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Gaming Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - "...Whatever."
« on: September 12, 2014, 04:12:47 am »
By the way, not only FF8, but also FF9 and ton of Japanese RPG games out there are not translated properly from Japanese.
It makes me laugh when english people complain about the quality of translation, which in fact were excellent, relativly with other translations available.

Just play the French version of Breath of Fire III (or most other PS1 games), and you'll see what is a terrible translation :
  • Was translated to french from english version, which was already a poor translation in the 1st place
  • Was translated by Sony, which are not the makers of the game
  • The font size / dialogue box size ratio is way too big for french (I suspect this problem appeared in english as well)
  • Text gets out of boxes all the time
  • Scripts errors all the time, like missing line breaks or spaces between words
  • It's not rare to see blank dialog boxes pop and you have to press X a few times before anything shows up
  • When text shows up properly, it usually is very poor french that makes few sense
The only good point is that references to Japanese culture were aparently left unchanged instead of being localized.

Compared to all those problems, you can't say the english translation of FF8 was bad, even if there might be errors in it.
The french translation of FF8 was probably the first one which was great in French, too, because it was translated directly from the (J) version.

Have I just been used to the GBA sound effects this entire time!
Sounds like it's the case. The sound effects have been restored to the normal SNES ones.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: final fantasy 6 sound hack.
« on: September 11, 2014, 06:39:39 am »
I must say usually I don't like such remixes of video games music because they're too different from the original, but I must say I just changed my mind. Those are beyond awesome. It'd be just amazing to play with this soundtrack.

I also made some experiment of FF6 music re-orchestration for fun, but I never published them anywhere. They re definitely inferior to sschafi's ones. I made them faithful to the original, while sounding more "real".

Now, of course there is not enough space in a SNES cart to insert all those streamed music ! One of those in BRR would be about the size of the whole game.

The PSX version could be an option as there's virtually unlimited space on the discs, but my persional opinion is that this version sucks balls. It'd also be extremely difficult to hack in.

The GBA version could probably handle 20 minutes or so of such music if compressed very harshly, however, that's still not enough.

The MSU1 seems the only viable option then.

EDIT : Well I must say I change my mind once more. Some of the song he remastered are really good, but a lot of them also aren't that good. There's a lot of mistakes and notes that aren't held long enough. It's quite disturbing.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Castlevania - SOTN Music Hack
« on: September 11, 2014, 04:12:24 am »
Most people can't tell the difference between a 320kbps MP3 and a lossless file.
Of course not, nor could I tell any difference either. Only a superhuman could.


If you encode as a MP3 (even 320kbps), then decode as a wav, then re-encode using a different algorithm (in this case XA), even if both algorithms individually make no hearable difference, in combination, the data destruction could very well be hearable. I might be a little paranoiac, but ideally you should always apply lossy compression as a final step before production, and never as an intermediate step while editing anything.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Castlevania - SOTN Music Hack
« on: September 10, 2014, 02:16:30 pm »
This doesn't make sense as Nocture is alredy in the game in XA format. But even ignoring this fact, that'd sound bad. Both MP3 and XA compression destroy data, but in different way. Both of them are not normally audible. But if you take a song with data destroyed by MP3 and encode it in XA or the other way arround, it'll sound bad quality.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Castlevania - SOTN Music Hack
« on: September 10, 2014, 04:32:04 am »
@ShadowOne333 : The playstation DON'T use any MP3 ! You are downright wrong. It uses XA compression, which is radically different. XA is ADPCM compression, MP3 is cosine-transform based compression.

@goxor : You shouuld really learn about pointers. This is straightforward to learn once you know hex, and is the absolute base of any romhacking. However I must admit there is few to none PS1 debugging tools to my knownledge, which is the major problem in this case.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy VIII - "...Whatever."
« on: September 09, 2014, 09:22:33 am »
I probably already said that 12 times, but I love Squall, until he gets in relationship with Linoa.

But after that I don't like him. Why don't he send her off ? At least in FF7 you can choose whenever you are nice or not with both Tifa and Aeris (with the option with being nice with neither,too). In FF9 you can more or less choose being nice with Garnet or ignore her.
Even though no matter what you do, Zidane ends up in relationships with her in the ending.
In FF8 you can't choose and this is horrible.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Castlevania - SOTN Music Hack
« on: September 09, 2014, 08:14:37 am »
All the sound streams are in the same file, and are interleaved. You probably don't even have to worry about that at all to accomplish this, you just need to find some pointers somewhere and change them to change the song that is played.

