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Ruin Arm sounds good, but I suppose one should have cautious optimism around a Bandai game (known for mediocrity). (it credits Plex, who also is credited for the FC Vilgust, which was an okay game. But I don't know if Plex is a game company or anime company.)

You mean a program FOR use ON a PC98?
Or a PC program that auto-babelfishes games running in a PC98 emulator. I think I remember that as well, but sadly not the name.
An Anex86 fork, I think it was.

The name Text Hooker comes to mind, but I think that was a FCEU mod (thus NES).

A Google search for "anex86 machine translation" turns up AGTH.
(no relation to Gideon Zhi, I don't think :D )

The PC Engine is a whole other beast. I'm guessing it's really difficult to hack the games for it, though? Either that or the interest isn't really there.
One major problem is that (AFAIK) the best debugger we have is mednafen, which seems to have the needed components, but is not very easy to use. It's entirely driven by keyboard commands, and is limited to one window at a time (and as such probably also prevents controlling the game while the debugger is open, but I can't remember for sure). If there was one as nice as FCEUX, that might encourage more people to look at the PCE.
Though the fact a good number of games are on CD probably scares off a number of hackers as well.


Nojima went on to write for FF and KH at Square, yes. He works with Nomura mostly, also on Versus. What Engrish names is Square defensive about?
Why do they keep calling her Rydia (I thought I've heard at least a few suggest it should by Lydia), and did nobody mention Ceodore to them?
I thought someone (maybe Sky Render?) once suggested Mash in FF6 should be Matthew.
Kana マッシュ. Don't they typically use シ to end kana-ized "sh"-ending words? (as in, "mash" should be マーシ?) (then again, the GBA script did use Woolsey's names. Wherever he came up with "Sabin", it stuck.)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: SNES/Genesis "Beginner" Difficulty Hacks
« on: April 27, 2013, 10:05:38 pm »
It's been said Nintendo made Rare turn down the difficulty on DKC before release. Believable, Rare has proven they can be real sadistic in level design. :D

Both Game Boy and Game Gear have a visible screen resolution of 160x144 (in SMS mode, the SMS resolution 256x192 (maybe 224?) is scaled down to 160x144).
Game Boy can store 256x256 in its VRAM, but I don't know what size GG stores internally.

and removing the barrier of max 255 magic and speed, etc.
That would probably require you to expand those stats to 2 bytes, which is probably not as easy task as you'd have to move data around (assuming there is free space), as well as modifying routines that access those bytes. ASM definitely needed.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: A few Deep Dungeon 3 lines
« on: April 25, 2013, 08:51:23 pm »

Looks like a dragon or a winged monkey. :P
There's a blue one that doesn't seem like anything special, but this brown one can use Heal or Bomb magic.

Soooo.... remapping is an option for the Wii U console, but not for the 3DS?

Pretty bad about the 3DS not having remapping.
What is odd is that in the Ambassador versions of the NES games, X was used to open the Virtual Console menu (same as tapping) whereas in the "Public" versions (paid or "upgrade" versions), X is (probably more uselessly) a clone of the A button. It was convenient to at least be able to reset the game only with buttons, which your hands are already touching.
Couldn't at least make an option for that. (or even a third choice: allow X to function as Start, just as Y is a clone of Select)
I don't think I want to imagine trying to play Punch-Out!! on my original 3DS (trying to hit THAT with precise timing? :P )

Apparently WiiU Virtual Console games will have remapping options.
(and if you bought the game on Wii, you only have to pay a buck-fifty to upgrade for their negligence/laziness the first time :P )

To state it another way, you basically have one name that is basically an in-house joke and doesn't make sense and then you have the originally intended name which does make sense. Without reading something like a readme, which most seem to skip, this Mast Ball wouldn't make much sense to players.
And then the writers probably went on to write for Square (who will defend their Engrish names)... :P

Gaming Discussion / Re: and Namco goes insane.
« on: April 23, 2013, 05:49:22 pm »
Oh, I see. I thought you were talking about idolm@ster.

