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Current version: Wily's Toolbox v0.5.1


Usage: Start the program, load a ROM and edit away! Levels are selected via the menu, toolbar or F-keys, segments (each level has a few, basically stretching between the respawn points - you'll see when you use the program) and individual rooms in those via menu or F-keys.

Switch the editing mode to either edit the map or the objects; "drawing" maps works like in any paint program, select a block to draw either from the palette on the right, or by right-clicking on the map itself, then draw that onto the map by using the left mouse button. Objects are selected and dragged around by using the left button; a panel that allows changing of which object is selected, and that object's type and variable appears over the block palette when in object mode.

Display of collision/solidity can be switched on and off, and while technically the game appears to set what which collision type does per level, blue generally marks open space, green are solid blocks, yellow half-height solid blocks (meaning if there's empty space next to Mega Man, and a full-solid block above, you can't move there, if the block above is half-height, you can) and red insta-kill blocks (= spikes, which don't work in Cutman's stage, and are the reason why I believe this is level-dependant).

The game properties window, accessible by menu or toolbar, allows changing of both object and weapon properties; like an enemy's health, or a weapon's inflicted damage. Quite a bit of data there is still not yet fully understood, like of course the "unknown"s and "flags" - the latter determine, in the case of an object, ex. if it's soild. Also I don't yet know which weapon is which, besides the very first, which is the Mega Buster, so you'll need to experiment to see if you're editing the Rolling Cutter or whatever else. The last one might be the Time Stopper, seeing how it's damage is set to 0.

That's about all in terms of documentation at the moment, as I haven't written a proper Readme or anything yet - that thus makes the "Documentation" menu entry under "Help" useless for now, sorry :P

(Original first post below...)

I guess the thread subject and screenshots already say most of what I could say at this point :P  Anyway, this is an editor for Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge for the Game Boy, called Wily's Toolbox. It's written in C# - a first for me, ignoring some minor experiments - and still a work-in-progress, but already capable of simple level editing for the four regular levels. There's also a bunch of bugs still, which is why I'm not providing a download yet (hopefully soon), and it's still missing some features I'd like to get in prior to release. Also, if anyone has any kind of documentation about this game, feel free to throw it my way - I've been researching and coding this on my own so far, and while I've figured out much of ex. the level format, things like sprite animation or how/where level segments connect to each other are still a mystery.

Ah, and finally, here's how the above looks in-game:

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