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Newcomer's Board / Re: What is name of it?
« on: July 05, 2014, 02:02:47 pm »
If it's the once-popular emulator that has been out of date for over a decade, all it is is recording THE EMULATOR'S audio output to a WAV file. (so if the emulator's audio quality is poor, which it is, or the emulator lags, which is oddly enough seems to do MORE the FASTER your CPU is, you'll bad AND laggy audio that is not at all accurate to game)
You're not actually taking anything FROM the ROM.

From what I understand, getting a proper SPC rip is not as simple as hitting a button in ZSNES.
To get a PROPER rip, you'd have to actually know about the sound data and how to find it in the ROM (I don't). :)

If an enemy touches you with fire power up in SMB3, you will not shrink whereas in SML/SMB you will.
You'll shrink if you're playing the Japanese version.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: [SNES] Wozz - Minor Checks.
« on: July 03, 2014, 02:57:18 pm »
Manual description
すいげつば 水の刃を生み出して敵を切り刻む 敵全

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Stores that sell your rom hacks- canada
« on: June 30, 2014, 10:36:57 pm »
Not really anything ROM hack/translation authors can really do.

To be honest it's hard to say if even Nintendo or Square-Enix will think it's worth the effort (MONEY) taking them to court.

What I've been unable to understand is the relation between the RAM and ROM for a value like 0482. The starting value for 0482 in ROM is "05" while in RAM it is "00". I'm guessing at the start of the game instructions are sent to change this value to "00". So let's say I want the starting value of "0482" in RAM to be "02", how do I go about changing this?
There isn't a relation between ROM (CPU 8000+) and RAM (0000-07FF for console RAM and 6000-7FFF cart RAM).
Code in the former changes the latter.
If you want to change RAM, you need to find the code that changes it.
It can be found by using the Breakpoint feature in the debugger in FCEUX to show code when certain address is accessed/modified but it may have limited usefulness if you don't know 6502 ASM.
Those "rules changes" would definitely need ASM knowledge (and probably a lot of time to disassemble and figure out significant amounts of game code).

Front Page News / Re: Translations: Ninja Rahoi Translation Released!
« on: June 29, 2014, 01:36:58 pm »
Yeah, complete with a weird cart.
The Famicom had many third-party designs. Awhile ago I had wrote up a page documenting licensed third-party FC cases.
The only kind I can immediately recall missing are a couple one-offs: Family BASIC and Karaoke Studio. But I those are now fetching collector prices.
Well, and one series of software by Konami (non-games like some chemical-safety training thing). No way I'm ever affording any of those. Those are INSANE collector fodder now.
I'll just spoiler to avoid derailing.
Nintendo: standard, large (mostly MMC5 games)
Sunsoft: standard, Nantattee(? can never spell that right) Baseball (though no expansion carts)
Namco: early (usually black), late (blue, I think used for all games starting with Splatterhouse in 1989)
Taito: first (used with games through 1988), first design with fake battery cover (despite the "door" being on the back, it seems the battery is actually on the front of the PCB), second (first used with Akira in 1989, released in both, through #45 Flintstones in 1992), last (#46-48 Captain Saver, Bubble Bobble 2, Jetsons)
Jaleco: early (small, used through 1987?), later (big, all games 1988 and later?)
Bandai: standard, big (only for Family Trainer and Famicom Jump?)
Konami: early (with pre-1986 Konami logo molded on the back), standard (former Konami logo spot is a blank rectangle), big (only for VRC6 RPGs?)
IREM: earlier w/LED (only six games?), earlier without LED (used through #15 4WD Ultra Battle in 1989?), later (first used in #8 Guardic Gaiden in 1988?)

Is it just me or are the blue Namco carts as well as Bandai difficult to remove from the console (I have an official AV FC) without extreme force? :(

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy IV - Project II
« on: June 27, 2014, 02:01:05 am »
Assuming this is a balancing hack and the story/events, etc. aren't changed, you missed a plot event/key item.
You'll get a game over after DarkElf beats you (unavoidable) if you don't have that item.

