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Personal Projects / Re: Secret Of Mana Gameplay Improvement Hack
« on: August 20, 2015, 09:10:18 am »
I already have a SoM hack with a working VWF, which will be released soon with the old english script (just need to modify the title screen, to reinsert the english intro text and to do an auto-formatting of the text to take advantage of the VWF, as it actually use the line breaks of the old script, so right now, mostly only the left part of the text box is used).

So the only thing missing to get an english retranslation with a VWF and uncensored stuffs is just a japanese to english translator to translate the japanese script.

And I'm actually working with zhade to have this version (VWF+Uncensored stuffs) compatible with his hack. Basically, he used the expanded part of the rom (16 => 24 MB) to put his routines there and I did the same for my modifications so I started to expand the rom to 32 MB and move all my modifications to the end of the rom, to leave empty the part of the rom he need for his hack.

It seems I misunderstood you Hiei. I and Red thought was was retranslating the game, but we still appreciate your efforts to readd the cut material.

I don't, just did this patch modification because I got it requested, and even if I had the time, I wouldn't translate something into a language which isn't my native one.

But I'll include the japanese script so if someone want to do it, who knows. I will also include the french retranslation (from japanese) script. Maybe it'll be easier to find a french to english translator than a japanese to english one. The french retranslation is pretty good and an official/professional one (the only "wrong" thing is the fact they renamed the cat "Niccolo" but I guess it's just because it's the name used in American/Europe, that's the only name different from the japanese one I saw, as Legend of Mana use "Nikita" for the cat name in japanese, same as Secret of Mana which use "Nikita" for the cat name in japanese) so with a good french to english translator, it would be enough to do a pretty good english translation.

I was asked by someone if I could do an english patch with the uncensored stuff and VWF and I found I could do it pretty easily so I'm actually working on it.

I guess it hould be ready in one week or two.

Edit : 40% of the script is inserted.

It took longer than I excepted (main reason was because I had forgot a lot of things about this romhack so I had to search them again, hopefully, this time, I wrote down everything in case I need them again :D)

Full english script is reinserted, english misc texts are reinserted, english battle texts are reinserted, splash screen is disabled.

Just need to put the english intro text back, redo the title subtitle, then to test the patch (shouldn't take that long).

I'll also put, with the future patch, the text dumps (english and japanese ones), in case someone is motivated to retranslate the game one day).

General Discussion / Re: Got Windows 10?
« on: August 02, 2015, 04:30:01 pm »
Will stay on Windows XP on my main computer, and will stay on Windows 7 on my personnal computer (no choice because lots of games now require at least Vista and/or DirectX 11 so Windows XP isn't enough).

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda 2 for GameBoy - Missing Link
« on: July 28, 2015, 02:54:33 pm »
Probably no one noticed the poll because the topic fell into oblivion, I think.
You should open it again now that it is refreshed in the top, don't you think?

Yeah, I would also have voted if I had noticed it.

I know. It's just that the game is overrated and not very good. Had to give my honest opinion.

It's not because you don't like the game that it's mean the game is overrated ;)

Newcomer's Board / Re: Landstalker's terrible d-pad control
« on: July 13, 2015, 02:13:33 pm »
Yeah, controls weren't bad. It just require a bit of learning, but I don't remember it being unplayable at all.

Oh, I only gave this link for the news, I didn't released a new patch yet since I overtook the project.

I could release one but it wouldn't be really playable as I removed all old side texts (everything except main script) so techniques and such are labelled as "Techs-XXXXX".

I guess a beta one will be released during summer, once the whole script will finally be completely translated.

It's still up and the last parts which require translation are actually being worked on.

Last news can be found here : http://www.kakkoiitranslations.net/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=197&start=435

About patching, it's pretty easy, just need to use a patching program like LunarIPS for example.

I didn't looked at but I remember some french guy translated it, long ago, and they said the pointers weren't common ones.

The guy who helped him to find those pointers back in the day was rveach (http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=841).

If he doesn't remember or is not available, I answered into the pm another way to be able to find the pointers using the french patch (by comparing both files, as you know where are the texts in the english french, will roughly be the same in french, and so by comparing the other locations, you'll spot the differences and pointers will be there).

I was asked by someone if I could do an english patch with the uncensored stuff and VWF and I found I could do it pretty easily so I'm actually working on it.

I guess it hould be ready in one week or two.

Edit : 40% of the script is inserted.


Seems they will release both in Europe, so finally it wasn't a C&D letter for nothing.

The text on the #1 screenshot is incorrect, it should be "Laura, dépèche-toi!" and not just "Laura, dépèche".
The text on the #2 screenshot makes no sense. "Foyer" means "fireplace", in this context she should probably say "salon" which means "living room".

If the entiere game is translated like that, then oh   :-[

Otherwise, it's nice that Hungarian language makes its entry on RHDN.

In fact, "dépèche" is also wrong. It should be "Dépêche-toi"

Hiei made a patch on a FR PAL rom as a base (has NoE's shitty French patch, but main point of interest is bug fixes. optimized for 50Hz though, so 60Hz conversion does cause some bugs like cutscenes ending too quick).
He restored the stuff censored graphically from JP to US/PAL versions (except the title screen, and naming screen)
and injected the French iOS script inside the rom (it started as a retranslation using JP script but it turned out the French iOS script was acceptably accurate).

The patch was released already, somewhere.

