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Site Talk / Re: What's up with all the noncompliants right now?
« on: July 24, 2016, 05:30:42 am »
Rejecting a hack like "Fucker's Quest", but allowing hacks that virtually do nothing but change an arrow cursor to a finger is hypocritical.
Wow, I wouldn't have ever tought my little hack was subject to so much hate.

Countrary to what is said, this hack actually required me to do some disasm stuff, and wasn't that trivial. The graphic is not accessible through a tile editor, as it is hard-coded in the code.

On the contrary, there is plenty of font hack on this site which are totally useless, as anyone can slap any font on any game in a couple of minutes, those are virtually worthless. Unless the font is compressed and not accessible through a tile editor, then it's another story.

PS : It's really annoying to see a hack of mine I liked deleted, but to see two shitty old hacks of mine I requested to be deleted to still be there, "because they had to be archived" I was told.

This is probably achievable through a cheat code.

Unless you expected the story to follow up with this, but then it becomes a huge hack.

General Discussion / Re: General Chatter
« on: July 23, 2016, 12:50:18 pm »
Which is another weird and insignificant oddity.
Both Ralph and Trevor are fairly normal surname in German language, I guess.

As for stories of Castlevania games, they were written with no coherency at all, before Konami decided to make some order when they released the second GBA game, which was supposed to be a direct sequel to Simon's Quest (itself a direct sequel to the original), and the first PS2 game, supposed to be the "earliest Castlevania game" (story-wise) where "Dracula appears for the first time". I think it happens in the 1000s.

This is largely inconsistent with the original Dracula book, where he was supposed to be an undead reincarnation of Vlad Tepes, the real historical figure, which himself ruled in the 1400s...

General Discussion / Re: Logging into google from different computers
« on: July 22, 2016, 02:25:49 am »
Anyway I don't particularly have any advice that would work with your level of paranoia, I don't have an account there for similar reasons but hey.
So they want to secure the account as if it was access to my bank account, (even though it's just accessextra functionality in google/youtube), and then I'm the paranoid one ?

Programming / Re: How where snes graphics made.
« on: July 22, 2016, 02:17:47 am »
Well..I definitely doubt it was done manually, considering how time consuming that would be. :angel:
By "manually", you mean by punching .DB statements in assembly files ?

This method was certainly not used for making SNES graphics considering how complex they are, but it was certainly used at some point for games of simpler graphics such as C64 and early NES. This should have been a major hassle to work with.

Music was commonly transferred to the game by punching some .DB statements in the assembler, perhaps even in SNES area. It's not as much as a pain as graphics, since you can easily make it look close enough like real music statements.

Programming / Re: How where snes graphics made.
« on: July 21, 2016, 04:06:40 am »
Do you mean, by commercial SNES game developers ?

I guess nobody really knows for sure, but perhaps this information exists somewhere.

General Discussion / Re: Logging into google from different computers
« on: July 21, 2016, 04:04:59 am »
Once you are able to login to stack exchange ... try switching to a different email provider that isn't big-brother-like...
I never used any gmail account and probably would never want to. That's why these extreme security measures are pathetic, what could someone do if they "pirate" my google account ? They could do google searches and watch youtube videos in my name, whoo, how horrific. They could even ask, answer or comment questions on stackexchange in my name, which would certainly be problematic but not catastrophic. Such drastic security measures are certainly not needed, and are a major annoyance. How can they even know that I log in from Windows/Linux on different places ? This is not their buisness.

General Discussion / Logging into google from different computers
« on: July 20, 2016, 02:47:27 pm »
Google is preventing me to log with different computers. It assumes I am a hacker attacking my own account and doesn't let me log in. As such, I cannot login to stackexchange at work, even though this is a major working tool for me, as many issues I am having at work are already present in their question/answer database. This starts to be a major annoyance.

Those assholes are trying to force me to register a phone number, but I absolutely do not want to do that. I was already forced to register into Google+.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Loading Custom NES Palette in Nesticle DOS
« on: July 17, 2016, 04:04:20 pm »
Is the palette stored in hex in any of the supporting files for Nesticle? If so, it could be edited manually.
It really depends on each person's experience. Personally I spend just as much if not more time playing games on Nesticle on my 486 PC as I didn't have a real NES yet. I am aware most people have a different life experience.

I do not play in Nesticle anymore, but I know I'll feel nostalgia when I do.

General Discussion / Re: Nice Terrorist Attack
« on: July 17, 2016, 12:48:54 pm »
Well I wouldn't call rock dead, but moden banks are going to mix genres and creating their own sub-genres - apparently everyone does that to a point that it is so ridiculous there's almost as many genres as there is songs.

I don't have anything against mixing genres, on the countrary I love that, but it's more against the ridiculous mixed-genre's name and how groups identifies to them.

"Not all Muslims are like that"

Again, that's like saying "Not all Nazis are like that".
Actually, I think the Islamic states and islamic terrorist are much more analogious to soviets/bolsheviks than to nazis. They have their rogue state (IS : UUSR) their civil war (syrian/iraq war : red/white civil war in Russia), do terrorist acts in western europe by manipulated people with failed lives (islamists terrorists : communists/bolsheviks) and are financed by foreign powers (saudi arabia and turkey : germany)

If the islamic state becomes stable and starts to be a superpower with a superdictator at its top it'll start to REALLY look like the USSR.

