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Followed by 807 kanji.

Since the game uses the hi-res display mode (like with Marvelous Another Treasure Island), you can just stretch a 8x8 font x2 horizontally and it will show correctly without any further hacking. I see however that the place names don't use said mode, so it may require just pre-render the entire name for the location using the kanji tiles.

I don't remember the game that well (haven't played much). But as I understand correctly the coding difference between normal and hi-res is that hi-res displays the entire tilemap (or if enabled for only a portion of the screen like it is, the entire width of the tilemap for those scanlines). (whereas under normal resolution, only a quarter of the tilemap is displayed at one time, to give the game room to load data as the map is scrolled and avoid scrolling glitches like the NES)

Pretty sure there was a Mario All-Stars SMB3 remake (or it was probably a SMW hack using SMAS graphics).

If that's been done less than a hundred times already, I'd be disappointed. :D

Here's explanation on Kangaroo

I prefer Brambert, honestly, but Brambard works too.

Oh and I thought it was
Arche who became a statue, not Mint

It was Mint who volunteered to be the sacrifice when Cless made the deal. Or maybe the witch chose Mint, I can't remember that detail. As the witch is casting the spell on Mint, Arche runs into to take the hit, screaming something like "oh why do you care who it is anyways?"

Tom Hanks' volleyball in Castaway.


One of a few NPCs who joins the party during the game. The NPCs normally don't participate in battle and as such don't have stats, but Justin hacked the game to make him playable.

He was a leader or something of the elf village, allowing the party to enter until
this witch turns him to stone as a sacrifice to make her undo her stone spell on Arche. Because Cless is an asshole who cares more about his dead friend's smashed bow than MINT'S LIFE. :P

Programming / Re: Problems with menu/battle function in Bahamut Lagoon
« on: April 28, 2014, 05:31:55 pm »
I don't think there's enough context of what the memory does. What's the purpose of the input and the output values?

So, in the original, we have IF (SOMETHING - #$20) * 14 < 0x533 THEN...
and in the hack we have IF SOMETHING * 16 < 0x2000 THEN...

EarthBound is a pretty silly game, but the late game plays it a bit more seriously.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Final Fight 3 NES MMC3 Hack Possible?
« on: April 27, 2014, 04:13:13 pm »
From looking up the mapper 90 documentation on nesdev.com, it doesn't look like you can convert it to MMC3. Not without at least a real assload of effort. :P

Pokemon Yellow and FF7 use FlashROM (from what I've been told) so its possible to get a compatible cart and replace the ROM. Also, they use what seems to be a very simple mapper (in theory). (Again in theory) the only thing preventing it from being converted to another mapper is that they use bigger ROM than most mappers support.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Metroid Map and Saving Hack
« on: April 20, 2014, 03:53:14 pm »
Actually - I have made such a hack...it's called mOTHER!

Is Samus PK Rockin'? :P

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Rockman & Forte SFC question
« on: April 20, 2014, 03:20:51 pm »
The end of AGTP everyone. Gideon's going to see this and probably EXPLODE when questioned if he thinks Ian Kelley is better than Capcom.  ;D

Not reportedly, the GB does use a modified Z80 asm which they changed to 100% pure Z80 for the GBC. IIRC, the NES contained a modified 6502 ASM set as well.
They couldn't have switched the CPU (and with it, the instruction set) in the GBC, or they'd have broken backwards-compatibility.

Diamond Trust must've been approved in some form as I do recall the point of the Kickstarter was to pay Nintendo's manufacturing costs.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: April 14, 2014, 07:52:05 pm »
I just saw it as a lesser version of the SFC Original (just as the GBA), but that version's graphics actually seem to have a lot of charme! And it seems to have exclusive contend!
So good job on translating so far and thanks for giving this port some needed attention  :beer:

Lesser being quite an operative term IMO. :P
(from what I recall, it seemed almost bad as the DOS games, it wouldn't surprise me if Capcom also just licensed the IP to another developer.)
But yeah, different game.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: NES fading effect colors
« on: April 12, 2014, 09:11:51 pm »
If you can't find anything like that, use a debugger to trap writes to address 2007 during a fade,
FCEUX allows you to do breakpoints on the relevant VRAM address itself.

At least it seems to resemble the game its ripping off, rather than Minish Cap pirate, which was another Nanjing RPG.

But emulation of Game Boy games can be done in software – either with Goomba in GBA mode, or Lameboy in DS mode.  Granted, neither of those options are perfect, but then the Game Boy Pocket wasn't strictly compatible with original GB games either.
Then Nintendo would have to write an emulator, which might require more effort than they wanted (especially if it was designed before they had Virtual Console in mind. Even then, they were skimping out on features that should've been simple like SGB colors/borders, BUTTON MAPPING, option to boot games in GB or GBC mode. They also left out Game Link support, though I hear the GL is actually harder to emulate than it sounds?).

Newcomer's Board / Re: First Hack - GB Tetris Score Saving
« on: April 12, 2014, 12:04:34 pm »
For GB, I use WLA DX.

This looks like a lot, but it's very simple.
To use that, create an assembly code file, a text file with you ASM code.
Code: [Select]

.MEMORYMAP          ;CPU memory map
SLOT 0 $0000        ;fixed ROM bank
SLOT 1 $4000        ;swappable ROM bank
SLOT 2 $8000        ;actually, 8000-9FFF is VRAM and A000-BFFF is SRAM
SLOT 3 $C000        ;WRAM


.BACKGROUND "romname.gb"   ;your ROM file name here, allowing you to overwrite the original

.bank 0 slot 0      ;insert code in ROM bank 0 (0000-3FFF), assuming this ROM bank maps to CPU slot 0 (defined above as PU address 0-3FFF)

.org SomeAddress  ;will insert code at SomeAddress in the currently specified bank
  ;code goes here
You'll need to write your new code in some empty space. Then go to the original code and insert a jp/call command (as approriate to whether you end your code with a jp or ret command) to your new code.

Then to assemble, I create a BAT file.
Code: [Select]
wla-gb -o source.asm source.o
wlalink -r source.txt rom.gb
Where source.asm is our source code we just created, source.o is some file our assembler will create,
source.txt is another text file we will create:
Code: [Select]
(of course the file our assembler created)
and rom.gb is our ROM file we are hacking.

Also, once you're done saving the scores to SRAM, you probably want to disable SRAM again. That will avoid the "saves get erased when the power is turned off" problem, like NES games had.

GBC on a DS would've required an extra CPU, adding a bit of cost and some complexity to the console.
I can imagine Nintendo wanted to save money on the console, especially when that was one area they knew Sony was going to have to take a hit on when they launched the PSP. (though as I recall the DS still launched at $150, well above the GB line's typical price around $90)
Then again Nintendo did include the Metroid Prime Hunters demo card with early consoles, perhaps negating some cost savings from the extra CPU. :P

I don't think it's fair to compare the Virtual Boy and the Wii U.

The Virtual Boy was a prototype- Gunpei Yokoi intended for the final version to be much lighter and use color LEDs instead of the pure red ones. But Nintendo got impatient and shoved the thing out the door before it was ready- then blamed Yokoi when the thing failed miserably.
The way I heard that is...
so I hear in Japanese customs, if something fails, it has to blamed on a person, and that person has to be severely demoted (because they don't like to outright fire anyone).
So Yokoi let them blame him and resigned (probably because his almost-certainly-ingenious idea because an industry punchline by being released unfinished).

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