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This is pretty weird, I can't think of much, I looked it up and there's no word like that, so I thought it could either be a name (a pretty weird one) or it could be something with ~同士. I thought it might be 買い同士, like a buyer of gems, but that doesn't sound very normal, I'm not really sure.
At any rate it doesn't sound terribly important to the overall plot so unless it pops up later with more emphasis on it you could just ignore it.
Yeah, I had the same thoughts as you. It's just that it's a game that's ostensibly for kids and it's all in kana, I figure it can't be too out-there. Maybe it's one of those things obvious to a native speaker, but tough to nail down by a language learner. I'd still welcome any ideas.

Taking a "break" to translate the intro to Saint Tail on the Game Gear.

One of those 90's magical girl anime I knew of but never ended up catching, I watched a couple episodes on YouTube recently. It's an excessively charming show about two girls attending a catholic(?) jr. high, one girl preparing to be a nun, and the other able to transform in the the "mysterious thief Saint Tail".

The girls hear the prayers of those in trouble via the school chapel, and St. Tail heads out at night to use her magical thief skills to solve the problems of those seeking salvation.

I'm translating the intro and one term is driving me nuts. It's rough, but I'll put up the translation I have so far since it's easier than explaining. Suffice to say, the term is "かいどうし", specifically it seems to be a person having some jewels appraised, and they are a "宝石商のかいどうし".

If necessary, there's a video of the intro here:

Any help appreciated.

Code: [Select]
「あるおんなのこが すくいを もとめ[BR]
"A request for aid has come[BR]
に きました。[BR]
in from a certain girl.[BR]
そのおんなのこ‥ さおりちゃんの[WT]
The girl's... Saori's[WT]
おじいさまの おしごとは[BR]
grandfather works as[BR]
ほうせきの かんていしです。」[WT]
gemstone appraiser."[WT]
「あるひ おじいさまの もとに[BR]
"One day, 10 jewels[BR]
10この ほうせきが[BR]
were brought in to[BR]
もちこまれ ました。」[WT]
her grandfather."[WT]
「そのうち5つは せかいに2つとない[BR]
"Of those jewels, 5 were valuable,[BR]
こうかな ほうせきでした‥[WT]
one-of-a-kind gems...[WT]
つまり のこりの 5つは[BR]
In other words, the remaining[BR]
にせもの だったのです。」[WT]
5 were fakes."[WT]
「ぼうはんように イミテーションを[BR]
"Imitations were made in order to[BR]
つくらせたが あまりにも よくできて[BR]
protect against theft, but they were so[BR]
いたので どれが ほんもの の[WT]
well done that (they) no longer know[WT]
ほうせきなのか わからなくなった‥[BR]
the real ones from the fakes.[BR]
かんていを いらいしてきた[BR]
That's what the jeweler/gem shop's[BR]
ほうせきしょうの かいどうしは[BR]
XXXX requesting appraisal[BR]
そういった そうです。」[WT]
「かみさまでも すくえないわよ[BR]
"In that case, there are some miracles even[BR]
God cannot perform."[WT]
「すくいを もとめて いるのは[BR]
"The one requesting (our)[BR]
かんていしの おじいさまの[BR]
aid is the appraiser grand-[BR]
"What do you mean?"[WT]
「それらの ほうせきを かんてい[BR]
"While appraising those jewels,[BR]
しているうち おじいさまは その[BR]
her grandfather fell under the[BR]
ふしぎな みりょくに[WT]
influence of a strange[WT]
みせられてしまい‥ できごころから[BR]
つい にせものを ほんものと[BR]

かんてい し にせものと[WT]

かんてい したほうを かいどうしから[BR]

やすく かいとって しまったのです。」[WT]

