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If it came from Satellaview, Higan probably expects it to be booted from within the BS-X app. But I haven't played much with Satellaview stuff in Higan so I don't know the procedure.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Untranslated Famicom RPG list
« on: February 22, 2016, 01:28:19 pm »
I agree we shouldn't decide what's good or bad.
But we also shouldn't tell people what they SHOULD be translating.

I am currently playing the original Megaten. Befriending enemies was a pretty new (for console games, it probably wasn't the first as I heard Wizardry 4 did that earlier. But I never played a Wizardry aside from renting the SNES port of 5 a few times as a kid). Certainly historically important since it launched one of the largest RPG franchises. But there's honestly a few things I have no qualms save-stating for (and I normally try to play games without tool assistance.)
Coming close to the end of the fourth dungeon, I think (out of six total, it is looking like). These just keep getting exponentially bigger. Aside from the buggy enemy I posted in another thread, enemies that can PERMANENTLY drop your Exp Level. And chain battles.

I've been starting to play Metal Max in Japanese. I would like to try to work on that, as Gideon says he has no interest in the original version. I'm sure the SFC version is probably better but for a series that has managed to keep running so long, it's probably historically important to have the original translated.

Akuma-kun is a rather short game, but I'd say it's decent. Probably even shorter on replays since once you learn a new spell (most are learned by level-up) you can get a recipe to quickly re-learn it in another game.
Though the few you can't? learn at level-up, you can learn from NPCs. But the clues they give are entirely sound based, which could be real annoying if you weren't playing on an emulator with sound recording capability. Since you need to listen to the clue, then go back to the magic lab and use the sound effect clues to create the recipes.

Momogaiden is also in the works. I'd work on the FC version because it's what I'm most used to. I don't know if PCE version would be easier to translate or not. mednafen's debugger is certainly powerful but not very easy to use. I also wouldn't be surprised if it was more heavily compressed (I know Momotarou Densetsu Turbo is Huffman compressed, compared to the FC original which is actually uncompressed but stored its text in 7 bits per character encoding instead of the normal 8 bits. MDT is still worth its own translation as it diverges pretty heavily from the original version.

Dungeon Kid I think stores its text as 16x16 metatiles (or TSA, I think they're often called by ROM hackers). Also, a top-quality hack would probably modify the SRAM format to store double-length items, enemies, or whatever (as I recall, it was already storing the dakuten as separate bytes, so it is certainly exploitable to store expanded names).

I had worked on Satomi Hakkenden before. I'd like to finish, but I had to basically rewrite the text engine (and would have to fix the resulting broken windows).

I think Last Armageddon is different between systems, but I haven't played very much. PC-98 seems to be a dungeon crawler but the FC version seems to use a FF2-like level system.

18. I don't know if it's also virtually possible, but I want someone to expand the ROM size limit of Mother 3 to maximum size level of a normal GBA game. I say this, because from the looks of it, Mother 3 seems like an unhackable game thanks to the size of the translation made by Mato. If this could be expanded, many people would try to port their EarthBound hacks to Mother 3. But I still don't know if it's possible. Hell, I don't know which is the largest GBA game in existence (largest by ROM size, of course).
Mother 3 is already the GBA maximum size, 32MB.
(without a mapper. I've heard the only GBA carts to use a mapper were a couple of those crappy GBA Videos, which was only relatively recently cracked.)

@Gary_Oak I think RBYGSC use a tile-mapped font (meaning each character is only drawn once in VRAM and repeated across the screen.) Using a VWF on a tile-based console like the GB requires drawing all the text as graphics (across many times). It would be an extensive amount of work (basically all printing functions would have to be redrawn), and I don't think there would even be enough VRAM for all of it (at least on an original GB, GBC probably has enough. Though I don't know about Crystal, since it was already GBC-only, I don't know if it's already using that space.)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Megami Tensei super glitch
« on: February 19, 2016, 01:15:15 am »
First time I've seen such a huge glitch, although it seems to be one of the many one-off mappers Namco made (which did weird things like using the CHR-ROM address pins to control or whatever its doing. Explaining why a lot of the CHR-ROM has seemingly wasted space with duplicate data.)
I know (as well as probably Gideon and Pennywise, them probably more than me) how finicky the game's timing is. I'm guessing just one of the reasons Gideon never released his patch is because of randomly incorrect wall "textures" being displayed.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Untranslated Famicom RPG list
« on: February 19, 2016, 01:03:50 am »
Dai Meiro isn't an RPG (it's basically a first person puzzle game), and it's already translated.

