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Looks like 2015 wasn't specially hot only for Switzerland : http://www.iflscience.com/environment/2015-officially-hottest-year-records-began

General Discussion / Re: New Planet Found!
« on: January 22, 2016, 03:41:39 am »
Oh English language is so weird.

Pluton -> Pluto
Charon -> Charon

Where's the logic ?!

(Also, there is Bilbo -> Bilbo and Frodo -> Frodon, but that's because The Lord of the Rigs wasn't translated by the same guy who did Bilbo the Hobbit)

Best of luck with the remaining sounds!
Thanks! The only reason the sound effects takes so long is because whoever designed them loved to abuse the sound engine and overflow the normal pitch range to get weird effects on purpose. They play ridiculously high notes and/or pitch slides of ridiculously big range (something like 8 octaves or more is common) and/or ridiculously fast. This is extremely hard to get on GBA, I'll probably pre-render many sound effects (that is just record them and play them back instead of re-creating them).

General Discussion / Re: New Planet Found!
« on: January 22, 2016, 03:34:50 am »
Pluto isn't considered as a planet because 'it hasn't cleaned its orbit'. In the past few years, it has been showed that Pluto is an object among a huge number, gravitating in the same area, with variable sizes, sometimes bigger than Pluto (at least 2 were measured bigger).
Yeah, that's what I thought. Probably Pluto doesn't have a clean orbit because it's satellite Charo (or is that how it's called in English? I only know the french name) is almost as big, so they act as a dual system where each influence the orbit of the other, instead of acting like a satellite which orbits around the planet, like the moon with the earth.

General Discussion / Re: New Planet Found!
« on: January 21, 2016, 04:59:50 am »
I don't understand, I thought spacial objects that were too distant from the sun were classified as micro-planets instead of planets, or else there would be 4000 planets already.

So why would this particular object count as a planet, when Pluto couldn't count anymore?!


Oh well, that's 5 hours I spent playing FF6. Could be worse. :D
Your save file is very useful! I could kick Cefka's ass much faster, and will probably have to do that a couple of times more, as the music is still not prefectly synchronized. Thank you!

Bregalad ever think of porting this to the PC steam release?
Nope. I wasn't even aware of this release, and anyway, a sane person wanting to play FF6 on the PC will emulate the SNES verison.

Oh thanks. I managed to beat the game and measured the events with a stopwatch with TheZunar's save anyway. The trick was to use only the 4 strongest character, equiping 3 of them with ribbons, and NOT using any reserve characters, which are too weark.

But I guess this could be useful for the next time, so I have to check if the events are effectively synchronized.

Also @TheZunar's, your save file of the Phantom train is useful, because this weird sound effect plays when the train stops and I have to test this, so thank you very much even if your ending save would not have been useful, your save file still is useful. Also, I apologize for having acted like an ass before.

Apologies if my response sounded mean, just the way you worded it rubbed me the wrong way.
No, it's my turn to apology, I sounded like a complete badass, but that is because I was pissed of loosing so much time to try and fail to beat Cefka.

@Spooniest I did not want to use savestates, because I want to test the timing on the real hardware. I run into many cases where VBA slowed down and not the real hardware, and as such the synchronization timings are different. For example the intro in the snow do not duration the same length on the real hardware and on VBA, it is slower on VBA, and if the music is synchronized correctly in GBA it is cut off in the middle on real hardware. On the other hand, if the music is synchronized correctly on real hardware, it ends too soon on VBA. In order to avoid this problem for the ending, I'd use only the real hardware as a reference.

Nevertheless I could load your savestate, and use the real save you made previously, if you did make one and if you are more prepared than with TheZunar123's save.

In the end the best would be a real save file (not save state) where the save is cheated and everyone is a powerhouse, so I can kick Cefka's butt quickly (since I'll have to do that a couple of times to test the ending's timings).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Were any SNES games ever on multiple cartridges?
« on: January 20, 2016, 05:12:47 am »
Were any SNES games ever on multiple cartridges?
No, but many games were on multiple ROMs on the same cartridge, much more cost efficient than doing multiple cartridges when a single ROM cannot be big enough (or is too expensive).

Also you missed the point why games had multiple discs: Most of the time it was only because of FMVs. For example Final Fantasy 7, the game is completely present in all the 3 discs (just switch discs during gameplay if you don't belive me - any of the discs will work fine), but only the FMVs differ between discs. Since FMVs were a big selling part of the game back then and procuding a disc costed a few cents, having a multi-disc game was not significantly more expensive than having a single disc game - the only expensive part was producing the FMV themselves.

However in the case of cartridges, producing a cartridge is actually expensive and a significant part of the game's price, so having it on multiple cartridges doesn't make any sense economically or technically.

This in addition to what Dish said.

Well maybe, but then Kefka kann one hit KO character whenever he wants to, and can inflict status alimtents to all 4 character simulatenously.

I did not mean to be offensive - they might be levelled enough for a normal playthrough, but here I don't care about the battle itself : I'd just like to test the ending's timing, and will probably have to do it at least a dozen of times, so if I should do anything else than spamming strong attacks and healing, it's bothersome.