「りっぱな さぎ じゃない[BR]
"An excellent fraud[BR]
wasn't it."[WT]
「だれにでも まちがいは あります [BR]
"Everyone has made mistakes.
でも それを くいあらためる ことが[BR]
However, those who can repent
できるのが よい にんげん です‥[WT]
their sins are good people...
こんかいは その おてつだいを[BR]
This time I think I'd
しようと おもいます。」[WT]
like to try to help. "[WT]
"Help how...?"[WT]
「そのご にせもの の ほうせきは[BR]
"Afterwards, XXXX sold the[BR]
かいどうしが ある5にんの[BR]
fake jewels to 5 select[BR]
しさんかに ばいきゃく しました。」[WT]
wealthy individuals."[WT]
"So what do we do!"[WT]
「どうしたら まるく[BR]
"What do you think will[BR]
おさまると おもいます?」[WT]
settle this peacefully?"[WT]
「そうねェ‥ さおりちゃんの[BR]
おじいさまが もっているほんものと[BR]
What if I switch the real ones
うった にせものを[WT]
Saori's grandfather has with
すりかえれば いいか‥」[WT]
the fakes he sold?[WT]
"T-The real ones..."[WT]
「5つの ほうせきを それぞれの[BR]
I want you to return the[BR]
しさんか の いえに[BR]
5 jewels to the various[BR]
かえしてきて ほしいの。」[WT]
wealthy people's homes."[WT]
「でばんですよ‥  [BR]
"It's time for![BR]
かいとう  [BR]
The mysterious thief[BR]
セイント・テールの。」   [WT]
Saint Tail!"[WT]
"You won't get away! Saint Tail!"[WT]

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: su conjugating shi
« on: June 19, 2018, 04:21:49 pm »
Makes sense. Thanks!

Script Help and Language Discussion / su conjugating shi
« on: June 19, 2018, 03:44:01 am »
I'm translating a sentence:

A large explosion occurs and inflicts major damage to the enemy. (I edited this to be more accurate)

I believe this is the meaning. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

My question has to do with the grammar that is happening here:
爆発を起こす -> 爆発を起こし、

This strikes me as the "and" shi, but it's odd how it's used with the "す" verb. Does anyone know what's going on here specifically?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: YouTube/Google Video thread
« on: June 16, 2018, 05:34:03 pm »
I documented my dumping of the script for Madou Monogatari 3 on the Game Gear. I use relatively basic techniques but it might be a good watch to compare notes, or if you're just getting started.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Screenshots
« on: June 12, 2018, 08:14:34 pm »
Well according to this website, use affect if using a verb, use effect if using a noun. Since we are talking about units, which is a noun, "Effected Units" is correct.

No, it's not correct, and that isn't what that site is saying. Affect is a verb, and effect is a noun. It is definitely "affected units". Effected units means, "the units that were brought about (as an effect)". Affected units means, "the units which were/are affected".

This site that covers these particular conjugations may help clarify.

Personal Projects / Re: Translations of early Famicom games
« on: June 09, 2018, 07:29:45 pm »
The bulk of the script is in there, and although there are some teething problems at the moment (wrong text appearing, possibly because my bank switching isn't working 100% of the time), the tricky part is more or less over. Now I just need to figure out what's going on in certain spots.

God, all this for a 30-year-old kusoge... :D

Awesome! Now it's time for the other 90%.

It's the journey not the destination I suppose. :D

As for other news, nothing that isn't off topic. I've just been messing around with Game Gear games. I managed to dump scripts for several games including Kishin Douji Zenki, and Moldorian: Hikari to Yami no Shimai. I also wrote my first script dumper for Saint Tail since it has some weird text encoding. Fun times.

Most of the dialogue is untranslated. I will probably be dumping that separately and shopping around. Also you can see in the battle screen where I'm fighting Jaadin, or in the town screen... I can't find the "HP" and "EXP" katakana/hiragana by relatively searching. It must be hiding somehow.

Great work! It's nice to see updates.

My goal is to make the most amazing script extraction/insertion utility EVAR so that nobody will need to write their own custom script extraction/insertion utility ever again...

I'm happy to discuss this elsewhere since it's off topic. I feel it necessary to mention something that it seems like no one takes into consideration when dumping Japanese scripts.

Most 8-bit games that deal with Japanese voiced characters (those with diacritics), place the diacritical mark on a separate font tile. In the script, when printed with a text routine, these marks normally appear directly before the unvoiced character, or directly after. There's a really easy way to deal with this when making a table file though I've never seen anyone other than myself make their tables this way.

