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It is not arranged, it is 100% identical, just with swapped instruments.

Did you listen the links I provided ?

I noticed a particular piece of music in Breath of Fire III was played with different instrument sets.

videos of the 3 versions I've noticed so far :
Version 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=R8Ua1pZ-Iek#t=34
Version 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Tm9-6AYVd-c#t=312
Version 3 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=dlLfottwsao#t=462

They are NOT remix, it's the exact same song just with different patches.

I wonder if this is intentional, or if this is a bug in the game. Anyone with good Romhacking knowledge knowns if those 3 versions were introduced on purpose, or if it is just a glich because the song is played with a different instrument set loaded in the sound RAM of the Playstation.
Only Version 2 is in the soundtrack.

Tile Layer Pro is old and somewhat outdated. You might want to try Tile Molester instead.

Besides, they weren't really meant to be used for importing images, but rather for editing directly. Tile Molester does it more or less correctly if you first change the palette to mach the imported image, but otherwise it just picks the closest colours and it turns out like s***.

I don't remember if Tile Layer Pro is the same or not.

What is what you're referring to as an "AAA" game ?

Does they know if Capcom (or Sony) translated the game in Spanish from the already translated English version, or did they translate directly from Japanese ?

I don't know how much common it is to go either way, but I guess the modern and correct way is to translate everything from Japanese directly, obviously. The old dirty way was to translate everything from a poor English translation into other European languages.

I'm pretty sure Final Fantasy translated everything directly from Japanese from 8 and on, and it makes a lot of difference compared to 7, which has suffered from a double-translation. It also makes the European version of FF8 closer to the Japanese one than to the USA one (for example, the timer at Ifrit's cave stops only when you go out of the cave, not when you select Ifrit's name).

Site Talk / Font's "language"
« on: July 21, 2014, 05:31:48 am »
Technically, a font is not using a language, but a writing system.

So ideally the site should be changed so that instead of "language" it says writing system.

For instance, the majority of European languages (including english) are written with the latin alphabet, but fonts with latin letters are all tagged "English".

However I doubt anyone will change a font to add several accented characters and submit almost exactly the same font for "french", "italian", "german" or whatever. It would make no sense, considering how little difference there is (anyone can create the missing characters easily from the normal alphabet). I think it would make more sense to change all the so-called "English" fonts to "Latin".

Any thoughts ?

PS : Same with the Russian font (there's only one for now), it should be renamed "Cyrillic", as it could also be used for other languages, with a few minor modifications.

PPS : It's true English is the most spoken language with latin alphabet and Russian the most spoken language with Cyrillic alphabet. However, the alphabets were originally made to transcribe Latin and Bulgarian respectively.

Programming / Re: HDMA Effecting Layers?
« on: July 12, 2014, 08:19:44 am »
Without any kind of pictures it's impossible to follow what you are talking about.

One common use of HDMA is to change the scrolling midframe for a vast panoply of effects. Is it what you are talking about ?
Seems each BG layer of the SNES has 2 scrolling registers for X and Y directions, and the registers themselves are 16-bit, you need to write twice to change all the scrolling bits (except if the BG map is only 32x32, where 8-bit is enough and high bits can be ignored).

In all cases, HDMA can affect scrolling of any layers just by changing which registers it will write to.

Programming / Re: HDMA Effecting Layers?
« on: July 12, 2014, 05:20:36 am »
HDMA doesn't "effect layers", HDMA writes to PPU registers (or sometimes other registers) during HBlank.

This is well documented, just look at any SNES doc, what HDMA does depends on which registers it writes to.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy Music on guitar
« on: July 11, 2014, 04:46:33 am »
The links does not work for me.

Well with ePSXe I don't know by which miracle they manage to do that, but it's *possible* to have higher resolution which results in better graphics than the original game in quite a few cases.

Sorry, I figure now that my previous post could have been rude. That was not intended. I'm sorry.