V2 which feature a VWF is native 60Hz. It also feature a new title screen (original one but with another color palette), with a subtitle which is the translation of the title "Seiken Densetsu" (Legend of the Holy Sword, in french, of course), but I forgot if it was made for V2 or if it was already in the first version.

Hi Guys,

found the scripts in IOS and Android version and check the english one.

Are you sure, that the script is the same like in the SOM1 SNES translation from Ted Woosley? (sounds like Ted Moosby ;)) LOL! ;)

Compare some sentences and found a lot of differents.

In the next step we could use the french/spanisch script and compare it with the english one. If we found a french or spanish guy who want help here.



That's what I heard about the english version but I didn't checked each sentence (read it was majority the same except some names changes). Feel free to send both scripts (english/french) in PM and I'll check with mine. Had them a while ago but I don't think I still have them.

About an english retranslation, DarknessSavior contacted me in 2013 to do one, so I sent him the japanese script and said him I would gladly reinsert the whole  translated script in my version (which already feature VWF, rom expansion and some censored things restored, like a boss and also a few unused dialogs) but didn't heard about him since then, so he might have gave up the project.

June 26, 2015, 08:25:19 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
..Elliott: Waaaaaah!!!..Man: That appears to be the real Mana Sword. Well...this certainly is troubling...
Bob : Bah ! D'abord, j'y suis pour rien, moi !..Voyageur : On dirait que cette ..p..e est bel et bien la v..ritable ..p..e de Mana..L'heure est grave. Notre monde est en p..ril..%S(0,

Some sentences seems better than the old ones, in english, but yeah, it's not accurate sometimes.

For example, here, the english should have been something like that :

Bob : Well! It's not my fault at all, anyway!.. Traveler: It looks like this sword is really the Mana Sword. It is quite serious. Our world is in danger.

If no one do them before the week-end, I'll do them.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Star Ocean (12MB ROM) problem
« on: April 30, 2015, 08:56:10 am »
>>Byuu's quit romhacking and programming.
That's a shame, but I'm sure is the best to byuu right now, if you lost interest in something and you no longer feel good doing it
just walk away.
As for SSrpg and Star ocean BS, I only know Spanish and English, but I will try those games anyway.

That's too bad as LostTemplar started the hacking of the game (which seemed fairly advanced) and stopped to let Byuu do it, and meanwhile LostTemplar seems to have also dissapeared :/

Unfortunately, I can't say I didn't saw that coming (not for the programming quit but the romhacking one, seeing his answer each time someone asked for news).

But if I'm right, the translator had a version with the full script translated so maybe it will be released one day, would be better than nothing (but as it's been like 3 years since the translator logged here, he probably just gave up :/).

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: The Hybrid Front Intro text
« on: April 22, 2015, 09:04:17 pm »
So, you are working on a new genesis game, nice :)

American, 32, not married.
No, it's not an issue.

Marriage seems to me like it's a largely outdated practice.  Aside from some very weird perks, like being considered "family" so you can see someone in the hospital, and some tax stuff, there really isn't any reason to get married.  It's more symbolic than anything else, and I was never much for symbolism.

You can still have meaningful relationships with people, live together, raise kids, etc.  The only difference with doing that without marriage is:

1)  You save money on the wedding
2)  You save money on marriage licence fees
3)  You save money and anguish on the likely divorce (seriously, it's something like 50% of marriages end in divorce)
4)  Your taxes will be less complicated

I'm outside the US (France) and 32, but not shocked about this statistic and I completely agree with what I quoted.

Marriage seems really bind to religion to me, and as I'm an atheist, don't seem really important at all to me (same for Christmas and other things like that).

I mean, I can understand some married people are very happy, but wouldn't they still be happy even without marriage? I mean, if you love someone, it shouldn't be any different, married or not. Contrary is the same, be married won't make you less happy so whatever.

What he said, in fact :)

I'm all in favor of building a life/relationship with someone.  I just don't see how a piece of paper saying you're married adds to that.  It's a purely symbolic gesture -- which, if your relationship is grounded, is of little/no practical significance.

We could argue it's better when you have kids and there is a divorce, but in fact, no (at least, here). Wether you are married or not, only one parent often get the right to keep the kids (the mother, most of the time) so it even change near nothing in this situation.

Personal Projects / Re: Marvelous Progress
« on: March 23, 2015, 08:12:34 pm »
Yeah, there's one : http://www.romhacking.net/translations/2006/

But the one talked here is probably a proper version (as the original version lacks a few things from whatt the original author said, VWF for example).

General Discussion / Re: Fan translations done the "new way"
« on: January 28, 2015, 07:23:18 am »
  • Other group of dedicated people do the text-only translation directly from japanese to all languages, such as japanese->english, japanese->german, japanese->french, etc, etc....
  • If nobody can do the mentionned translation, then someone may translate it form another lagnague in the wait of anything better
  • Whenever a translation fix is made (in any langauge), the new script is sent to the hacker, who releases a new patch.

I want to say, even if I also prefer direct translation, that sometimes you find some translations not translated from japanese which are better than one translated from japanese.

Just because it's directly translated from japanese doesn't mean it'll be a good translation (there are good and bad translators in any language).

Then, it depend of what people like but let's take an example. I would prefer to play a translation done from japanese to english then english to french if it has be done by two good translators rather than a direct japanese to french translation done by someone who have one year experience in japanese and think he can translate a game.

It's always better to translate from the original language, but when it's done properly, it's not a real problem.

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