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So, um, grain of salt boys, I'm not a very serious guy but if I could do it I would put serious work into the following nonsense:

Paul Stanley's Love Gun (Doom)

You are Paul, because I think his duck face and star nonsense is funniest, you go abouts the map finding folks who are doing basically anything but having a good time. Shoot them with the Love Gun, instead of dying they're dancing. Soccer moms coming at you because your lyrics, bible thumpers upset over the imagery, random kiss fans upset the band got old and is really probably breaking up soon for realsies this time. That sort of nonsense. Obviously the music is Kiss.  Lol I just think it'd be silly stupid fun. If I could make it I would but I'd make it short. Pretty much Paul trying to find his car keys or some stupid.

Jet Grind Streets (Streets of Rage 2)

Beat and co in Streets of Rage except he doesn't actually hurt anyone. He paints them, like in his game, and when he defeats an enemy they stand there doing that stupid fun random reaching bull like in Jet Grind.

Tearaway Thomas in Sonic 1 self explanatory. The fella from Cinos ought to get some love among all these rando characters from every corner of the sonic fandom. Dr. Oiram? Somari is bit crap. Thomas is where poking fun at Sonic and Mario is at.

And of course my last post. Holy Diver music in Holy Diver's a duh. I have no clue why anyone would waste their time doing stuff like making Randy purple and calling him Dio when playing the game properly requires external music. Who plays Holy Diver without listening to Holy Diver the album? Heretics that's who. :laugh: So before there's anymore pointless Holy Diver hacks how about one that actually makes the game more Dio for real?

ROM Hacking Discussion / NES Music hacking?
« on: November 02, 2021, 10:02:07 am »
I just wanted to make sure there are no tools before I give up what I wanted to do.

I would like to change the music in Holy Diver on NES to Holy Diver the album. Well, you know what I mean, Dio sounding NES beeps and boops as close to the actual songs as I can get them.

I've found ways to rip music out of NES games and plenty of solutions for making the tracks themselves but nothing for swapping music.

So I assume it's a bit more in depth than finding the tool and using it. Probably well out of my league. Just wanted to make sure before I gave up on it.

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