Gaming Discussion / Megami Tensei super glitch
« on: February 15, 2016, 11:45:20 pm »

Succubus killed me (they might fall over if you so much as tap them, but you can't kill them all fast enough to avoid their magic) and the game went nuts.

Giving me a ton of level-ups with glitched stats before it finally decided to settle down and crash already. :D

Personal Projects / Re: Akuma-kun - Makai no Wana, Project
« on: February 12, 2016, 07:17:26 pm »

If I'm not mistaken, most GBC only games were programmed to display an error message when booting on incompatible hardware (either GB, Super GB or an emulated GB). In addition to that there was the physical impossibility to insert GBC only games in a GB because some plastic thing that prevented to insert the cart in a regular GB.
They were only physically impossible to insert on an original Game Boy, not impossible to insert any other variation of the original GB (SGB1/2, Pocket, Lite).

Yes, as said, games contained an error message to stop the user from experiencing a buggy game if they played on a wrong console. The game might play, but as soon as they hit a part of the game that tries to use a feature unsupported by the original Game Boy (such as using the extra RAM or higher-speed CPU mode), it will crash.

How to bypass the check and experience the glitchy mess that results is possibly a game-specific hack.
It could be checking a few things:

all GB/GBC systems have a boot ROM (which checks if the cart has a proper Nintendo header). The important thing is the last instruction, which writes something to a CPU register that disables the boot ROM. The boot ROM on different GB systems will write a different value to that register to give a secondary effect of allowing the game to identify which GB system is used (but the game will need to immediately copy that value to RAM, like in one of the first instructions executed, since it cannot be directly read again).
Example, Donkey Kong GB: Dinky & Dixie:
Code: [Select]
All GB code (after the boot ROM) will start executing at ROM address $0100). Typically that code is
jp $0150
DKGB is no exception.

At $0150 is:
ld sp,DFFF
cp a,11           ;a holds the value left by the GBC boot ROM, identifying the hardware as GBC.
                      ;this instruction sets a flag in the CPU if a=11 or not
ld a, 23           ;these two instructions swap in ROM bank $23. This is going to be the ROM bank with the error screen.
ld (2000),a
jp nz,6c47      ;here is where the flag, previously written by the GBC detection check is checked. It will branch to the error screen.
                    ;I'd guess you could nullify the check by writing nop ($00) over the 3 bytes in this instruction (C2 47 6C at address $015A) in the ROM
That last line seems to do it. Game "playable" in GB mode with all graphics replaced by a glitchy mess.

Ocarina of Time is lame. If you want the real deal, play A Link to the Past on the SNES. And if you want to play a cool N64 game play Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness.
That's not the point of the thread. :P

As a side note is that really how you save in Zelda? How convoluted is that! What if you don't have a second controller!?
Certainly it was designed with the original RF Famicom in mind, with the controllers permanently attached.

If we're talking about being to save and restart at the same point, on a console game, I'm sure the Famicom version of Ys did that (unless you want to exclude that because it lets you save everywhere EXCEPT boss battles. Since that could also be an unwinnable situation since it is one of the games that makes bosses invincible if you haven't reached a certain Experience Level.), and wow is it needed, thanks to lack of knockback or invincibility frames anything can drain your life bar in one hit unless you have the reaction time of a ninja.

Newcomer's Board / Re: PSN Policenauts
« on: February 08, 2016, 11:28:21 am »
I thought I recall the translation patch authors mentioning about how to extract the ISO from the PSN release and being able to use the patch on it (as one method of obtaining the game).

because, I wanna test that it is playable or something.
Also, I know that I can active Panel de Pon GB on Poémon Puzzle League.
That's a secret code. I think it lets you just play a single game.
And Donkey Kong Dixie & Dinky was an original Game Boy game in the west (Donkey Kong Land III). I don't know if the Japanese version added any content besides the color. Otherwise it might be more feasible to make a translation (although there might be an issue with not enough font space. Would require replicating an ASM hack from the Japanese version: in the English version, the font is always loaded into VRAM, but the Japanese version writes each character into VRAM. Otherwise I don't know if translating the English version into Romanji would be acceptable without being able to do that hack.)

Newcomer's Board / Re: Link to the Past Co-Op?
« on: February 07, 2016, 03:18:18 am »
Does the game have free VRAM to hold sprites? Does it have a palette to spare? Free space in sprite RAM? Can the game engine handle the extra sprites needed for two players? Did you know old consoles can only show a limited number of sprites before they bug out? You'd need to update ALL the game's collision-detection to handle the extra player. Also, bugs. Stuff will break. Game mechanics need to be redefined. What if one player dies, what happens to the other? (I'm just giving one example.) What about things that alter the level design (like the swamp dungeon that changes between flooded and empty.) That sort of situation would need to be defined and programmed into the game engine.
That's the sort of deep thinking you need to think about before deciding how feasible it would be to add such a feature.