Code: [Select]

The above is an example of a script that places the diacritical mark ゛, here represented with 3A, after the unvoiced character. When the script is dumped with this table file, the character appears properly as が, as opposed to か゛.

This is mostly useful in doing copy/paste dictionary look-ups, but I can't imagine even the most experienced professional translator doesn't at least occasionally need to look up vocab. The fact that voiced characters are almost never properly dumped unnecessarily wastes the time of translators IMO.

Another common instance is fixed length text that places diacritics on a preceding line.

For example:
Code: [Select]
//     ゛ ゛          
//    こですが、かいますか?   

The above text from Magic Knight Rayearth on the Game Gear is 18 characters long, and places diacritics on the line immediately preceding the unvoiced characters.

I recently wrote a dumper for Saint Tail on the Game Gear in PHP, mostly because it uses some weird padding, which I wrote to deal with these use cases, including diacritics that appear on a line 2 lines preceding the unvoiced characters as indicated below.

Code: [Select]
  ミニケーム 1  

It dumps the text properly as follows:
Code: [Select]
  ミニゲーム 1  [BR]

I'd expect a dumper to be able to handle these cases, and others that arise, concerning voiced characters.

Personal Projects / Re: Translations of early Famicom games
« on: June 01, 2018, 07:50:32 pm »
My table looks completely different than yours. My brother and I then added the table to the hex editor and up came all the script. It appears to me that I see it all there. We were just yesterday looking at the exploration menu dialogue in the hex editor and laying out approaches to translating.

I noticed that when I had my eureka moment in hacking the game, that my original discovery of D6 is also 6D as well. I originally based my table off D6 only to learn that the rest of the table didn't follow the D6 pattern as it appears in the tile editor, but instead originates around 6D. So I had to rework my table to fix it - several times actually, because the tile editor doesn't display the characters sequentially in rows as they appear in the hex table (they bounce around and include special characters not seen in the tile editor).

I thought my hack was going to be done through the battle system tile alphabet, but instead I broke through the first dialogue in the castle (also a lot more convenient for testing).

June 01, 2018, 04:31:43 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
On further review of your table, it appears you did what I originally did. I followed the order that they appeared in the tile set. But the hex numbers don't follow that order, only generally. The first number is actually a space, then it goes all through the numerals, then special characters ( - ? ! ' ) then it returns back to the top and goes through the hiragana, then towards the end it does the hiragana with the " symbol, then returns to the katakana, dodging the graphics, then does katakana with the ", and finally the " and period symbol appear after some graphics.

The only characters I couldn't find for my table were three that only appear in the first alphabet of the tile editor and not the others: / % and +. I don't think they will make much of a difference, since I don't believe I'd have a need to change those characters, but we will see.

Currently, I've reworked a bit of the graphics for the game, included English fonts for all the 7 alphabets. I've been doing some piecemeal translation work too, but just slowly. I think I will do a text dump and hand it off so a guy that is familiar with the game can help with translation (*crossing fingers*). Right now, I'm trying to stay away from story plots and work on menu stuff.

Nice job getting to the bottom of the text encoding. Your title screen looks great too. I wish you luck with the project. Definitely excited to see more Famicom projects getting worked on, especially these early games. FYI: If you want to refer to those symbols directly they are called "diacritical marks" or a "diacritc". Specifically the "゛" character is called "dakuten", or colloquially a "ten-ten". The "゜" character is called "handakuten" or colloquially a "maru".

If you need help dumping the text, I'd be happy to do it. :) I know I've got other stuff on my plate, but I imagine it's probably not gonna be so hard. I'll have a look later and see what I can find.

Thank you for this offer. :) I was going to suggest that you assist Fyr rather than myself since they seemed to be interested in the project, but I think the above response indicates they have things in hand.

Personal Projects / Re: Translations of early Famicom games
« on: June 01, 2018, 03:12:46 am »
Yeah that's weird. Didn't come up in my search of the forum. Maybe it's because newbs don't have full access? Either way, I see it now.

Were you able to alter any characters in your hacking attempt of the game, Filler? I see the rom has 7 different alphabet tiles. I was able to hack one of them and I have a table now.

