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General Discussion / Re: Hold on... Don't tell me...
« on: November 03, 2015, 10:26:17 am »
Then they might honestly consider crackpot ideas like "turn people into robots and computers".

Better than considering crackpot ideas like "If I live my whole life like a tool, I'll be rewarded eternally in heaven".

Gaming Discussion / Re: PS2 doesn't read disks anymore
« on: November 03, 2015, 02:06:47 am »
A sample size of one + three buddies you knew really isn't good enough to make statements like console x always craps out while console y is super sturdy. I had 3 DCs in my period of interest in that system and while none of them outright broke, they could take an unhealthily varying while to read stuff. And GCs are generally considered to be the last pieces of working tech after a nuclear holocaust :P

Hardware breaks. It can and will happen to any brand. Buy a replacement or put your faith in emulation. Good luck finding working disc-based systems in 20 years. Might as well make the switch to emulation now ;)

Site Talk / Re: Data Crystal
« on: November 02, 2015, 06:38:46 am »
It'a a Wiki, anyone can contribute what they deem worthwhile information for others  :beer:

General Discussion / Re: Online bullying and suicide
« on: October 29, 2015, 09:56:19 am »


General Discussion / Re: Dragon Ball! Opinions! Reviews!
« on: October 26, 2015, 06:45:09 am »
I loved Dragonball and I rewatched it a while ago and I think it still holds up. It's funny and just damn engaging. Sure, some battles are dragged out, but not nearly to DBZ levels. The ones that go on for more than 3 episodes deserve to. Of course compared to modern shows the animation is horrible and the pacing is slow. But when I grew up with it, it was the best show on afternoon television, hands down. There weren't many alternatives with an ongoing plot, most kids shows are case of the week fares with the return of the status quo after each episode. DB was one of the first shows I saw where things that happened mattered.

Now DBZ is another matter. When I grew up with DB, DBZ wasn't available in German at all yet. Instead I searched the net  for horribly compressed real video encoded clips from battles that went for maybe 30 seconds and were like 10MB in size. It was the hottest shit and we traded those clips on the schoolyard like treasures on whole stacks of floppy discs... Then later (I think I was already late teens) they finally brought over the show and internet lines got fast enough that you could download an entire episode, the disappointment upon seeing the actual show was heart breaking. As awesome as those 30s clips were, it was a different story realizing that those 30s were embedded in 5 episode long staring contests. Needless to say, that show was a huge pile of ass. I instead enjoyed reading the manga, since that goes by as fast as you read it. Even in manga format, I think the series stopped being worthwhile after Namek though. It just got too extreme, too stupid and the stakes were gone when everyone just got revived for the 5th time.

A word on more modern shows. Of course in terms of animation quality, characters and pacing DB can't compete with modern shows. I haven't watched Avatar yet, but I heard only good things about it and I'm considering to watch it, even though I'm approaching 30. But for a lot of modern kids shows I saw, I absolutely hate the style. Spongebob, Adventure Time, it's just hyperactive randomness. I just can't watch that stuff, it feels like a complete waste of time. Compared to those, I'd rewatch Dragonball any day.

General Discussion / Re: "Wednesday, October 21, 2015"
« on: October 21, 2015, 05:22:08 am »
You'd like Mad Max: Fury Road. Movie has barely any CG. Almost every effect is practical.

Including the flamethrowing guitar.

They used a ton of practical effects yes, but they also spiced up pretty much every scene in some way or another with CGI.


It's a great movie with amazing action, but it still uses a ton of digital trickery. CGI is not bad, it's how you use it that is.

Site Talk / Re: My browser detects malware in one of the hack's page.
« on: October 21, 2015, 03:31:01 am »
First you complain about GPL violations in one point and then advocate that anyone should be able to mess with other people's patch distributions willy-nilly because they think they know better than the author what's best for their patch in another.  :cookie:

Site Talk / Re: My browser detects malware in one of the hack's page.
« on: October 20, 2015, 04:54:03 am »
There are patches that need custom patchers written by the author for that specific project. If the author's homepage (if he even has one) ever goes down, the patch is useless after that. It makes sense to bundle that kind of patch with the required patching tools, it will always stay usable.

General Discussion / Re: "Wednesday, October 21, 2015"
« on: October 19, 2015, 01:10:28 pm »
This is like Y2K -- only based in fiction instead of a potential reality.

Something tells me you guys are going to be incredibly disappointed.  Oct. 21 is just going to be a normal day.

I mean... what are you even expecting to happen?   :P

Everyone take cover, the fun police is rolling into town.

Site Talk / Re: What's the deal with people polluting news posts?
« on: October 18, 2015, 02:08:30 am »
Basic guidelines on how to create a welcoming community:

If someone releases something you approve of, you cheer them on. If someone releases something you don't approve of, you keep it to yourself. You probably aren't the target audience.

Release posts aren't discussions about games you bought or movies you saw. The creator is sitting right there, having spend a great deal of free time on it and is asking nothing in return. It's not the place to run off your mouth.

If people keep being dicks in this way I'll push for this guideline to be made into a rule, with consequences for the offenders and everything.

