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Personal Projects / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero translation project
« on: January 15, 2017, 08:58:26 pm »
From DDS :

Worked on the date/time and birthday entry screens, and allow years past 2014. Used the original numerals so the cursor will align properly.

Personal Projects / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero translation project
« on: January 15, 2017, 05:03:21 am »
From DDS :

Worked on Load menu today, converted date and time, and also incorporated the WIP graphics from @Doug_RPG and FlashPV.

From Doug :

The old and new signs for the Fire Bear Shrine.

From DDS :

Simple fix to the data initialization screens, for when you don't have the SRAM or RTC files.

Personal Projects / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero translation project
« on: January 12, 2017, 07:50:59 am »
From DDS :

Worked on the shop screen for buying. Moved some labels around, but still feels a bit cramped.

I had some problems with untouched ISOs wih the SSF emulator. I had to patch them to an unique region to make them boot.

So I choose the Japan region in the emulator and patched all of them with the Japan region.

Maybe it's the same problem for you? Does the untouched ISO of the game works?

Code: [Select]
Step 5 -
Get Ipins ( made by Echelon) and patch the iso with your bin file. You can also do this in a Hex editor.

So I guess it mean you can paste the content of the .bin file directly in the iso with an hex editor.

From what I seem to understand from the instructions page, ipins is a tool used during the recreation of the ISO.

I never tried to recreate a Saturn ISO but I guess you could use any programs which allow to do that (if they are any others, of course).

Edit : I found that : https://www.dreamagain.fr/files/outils/injip.zip (The website description says "A 32-bits alternative to Ipins)

Command-line usage :
Code: [Select]
Injip.exe ipfile iso
So if you have to patch the iso with a .bin file, I guess it should be :
Code: [Select]
Injip.exe file.bin file.iso

Personal Projects / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero translation project
« on: January 06, 2017, 08:07:36 pm »
From DDS :

Converting numerical months to the name of the month in dialogue, as requested by Tom. Also fixed time display

Yeah, I guess. It's so old I forgot  ;D

I can be wrong but from what I remember, I extracted it from Secret of Mana, which is another game I worked on (french retranslation).

I didn't know it was so much used in english translations.  :huh:

i finished the game and found no bugs.


I only found untranslated texts from the five NPCs:

Game Over:


Yeah, it's normal. I wrote in the readme those texts were not translated (for now, I only translated a part of those texts, the useful ones, those which give hints).

This is very nice. Thank you for all of your effort on this project!!
What are you planning to do next?  8)

A final version with better (manual) line-breaks, and translating the few remaining texts (even if there are completely useless, they should be translated).

Except that, I don't have any plans for other games for now (except I'm helping someone who want to redo the translation of Super Gokuuden 2 but I just wrote him dump/insert scripts for the texts).

Yeah, the power of your attack depend of how much the power value is raised.

If you keep attacking without raising it, your character will be slower and his attack power will be greatly reduced.

By the way, I forgot to include it in the readme but Zsnes 1.51 (dunno about older versions) doesn't emulate the game properly (though it's playable). In the second half of the game, the characters portrait often glitch and to fix it, it require to go in the option menu (START) then leave it. I guess it's a VRAM emulation problem (as it also happen with the japanese version and when I was young, I had the original game and never got this problem).

So yeah, I recommend to use other emulators (Higan/Bsnes, and maybe Snes9x, though I haven't fully tested the game on this last one).

Thanks, just noticed a typo thanks to your screenshot! It should be "Urgh!" and not "Ugh!" :D

I thought the images were still not okay in the project page, but there are. It was because of the browser cache, in fact.

Awe  :D that wil be most useful indeed. I'm still a little perplexed, but we'll get at translating this stuff. Meanwhile i'll search for a way to translate that annoying link/extras graphic.  Many thanks Hiei! :beer: :thumbsup: Cheers!!

No problem. I used their infos about Dragon Ball Z Gokuuden Totsugeki-Hen, and I also double checked the infos to be sure the staff translation was accurate and I didn't spot any errors so I guess their work is often pretty accurate.


Is it this game? If yes, as you can see, you can already find most of the staff translated in this website (and they also give the japanese writing, which is pretty nice).

It's always a website to check when someone need informations about video games staff.

Line-breaks might also not be the best for most of the dialogs as for now, it's an auto-wrapping routine done by the inserter.