June 01, 2018, 02:13:06 am - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
Yeah I think the forum search option couldn't find Haja no Fuuin, perhaps because your text was bolded and a bug related to that may be preventing me from finding it using the search engine.

I got as far as making this table file based on the PPU viewer in FCEUX, but I wasn't able to find any text encoded like this in the ROM. Not sure how hard I looked, but I assume I might have gone as far as doing some kana searches (based on the table) and relative value searches, but I don't think I found anything. I wouldn't let that discourage you though. I know some basics, but I'm not super savvy about this stuff.

Code: [Select]

Personal Projects / Re: Translations of early Famicom games
« on: May 31, 2018, 01:44:51 am »
Is there a thread somewhere mentioning this work? A search brings up nothing or anyone working on it. Maybe I'm blind.
It's this thread you are currently posting in. One page back (technically two since this post overflowed onto a new page).

Just want to say that I'm happy to see Youkai Douchuuki on the list of English translations. It was one of the first games I made a table file for, and edited an English font into. I can't say I played it a lot, but I always thought it was an interesting game. Glad to see this one in English.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Available Scripts
« on: May 27, 2018, 10:51:17 pm »
I'd love to help any way I can in translating "Yamamura Misa Suspense- Kyouto Ryuu no Tera Satsujin"

I didn't understand what you were getting at, so thanks for the tl;dr. I agree with Snark. I started with a couple years of college Japanese. A few classes really help you get some fundamentals.

If you are motivated to help with this Yamamura game, here is the first bit of text. Why don't you take a stab at this. Get it back to me, I'll see if it's something I can use, and we'll go from there.

Code: [Select]
    * 4がつ15にち[BR]

      きょうと りょうあんじの もんぜん[BR]

[WT]    * ゲームデサイナー[NA]は しんさくゲーム[BR]

      「きょうと りゅうのてら さつじんじけん」[BR]

      の はっぴょうと、サインかいのため ここ[BR]

      りょうあんじへ やってきた。[BR]

[WT]    * イベントに つめかけた ファンをあとにして[BR]

      [NA]は けいだいへ あしをすすめた。[BR]

[WT]    * もんぜんとは うってかわって しずかな[BR]


      はきあつめられた さくらの はなびらが[BR]

      ピンクのやまを つくっている。[BR]

[WT]      「ゲームでは このへんが さつじんげんばに[BR]


      はなびらの やまか、 [BR]

      このなかから したいが でてくるってのも[BR]

      なかなか おもしろい、・・・あれっ!」[BR]

[WT]     「・・・ん、なんだ こりゃ、[BR]

      はなびらの なかから あしが・・・?[BR]

      どうせ、スタッフか だれかの[BR]


      マネキンなんか つかったりして・・・。」[BR]

[WT]     「・・・あっ!![BR]

      し し しんでる!!![BR]

      どど どうしよう・・・、け けいさつに[BR]


[WT]    * そのとき ぼうぜんと たたずむ [NA]の[BR]

      うしろで、だれかの さけびごえが きこえた。[BR]

      そのこえを ききつけて、あたりに ひとが[BR]


[WT]    * そのひとごみを かきわけながら、ひとりの[BR]

      じょせいが あらわれた。[BR]

[WT]キャサリン「・・・あらっ、あなた ゲームデサイナー[BR]

      の [NA]さん じゃないんですか?[BR]

      わたし キャサリンって いうんですけど、[BR]

      いったい なにが あったんですか?」[BR]

[WT]キャサリン「・・・えっ!はなびらのなかに このじょせ[BR]

      いの したいが・・・。」[BR]

[WT]キャサリン「・・・うーん、とくに がいしょうは[BR]

      ないみたい だけど・・・。[BR]


      ねェ みて、このひとのてのところ、[BR]

      なにか にぎってるようだけど・・・。」[BR]

[WT]キャサリン「わたしに あいたいときは カフェ・ド・ミ[BR]

      サっていう きっさてんにくればいいわ。[BR]

      たいてい そこにいるから。」[BR]

[WT]    * りょうあんじです。[BR]

      かんこうきゃくが います。[BR]

[WT]   ひと「さあ・・・よう わかりまへんけど・・・[BR]

      ここの はいかんは あさ 8じはん から[BR]