And this hack is a very good idea. I absolutely don't like the I am the wind song, but I love Notcurne. But since I can listen to music any time I would probably not play it anyway, but I like the idea, that's how the original game should have been.

Personal Projects / Re: Romancing Saga 1 translation
« on: September 08, 2014, 04:22:22 pm »
I have been looking for a Romancing Saga 1 translation for a dozen of years now. I know 2 and 3 were translated, but I didn't feel like to play them before playing the original.

Apparently, a allocation table fault is the source of the problem (not that I'm 100% sure if it at all, but one of the linux based repair tool I tried tells me that).
I did use NTSF compression :(

September 08, 2014, 03:56:04 pm - (Auto Merged - Double Posts are not allowed before 7 days.)
OK I now have a 100% working computer again, I put all the (somewhat dated) backups back so I can analyze what's going on again.

1) I just experienced the slowdown just as described with VBA and the placebo BIOS. By using VBA + real BIOS or the real hardware this is fixed. I have no idea why this happens. I knew about this problem before releasing the patch, and thought I fixed it but I didn't. This is not a problem since it's an emulation problem and not a hardware problem, so technically I have nothing to fix on this one, VBA authors does ;)

2) There is clicks in the sounds, just as said above. They happen in VBA once you use the real BIOS, strangely they don't appear with the placebo BIOS (however, strange clicks appear instead). On real hardware the clicks are here, but they are much less noticeable

3) The intro patch europe with orchestra somehow don't work at all and have no effect on the ROM.

I'll not be able to fix 1) because it's VBA's fault, and I'll only be able to fix 2) if I get help about those clicks. However I'll definitely fix 3) and try to release a version with a working orchestral intro, assuming anyone cares anymore.

My Intel SSD failed once.  It turned into an 8MB drive named BAD_CTX.  Did yours do something like that or what?
No, apparently there is just an error whenever I try to read it. This happens on both Linux and Windows so far. I can't even run a Checkdisk on it or anything.

The brand is Unigen, I'd recommend everyone to stay away from that brand as much as possible !

I should've thought about the game having a soft reset function, but it never crossed my mind.
Almost all GBA games have this function. On the NDS, it's L+R+Select+Start, and on the Playstation 1/2, it's L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start.

I always remember the first time I've met this doccumented was in the beginer's room in Final Fantasy VII. The game was poorly translated from Japanese to English then poorly translated form English to French, so many things made few sense.

The guy was saying in French something that would translate into "If you want to start again, press L1+L2+R1+R2+Select+Start". However, I had no idea start again what. I was getting the idea that doing this button combination would be a New Game+ feature or something. But no it was just a soft reset.

This isn't related really, but you are supposed to press A+B+Select+Start for a quick reset.

HOWEVER, I have a bug report. If you quicksave, return to the title screen, and load a real save, the title screen music keeps playing into the actual game. It fixes itself if you get into a battle, but I thought I'd mention it. Not sure if you were aware of this.

Thank you, no I wasn't aware. I know exactly what causes this, though. This is because I moved the "prelude" music from layer 0 to layer 1 to fix a bug where it would continue to play at the same time at the battle theme if you loaded the bestiary from the title screen. So both bugs are mutually exclusive, but there's no way to get neither. it's really weird this "works" in the GBA original, though.

Front Page News / Re: Translations: Bionic Commando Retranslation Complete
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:08:57 pm »
I'm sorry for complaining but for me that's extremely hard to read. It's not the colour, the font itself is.

Maybe if there was an interline of 1 space between lines that'd help a lot. I know a lot of NES game does this, packed 8x8 letters are generally hard to read.

@shadowsoftcreation : Please read the "EDIT" part of my former post if you didn't already. The music speed is not the problem - the game's speed is. (you even just said that yourself which confirms that)

I hope to release a 3.1 version that fixes those problems but that won't be anytime soon. I don't even know why VBA slows down like crazy with the placebo BIOS, nor why there is clicks in some places when dialogue windows opens.

The later problem is definitely worsened by VBA : On real hardware a click of random amplitude is happening sometimes, and you have to be unlucky to hear a loud click. On VBA the click is systematically loud.

Well I know the drive can't boot anymore but I don't know if I can still read some parts of it or not, I'll need to find another drive, install windows on it, and then try to read the old drive with this new system setup. I can boot Linux from a CD or SATA slot with the faulty drive inserted in another SATA slot, but I don't know how to try and access the suspicious SATA drive from here.

And while I have a backup it's a bit old as I did it mid-hack. I also did another very stupid error recently to my backup and I only figure that now :(
I didn't release the source but I shared it with someone so it's not definitely lost.

