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ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Mana Khemia 2 Portable + Translation
« on: March 20, 2011, 10:51:21 pm »
How to say this my english is bad

I used many fonts like when you make AD then you get A and when you type 6D you get to A but in a different font

But Mana Khemia has an font that uses double space so i cant type the full name of Char,Skill,Item etc

So i wana find an font that uses less space that right now

And i tried many fonts many combinations of hex(like AD and 6D) but the game cant regognize them it just transforms then in another japanese sign.

March 20, 2011, 08:09:35 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
And tcaudilllg can u give me an example of games that are easy to translate?

What you're referring to cannot be accomplished by simply changing the font.  You're looking at a change that will need to be made to the code of the game itself.  I believe most PSP games are done in assembly or Lua.  I'm not aware of any complete PSP hacks/translations, although there are a few in progress (Monster Hunter 2/3?)  You might have success on a PSP homebrew forum, as you will need someone familiar with the system.

  That's a nice look. have you thought about doing a VWF routine using the same
16x16 font buffer? You wouldn't need to change the DMA at all. My opion, you would
at the least need a nother buffer the same size ( 32 bytes = 1bpp, 64 = 2bpp ) for working
and the existing for the final transfer.  ;)

Doing a VWF for this game might be harder than it first appears.  It's certainly beyond my skill level.  The main problem is the game does pass its graphical menus and battle screens thru the same routines as its text.  Any changes to one are applied to the other.  Even with half the graphic tiles, I'm still working within the same memory space.  If it were to be done, you would need to set a flag or variable to determine if you were dealing with the text routine, or the battle, and then JMP to a seperate piece of code for the text.

Yeah 8x16 is a done deal.  I thought I had it working last night, but discovered it runs the text through the same DMA code as the battle menus, so I had lopped those in half as well.   :banghead:  The results were amusing, but... less than ideal.  I rewrote it this morning.  Finished product below.

Why don't you try your hand at an 8x16 hack. It typically only takes a few lines of modified code in most games. If I recall correctly, Dark Half uses a similar/same engine to Tenshi No Uta (one of my projects). If that's so, hacking in an 8x16 is not too hard.

Took me a few hours, but consider it done.  By the way, you've helped me with this more than you know, I never would have figured the text routine in this game out if not for the post here:   :thumbsup:

Also, for the love of god, the guy needs to implement a lower case. That's an RPG. It -needs- a lower case font.


The 8x8 is in all caps in the screenshots mainly out of laziness.  Just used the game's existing menu font when trying to figure out of I COULD make it display a smaller font.  More of a technical exercise than trying to make it look pretty.  Any 8x8 font could be put in there now.

And the 16x16 is well hideous, I'm aware.  It could be made better by using a stylized font, I may try that at some point and post shots of the results. 

8x8 looks way better.
But maybe the 16x16 font would look good too if it wasn't bolded and if they used another one. The one on the old screens looks like it was done with mspaint by someone that doesn't know how to use it. No offense.

MSPaint, I wish, that thing was done in tlayer (dos version) ten years ago.

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