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I don't know if you could possibly make anything more sinister than the Cube Root hacks.
From what I remember when watching a playthrough, because I'd not have the tolerance to play it myself:
If you have a powerup that you lose before you're supposed to, you pretty much have to start the entire game over.
There's a couple branching paths with the wrong choices leading to an inescapable trap level.
There's some levels in world 7 where you NEED to match the cards and get the multiple 1Ups to avoid the SMB3 equivalent of a Kaizo Gate: in SMB3, after touching a goal, Mario needs to only touch the ground once to safely finish the level. But some levels don't have a ground, and that check can only be bypassed by that card match animation.
There's one level in world 7 with an impossible to avoid Blooper, and using a despawn glitch is required to pass.
World 8 has an entirely black palette. So you're literally playing blind. Worse, it's the 0x0D black, which I hear is a palette entry that should be avoided as supposedly with real hardware, some TVs might not even consider it a valid color causing a glitchy display. So I've read. I don't know if the author had heard to and maybe chose that on purpose. :P

Gaming Discussion / Re: Dark Law: Meaning of Death help
« on: July 04, 2015, 09:53:51 am »
the battles take too long (due to my characters causing so little damage) and it feels like it's taking me forever to get equipment and level up my chars. Also, there is NEVER enough money. This game is so hard that sometimes I wonder if I am even playing it right.
Game living up to its title  :-\

This hack reminds me of how annoying it is that the Konami Collection releases in Europe calls the Contra titles for Probotector on the game selection menu, but once you boot them you're treated to what's essentially colorized Contra with Probotector title screens and not colorized Probotector :/
Those versions do some strange things.
I also notice that Probotector in the collection enables the stage select right away. Did the original EU version do that? (I know, in the original releases, it was unlocked in the Japanese version but locked with a code on the US version)
They renamed Quarth as "Block Game" which is very strange but perhaps permissible as from what I hear the original standalone version was not released in EU. However, Motocross Maniacs was renamed "Bikers" and that was originally released in EU?

Personal Projects / Re: Flash cart issues
« on: July 03, 2015, 07:56:05 pm »
My Super UFO Pro 8 is telling me that the ROM is invalid/invalid type. Does anyone know what's causing this, how I can fix it? I was careful to patch the correct ROM and test it under emulation. It works flawlessly under emulation. The issue might be the 10Mbit resulting size after patching. I feel like if I could make the ROM 12 or 16Mbit it would work but I don't know how to do this. This flash cart has shown serious issues with ROMs that have file sizes that aren't multiples of 4Mbit.
That's pretty bad because 10mbit is a size that was actually used by official games.
Games I've dumped from my collection that are that size
Arcus Spirits
Battle Pinball
Final Fight 2
Go Go Ackman
Great Battle Gaiden 2
Michael Jordan Chaos in the Windy City
Rockman Soccer
Soccer Kid
Sonic Wings
Super Gussun Oyoyo 2
Super Jinsei Game 1 and 2
Tetsuwan Atom

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Swapping tiles in EarthBound
« on: July 03, 2015, 10:49:39 am »
Possibly the window is a tilemap?
Easiest way to find out would be to make a ZSNES or SNES9x savestate, then open in the savestate-viewer program VSNES (on the site).
Click Scene Viewer then you can click on the tile to get the "tile index". It will be a a 2-byte (4 digit) value.
Get the tile indexes for the two tiles in HP.
You're going to want to do a wildcard search on the ROM on the lower (second) byte of those values. Like if the tile index was 0008 and 0009, you'd want to search hex for 08 ** 09. That's because some of the bits in the higher byte are used for other stuff and that will throw off a direct search.

Newcomer's Board / Re: what kind of file is a snes rom?
« on: July 02, 2015, 09:30:17 pm »
I'd wonder if SMW stores lives with 10 = A.

I mean, using a code where Mario dies on the title screen causes the lives to get set to "P5" which looks suspiciously like 255 (or 25 10s + 5, if "P" were the 25th "digit" in the font).

Personal Projects / Re: KingMike's Translation projects.
« on: July 02, 2015, 02:22:30 am »
Took a look again at City Adventure Touch for the Famicom, seeing my old notes.
Hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult to work.

I'm sure it's based on something, but it was an early Famicom action-adventure-beat-em-up by Compile.
I remember feeling a bit of a burnout trying to map as much as I could without being able to find progress.

Look at the script, it's about 10K (though it looks like fairly simple text, at least what I can read) if there's anyone interested?

Roman character are there, so no hack needed to insert them.
While not the current problem, it'd probably still be good to hack it to change the font size. 16x16 is very ugly for English text as well as impractical. You wouldn't be able to fit much English text.