Advice to everyone : Avoid SSDs that are too cheap ! If at least I bought this offline I'd have a chance to have warranty, but here I'm screwed :(

Guys, terrible news, I'm running into computer problems, my computer refuses to boot except on this first aid Linux session I'm writing this message from. Hard drive crash or something like that, I *could* have lost some or all of the sources of this hack, I don't know yet. This would make future fixing more difficult (but not impossible).

Given my very limited knownlege of Linux I don't even know how to try to access the drive that seem to be faulty if it doesn't appear by default. And it's a SSD I bought new barely a year ago. Perhaps the warranty is just not over yet ? (I'll have to double check)

@shadowsoftcreation : What part of the game are you talking about ? I made sure all the songs are synchronized since I did this error in version 1.0 of my FF6 patch. So I of course made sure everything was syncronoized in this update (at the price of a major downgrade in quality in the orchestral intro - but that's another problem).

It's impossible you have 30 seconds of silence at the end of the intro - the exact opposite is supposed to happen since the SNES original - the end of the intro song is cut off by the fall of a meteor and is therefore not accessible in the game. It is however accessible with the music player. This applies to both orchestral and sequenced versions, and to all regions.

It seems there is a little diffrences in delays in different languages, making the music slightly "off", but there's nothing I can do about this and this is already present in the original GBA ROM. In any case, what you mention (30 seconds of silence at the end of intro) is not possible.

@dwedit : I have no idea. I just changed the mixing code itself.

@TheZunar123 : During the zillion of experimentations I did have that exact problem at some point. However it should not appear in the version I released. The cause was the placebo BIOS of Virtual Boy Advance not being accurate enough. On real hardware or with VBA using the real BIOS, this bug would not appear. I since then made sure that even with VBA and the default placebo BIOS this problem would not appear. If it does that's really weird. You should use a real BIOS or real hardware I guess. I'd love to double check that, but my computer is giving me even more trouble than this patch's release now :(

@ vivify93:
I'll assume the bug you encountered is the exact same as TheZunar123 : The intro was slowed down like crazy because of the placebo BIOS, causing the music, who plays at normal pace, to finish early. In that case my answer is the same : Use an emulator with real BIOS or use real hardware

I can't even run *any* emulator right now unfortunately.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Searching people for a project...
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:41:37 am »
For testing what ?
Nobody will ever be interested if you don't give any information.

Another plausible explaination would be that Faris actually isn't Lenna's sister at all. The game's events just tricked them both in believing they were sisters. Lenna's sister really died and Faris is someone completely else, much younger than Sarrisa was.

I don't remember it bother me, so it must have been something I missed, or didn't think about.
Yes I felt the same on my first 3 playthroughs, I didn't even notice this huge plot hole. How silly am I.

FF games before 6 had the bare minimum of dialogue
Compared to other games in the same area/system they certainly doesn't. Dragon Quest series or Illusion of Gaia series have much less dialogue for instance.

The story was of secondary effort for a very long time mainly due to space constraints.
No. By modern standards the story of FF4-6 might not be very developed, but by standards of the early 90s they were among the more developed in any video game. The storyline was Sagukashi's main motivation for directing the games, even before FF1 came out, which I agree sounds a bit ridiculous given the "storyline" of 3D-Worldrunner or Rad Racer (and even FF1, for that matter).

Sure there is Myst and other western games in this genre, whose story is probably more developped, but they are so different it's ridiculous to do a comparison.

And yes it's hard to avoid plot holes I guess. Even in the Ace Attorney series, which focus exclusively on the story, I found a few of them, especially in Apollo Justice. Ironically it's probably plying the Ace Attorney series that made me found plot holes such as Faris' one.

This happens on hardware too, but not as much as on VBA. And if by any means you or anyone can figure out the reason for it then I'll be very grateful and happy to fix it. This glitch is extremely annoying. I've spent hours and hours trying to find the reason for those clicks, in vain.

No existing GBA emulators had enough debugging features to give me any clue of what's going on, including the shareware version of no$gba.

My only guess is that somehow the DMA 1/2 channels are prevented to be reset properly when they reach the end of the buffer. However I absolutely did not touch code in regard to DMA1/2 channel filling, so I don't know if this happens in my hack why it happens in the original.

Site Talk / Re: Obsolete hack reviews
« on: September 04, 2014, 05:04:58 pm »
Ooh, we are talking about two completely different things !!

You were talking about the game's review, and I was talking about the hack's (or translation's) review !

This explains that.

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