-Not a hack, but the Famicom cartridge version has an easy mode option. Granted it may be considered cheap...but it gets rid of the famous problem of being knocked into pits. Turns out the game is really easy without knockback.
In my opinion, as much as the original is ridiculously hard, the "easy mode" is ridiculously easy. You have 10 lives, and no knock back, and all attacks do you a single HP damage. If you crouch, you are invincible even if you loose all your HP (this is probably a mis-feature) until you stop crouching. So during boss battles, just crouch in the exact middle of the screen and you can only win (if the boss can be hit that way).

Double Dragon 3
-fixes the difficulty level and spelling errors
I'll have to check this one. The difficulty of this game was just ridiculous.

Double Dragon
-Make the game more like the arcade version
If I remember well a particular hack claims that but it's just some minor graphical changes (not that this is bad - of course). The arcade game was completely different, and had barely anything in common with the NES one.

Donkey Kong Country
-Japanese version is supposed to be easier, has a nicer title screen regardless
Didn't know about it ! Thanks for pointing it out.

Super Double Dragon
-Plays horribly, Japanese version is less horrible
I second that. Unfortunately even the Japanese version is incomplete in regard to this game's design, as they couldn't make it for the deadline. More moves, conveyor belts, more bosses and cutscenes were planned.

-Not a hack, but apparently the Japanese version is easier, it has more continues, and such. I learned of this only recently.
I can confirm it's definitely much easier. I made it to the last stage - without cheating. Didn't beat the game, though.
I was never able to beat the Rat Race level on PAL version, and never able to pass the speed bike on USA version without cheats. (the levels are identical - 20% FPS difference just makes all the difference between them)

Did you read the 1st post ? He said explicitely to mention "bugfix" or "enhancement" hacks, not complete hacks. Your list is almost exclusively made of complete hacks.

My $2 : I agree, there is nothing as frustrating than ROM hacks that starts to be really great, but then their author(s) wants to hack absolutely everything in the game just because he can, even if this degrates the quality / experience of the game and make it unfaithful to the idea of the original game.

Grond's Final Fantasy and Biqswit's Simon's Quest hacks clearly fall in this category. They started as great improvements, but as versions kept increasing, they both ended up being almost a complete rewrite of the game with many random stuff that has nothing to do with the original game added, and I really mean stuff that really makes absolutely no sense, exept showing off the hacker's incredible skill - which I am not against but then call it a "complete" hack not an "improvement" one.

At least I could keep the old versions on my hard disc which are better. I hope this TOP hack won't end up like this, especially since the "old" versions are kept private so I can't keep them on my hard disc.

except 6 is the first gba one
Not if you live out of Japan and don't follow the Japanese releases of the series.

I love the FE series. Especially on GBA. Sounds like you guys understood little the game mechanism under the game.

I hate the fact that when I attack  someone, they get a free hit on me
You can use archers, magicians, throw axe and javelin to attack short range units without being counterattacked. You can use short range weapon and magic to attack archers without being counterattacked. As for unit that are both long and short range (magicians, or warriors with throw axes or javelins) you can't avoid risking a counterattack, but you should attack an unit that will evade easily, or kill them in 1 hit, which is an extremely common tactic in the game (both for you and unfortunately for the computer too).

If counterattack are being a problem you simply don't use the right unit for attacking. I'd say use mages a lot, they are the most versatile and powerful units. They evade everything easily and harm pretty much everyone. Their only con is that they have low defence, so you should expect them to survie more than 1 physical attacks.

I also hate the fact I have to send units that really shouldn't be on the front lines to talk to enemies to get some characters.
This can be a bit annoying, but the idea is to talk to him/her as soon as possible so that he come in your side, and then kill his former buddies off with any unit that is suitable. No big deal.

- Exp is scaled to the level of the hero who is attacking. So if you actually use your strong units you'll gimp yourself because you get only a fraction of the XP out of the map. Half the game is bringing shitty units into risky situations just so they can get SOME XP. It's conflicting bad design
This is what makes FE so great. Forget about tanks, they simply don't exist, the ones that appears to be the weaker are actually the strongest if you manage to level them up to 20. Pre-promoted units should never, ever be used. Never promote anyone before being LV20 (except if you're right before the end of the game and know there'll be no occasion to level up to 20).

