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Personal Projects / Re: Romancing Saga 1 translation
« on: August 07, 2015, 02:12:28 pm »
Hehe... I love what I see. I am even pleased to see, that the japanese community hacks the original to bring it closer to what the original SNES version was supposed to become in the end much later, Minstrel Song.

Now to look at these hacks, I wonder if it would be wiser to play the remake or update the SNES version with all the stuff the fanbase did for both the original and RS3.

Edit: Well JCE3000GT could surely inject the hack music in the original RS. - Schirach Battle - Battle with old sprite, which is better coloured - Battle with the new sprite, based on the MS remake - Passionate Rhythm Battle against Saruin's Minions MS version sprites

At a second thought perhaps a MSU-1 hack using the MS OST from the PS2 game might be easier to do.

Edit2: I heard the rumor that SFC/SNES version was cut on purpose, because apparently Nintendo didn't allow the cart size. The game was bigger than anything Nintendo themselves had made at that point and thus didn't want to be shown off by Square on their own system.
I dunno if it is true though.

Personal Projects / Re: Secret Of Mana Gameplay Improvement Hack
« on: July 28, 2015, 12:09:31 pm »
I was one of the Beta-Testers for MasterFlow's HardSecretOfMana.

It was a nightmare to get through of it in the early stages of the game.
The point were it got too hard was the moment with the snake boss.
Also the ice country was a nightmare for its own.

During my testing I learned how to master the game, becoming entirely pragmatic by exploiting the AI of the enemies, so I could finish them.
Surprisingly fighting against Gesthar's first Mecha Rider form, which was hard as ****, the spirits of my fallen comrades acted as shields against the homing rockets.

The closer I came to the end game the easier the game became, but still challenging as the enemies still were deadly.
Master Ninjas which had about 3000 HP could easly be taken down with Shade's Demi-like spell.

Also MasterFlow made some questionable changes, like giving certain monsters either a absolute immunity to magic or weapons, but it worked, as long you was prepared for it.
Nowadays if I introduce monsters with immunity to weapons, I would make sure to give bosses the ability to spawn foes which drop fairy walnuts.

Here a PDF file of my report.

To note: It is in german, as such it also uses the german translation of the game.

They both worked on both versions though.

Yes it was Ryusei's doing along with d4. However the german version they made had all the goodies first.

I have a idea for the translated Romancing SaGa 3.

How about we make the grinding of the skill levels less tedious and increase the dropings of rare items. Also Dragon Scales should be dropable by the big dragons and the Dragon Rulers.

Also, to avoid that we get too early way too high skill levels, skill levels should be limited by the maximal HP.
The formula would look like this:

So if you had 500HP you could reach only 26 in any weapon and magic you use.
Since 999 doesn't give you the maximum skill level of 50 but 49, a +1 should fix it.

Last but not least mastering WAZA should improve the chance to spark WAZA of the same type of weapon, especially the very difficult ones.

Will your game include soundtracks from Metroid Prime and Super Metroid?
I would love to hear renditions of them, like this one.

All what we can do is to utilise anything Mana related into the project and thus built up step by step a game which touches on the other Seiken Densetsu Games, however the Masked Magician Belgar from SD3 might not be Thanatos.
I personally have many ideas. I even have in mind to set Poto's Village on fire by the empire after Randi leaves as a banished member.

"Hmph! Vandole's right hand is a fool to let himself tricked by a minor. In any case this will be a fine warning to Pandoria and the rebel scum, if they dare to rise a hand against us."

"Master, while I approve displaying our power, we should be careful with breaking the rules."

"Kihihi... My good servant, I am well aware that we have become war criminals by the 3rd Wendell Conventions, however we left no witnesses. All what is left to do is to spread false news that we have been attacked first. A good falseflag here and there, and the masses will buy the lie as the truth! Kyahahaha!!!

As for you three, make sure you to continue to search the boy with the sword. Lord Vandole might have mercy, but I will not accept empty hands! Failure means no rations next week!
And if anyone dares to speak of our crime in public, I will make sure your families will regret it as well."