Considering good instruments are very expensive I think it's perfectly fine to start with a cheap one and play for a year to see if you'll stick with the instrument or not. If the guitar breaks down then, it already earned its money back IMO.
Then for the second instrument go to a store and actually play with each that strikes your fancy for a few minutes and pick one that'll last you 10 years. Then it can cost more as well. But it's a waste to blow that much money on a whim when you might get bored of playing bass after 2 months. Looking at the used instrument market, it seems to happen to more people than there are those sticking with it...

It's very telling that you earlier go on a rant about how shitty some romhackers supposedly are for not respecting the work of romhackers that came before them, that they use as a base. And then you proceed to shit on emu authors who were at the forefront of figuring out how the system first worked and built the foundation for future emulators to come, just because they don't adhere to your personal opinion on what a "right" emulator has to be.

I'm out of this discussion, but I hope you'll eventually realize how full of yourself you are.

Emu devs simply have a different mindset -- and ultimatley emu devs are the ones who are making the emulators, so they're the ones who get to dictate how emulation progresses.

And which council of emu authors gave you the authority to speak definitively for all of them?

The Snes9x and ZSNES devs seem to have been content with what they achieved. They could have kept going to strive for greater accuracy, but most of them didn't. So what, are those false emu authors? Do they just get booted out of the emu dev club once a system enters your "stage 2"? If not, there are obviously still emu developers who are happy with striving to just get games running with the means available to them.

Hardware specs aren't opinion.

If the goal should be to run games or to replicate the inner workings perfectly very much IS.

I wonder if this pertains to games that will never see the light of day in the US, like BS Zelda or Seiken Dentetsu 3. I just started making videos and intend to put them on Youtube, but for rom hacks I should make sure not to monetize anything for rom hacks...

An interesting anecdote from a popular German Twitch channel I'm watching that tries to keep a 24/7 TV-like channel going via Twitch and including some LP content. They are very open about the business side of their channel and they once commented on Nintendo's behaviour on this topic. They said that this policy mostly comes from Nintendo of Japan. The German branch at least rolls their eyes at it themselves. The only thing they can do about it though is just not to enforce the guidelines given by NoJ and leaving German channels with Nintendo material alone. I dunno how NoA handles it, but mostly we can all thank NoJ for this. Reactionary Japanese businessmen who don't understand the internet.

If you play Japan exclusive games, maybe you are more likely to get noticed by NoJ. At the very least, I wouldn't put the game title in Japanese into the description knowing this.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Is there a need for new game consoles?
« on: October 14, 2015, 09:34:46 am »
I play 90% PC games myself, but if there is a console exclusive I want to play, I get it, why lock myself out of it over platform fanboyism?

The only difficult question is always how many exclusives I want to play there need to be, before buying the console for it becomes worth the investment. I guess the last gens I pulled the trigger when there were 2 or 3 must-plays and at least as many "would be nice to play"-games again. Current gen still has a long way to go towards that, only console exclusive game I'm dying to play is Bloodbourne. And the new Xeno game on Wii U when it comes out I suppose. But 1 game for each platform is far away from my trigger point yet.

Site Talk / Re: My browser detects malware in one of the hack's page.
« on: October 14, 2015, 07:39:44 am »
I can't check it since I have Chrome myself, but I'd bet the patch includes ips.exe. It's an ancient ips patcher that is for some reason flagged by some malware heuristics (probably because it can modify executables and is packed with UPX, but I'm just guessing). Some old patches bundled their release with it and we have this "fun" issue.

We aren't sure what to do about it since it's not our policy to just change the contents of how the original authors wanted to distribute their releases. Though in this day and age there is probably pretty much zero use for ips.exe.

The "110% accuracy is the only true master race" argument is just as childish as the translation vs localization argument was in older days of translation hacking. People put different values on different aspects of emulation. Get over other people having different opinions.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Is there a need for new game consoles?
« on: October 14, 2015, 07:09:09 am »
The original two Zeldas were very cryptic but many of the secrets we take for granted now. Because many of us have had exposure to these old games for years, we are skilled with the games to the point that they're not difficult to us or we haven't played them in awhile that we forget their flaws.

Not to mention in those days everyone just relied on Nintendo Power and such things to tell them how to play those cryptic games (or at least heard about how to get through the cryptic shit from someone who did via mouth to mouth).

I personally wouldn't want to replay 99,9% of the SNES library if you paid me for it. I can't stand the game design from back then.

Tabs are extremely simple.

Code: [Select]

Each line is a string, and the number is which fret to hold down. 0 means open string (no fret pressed). That's really all you need to know about basic tabs. Extra little things like the h (for hammer-on) or slides can be looked up when needed. The downside to tabs is that they are shitty for precisely conveying tempo. So if you can read classical music sheets, they are a much better format. It's much easier to find Tabs on the internet though.

Edit: As far as amps and effect devices go, I don't think they are necessary at all for learning. An E-Bass sounds pretty decent acoustic as long as you are playing for yourself (for an audience it's too quiet though). Rocksmith emulates them so what you play sounds more like what you'd hear on the disc or live. Depending on the music style it can have a pretty big impact on how it sounds, but a good bass line sounds great "raw" as well.

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