I fixed the big problems (words cut between lines) and started to work on manual line-breaks but it'll take a while to put them in the whole script so manual line-breaks will only be available in the final version.

I also noticed a few battle texts aren't translated but I never encountered them in-game yet (when I say I noticed it, it mean I saw some untranslated texts in the battle text file but I haven't found any untranslated battle texts yet in the game), I haven't double checked yet but I guess it might be some dialogs which only appear when you lose a fight (which would explain why I never saw them, as I play with some PAR codes to have maxed stats and make battles faster xD).

Except those littles things, it should be okay and fully playable (some sentences in the main script might be missing, as I tried to check most of the choices, which give alternate dialogs but I can't be sure to have tested all of them. From what I saw, ~100 dialogs out of 5101 dialogs won't be translated in the beta-patch as we need to get some infos about where to find those texts in-game to get the context and all those dialogs are alternate choices only, the main story should not have any dialogs missing, except if I missed a few ones during my tests).

I'm actually doing a last playthrough to be sure there's no untranslated texts in the main story/in battles (until now, I found like ~20 dialogs which were forgotten and which are now translated) and once it'll be over, I'll release the beta patch (I just reached the second tournament so I'm near the end of the game).

December 30, 2016, 10:49:45 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Patchs are ready (one with anime names and one with manga names).

I'm actually writing the readme and will then send it to the editor to have it checked before the release (better have a readme with my average english fixed xD).

Once I'll get the proper version of the readme, I'll release the patchs.

Note that I don't know yet if editing the old page of the translation will add the new translation to the news bot? Does someone knows? Or should I better create a new project page for the patch?

Edit : I think I found a way, I wrote a news about it as I noticed users could write news about projects.

Meanwhile, the patch will be posted on the original forum, so it won't be a problem anyway.

December 31, 2016, 01:22:54 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)

The old translation page has been updated with the new patch.

But only one screnshot was modified, so I'll try to resend it again by adding a comment which explain why the old screenshots should be removed and replaced by the new ones, as the old ones aren't accurate at all anymore.

Personal Projects / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero translation project
« on: December 29, 2016, 10:49:00 pm »
From DDS :

Worked on the Equipment screen, and moved some fields and cursors around. Still need to fix item names so they don't overwrite each other.

January 01, 2017, 11:04:52 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
From DDS :

Item names should appear in dialogue windows correctly now.

Got item names to show for Inventory in combat, and moved the window for the bookmark names. Item description still needs 24 tiles though.

As planned, I confirm the beta version of Gokuuden 1 patch will be released on Saturday (31).

A few texts in the patch will be untranslated (some useless texts which often appear before and/or after a save point). A part of those texts are translated, though (the ones which give advices, so the useful ones).

This last text file will be fully translated in the final version, of course.

Personal Projects / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero translation project
« on: December 21, 2016, 09:35:04 am »
From DDS :

Finishing up the Clock screen, centering the text, and showing the mm-dd-yyyy format as requested by Tom.

Repositioning text for the Skill (ougi) menu in combat. Also clears all tiles properly

Expanded the Scrolls combat menu a bit, and added all labels and fixed garbage tiles from appearing now.

Testing out a method to upload item names, still need to fix tilemap. Moved some stuff around on Inventory screen to make room.

From Doug/FlashPV :

The cat battle graphics translated (edition by FlashPV). The "VS.", shield and Rumble graphics.

Personal Projects / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero translation project
« on: December 15, 2016, 01:36:12 am »
From Doug :

New background for the save screen.

The new font for the title screen.

From DDS :

Item names still need to be finalized, so went back to the Almanac screen. No more garbage tiles and dates/numbers/words display correctly.

I already said I could share whatever he might need :)

Personal Projects / Re: Tengai Makyou Zero translation project
« on: December 13, 2016, 12:22:04 am »
Hacking screenshots/news from DDS twitter (in chronological order) :

Got Tom's permission to post updates on Tengai Makyou Zero. Started fixing little things, like this clock not counting or displaying right.

Getting a bit closer to a legible almanac. Just gotta clean up the leftover tiles, and figure out what to do with the really long lines

Prototyping screens out and measuring available space. Expanding item names past 8 tiles will require modifying some menus.

Testing a method to upload tiles to memory, and see how the main menu will look like with an 8x8 font.

One more screen before I head out of town for the weekend.

Added the commands to the Scrolls menu, and cleaned up the garbage tiles that would appear in the blank spaces.

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