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How about a completionist hack of Super Mario World?  In most subsequent Mario games (including Mario DX for Gameboy Color) the game will remember whether you've gotten all of the Yoshi Coins / Star Coins in each level.  I was hoping they'd do this in the GBA release of Mario World, but no such luck.

Here's all ya gotta do:
 - If a player collects all the Yoshi coins in a stage, display an indicator while they are standing on that stage.
 - If a player collects all the Yoshi coins in the entire game, pallete-swap the title screen or something, like in Yoshi's Island.

I'm sure a Dragon Coins indicator hack has been done in SMW SNES before, as I've watched people play ROM hacks with it.

Personal Projects / Re: Translating every Master System game
« on: August 16, 2017, 10:35:53 am »
I remember watching Sardius play Alex Kidd in High Tech World. He got to the second "adventure" stage, and it sounds like even Sega of America didn't know how to finish the level (I recall they gave a solution like "pause the game 100 times" which sounds more like a cheat code than an intended solution). :D

Personal Projects / Re: Translating every Master System game
« on: August 15, 2017, 09:38:07 pm »
Possible Japan exclusives with little or no Japanese text?

According to SMSPower!...
Comical Machine Gun Joe
Satellite 7
Woody Pop (ported to Game Gear for international release years later)
Alex Kidd BMX Trial
Galactic Protector
Great Baseball
Great Golf (both "Great" sports games are Japan-exclusive and different than the western games of the same titles)
Nekkyuu Koushien
The Pro Yakyuu - Pennant Race

Is Great Ice Hockey any different? It seems the west was one of those Sports Pad REQUIRED games, but I don't think the Sports Pad was released in Japan. The Japanese version of the hockey game had a limited release to like 1,000 copies as a contest prize only, and without the Sports Pad. So did it get changed?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Legal Question (New to Rom Hacking)
« on: August 15, 2017, 06:48:45 pm »
Nintendo states there's no reason to use an emulator except to pirate games.
I would equate that to when CD publishers said something about CD burners and digital media back when CDs were still the primary music distribution medium. :P

Personal Projects / Re: Translating every Master System game
« on: August 15, 2017, 06:42:37 pm »
Although Mahjong Sengoku got a Hong Kong release, it seems that one was unchanged from its Japanese release?

(compared to the also-rare NES Mahjong, which got the box and instructions translated to English, but the game itself was seemingly unchanged)

Just watching one of my Internet pals play the Brazilian Woody Woodpecker game, I can just feel it is a painfully terrible and generic sidescroller. Quite a shame as Woody was of my favorite childhood cartoons.

I can't remember for sure but didn't they make a remake for old Japanese cellphones?

Gaming Discussion / Re: Otake - PC Engine emulator
« on: August 14, 2017, 12:52:08 pm »
I don't think the UI is that bad, aside from the giant load screen forcing you to load a game immediately.
Mednafen is supposedly also good, if you don't mind having to do everything from the command line.

While I don't like paying for emulators, I don't feel good about pirating said emulators either. So I don't think that leaves much left for PCE emulation, so I use Ootake.

Reverse the buttons in Alex Kidd in Miracle World!

Seriously, I can't play this game, because the buttons are backwards.

Didn't Sega themselves release two versions of the game, with opposite button settings?
I think a cartridge and a BIOS version. They should be both out there.

I think the button reading in SMS uses the I/O port registers, so the controller I think is "IN a,($DC)" (and $DD as well)

Personal Projects / Re: Mod FF9DangerFire 1.1 (PSX Only)
« on: August 13, 2017, 11:14:09 pm »
Patch downloads are fine but no ROM/ISO links.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Otake - PC Engine emulator
« on: August 13, 2017, 12:32:51 pm »
I remember years ago Ootake was updating seemingly nearly every day, then stopped.

So the author has started working on it again?

Personal Projects / Re: Translations of early Famicom games
« on: August 13, 2017, 12:27:06 pm »
Also, the 3DS eShop port of Kid Icarus was based on the FDS version. I noticed that as soon as I booted it up and heard the unmistakable sound of the FDS FM synth title music. :)

Moero Twinbee was localized as Stinger. I remember the third player option was removed from the localization but I can't recall if the one screen of dialogue in the opening in the Famicom cart re-release was in the FDS original or not.

