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Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana, Turbo - Beta 190908
« on: September 11, 2019, 06:29:46 pm »
That's how the game's sound engine was designed. The Super Nintendo has 8 sound channels. Most games divide them up so that say, 4 channels are used for music and 4 for sounds (or 5 and 3, 6 and 2, etc.). Secret of Mana allows music to use all 8 channels with the caveat that sounds can temporarily steal some of those channels (to emit sound effects) which means parts of the music cut out while sound effects are playing. This let them make fancier music, since they weren't limiting themselves to the more typical less-than-8 channels for music. Unfortunately, some songs have important parts of their melody on channels most likely to be overridden by sounds.

I included Mop's Audio\SFX_Channel_Limit hack (Off by default) which restricts how much music can be overridden by sounds, but it's not a cure-all.

That's what I thought, but wasn't sure how it was actually implemented since I almost never hear it happen in other SNES games.
If the hack helps with more music coming through, even if not a complete fix, it is more than welcome.
Could you also mention that hack on the front post? Unless I am blind, I am not seeing it there.

@SpiffSpoo From HHS on TASVideos, I have info about which status effects are incompatible with each other.  I will check to make sure it's all correct later on, but here's the info about that (copy/paste from the TAS forum):

- Petrify removes slow, tangled, sleep, freeze, stop, barrel and burning, and halves HP every time status changes
- Freeze removes slow, tangled, sleep, stop, barrel, poison and burning
- Sleep removes slow, tangled and barrel
- Tangled removes slow, tangled and barrel
- Moogle removes stop, barrel, transform, poison and burning
- Freeze, petrify and mini remove transform
- Transform removes slow, tangled, confuse, stop, barrel, poison and burning
- Tangled, sleep, freeze, petrify, stop, poison, burning remove barrel
- Burning removes stop, barrel and poison
- Freeze, petrify, transform and moogle remove poison

So using your example of engulf&snowman, (which is listed as burning&freeze respectively, above), an enemy could indeed be inflicted with both at the same time, since neither of them cancel out the other.  (Sure fine design Square, you dopefishes!   :laugh:)  Whereas Petrify and Freeze can't coexist because Petrify removes Freeze.  Not that there would be much use to that example, it's just to demonstrate how the logic of status effects works in the code (at least apparently...?).

I forgot to check whether Poison and Sleep could coexist before trying it with Sleep Flower earlier, only checking after it actually worked.

Link to the TASVideos page I pulled the info from:  TASVideos Discussion:  Secret of Mana (page 18 of 30)

The posts aren't numbered, but HHS' info is very close to the top, it starts off with, "Here are some various things that I've found out."

Hope all that helps...  now back to my experimenting and reading.  Whew!  :)

That's pretty cool and a good source of information as well.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana, Turbo - Beta 190908
« on: September 09, 2019, 03:31:29 pm »
You can have multiple status effects in Secret of Mana, some conflict with each other... I think? but you're not simply limited to only one. It's Trials of Mana where you can only have one. Based on zoolgremlin's test it sounds like Sleep and Poison coexist fine.

It's unlikely I'd do a "Leaf Saber" since Mana Magic is Dryad's saber spell already.

Makes sense. It always annoyed me that dryad had 1 real less spell for each character, but then again there is Shade and Lumina with only having access to 3 spells each.

On another note, has anyone looked into issues where parts of the music are cut out for a few seconds or sounds effects are cut off short?  Seems to only happen when there is a lot of action going on at once.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana, Turbo - Beta 190908
« on: September 09, 2019, 03:17:18 pm »
Since you/enemies can't have 2 status effects normally, would it be possible to have a priority in the spell to try and give one status effect first, and if that fails try for an other?  If not, or would take too much time, could the sleep effect be straight up changed to poison?

If a "leaf" saber could be coded in, making it give the poison status instead of MP drain would make sense, since MP drain was OP in SD3.

I should read things more carefully, saw the sleep flower addition above which is pretty cool. I don't remember enemies being able to have, for example, engulf and snowman at the same time.  Probably because I never actually tried.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret of Mana, Turbo - Beta 190902
« on: September 05, 2019, 02:20:25 pm »
It would probably be better to add poison to "Sleep" Flower to actually make it useful, and the fact that Dryad has Poison Bubble as a spell in SD3.

You could lower the healing value of cure water more, even with 3 MP it is still very strong.

Not sure if you could modify the values for multi-targeting to make those stronger/weaker on a per spell basis.

Would be cool if a dark or leaf saber could be implemented, but it would probably be too much work to do.

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X5 Improvement Project
« on: October 25, 2016, 06:26:24 pm »
Very cool  :beer:.

Is there data for the Force Armor's 4 shot charge still?
I always got that in X4 instead of the Plasma shot since I could just get the other one with the Ultimate Armor if I wanted too.

This patcher worked. Not sure why it made a difference.


Any idea on how to fix it?

I just got the patch. Xdelta GUI doesn't consider it a valid patch file. Anyone know how to patch this?

I'm actually one of the 2 people who want to play... :(

Same.  I get a "Bad magic number: not a valid delta" error.

Personal Projects / Re: Tales of Phantasia (SNES Enhancement)
« on: September 07, 2011, 11:12:04 am »
If you can get in Chester's new skills in that would make him a much better character, though I don't know what you are going to do with Rambard.

Some hacks have new Single Techs, but I have never seen a new Dual or Triple Tech yet.

