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I am trying to go to the alternate path in chapter 3, the path that requires you to gain 10 LP. The problem is that I can never ever gain 10 LP no matter what I do. I am following scrupulously the FAQ at GameFaqs by Rufas Wan (there's only one of them).

The game refuses to give me 1 LP after question 1-6 (go with Gijumu's team), and after Question 2-2 (you insult Lena in the jail). This makes me miss 2 LPs at the start of chapter 3, and no matter what I do, the game will never give me those 2 missing LPs.

EDIT : I checked on the original japanese, and the same problem appear. I really don't understand how one is supposed to reach the alternate path in chapter 3 ! Are you supposed to import LPs from Suiko Gaiden 1 ?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Physical ROMs Cartridges
« on: June 23, 2014, 03:00:26 am »
Other people seem to dislike the lack of technical skill displayed (do note though there seems to be a fair overlap between electrical engineering and ROM hacking, going by the general skill of game console modding types it is about on par) and that a lot of repros seem to be done by gutting a game and putting a new chip in.
Although I fully agree with your other 3 points I'd put this reason as #1. Repro people sell the game high for the "long time and hard labour" it takes them to make it. But, depending on the hack/translation, it might have taken the romhacker 10x to 400x more time to make the hack or translation, and they don't ask a single penny for it.

You should definitely mention those 4 points in the FAQ.

How would you feel, if some would be sleeping with your wife. This is exactly what a soled carted rom-hack is.
This is a good analogy actually. However, someone paying $100 to someone else to sleep with your wife is probably a better analogy.

I would be both honored and irritated. (Honored that you'd want to sleep with my wife, but irritated because, "HEY, That's MY wife!")
That's pretty much it. However, when it sells for $100, the irritation definitely overtakes the honour.

Front Page News / Re: Utilities: GBAMusRiper released
« on: June 16, 2014, 02:47:05 am »
If you want me to be of any help, you should tell me exactly what's wrong. You should tell me what you are trying to do, what you are trying to rip, and why it does not work - what it displays on screen exactly. I can't be of any help otherwise.

As for other ways to rip it, yes, there is an older GBA2MID program, so you can also try it. It only rips sequences, not sound fonts, however.

General Discussion / Re: Common misconceptions about computers
« on: June 16, 2014, 02:40:49 am »
When I have seen it, it has been people over 40 who didn't interact with computers a lot everyday at work or school.
You have been lucky then. I've seen CS teachers do this... quite pitiful.

Front Page News / Re: Utilities: GBAMusRiper released
« on: June 15, 2014, 01:33:47 pm »
It does not matter whether it is called '.gba' or '.bin'

This particular game doesn't seem to use sappy engine so its no wonder you can't rip it. I get a "There's no sappy engine here" message, I don't know how you managed to get this "can't seek" or whatever. Maybe it's from a different region and that gbamusriper was tricked into thinking there was a sappy here at some time.

The detection is extremely hard to work hard, if I tighten the condition it breaks games which does actually use sappy (like it did for Pokemon in the previous version), and if I release them it makes fake positives on games which doesn't use sappy...

Front Page News / Re: Utilities: GBAMusRiper released
« on: June 15, 2014, 05:08:37 am »
Well, you're supposed to drag and drop or manually type the name/path of the program, followed by a space and the name/path of the ROM. (you need the whole path if the command line is not in the same folder as the file/program, but only the name if you are already in the good folder) (since you typically have the progam in a different folder than your ROM at least one of the names should be full).

All that drag and drop does is to make windows type the full path and file name for you.

Now what you get if you just run the program without arguments (i.e. drag and drop the program and click enter) is instructions how to use it with arguments. You're supposed to use the ROM as argument (with a space in between of course, how could your OS know what you are talking about if you appond two different things without a space ?).

Now if you have this can't seek error, it looks like you ran the program corectly and encountered a (real) error. Which ROM did you try to rip ?

Wow, after playing some more I have to say this translation looks amazing. It really looks like FF7 was meant to be played in German from the very start.

I had never realized before, but there is a strong connexion between FF7 and Germany. Not only towns have German names (Kalm, Nibelheim, Mideel) but the houses are also clearly of traditional german architecture. Midgar is split in two halves, where enormous equalities between quality of live between both halves, just like Berlin was, and is also incredibly endless huge, just like Berlin is. As for ShinRa, it obviously reminds the strong military and totalitarianism past of Germany.

It would be awesome if I could get a dicionary embedded in the playstation to look up for unknown words (there is many many many of them everywhere...)

As for dialects, it seems Jesse speaks swiss-german. For the others I can of course not recognize them but that's still probably a good idea.

Normally it should be "La Renouille" or "La Luneille", because the ending in "ille" means a feminine word.
But this ending shold be transcribed with ユ not with イエ

If the ending in イエ is correct, then in french it'd be spelled as - "Le Renouiller", "Le Renouillé", "Le Renouillais" or "Le Renouillet" and in those cases the words should be masculine.

The capital of Highland in Suikoden II is named L'Renouille in the western version of the game, ルルノイエ in japanese it seems (I didn't look myself).

It appears they tried to give a french like name, but unfortunately it's absolutely impossible it can be a french name. If it is so, it should be either "Le Renouille" or "La Renouille" (the 2nd one being much more probable). So I think they really failed to give the city a french name. But at least they succedded it with "Coronet".

General Discussion / Re: The Future Is Going to Look Like Tron
« on: May 31, 2014, 02:08:11 pm »
Looks awseome, but I doubt it'll happen that easily.
You know, people from the 60s-70s were 100% sure we'd have flying cars in 2000.