- And yeah the counter attack thing, that can punish you for being too good... Had /tank/ units blocking doors that only take 2 or 3 HP per hit still die because the enemies that attacked them died in the counter attack, so 10 enemies would attack that unit in the same turn in a row.
Then you sent the wrong unit. You should have sent one with high probability of evading attacks. Evasion is the key to beating FE, much moreso than high defence or high health which are useless.
- Permadeath combined with randomness, 15% critical hit chance can often be enough to randomly destroy one of your people for no fault of yours, sending half an hour of playtime down the drain.
In normal difficulty mode, all enemies have 0% of critical hit chance, except those equipped with special weapons. You should spot those and try to kill them in 1 hit (with magic for example) to forbid them to attack you.
In hard difficulty, I agree with you, this is maddening. All you can do is pray. FE6 has only hard difficulty I think, as many enemies have 1 or 2% critical hit. I've got my ass whipped with a random enemy that had 1% critical hit, I can assure you I was mad.
For this reason, prefer to play in normal mode.

As for what's being said, I agree with the fact Shadow Dragon isn't very good. I don't like its graphical style, if feels so plain and generic. The graphical style of the GBA games is so much better.

Thank you VERY MUCH.

It's definitely extremely hard to get all 10 LP, but is possible with one particular sequence.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Physical ROMs Cartridges
« on: June 23, 2014, 04:31:22 pm »
Nintendo should kick my but and send me to jail, for publicly bragging about my piracy acts.
Putting pepople in jail definitely would be overdoing it (I don't think if that comment was supposed to be taken seriously, I guess no but I'm not sure), but sending a significant fee to the repro-guys definitely would be a great idea.
As for their "custommers", well the outrageous price they bought this stuff is already their fee.

I am trying to go to the alternate path in chapter 3, the path that requires you to gain 10 LP. The problem is that I can never ever gain 10 LP no matter what I do. I am following scrupulously the FAQ at GameFaqs by Rufas Wan (there's only one of them).

The game refuses to give me 1 LP after question 1-6 (go with Gijumu's team), and after Question 2-2 (you insult Lena in the jail). This makes me miss 2 LPs at the start of chapter 3, and no matter what I do, the game will never give me those 2 missing LPs.

EDIT : I checked on the original japanese, and the same problem appear. I really don't understand how one is supposed to reach the alternate path in chapter 3 ! Are you supposed to import LPs from Suiko Gaiden 1 ?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Physical ROMs Cartridges
« on: June 23, 2014, 03:00:26 am »
Other people seem to dislike the lack of technical skill displayed (do note though there seems to be a fair overlap between electrical engineering and ROM hacking, going by the general skill of game console modding types it is about on par) and that a lot of repros seem to be done by gutting a game and putting a new chip in.
Although I fully agree with your other 3 points I'd put this reason as #1. Repro people sell the game high for the "long time and hard labour" it takes them to make it. But, depending on the hack/translation, it might have taken the romhacker 10x to 400x more time to make the hack or translation, and they don't ask a single penny for it.

You should definitely mention those 4 points in the FAQ.

How would you feel, if some would be sleeping with your wife. This is exactly what a soled carted rom-hack is.
This is a good analogy actually. However, someone paying $100 to someone else to sleep with your wife is probably a better analogy.

I would be both honored and irritated. (Honored that you'd want to sleep with my wife, but irritated because, "HEY, That's MY wife!")
That's pretty much it. However, when it sells for $100, the irritation definitely overtakes the honour.

Front Page News / Re: Utilities: GBAMusRiper released
« on: June 16, 2014, 02:47:05 am »
If you want me to be of any help, you should tell me exactly what's wrong. You should tell me what you are trying to do, what you are trying to rip, and why it does not work - what it displays on screen exactly. I can't be of any help otherwise.

As for other ways to rip it, yes, there is an older GBA2MID program, so you can also try it. It only rips sequences, not sound fonts, however.

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