The fact that Kefka has a super annoying intro that is 5 minutes long is also annoying (but that's not your fault) - at least in FF5 you could save after the super-annoying ExDeath intro, so you could resume your save and go to the final battle right away - something I did at least 30 times for my previous hack - and I was glad to have my save where the characters were powerleveld I would basically just spam holy/flare/bahamut, heal and win every time in a matter of minutes.

Maybe you should indicate which characters you recommand me to use for the battle, because if some of them are powerhouses but I don't have them in my party, that's not very useful.

Fortunately, I just so happen to have a .sav file near the end of the game. Second file is right at the end of Kefka's Tower, ready to kick some Kefka arse. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ip30nvvi94pfr5d/ff6ae.sav?dl=0
I'll reiterate my question:

could someone send me a .sav file near the end of the game, where the party is not ridiculously weak and where kefka can been defeated effortlessly, so I can check the synchronization of the ending music? I never beat the GBA version of FF6 myself, so I lack such a save file

I have something else to do than trying to beat him again and again with a totally under levelled, empty item inventory, bad equipment and helpless party.

    I listen mostly video game music, but honestly I like all genres, except for:
    • heavy metal (and all its derivatives)
    • hip-hop (and all its derivatives)
    • pop-music more recent than 2000 which sounds so idiot and generic (and all its derivate)

    By the way those genre never make an appearance in VG music as far I know (except in games I never play like the GTA series).

    Outside of video game music I'd say my favourite is music from the romantic period. I like for example Pictures of an Exhibition from Moussorgsky.

General Discussion / Re: "Progress" & "Progressive"
« on: January 18, 2016, 11:49:42 am »
"being on the right side of history"
Wait. Does your rant have anything to do with that random popular video on Youtube?
I watched it but didn't understood anything. To me "right/wrong side of history" has absolutely no meaning at and is pointless. History doesn't have sides, it has dates and events. There is sides in wars, however while there is most often a loosing and winning side, there is no right/wrong side, exept if you consieer the "winners are always right".

Gaming Discussion / Re: Can someone explain Chrono Cross' battle system?
« on: January 17, 2016, 03:37:53 am »
Edit: Oh yeah, you better make sure to get Glenn to join your party. If Korcha joins/has joined your party, well, too bad for you.
He had joined my party long ago. I wasn't even aware that Glenn made an appearance in Chrono Cross.

I totally advise against using double/triple techs in Chrono Cross.
Double/Triple techs in Chrono Cross? I've yet to see that.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Can someone explain Chrono Cross' battle system?
« on: January 16, 2016, 04:49:39 pm »
You can also run away from bosses. ANY boss. Sometimes I run away from them in case I forget to equip a certain trap element. But if you do run away, you better be fully healed, because the enemies' HP will be full again.
Yes, I actually figured that out pretty soon by myself actually, and put it to my advantage. It's really great. Unfortunately, some bosses you can only run away to be forced to restart the fight immediately, you can still have an opportunity to heal with items and have a free second chance, without the need to reload a save.

In all cases this doesn't change that most bosses should be defeated to progress in the game (even if some are optional,too).

Gaming Discussion / Re: Can someone explain Chrono Cross' battle system?
« on: January 16, 2016, 02:57:10 pm »
Thank you very much for explainations, guys! I can not turn the system much more efficiently to my advantage, even if there is some points of mysteries here and there. It's also kind of funny how I can defeat bosses exactly at the point just before I get myself into trouble/out of magic, the game seems really designed for that.

General Discussion / Re: David Bowie has died
« on: January 12, 2016, 03:55:52 am »
The worst part is that this will keep happening and happening and happening, and musicians of their calibre are unlikely to appear again.

We'll have more Justin Biebers popping up, all the while KINGS and QUEENS of music will be biting the dust.

Then, when one is 80 years old, all the youngsters will walk by and whisper amongst themselves things such as "Hey! Look at that old fart. Their head is always in the clouds. They're so lame."
I disagree. While it's true the current years are quite terrible when it comes to pop music, especially compared to the 70s-80s, I don't see why it should continue going downwards in the future.

If you're working on FFIII please remove that annoying pop sound from the battle theme. It drives me INSANE!!! At first I thought it was a glitch, but apparently it was supposed to sound that bad...
It's probably something you can do yourself at this point (watch for writes to $4011 - replace them with NOPs).

It really annoys me how recent versions of Windows lacks backwards compatibility with DOS. The whole point of x86 series and this platform is backwards compatibility, if it isn't backwards compatible I might just as well use an ARM-based machine.

Does Windows10 support Windows 95-style buttons and windows ? Sorry but I am absolutely allergic to anything else (this includes linux), and even though I can use them, it always feels like I'm using someone else's PC, because it doesn't use the style I grew up with.

General Discussion / Re: David Bowie has died
« on: January 11, 2016, 08:01:52 am »
It's sad. He'll enter history as one of the best pop musician from the second half of the XXth century.

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