Pehaps it hangs if it detects it boots on a PAL console then ? Or maybe it's just a disc-reading problem ? I used a different burner than before so I'll have to try a game I know works and see if that's the problem. Then thanks anyways.

I can't get this to run on real hardware (with disk swapping). As soon as I boot the swapped disc the reading len immediately moves far outside of the disc which is strange because normally it shouldn't do that.

Is there any advanced copy protection mechanism for that game ? I'd bet yes. - Unless the game tries to read a file past the end of Track#01 of the swap CD which seems unlikely since it has been designed for this purpose.

Personal Projects / Re: ROLL♥CHAN Evolution!
« on: May 26, 2014, 03:44:39 pm »
I'd suggest ditthering between the two (skin and red). She'll overal appear to have blonde hair. I do that with the heroine of my NES game which is supposed to be blonde but I lack the # of colours for doing it. You should just make some areas fully skin colour so it'll look like a highlight.

I am the only one who absolutely don't see the point of doing this ? (other than personal challenge)

And if you're doing it for personal challenge, why ask other people about it ?

General Discussion / Re: Screw the Dems: I'm joining the Greens
« on: May 24, 2014, 05:25:36 am »
It's good that at least *some* american citzens finally got the message. Americans and Chineese are the greatest polluters of the world currently, but everyone else is also to blame, too. Here the pollution has decreased on a local scope but only because we make everything made in China and then imported back, so the pollution is over there instead of being here, overall this new lifestyle grants for even more pollution that before and an even more accelerated global warming.

Overall I feel like that, back in the '70s people with "green" political actions were seen as a bunch of hippies and had no real value, while now the danger of pollution and global warming is taken seriously, but no actions are taken seriously to fight it because it is absolutely incompatible with capitalism and economic growth, and the majority of people still want just that and haven't understood it's meaningless in the long term.

Also I have to strongly disagree with your thinking that "green = extreme left". This is wrong, at least here in Switzerland. In fact the political "left" and "right" are terms issued from the French Revolution in late 1700 and early 1800s, and my opinion is that they make absolutely no longer any sense in today's politics...

Actually I see both so called "traditional" left and right parties as fundamentally anti-green and pro pollution and global warning, as both capitalism and socialism have ruined their environment so far.

Programming / Re: [SNES] Is CMP #$00 necessary in this situation?
« on: May 22, 2014, 10:45:28 am »
CMP #$00 always set the C flag, and SEC is more efficient in doing so.

AFAIK it is wrong to expect that Squaresoft's games are all masterly programmed (just because they are masterly concepted)
Well, this is interesting, I never thought of it this way, but I think you're right. Some shitty games could have been masterfully programmed and vice-versa.

At least I know some early NES Square games have really stranges programming quicks and are programmed in a very non-standard way for the console (i.e. the games don't use "true" interrupts, sprites have hard-wired OAM positions and the engine relying on them, stuff like that).

Programming / Re: [SNES] Is CMP #$00 necessary in this situation?
« on: May 20, 2014, 09:24:05 am »
If the compiler finds [....] systematically does the same whatever the compared value.
Nope, peepholes optimizers are supposed to remove this kind of things.

Although bad code produced by a (badly configured ?) compiler could be a valid explaination.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Uncompressing Tiles
« on: May 19, 2014, 02:47:53 pm »
The compression technique in question is called "dual-tile" encoding. There are plenty of docs about it.
Nope, dual tile encoding is usually used to compress text and is not related to what this guy is mentioning.

Also the technique used by the Japanese Contra is yet something completely else, it's just a trick with palettes to turn 2-bitplane tiles into twice as many monochrome tiles, but by using 2 different palettes. (black-black-white-whie and black-white-black-white)

Programming / Re: [SNES] Is CMP #$00 necessary in this situation?
« on: May 19, 2014, 06:26:38 am »
It is completely useless. Unless there is some kind of self-mod code going on, I see no reason why to do that.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Trying to debug Exp in Dragon Warrior (NES)
« on: May 19, 2014, 03:45:16 am »
Evidently having knowledge and teaching it are two different disciplines where not everyone is capable of the second.
100% agreed - the most part of us aren't teachers so you came to the wrong place.

How to put a nail with a hammer? What? You sure that made sense?
No, I don't know the usual english verb for this, but still wanted to give the idea.

The resources I've been suggested so far I had no idea what to take out of it without an applicable context in practice. Is there a guide that explains simply, in English and uses examples of a game?
You are lucky if you're looking for ressources in English because that's the language with most of them available when it comes to programming. Back when I was 12 I had to learn assembly using english document and I barely knew how to count from one to ten and to give my name in english, that was very hard. Fortunately many resources were also available in French (but far less than in English) and I manged to learn English on the fly at a later time. (but mostly computer-science and technical related words, not really real-life related words...)

More seriously I understand that you didn't get lucky and maybe found an horrible tutorial or something. If you don't understand there's basically 2 possibilities :

1) The tutorial sucks -> you should move to another one
2) The tutorial assumes you know something that you don't so you can't make sense of it -> you should move to another tuto teaching the basics and come to this one later when you're more prepared of it

Many "mid-level" tutorials or doccuments assume a fairly well understanding of assembly and don't cover the details, in fact, teching assembly is not exactly easy so you should really check a dedicated book or something.
If teaching assmebly/straightforward was very easy and could be taught in one post, we'd have done so already.

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