Unfortunately, the only debugging option I know of is one of Guest's tracers (they work but aren't the most user-friendly). WS/WSC uses some X86 clone CPU.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Lame movie, great game!
« on: June 28, 2015, 10:57:12 am »
By that point Acclaim and LJN were actually one and the same. ;)

THQ was the name I avoided like the plague.

I don't think that was a necessary necropost.
Since it's such an old topic, might as well lock it.

No wonder you can't do a CPU trace.
This game is weird and is storing the text IN CHR-ROM. As in, that is EXTREMELY unusual and I have NEVER seen it done before.
(when I was looking for an answer for you, I unknowingly looked at a prototype version. Which did store text in PRG-ROM like games NORMALLY do! :P )

Which means it has to read it into RAM. Okay, CHR-ROM bank size is 4KB (1KB) so that requires a read breakpoint on $073A or $173A (trial and error results in a hit on the former).
Which means it has to read the text from VROM into RAM.

The text starts at $3574A in the Rom. Strangely I can't find it in RAM.
Beside, $3574A is beyond $FFFF, how could the Cpu read from this address?
You have to understand what a mapper is.
It breaks the ROM into (usually) 16KB "banks". Most mappers "hardwire" (or permanently fix) the last 16KB of PRG-ROM to CPU $C000-FFFF (meaning if the PRG-ROM was $40000 bytes (excluding header), then $3C000-3FFFF of the ROM would equate to CPU $C000-FFFF.
(going again by what is typical of NES mappers) For the rest of the ROM, they would choose one 16KB ROM bank and map that into $8000-BFFF.
So if bank 3 was selected, ROM $C000-FFFF would be mapped to CPU $8000-BFFF.

Assuming a 16KB mapper (I haven't looked at which mapper your game uses. Look in FCEUX' Message Log window, then lookup the mapper info on nesdev.com)...
then take your address $3574A. Subtract $10 for the header. That gives $3573A.
Take the nearest lower multiple of $4000 to find the start of the ROM bank. That gives ROM $34000-37FFF. That means your text is $3573A-$34000 = $173A bytes into the ROM bank. So the CPU address would be $8000+$173A = $973A.

Nothing is ever perfect. If you were to account for every possible situation with your engine, whether or not your game actually uses it, you could be working on your game engine forever.

I still doubt CE was ever a real C&D and not just a publicity stunt.

I do remember that one Bahamut Lagoon translation (not the DeJap one. I think it was a poorly edited translation of a French translation, released shortly before DeJap's). Though the "C&D" on that might have just been a Whirlpool April Fools' joke.

I believe we have a couple copy-paste from official translation patches, though I guess because those were released on dead consoles, it wasn't a concern for Square.
Final Fantasy I+II for NES (official FF1 translation plus Demi's FF2 translation stitched together) and I thought RPGOne's was (I don't recall if they finished it but said the plan was to copypaste the NES translation for development purposes and then replace with a fan translation). Though WSC was current at the time, I suppose Square wouldn't have cared since the console itself was not released in the west.

Site Talk / Re: People Signing Up Just For Advertising
« on: June 27, 2015, 10:19:03 am »
Depends on what the advertisement is.
If it's something relevant we'd probably give them a warning.
If it's an obvious spambot (like selling stolen credit card numbers), then it's ban+delete on the spot.

Find where the text is stored in the ROM.
Set a CPU breakpoint for when the text is read from the ROM.
There's probably a routine that checks if the text is a dakuten value (like if 09 is ka, ga will probably be a different value, say 89). The routine is probably doing a check like if the text byte is above 80 (or whatever the start point of the dakuten character range is), then it adds the symbols. You will probably need to expand the routine (probably more to free space if you can find some) to include more checks for your language.

Personal Projects / Re: Rockman 2 Everlast
« on: June 25, 2015, 05:19:48 pm »
Thanks, but what are the vanilla game's?
"vanilla" means the original game.

Gaming Discussion / ZSNES has been comprimised.
« on: June 24, 2015, 08:32:59 pm »
I'm sure some of us have joked about hiding malware in ROMs but apparently someone found a bug in ZSNES that could make it possible.
Supposedly Nach is working on a fix for that, but seeing as how it's already been eight years since it was last updated, I wouldn't get too excited.

Recommendation is to of course stop using ZSNES :P , but if you insist, hopefully your ROMs are from a trusted source.

What, are you kidding? The vast majority of repro makers are in this for a quick buck. I have no doubts that it's Tashi's old patch, and that they just don't care so long as they make a few dollars.
Worse in that there's probably not too many crap SA1 games with saving. Good games destroyed! >:(

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