It be more feasible if someone has already done a good disassembly on A Link to the Past, but I don't know if it's been done. I know the Super Mario World community has done extensive work on the game.
I mean, didn't justin take a few years to finish his Mega Man X3 Full Zero patch? I'm not too familiar with that game but it sounds like half of that was already in the game. That time was figuring out technical issues with resulting game situations the original game designers didn't intend to happen.
Trying to add a feature that didn't exist AT ALL would be even more work.
People are only going to go through such work if they want to see it done.

The megadrive/genesis. I guess because it invokes less of a sense nostalgia in the US and though ROM hacking and homebrew is hardly an English speakers only affair the potential pool of people is not the highest.
Graphics compression. In the developing years of the translation scene, that was enough to kill interest. Few knew how to do ASM hacking, and I don't think there was as much development in debugging emulators as NES/SNES.
Though some members of the scene cracked what seem to be standardized Genesis compression formats, and they sound like they'd be a bit of a pain to have to figure out manually (moreso than the LZ variations common on SNES).

Even Game Boy didn't get nearly as much attention as the NES and SNES (probably people were like "why would I use a PC to play portable games?" :( )

If I remember, I had to enter my phone number to get a code to enable uploading long youtube videos (over the default 15-minute mark, which itself is BS because I'm sure I had qualified before).
I guess I didn't care since I did it anyways (probably because I had already given them my information for Google Checkout, which was another mistake as I don't think that has ANY buyer-protection, unlike Paypal. But yeah, damage had already been done.)
Anyways, if you want Google, is it possible to get a disposable prepaid phone and give them that number? (I mean, do those usually let you receive texts, because that is all you need.)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Saiyuuki World translation project
« on: February 01, 2016, 02:17:09 am »
I'm trying out the game.. does the game have this inherent scrolling issues? I tried it on virtuaNES and FCEUX.

That looks like maybe your ROM header has the Mirroring bit set wrong. It should be Vertical.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Interested in translating Love Quest (SFC)
« on: January 30, 2016, 04:10:29 pm »
I asked Eien Ni Hen about it, and she said LostTemplar was working on it.
Though he hasn't been seen in a long time (he was also working on FEoEZ) so I have no idea about the current state.

Personal Projects / Re: BalloonFightGB Finally Fully Translated!
« on: January 29, 2016, 12:14:34 pm »
Weird that this patch never appeared in the front page news, or in's database of translations.
Nobody must've submitted it.

Another thing that I notice its that in these scripts files (they are .bin extension) once some characters are written in the file, they will not appear again in the file, the previous example show some characters like the name  "Aikawa - 相川", but for the next following sentences that mention that name, it will not appear although the game show them.
Sounds like a fairly common compression technique called LZSS, where reused characters are replaced with a code to reuse the character the second time (which makes since for Japanese text, since a 2-kanji name would be 4 bytes vs. a LZSS code is 2-bytes.
I don't know if there's a standard encoding for that on PS1 (like there is on GBA).
I've done lots of that compression on SNES, but each one was a little different variant of the same technique. I'd imagine someone who knows PS1 ASM hacking wouldn't have much trouble debugging it if that was the case.

Gaming Discussion / Re: I don´t know why Green Hill is so famous
« on: January 27, 2016, 10:46:13 am »
Why does that video have artifacts and no title logo?
In the late '90s, the most common SMB ROM circulating was a bad dump/pirate dump with no title. But by 2008... either they downloaded their ROM from some random old Geocities site, or they went to a ROM site with the whole GoodNES set and a downloaded a SMB ROM and it turned out to be that (not knowing to look for the ! tag). Good thing I've seen sites replacing GoodTools with no-intro sets that only have good dumps.

Some old ROM hacks are even based that and I recall had trouble working with newer emulators (the issue was that that particular ROM didn't set the starting world number (also suggesting it was a rip from one of those 436456456343-in-1 multicart :P ). People didn't notice because Nesticle initialized the RAM to 0 so it still worked (although with the MISSING TITLE they probably just didn't care anyways), but in FCEUX (or some variant I last tried) it didn't because of the (ever-so-slight) "random" initialization (00 00 FF FF).

Newcomer's Board / Re: Satellaview Games Hacking/Translation
« on: January 27, 2016, 10:30:04 am »
Doesn't use the BSX BIOS?
I wonder if it was originally meant to be a standard retail game (like I suspect O.B. Club was, given that I recall EGM previewed it in 1994, before the BSX was released).

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