Nazo no Kabe got a PAL-only localization called Crackout.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Tecmo Secret of the Stars. :< -> :>?
« on: August 13, 2017, 02:00:17 am »
Well, in the English version that town had a very obvious KFC joke.
Though I think it was still a chicken joke in Japanese?

Oddly the credits in the ending were changed as I recall. Different jobs got credited on the game (as I recall, a couple people that did get credit (presumably) in both versions used a fake name in the Japanese version and real name in the English version.)

In all seriousness, I started using Imgur back in 2012 and I've never once had a problem linking images.  I don't see anything regarding enabling or disabling external linking in the settings, either.  However, I did stumble upon this interesting little tidbit in the Terms of Service page:… … …
Avatars are more or less what I have been using them for.
It's probably not a problem, though, since I don't use an excessive amount of bandwidth.

I wonder if Twitch Plays Pokemon would be an example of that, namely "sidegames".
That is, during the months of 24/7 PBR betting they added a feature where chat VERY SLOWLY plays an additional GBC/GBA game, to the tune of one button input for every PBR match. A bot screencaps after every input and uploads to imgur. Someone else ran a website that would display all the screenshots, so users could attempt to follow. Eventually the mirror stopped being up-to-date. One previous game they did link to an imgur album (within imgur's site), but that became impractical to follow once the game reached thousands of screens.

I agree, title should've mentioned the nature of the thread.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Legal Question (New to Rom Hacking)
« on: August 11, 2017, 12:37:53 pm »
It's still technically copyright-infringement, so legally yes they can sue.
It's just that MOST times, companies don't consider it in their best interest (going to end up just losing money on legal fees, vs. how much they could even realistically get from fans as compensation, and/or create a bad public image that could cost them money in lost sales, etc.) to pursue legal action against ROM hacks.

But with Prism, Nintendo decided it was. Do you know what a Cease & Desist is? It is a (relatively) polite warning to stop what they are doing or they will be sued. So if they officially released the patch, that would violate the warning and Nintendo would have to sue them like they said.

$400 a year to be allowed to hotlink? :o

I mean I understand a fee, but seriously...?

Personal Projects / Re: KingMike's Translation projects.
« on: August 10, 2017, 12:28:03 am »
Another game I've been working on is Crimson for MSX2.
I have fully dumped the script and I've got at least a machine translation all written up for a starting patch.
I'm looking into the technical parts.
I think I got all the pointers detected (it's a game with pointers largely buried within code but I wrote a program to seek out the most of the pointers from code and manually detected the others. Only about three lines I couldn't find pointers but I think they may not be used anyways so perhaps they don't have pointers.
Been reading up on MSX stuff and I think I've got the text routine basically fully documented. The various text routines seem to all use the same core, maybe only the final ending screen is different, I haven't looked at it yet.

Though once I managed to get the VRAM dumped, I found that despite using ASCII text codes it doesn't contain the full font.
(I was able to convert a VRAM dump to Genesis tile format so I can at least view it in WindHex to check the data.) As part of the text routine was a long part that converts text codes into font VRAM addresses.
So I guess I will have to figure out how the font is stored in the ROM and change it after all.

It might even be feasible to do a VWF on this, but I think I'll worry about polishing like that later.

One thing I do think about has to do with the "laser" printing animation the game does. It looks kind of cool but at the same time I'm thinking about removing it. Battles are pretty slow paced in this game due to being terribly RNG-dependent. And I'm sure the animation is slowing it down further. But I know that sort of thing should be an optional "turbo" hack afterwards if I can be done as easily as I suspect it can be now.

There's only a few 1MB GG games but that's as large as they went on the Sega 8-bit consoles.

Personal Projects / Re: Arcana - Seal of Rimsala! (SNES)
« on: August 09, 2017, 10:47:21 am »
If you're talking about uninitialized RAM, technically it is random values.
But emulators may default to filling RAM (and I assume SRAM) with certain values (such as the 0x55 and 0xAA, or alternating bits, pattern SNES9x has used).

I'm assuming it was removed since the contents of the patch was technically Human's creation. But I'm not positive on that.

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