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Shrinking the shield behind the title castlevania may help you keep your "C", but address the issues M-Tee mentioned. See the example below. I moved the Konami logo down some to maintain the symmetry.



You may consider making the smaller letters of "astlevania" thicker/bolder.

But on topic, I also thing your title screen looks a lot better than the new official one--I think the font design you use stays a lot truer to the original, and just plain looks better as a total product.
Thanks, that is exactly what I was trying to achieve  :) .

Thanks! I did not know about that release. The font used for the story portion of the game looks out of place for the setting (Font looks robotic and makes me think SciFi) and the flow of the narrative seems slightly stilted. I would have used Liangshan Marsh in my translation instead of Mount Liang, as it tied things together better. The original novel had many translated titles (Outlaws of the Marsh, Tale of the Marshes, Men of the Marshes, The Marshes of Mount Liang, All Men Are Brothers, and Water Margin), but unfortunately they picked the ugliest/worst sounding title for their translation  :( .

The cover art looks too amateurish to spend $55 on. For example, look at the perspective of the axe in Li Kui's hand. It is in his left hand which is anatomically holding it straight up, yet the blade of the axe is somehow behind the right side of his face. Shi Jin, the "Nine Tattooed Dragons", is missing all his tattoos!!! I would have gladly offered my art skills free of charge to help this game have a professional looking western release.

This is a pretty cool unlicensed game for the Genesis, that I would hope to see released in English someday. Here is my take on the title screen.

I don't think FlashPV is making any further changes. He sent me the layered graphics a few days ago. You're probably stuck with it the way it is.

Maybe it can do with a more masculine look to the font with bold and all caps text. Here is a mock up I quickly made to illustrate my meaning. The borders of the text need to be edited so it blends in less with the background, but anyone is free to fix/use it.  :P

Ever hear the expression school of hard knocks. A play on that would be hilarious. Hard Knocks School  :crazy:

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy VII NES Project
« on: October 19, 2013, 10:49:54 pm »
As far as I know, there's no Android emulators capable of running this game (No free ones anyway.)
retroarch has several nes emulators... Do none of them work?

How about "brawler" or "brawler high school"

I believe the biggest issue is that the letters are too symmetrical. Here is a quick/rough edit that tries to emulate the rock style with some unsymmetrical letters. Hopefully this can help you out.

Hey, wait a minute. Why not just make the new title screen part of the new intro patch? I mean if people are such purists as to not want a new title screen they probably won't want the intro either.

I was thinking the same thing!

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: May 07, 2013, 10:48:29 pm » you have any suggestions for names that would both keep the internal soundalike consistency and not sound rude? :p
That is tough :(. Maybe you can replace "kun" with "er", to keep consistency among the names (Ex: Rocker, Blocker, Macker, Hacker and Potter). Hacker and Potter are real surnames in English... and Potter from "Its A Wonderful Life" was a mighty shifty guy too :P

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: May 06, 2013, 08:26:32 pm »
...keeping them ending with "kkun" keeps an internal consistency with the game's title and establishes an overall convention with all the other names.
You can replace "kun" with "y", to keep consistency among the names (Ex: Rocky, Blocky, Macky, and Potty). The game is not fully translated with the honorifics still "untranslated" (Unfortunately there is no direct English equivalent)... It just doesn't look fully translated IMO, so I would have to agree with the others  :(.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Ducktales remake announced
« on: March 26, 2013, 06:51:53 pm »
They did. It is called DuckTales 2

This is great! I have been waiting for this game to be translated for several years  :). On a side note, I wonder if the patch was made in delta or linear mode.

Can some good soul explain me, in more mundane terms, why BPS is superior to IPS? Thanks in advance.

It can do Linear or delta patching (IPS does not do delta). IPS has a file size limit and BPS does not. BPS also stores checksums, so that can help the user know if he is using the correct ROM. BPS can also make smaller patches... But to sum it up... BPS has more abilities/features and it can do more with linear patching than IPS can. It can all be read on this page

I have problems with the .bps format. The "BEAT" patching tool just crashes with my PC when I open it, and I can't find another tool for .bps patching.

Technically your problem is not with the bps format. It is with a program that implements the format. You should share your issue with the author of the program. Although I have tried beat on several Windows OSs and never had a crash, so I think something might be seriously wrong with your computer that you should investigate.

bps is new, so the patchers are slowly coming out. There are 2 implementations that have been released, byuu's and screwtape's. There is another recently released multipatcher that added bps, it is called MultiPatch and it is for the Mac OS.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: December 11, 2012, 01:11:28 am »
If you do submit them yourself use xdelta for your patch cause Sonic hackers shift data and that leaves IPS patches with portions of or all of the ROM in them.

Any delta patcher can be used for this problem, not just xdelta. I recommend beat, as it might help the problem ppl are having with selecting the correct ROM version... Of course said feature of beat would not be necessary if more complete ROM info was posted by the authors of the hacks.