"Master, shall we proceed with Project Pride?"

"Not yet, we have to await for his call. If we proceed now, the republic will cause us much disarray. It shouldn't take long until he has Pandoria under complete control."

Greetings everyone.

I recently joined RedScorpion's latest project to help him make it a reality. The retranslation of Secret of Mana, which is known as Seiken
Densetsu 2 in its original form.

As many of you know, the translator of the time Ted Woolsey, who was tasked with its translation back then, had a very unreasonable
deadline to met. Namely one month of time. As a result the translation was not only rushed, but also needed to be cut down, because
the data banks were not made for roman letters. In addition as the data banks couldn't be extented in time, Ted had no time to double
check his translations as well as he needed to improvise alot when he himself didn't understood the meaning of certain sentences.

The german version didn't fare much better in comparison, as Claude E. Moyse faced the same problems. Also he was told by Square to
make it funny. While it worked for us german kids, we are now grown ups and cannot find the same sort of joy reading the lines.

We intent to change that, thanks to FuSoYa's VWF and Moppy's Editor. First of all, while we intend to retranslate the game in both
english and german, we also plan to expand the game with the cut material and come closer to the original intent of the creators, back
when the project started as a SNES-CD game.

While we searched for the cut material, we found out to our suprise, that Chrono Trigger is the result of the unused ideas and concepts
of the original SNES-CD game.

While we cannot insert all of Chrono Trigger into it as well, we might just take the ideas and make them more fitting for Seiken
Densetsu 2.

However while we of the german Seiken Densetsu community would like to go out as soon as possible, we still need a translator,
who can help us to come as close as possible to the original, and even more to the original SNES-CD content.

Our wish is to expand on a properly retranslated original, because it feels right that way.

Here also the text dump of Seiken Densetsu 2 and Woolsey's translation.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Link to the Past GBA Voice Hack?
« on: May 17, 2015, 01:00:51 am »
Just because it is the artstyle it doesn't mean he is a kid.
The Oracle games were not developed with the current timeline in mind.
That happened later with Hyrule Historia.
Princess Zelda doesn't even causally greet Link.
It is like they have never met before.

Anyways, a good hack can change anything.
Allow me a little alteration:

Din: "So you are the Hero of Hyrule and Master of the Triforce... How I know it is you? Your Triforce marking on the back of your hand is the prove. Only those who have proven themselves worthy of Wisdom, Power and Courage carry the sacred symbol, which indicates that they can use the Triforce. This person is you Link."

Onox: "This is the young man who defeated my lord and master?! Impossible... That a worm like you could be the legendary hero... Laughable... If you were him, I would have atleast expected a formidable opponent. Anyway... You along with all the other mortals shall witness the destruction of this land. Enjoy your last days... They will be your last. Fufufu..."

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Link to the Past GBA Voice Hack?
« on: May 16, 2015, 02:16:15 pm »
I probably should've clarified that the GBA version of ALttP uses the sound clips of Young Link from OoT. And the fact that Link from ALttP was definitely not a kid helps solidify my reasoning for the voice clips just being an awful idea.
I know. :P

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Link to the Past GBA Voice Hack?
« on: May 16, 2015, 01:34:20 pm »
Young Link...?
Pah Link is no child in Alttp, but a young man around the same age of Adult Link.
See the artwork.

Personal Projects / Re: Megaman 3 Improvement 2.0
« on: May 16, 2015, 12:13:41 pm »
The lack of space comes to be, because of the method how MM3 utilises sprites.
Truth is, that no sprite in the ROM is mirrored.
However, to change which is normal for MM4-6, Kuja would need to reconstructure the entire game.
Though Kuja could upgrade the game with a MMC5 mapper (1028KB), it would go against his intentions for to keep this game hack friendly.

I had a lot of other suggestions for the improvement patch as well, but couldn't be realised due lack of space in certain banks.

Bregalad once did those sound restauration patches to the GBA ports of Final fantasy 4,5 and 6.