I believe CT Editor Companion can change Hero and item stats as well, or that might be an other editor.

Personal Projects / Re: Ice Metal [Super Metroid hack] [Released]
« on: September 04, 2010, 06:06:31 pm »
I started off with 1.24, and my % was 200 something.
If that one section I can't get too in Steamfair is Ridley's room then I think I have been everywhere in Steamfair.
I thought you would get space jump and speed booster in the lower sections of the game, so I didn't backtrack into the areas that had them.
Ice beam was pretty simple when I explored a bit more as well. What I thought was originally the ice beam I am pretty sure is the screw attack now.
There has to be something I missed in that room to get it.

On an other note, it seems like some places you need to shine spark in a ball to get items.  Never found out how to do that if you need to.
And there is no MB Fight?

Personal Projects / Re: Ice Metal [Super Metroid hack] [Released]
« on: September 03, 2010, 01:18:28 am »
I never did get space jump, speed boosters, ice beam, or screw attack when I beat the game.
I only used crazy bomb jumping in one area where I thought you needed the space jump.
I know there were a MAJOR few areas I didn't get too in steamfair, but I could never find out how to get there.
I think I know where the ice beam is, but I have no idea how to get it. Maybe if I had the speed boosters I could get it, but I didn't have those  :(
Are there 2 charge beams in the game? I am pretty sure I saw 2, but I could only get one of them.  Made me feel strange throughout the entire game.

Overall its a great hack, but I just don't get why it was called Ice Metal game play wise.

As for walking on those spikes, they start to hurt after you kill the boss in that area.  Don't know why.

You can get the gravity suit earlier in that area by killing a boss.

Went exploring more and found space jump, boosters, and Ice beam  :huh:

Personal Projects / Re: Mega Man X3 - Fully Playable Zero WIP
« on: August 12, 2010, 05:16:36 pm »
I don't think changing the AI would make the game that much harder, by it self that is.
I could see a few bosses being more difficult, but they would still have the same attacks.
If a real difficulty patch were to be made, I don't care either way, it would have to change the attacks and bosses themselves.
Either making the projectiles faster, different patterns of said projectiles, do more damage, less time in between attacks ect...

The Z-saber doing 7 damage to most bosses, in a single charged slash and not the 3 slashes,
seems really strong to me, considering Zero already has 2 full charge shots before the slash.
Going with 4-5 damage seems more reasonable like on the medium bosses, but for all bosses.

Great job with all the work so far, looks really good. I like the horizontal bars.
After you have gotten Zero to where you want him to be, I think a good addition would be how weapons affect the Z-Saber.
A fully charged shot would empower that weapon into the Saber somehow, giving Zero an other unique set of moves instead
of just having the charged weapon be the same as X's charged shots.

One question though, do you have plans to change Zero's colors based on the current weapon like X?

Has anyone hacked the PAL version of Terranigma to make it have the NTSC refresh rate? It just looks choppy because ZSNES repeats every fifth frame to match it to my monitor's refresh rate. :\

Thats a good idea, and make that floating evil lady at the castle easier to kill also  :-\

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda Parallel Worlds
« on: March 11, 2007, 05:50:43 pm »
I beat the first quest, the second was too much the same at the start so I didn't get far there.  Still haven't found out what the use of the water dam thing is in the first quest, as a matter of fact I couldn't find out how open it, if you even can.  :-\

Some times it says bad check sum and the ROM works perfectly.  As for the ROMs, it is hit or miss, just have to keep looking until you find one that works.  It took me a while to find a good ROM for this hack too.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda Parallel Worlds
« on: January 09, 2007, 11:10:51 pm »
Its not 21 hearts, it is just 20 + a 1/4 heart piece.

So you have to miss the Blue one to get the Red??? That would make many early bosses harder.
If I am thinking of the shack you are talking about, then I have already been there before with the Blue one, and I did not get the Red one.

Also with regard to the Secret Tablets Secret, I haven't seen anything different so far, when will it kick in?

I might have to start over just to get the Red Boomerang  :'(.

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda Parallel Worlds
« on: January 09, 2007, 03:38:05 pm »
You should make an Impa's Ways walk through, that place is SO much hard than Nabooru's Hole.

There are a few places in the original hack I can't get to/do.  Is there any way to drain the water, is it just there and you can't do anything with it, or do you drain it after you gotten all the Tablets, if you know what I mean  :P ?  And I still can't find out how to get to that one chest in the Parallel Tower surrounded by blue blocks, I have to be missing something very small as I have done the optional puzzle.  I also can't find the magical boomerang or the shovel.  Does the thieves hide out in the Parallel have any purpose?

On an other note, why do I have 20 hearts but still have 1 extra piece of heart???

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda Parallel Worlds
« on: January 07, 2007, 03:53:07 am »
The guard house was a bit harder than it should have been for a intro level, and then the next few levels were too easy.  After that, it had a good balance of being just hard enough.

I take that back, Impa's Ways was bitch.

I beat the Game, but no Master Sword, where is the last dang Jewel?!  I will try to find it.

Got all 20 Hearts  :o, or not?

Personal Projects / Re: Zelda Parallel Worlds
« on: January 06, 2007, 01:41:29 pm »
I threw bombs there before and they just fell through, wtf?  They still do  :P, well whatever thanks.

I could have just used bombs in the first place, late nights don't do well on my brain.

How do you do the Turbo A thing, I used the default Turbo with Zsnes 1.5 and it doesn't work.

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