News Submissions / Re: ROM Hacks: New Hacks Added to the Database
« on: December 07, 2012, 12:09:01 am »
If it really bothers you still then add a crc field to the patch submission forms and reject submissions that leave it blank. Also go back and find the CRC for all 62 Genesis hacks that have been submitted so far so all pages will be uniform. Or find a way to contact the original authors and have them do it for you. Don't forget the translations however many there are. Don't impose CRC requirements on one person.

If supplying a CRC is such a pain, you should have made a BPS delta patch instead. Nobody would be bothering you with what specific ROM is necessary.

Personally I don't think it is such a big deal to mention it in the readme. All ROM hackers are suggested to to include what ROM version the patch will work on in their readme... It is not a mandate.

Let's say I have a hack which works on the Japanese and English versions of a particular game. IPS supports this just fine (for older games). Can BPS?

Yes, it can do it just fine. Try this older version of beat and uncheck verify data.

Pro salesmen tip: Calling your customers stupid and backwards will certainly help sales.

Rebuke accepted... Although it was not my intention to sound like I was questioning intelligence.

IPS, not ISP

Thanks, I accidentally posted my post while I was still typing it up. Zero checking was done. I finished my post, so it should be slightly more legible.

    Here's the problem with these new formats:

    They suck at the same things IPS sucks at, for no good reason.

    xdelta, UPS, BPS, and NINJA are all improvements over IPS. Only things IPS has over them is its simplicity and wide spread use.

    Any proper replacement needs to:

    • Support multiple ROMs without requiring multiple patches.
    Part of the BPS spec, it is blind to file type. I misunderstood, the point. You can simply just not use the file verification option and your BPS patch will work fine on multiple ROMS.
    • Support a range of game sizes, from 16k NES ROMs to multi-gigabyte PS3 titles.
    Part of the BPS spec, there are no file size limits (Unlike IPS), meaning large files ARE supported
    • Require little to no effort for end-users to use.
    Simplicity is part of the BPS design goal
    • Provide for soft-patching, at least on older/smaller games.
    BPS was designed so this could be done.
    • Produce reasonable patch sizes for most cases.
    BPS allows for extremely small sized patches (especially when compared to IPS) and has been demonstrated to be capable of beating xdelta patches

    Since you specifically are talking about formats, I guess you will support the BPS format, as it can do all those things in your list and it doesn't suck at all the things IPS does. Just look at the specification.

    I recently discovered BPS can do patch-stacking just fine, only difference is its files are smaller than IPS files  ;). If you don't know how to program and want to try it for yourself, I recommend you use V03 of beat as it has a check box to ignore checksums.

    People here seem to be stumbling over the difference between a format vs implementation. That is why in my previous post I brought up h.264. As a video format, its spec allowed for many things and it was featured packed with options. Its primary purpose was to allow the playback of HD content from smaller files. Its reference encoder sucked horribly and many computers could not even playback the files at full speed. Was this a problem with the spec? Not really, it was a problem of the implementations. There were people that argued that the format was unnecessary and that a ASP MPEG-4 (h.263v3) could playback HD content and at full speed just fine. In fact, some went as far to say a MPEG2 (h.262), was good enough for HD playback. Some people even said that playback and use of h.264 files would only be possible if there was hardware support, as software was not practical. The X264 team wrote their own implementation of an encoder, even though reasonable HD playback was not possible on most computers (Which is not an issue with BPS), and it has now become possibly the best video encoder on the planet. Several groups have written codecs that allowed for full speed playback of h.264 through software (Core was the first and divx and ffmpeg soon followed) on slower computers.  Keep in mind that the naysayers were people against change and not technical minded, fortunately the video encoder community is not filled with narrow minded people, but people that look to the future.

    Lets compare formats at launch

    Reference Encoder speedSlow on small and large filesFast on common file sizes, slow on large files.
    Reference Encoder quality Horrible. Loses in image quality to encoders for other formats and is not user friendly.Excellent. Beats ISP files in size and can even beat xdelta on several files. It is simple to use and has a help menu.
    SpecificationComplex.(when compared to ALL its competitors)Simple. (When compared to xdelta)
    licensingFee must be paid.Free.

    I am amazed at the differences between communities.  Is it that the video encoding community is more progressive than this one? We have a format that is light years ahead of h.264 when it was released, yet all we can do is discuss how we should stick to older formats. Thanks to the video encoding community moving ahead and using/supporting h.264, I can now download and watch HD movies in excellent quality at fraction of the size it would have taken for one of the previous formats. A format like BPS can grow with the community. It can work for the small hacks we do now and it will work for the large patches we do in the future. BPS can work with large files, beats implementation is what is slow for creating patches of large files. In fact, you can make a patch for a large file with the current version of beat if you are simply willing to wait a loooong time for it to finish (I know people that leave their video encoder encoding a file for days). That file that took awhile to make will work just fine for the end user (patch application is not slow for large files). There are at least two individuals I know of that are working on faster encoders for BPS (One of them is byuu).

    Edit: Fixed my misunderstanding of Kiyoshi Aman's first list point, and corrected a few more ISP vs IPS typos.

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