I wonder if someone like him with the skill, is willing to do a similiar thing to Sword of Mana with Romancing Saga (1,2 and 3) or/and Seiken Densetsu 3 instruments.
Sword of Mana really sounds like garbage in my ears while Seiken Densetsu 2 (Secret Of Mana) and 3 did not.

All Soundtracks made by Kenji Ito however will reach their highest potencial unlocked using Romancing Saga instruments.

Here a soundtrack, which reveals Kenji Ito's genius. (SNES Julius Final Battle)

Considering that the original was a mere GB soundtrack, it shows off what happens if you update it with SNES instruments. (GB Julius Final Battle)

Not so much if we compare it with the GBA version. (GBA Julius Final Battle)

Another example.

Here we have "Battle 2 - Courage and Pride from the Heart" of the GB version.

Compare this with the GBA version.

And here with SNES version, which was recreated in Romancing Saga 3.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: YouTube/Google Video thread
« on: May 07, 2015, 09:26:47 am »
Real Mega Man 3 Intro (game mod/romhack)

I have not toyed with advent at time of writing but I did have a look at the voices when the US/EU versions of the ZX title appeared and missed a few things from the Japanese version. Capcom's handheld division is an amazing case study in code reuse so I am not expecting much different here.

Firstly the DS DAC (digital analogue converter) is not great and the speakers are worse so there is that. The DS does have onboard PCM and ADPCM decoding, which is what many of the sound/voice samples will be using even in non SDAT formats. What I find more often is the devs will drop the sample rate to the high 17 KHz range for reasons unknown (it can handle far more and space is not the greatest issue on the DS) and garbage in -> garbage out very much applies when it comes to audio quality -- someone can spend days messing around in their DAW but it would be the rough equivalent in of audio which is to video. If you can snatch something from an anime or a home console game then do it, otherwise you are doing a fan redub.

Perhaps, but ZX Advent might be different in that regard.

It would be great if someone could fix the sound software of Megaman ZX Advent so the voices sound not so distorted like in that one brief soundfile.

When Aile introduces herself the Grey, she sounds actually pretty good, but after that, the software issue is back in force.
it is also present in the japanese version.

Who of you hackers has experience with NDS games? I would love to see one hacker solving the problem for all voice files.

For Megaman Zero 2
- Make Cut Scenes skipable

- Make the Spinning Slash (Kuuenzan) (Both Air and Ground moves) a move again that needs to be relearned like in Zero 1. Active Form instead increases the damage by +2.
*Double Jump (Kuuenbu) becomes acessable upon relearning the Spinning Slash.
*Spinning Slash can overcome invincibility frames like in Zero 3, 4 and ZX Series.

- Make the EX Moves act, like the ones from Zero 3 and 4 + they can be chained to overcome invincibility like in the sequels.
*when incooperating certain EX Moves in the trible slash combo, the Rising Slash (Shuryuken) can be chained after the third normal Slash or the Electric Blade from Harpuia in place of the third slash. They are also faster executeable.
*Speaking of the Electric Blade it should be faster and have farther reach without chip. With Chip it will look like the Electric Blade from Model OX from Megaman ZX.

- Give the Ultimate Form the best of all forms.
*1/2 Damage
*+2 Damage with anything Zero uses
*Eraser Effect
*Rising Forms Upward Slash by pressing UP+Attack before the third Slash. Rising Slash can never be executed as the third Slash.
*1/2 Charging time

-Make EX Skill of the Chain Rod now rapidly drain health after one second holding on the target.
*Can be used to fill the Sub Tanks.

Here now a humourous idea for Zelda II: Link's adventure.
-How about to make Error glitch and flicker like he is some kind of flawed hologram? :P

Programming / ZSNES Changing sample 44100Hz to 43200Hz permanently
« on: December 23, 2014, 09:38:43 am »
Hi everyone. Normally I would offer my services for custom graphics, but now I have a little problem with what I want.
Thing is, that ZSNESw apparently fixes any changes on the ZSNESw CFG data file and I want to change the sample 44100Hz to the more harmonic sample 43200Hz.

Which tool can give me quick access to hack ZSNESw directly?
I would love to have a frequency around which attunes to me more nicely.

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