[WT]   ひと「・・・なんのことか わかりませんが・・・[BR]

      ・・・あっ、あなた ひょっとして[BR]

      [NA]さん じゃないんですか   [BR]

      ・・・サイン ください。」[BR]

[WT][WT][WT]  なみこ「すいません・・・。[BR]

      でも どうしても、[BR]

      ここへ きたかったんです。」[BR]

[WT]  なみこ「でも [NA]さんには ほんとうに[BR]

      ごめいわくを おかけしました。[BR]

      ゲームのことは みなおから[BR]


      もうしわけ ありませんでした。」[BR]

[WT]  なみこ「かれを しぬほど あいしていたんです。[BR]

      ・・・でも ゆるせなかった。[BR]

      それで みんなを ころして いちから[BR]

      やりなおそうと おもったんです。」[BR]

[WT]  かりや「あのあさ あなたは イベントに きていた[BR]

      ゆりこさんを うらぐちから けいだいへ[BR]

      さそいだし かんコーヒーに せいさんカリを[BR]

      いれて かのじょに のませた。」[BR]

[WT]  かりや「じかんは けいだいに ひとけのない[BR]

      7じ30ぷんごろ。そのあと ゆりこさんを[BR]

      はなびらの なかに うめた。しかし[BR]

      かのじょは そのはなびらの なかで しぬ[BR]

      まえに あなたあの なまえを かいた。」[BR]

[WT]キャサリン「やっぱり ここだったのね。[BR]

      もう そろそろ かいけつ するころだろうと[BR]

      おもって さがしてたのよ。[BR]

      わたしのほうも はなしが あるから・・・[BR]

      すこし あるきましょうか。」[BR]

[WT]  かりや「もと アメリカふくだいとうりょうの むす[BR]

      めさんで、わたしも いろいろ おせわに[BR]

      なってます。いままで いろんな じけんを[BR]

      かいけつした ひとですよ。」[BR]

[WT]キャサリン「わたしのことは きかなくていいの?」[BR]

[WT]  かりや「わかりました。[BR]

      ところで 17にちですが あのひ あなたは[BR]

      はじめから 3にんを ころす つもり[BR]

      でしたね。それで ケーキを かっていき[BR]

      すいみんやくいりの おちゃを のませた。」[BR]

[WT]  かりや「そして さわおのへやから くるまのキーを[BR]

      さがしだし かれのクラウンで かえった。[BR]

      くるまを とめたのは バスてい ふきん。[BR]

      それから へやで アリバイをつくり[BR]

      ふたたび さわおのへやへ いった。」[BR]

[WT]  かりや「そこで 3にんの くちに せいさんカリを[BR]

      ふくませて さつがいした。[BR]


[WT]キャサリン「はんぶんは わたしの そうぞう だけど、[BR]

      ほぼ まちがいないと おもうわ。[BR]

      かねのために おんなごころを[BR]


      じごうじとく というものだわ。」[BR]

[WT]キャサリン「それから みなおのことだけど、[BR]

      かれは ほんとに なみこが すきだった[BR]

      みたいね。でも あいてにされなかったから[BR]

      あんな きょうはくを したのね。」[BR]

[WT]  かりや「そして さいごの みなお さつがいの[BR]

      けんですが あのひ あなたは ふじさんが[BR]

      なくなられたあと みなおのへやへ いき[BR]

      はなしでも しながら かれに ウイスキーを[BR]


[WT]  かりや「もちろん すきをみて そのなかに[BR]


      かれが しんだあと すばやく トリックを[BR]

      すませ じぶんのへやへ もどった。」[BR]

[WT]キャサリン「あらっ、かぜがふいて さくらのいはなが[BR]



      このさくらから はじまったのね。[BR]


Gaming Discussion / Re: Psyklaxia: my new YouTube channel!
« on: May 27, 2018, 03:25:35 pm »
Awesome! I welcome more romhacking related videos on YouTube. I don't think there are nearly enough.