Tengai Makyou IV (port): product placement, a few religious references, political correctness ("indians" now called "red people").
And now "red people" is considered offensive. So much I hear the Washington Redskins football team had their trademark rights pulled.

Indeed EarthBound's text storage is practically its own game engine (if you've played RPG Maker, that should give an idea).

Front Page News / Re: Homebrew: New Homebrew Added to the Database
« on: June 21, 2014, 03:39:56 pm »
Isn't the answer to the WWTBAM question "Rygar"? :P
(localization mixup)

Maybe a silly idea, but a hack for Oracle of Ages/Seasons that allows to equip two or more rings at once (as long as they are not conflicting, like the Form Rings) would be interesting.
You don't already earn that ability in the game? The game makes it sound like you can.

I'm guessing that's the standard memory card warning message.

... oh I'm sorry "Memory Card (for PS2)(8 MB)" :P

Congratulations! :woot!:

I've procrastinated on my translation. Though there's probably no reason to not still release it anyways. Whenever that is.
(as mine was largely an issue with actually playing through. I did get Stage 0 finished, which is most of what needed translation anyways, from what I've seen of the game.)

What do you mean, Vanya? Like the US prototype that is already dumped and available? :P

Only after Nintendo tried to sue it off the market. (even post-market, I've heard some reports of Nintendo trying to get ebay to declare them a prohibited item)

I was thinking more did the official Nintendo/Sega seals at least it had some guarantee it wouldn't break the system at least.
(like most unlicensed companies besides Tengen used brute-force techniques to zap the lockout chip, which I've heard could damage the console if used extensively)

This piece of hardware was released in 1992, AFTER the SNES. It's of no surprise to me that it would fail. It came too little, too late.

It was also unlicensed, which means it had a harder chance of even reaching major chain stores.
(I suppose the Game Genie made it because it was made by a Galoob, then a MAJOR toy company that obviously had some pull.)

Why didn't Nintendo have like a build in "Aladdin deck" of their own already built into the Nintendo console so that they didn't have to produce extra chips?

Because Nintendo probably learned from the Famicom Disk System. The extra box was an extra expense to the consumer, and it also had widespread piracy.
If indeed the Aladdin carts are just the game chips on a small board, it would either be piracy-bait or would have to have anti-piracy that would take as much effort as standard carts (and considering by the early 90s Nintendo had seen the lockout chip the NES already had was a bigger hindrance than help)

Gaming Discussion / Nintendo announces Mario hack app
« on: June 11, 2014, 12:09:48 am »
Sort of. It looks like it's a new game but with built-in level editing, including SMB or New SMB graphics sets.

Who knows, maybe in 20 years they'll condone translation hacks for old games?

General Discussion / Re: So I was watching the new AVGN...
« on: June 09, 2014, 01:04:26 am »
I think the Japanese version allows you to save (though using an ASCII TurboFile memory card). You have to push A on controller 2 for the menu, though I'm not sure which if any emulators support it, so I'd guess you'd have to use savestates otherwise.
However, the NES version doesn't include saving, or even passwords. I'm guessing they gave you 50 lives as an apology.

Programming / Re: [NES] Captain Tsubasa II DTE Hack
« on: June 03, 2014, 12:48:59 pm »
You can double the number of pairs by using two tables (make one table of the first character in every pair, and another table with the second character in each).

So like to read pair 5:
on a single-table DTE, you'd read character 10 (5 x 2) on pass 1 and character 11 (5x2 + 1) on pass 2.
on a two-table DTE, you'd read character 5 in table 1 on pass 1 and character 5 on table 2 on pass 2.

The limit is increased because DTE routines use X to read into the table, so on NES (which has only 8-bit registers) it is only possible to read up to 255 bytes ahead from the start of the table. Since a single-table DTE takes two bytes per pair, that means you can only have half as many pairs.

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