often fixed by cutting some texts, like the old official translations.

The general rule I noticed is "the more texts the game have, the better the translation might be" as bad translations I saw are often for games with a few texts (NES games for example) that everyone can hack/translate. When it's a game with a lot of texts, it's often mean "a big/deeper hack" so the size of the translated texts are rarely a problem, which often give a far better translation. I did some old translations back in the day, before I learnt japanese, and you often had to keep a specific size for the texts, so you were forced to cut some lines and remove some of the dialogue contents (It's also what happened to the official french translation of Secret of Mana. The translation doesn't look that bad for a 20 years one but when you compare it with the japanese version, it feel like 2/3 of the dialogues were cut to fit in the rom, probably to spare some money and avoid using a 32M cartridge, as Secret of Mana is a 24M one).

And, of course, if it's a translation made from english, the english one should be good or else it'll also impact the french translation. But I'm one of those who think it's better to translate a game from a good english translation rather than translating directly from japanese with some limited knowledge of the language.

Japanese to English translators are a lot more common than Japanese to French translators, unfortunately for the french romhack community. I guess I know most people from the french romhack community and I don't think I'm wrong when I say that I saw less than ten Japanese to French translators in the whole community during the last 15 years.

I made a note of that and Hiei- said that he wasn't in favor of changing Maruera. His reasoning was that "marela" would be "marera", but I wanted to make it an anagram of Laerma while preserving the letter structure of the original word Maruera. If you wanted to keep the "u" for whatever reason, it could be changed into "Maruela".

By the way, Tryphon, I hope you're doing well. :D

If I remember right, I said something like it would make the "u" dissapear, which would be weird (but not sure, it's been a while).

Writing "Raeruma" as "Laerma" seems pretty legit (for example, "Charisma" is written "Karisuma" in japanese so the "u" dissapear in english in front of th "m"), I don't think it's the same for "Maruera" as I never saw a similar example for the "u" which would dissapear in front of an "e" but, of course, I could be wrong).

But Tryphon knows he can change whatever he wants anyway, I always left him the final choice as it was originally his project :)

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