Newcomer's Board / Re: A little help
« on: May 25, 2018, 12:35:04 am »
I hadn't read Inverse's statement on the "Essence of ROM Hacking". Good stuff.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Available Scripts
« on: May 18, 2018, 12:27:33 am »
Heh, sounds like it's a bit more involved than I was hoping. I've taken a look at 6502 assembly before though. It was years ago now, so I'd have to familiarize myself with the instructions again. I've also read the book "Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware" to try to get a basic understanding of CPU architecture, but I haven't managed to get it all to click very well.

I'm interested in trying to do something similar to what you did with Marusa no Onna, for the game Racer Mini Yonku (4WD). It seems like it has some kind of dictionary. I'll see if I can get up the nerve to give it a go. If not, I might post asking for help again. :D

Thanks for the help btw!

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Available Scripts
« on: May 17, 2018, 05:59:46 pm »
It looks like the code runs through a lookup table at starting at 0x13290 and probably ending at 0x135EF (for a total of 432 dictionary entries) before hitting the actual strings, which is why the code points have a different order than the strings.

@abw This may be better suited to a PM, but I'd like to ask, is this something you would explain to me how to determine on my own?

I don't know enough to know if it requires more background than I currently have in order to understand, or if it's something you could explain to a semi-neophyte. If I could grasp this one portion of reverse engineering I feel like I'd be able to dump and translate that many more scripts.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Gunhead term sanity check
« on: May 17, 2018, 05:54:53 pm »
Pretty sure it's more of a simple "Several broken robots found." 数体 here meaning several. It's the ~体 counter. 使用不能のロボット1体発見 would be "One broken robot found," for instance.

You're probably right. I posted here because I felt like I was reaching a bit. Besides, I think the suffix in my example is actually -ploid, not -oid, which have different meanings.

It's just frustrating since I'm having trouble finding a clear example on the internet, probably because 数体 has a definition as a noun on its own, outside of a (likely) noun-counter pairing.

Thanks for your help BTW. I'll mark this "solved" for now.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Gunhead term sanity check
« on: May 09, 2018, 12:13:33 am »
I'm messing with the script for Gunhead: The New Battle again and I'm uncertain about one term. The script is all kana, and the term is "すうたい". It's used in the following line which seems to appear as you search the map, and appears more than once as the start of the text blurb.

しよう ふのうの ろぼっと すうたい はっけん (使用不能のロボットすうたい発見)

Possible readings are:

In researching 数体/すうたい, I've come across the usage below, and it's leading me to interpret this as "robotoid". This seems like the most likely interpretation, but I wanted to put this out there. Let me know if you think I'm barking up the wrong tree.

Code: [Select]
英語 euploid
日本語 正倍数体
読み仮名 せいばいすうたい
説明 その種に固有な基本染色体数(n)の正数倍である細胞または固体.二倍体(diploid), 倍数体(polyploid)参照.

Script Help and Language Discussion / Re: Available Scripts
« on: May 07, 2018, 12:26:39 am »
Argh, sorry I missed all your edits. It seems like something's going on with the forum lately (or maybe it's just me?)... edits aren't showing up as new, sometimes (but not always) there are significant delays between the timestamp on a post and when it actually becomes visible, and I'm seeing replies show up before the posts they're replying to :'(.

In any case, I'm glad you got everything to work out! I'm basically completely illiterate in Japanese, so there's not much I could do to sanity-check the dictionary or script dumps.

As for the game itself, I only played a few minutes of it, but it seemed neat, with a moderately cool intro sequence (yay for vertical glyphs) and probably some kind of a detective story. Good luck with the translation!

Thanks! Like I said, I appreciate the help. :) Gotta say, I'm not a huge fan of the double posting rules, but I know they were put in place for a reason.

Ah, nice to see Marusa no Onna is in good hands. I remember vertical text turning me off, but I'm curious at how the good adaptation is. After seeing Tampopo(in a new 4K film restoration on blu ray), I'm convinced Juzo Itami was one of the Japanese greats, especially of the later period. Too bad he offed himself.

Tampopo is great. I have an older print on DVD. I had no idea he committed suicide. :( I really ought to catch up on some of his other films. I've only really seen A Taxing Woman (Marusa no Onna), and Tampopo. As for the game, I have no idea if it's "good" per se, but the more I thought about it, the more it seems like a surprisingly good premise for a game (a text-adventure game at any rate.)

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