Site Talk / Re: Adding separate categories for GB/GBC
« on: April 23, 2013, 01:59:38 pm »
A handful of GB titles were remade as GBC bonus sporting or GBC only titles but they tended to have a new name or something appended to the name (DX being the most common)
A few didn't feel the need for a distinguishing title. :P
Wario Land II (released earlier the same year as the GBC), Game & Watch Gallery 2 (even lesser known than WL2 because it was released only a couple months before the GBC), Looney Tunes (which added bonus games after every level. Had to LOL because level 4 is already a bonus stage, so after finishing level 3 you effectively get 3 bonus games in a row.) The Last Bible games as well, though it wasn't too much of a problem in North America as only the GBC version of the first game was localized.

Gaming Discussion / Re: and Namco goes insane.
« on: April 23, 2013, 12:51:54 pm »
The 3DS version is 20 dollars cheaper. :themoreyouknow
Did you mean DS? I don't see a 3DS game on GameFAQs. Though I see on GameFAQs that the DS game has a TWL (DSi) product code, which means it's probably region-locked on DSi/3DS. A possible deterrent.

You mean stuff just left in Romanized Japanese? :P

Script Help and Language Discussion / A few Deep Dungeon 3 lines
« on: April 22, 2013, 06:06:43 pm »
Looking for a recheck.

このきんそ″くか″あれは″すは″らしい つるき″をつくれるた″ろう‥‥‥ 300Gて″かわないか?<END>
If there is some metal you can create a good sword from it. Can't I exchange it for 300G?
I'm thinking it might be more like "You'll need this metal to make a great sword. You wanna buy it for 300G?"

ちかのぬしに あったら それをつかえ<END>
If you are the owner, you may use it.
"Use it (the Ball of Light) to attack the master of the cave."

That! Can't accept it!
"That thing? I can't take it." (got no use for it)

ようこそ。わたしか″ちのせかいのぬしソ″セムた″!はやくここまて″ こい!まっているそ″!<END>
Welcome. Come in quickly, we are waiting.
Definitely incomplete.
"Welcome. I'm Zosem, master of the earth realm (not sure if there's a better term. master of the underworld, maybe?)" and I don't know about the last half.

と″うした? わたしはここた″そ″!<END>
What? I'm here!
I'm thinking "What do you want? I'm heere."

みなみか″わのかへ″にそって にしにあるけ!す″っとさきに いいものか″あるそ″!<END>
Walk towards the west from the south wall, then treasure will appear.
Just want to be sure.
"Walk to the west along the south wall. There's sure to be something good that way."

Yeah... but how:huh:

Anywho, I'm restarting with the 'latest' version of the tutorial, but
I can't seem to open this link:

Also, KingMike's Link to his site is broken. I think...

Recreating the table yourself is a fundamental skill of ROM hacking. :)
But here is a link for completion sake

Front Page News / Re: Translations: Juvei Quest Translation Released!
« on: April 21, 2013, 10:07:58 pm »
I have to wonder about that.
The game originally included some character cards in the box. I wonder if that had anything of use in the game, or if it was a side game you could play? (I've got scans of the cards and the manual. But the instruction scan isn't that great of quality because the manual is an actual book (with binding) and I didn't want to tear it apart to get better scans. :) )
The game also included a big cloth map.

It wouldn't make sense to develop a game at 60hz if it was expected to only be released in 50hz.
Still the reason I can think why some late PAL-only SMS games might is because of the Game Gear. International release at 60hz, similar enough that they probably could reuse a lot of the game engine when building both SMS and GG versions.
(like I've heard a few games were even carefully developed for both the Game Boy and Game Gear to maximize code reuse as much as possible (such as only using instructions present on both Z80 variations, though since Nintendo changed the op-codes for some instructions, they probably had to separately compile both binaries)

Newcomer's Board / Re: Zelda 2 widening dialog pane
« on: April 21, 2013, 01:16:50 pm »
Probably. You'd need to change the VRAM address it writes the characters to, to move the starting position one tile to the left.
(the VRAM address is set by writing the high and then low bytes consecutively to $2006.
Seeing as the game writes one character at a time, it probably has a variable to control the address. Try tracing the game drawing, and look for writes to $2006.)

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