General Discussion / Re: Nice Terrorist Attack
« on: July 17, 2016, 12:07:36 pm »
Ludwig Van Beethoven didn't play rock and roll.
Rock & Roll stopped being a rebel music genre long ago, probably in the early to mid 70s, where it became mainstream. Today it's probably even more mainstream than Bethoven (or anything that came before).

Actually one of the reason I don't particularly like rock and derived genres is that it's so mainstream.

Gaming Discussion / Re: The HD Mini-NES is a thing.
« on: July 16, 2016, 01:22:38 pm »
On the other hand, I can't believe people are being duped into buying this stuff.

Honestly, how is this any different from playing NEStopia (with an extremely limited game selection and no hacks) on a big screen?  I guess you get to use the classic controller....

Probably it won't even come with the NTSC filter, making games not look like they were originally supposed to.

I don't know why Square would go and put in PS1 music when they can just throw in the SNES tracks lol.
For a lot of reasons. 1st, the SNES tracks are stored as AKAO bytecode that is very obscure and low-level format. Also it was developed by Square proper.

PS1 ports were developed by TOSE and Square probably didn't get involved at all. They used Sony's standard sound drivers which is basically MIDI compatible.

I was able to convert FF4/5/6 tracks to MIDI but this was a hassle, trust me, and the conversion was quite lossy for some songs. For instance, pitch slides are just a few bytecode commands in the original SNES version, but hast to be done with a combination of RPN and pitch wheels on MIDI, and you have to issue regularly increasing or decreasing pitch wheels. The pitch however how it is controlled by the SNES is not linear (the sound driver would just interpolate the values written to the register), so this effect is extremely tough to replicate exactly. We can get an approximation that 90% of listeners won't even notice, but still ^^

For sound effects it's even worse. The SNES versions constantly relies on hardware effects like noise and pitch modulation, which no other machine than the S-DSP (or an emulated S-DSP) can replicate exactly. They very often do pitch with crazy values (like pitch up 100 octaves) and rely on overflow behaviour to get some effects done. Belive me, approximating this to MIDI is pure nightmare, and converting it "properly" simply wouldn't be possible. Converting such sound effects to MIDI is a bit like if you wanted to rewrite horrible chunky self-modifying 6502 code into any high-level programming language, and expect it to look nice.

but wasn't Square's SPC emulation on the PS1 on par with ZSNES 0.9xx or whatever (extremely terrible. I mean, seriously like some of the SAME deficiencies?)
First, as I said, none of the PS1 ports were ever developped by Square, but by TOSE. They definitely didn't emulate the SPC or not even the S-DSP (the part of the SPC700 which actually produces sound), there's no need to do that - just using the same sound samples is enough to get a similar sounding result.

They probably ran into the same problem as I did for the GBA conversions, in addition to what is mentioned above, the sound engine updates at 60/50Hz only and not at 220Hz like they do on the SPC700. For sound effects they went the lazy route and just used recordings. It's quite possible they used ZSNES to create such recordings.

I don't see lots of reasons why what would work for translations from other languages shouldn't work for Japanese. You don't see much people saying Sultan instead of Emperor, Vizir instead of Prime Minister, Khan instead of Commander, is unacceptable in translations and only the (ironically) literal translation of the title/honorific is acceptable. As long as it's done in moderation and where it's appropriate to do so (and not stuff like Elizabeth-sama in something about England) it shouldn't cause allergic reactions, the way Japanese characters in the backgrounds do for 4Kids.
Chrono Trigger does not take place in japan but in a fantasy world, so your argument falls apart.

That game's whole setting and story got changed and not for the better,
Who even cares of the story for a game like Contra, seriously ? Are you seriously telling me you'll be playing a game of this genre for its story ?

That game was even more censored than what NoA's censors mandated,
The north American release of Contra wasn't any tiny bit censored, unless I'm mistaken.

Castlevania games and countless Amiga games with copious amounts of gore and dismembermen
Castlevania games do not display violence against humans being but against mostly undead monsters, and the european version just copied the American censorship where applicable. Germany probably relaxed their laws eventually.

I don't think it's very rewarding to play a game with missing text or cutscenes supposed to reward the playe
There is no missing text or cutscenes, in the original Contra there is almost zero text and custcenes exept the "game over" title.

You seem to be mentioning the scenes added to the Japanese release, which was made after the US release. Those are also not present in the original arcade game. They were never meant to be there, they were just added for the Japanese FC version and only that version.

Speaking about that, I wonder whether the original arcade Contra was allowed to be released in Germany censored, uncensored, or not released at all.

EDIT : Here is a longplay of the original, arcade Contra game, on which the NES game is based. The arcade came with no manual obviously (except perhaps a manual for installing the board in a cabinet and how use switches, things like that). Please tell me where you see any story in this game.

EDIT2 : This is pure speculation, but my guess is that Contra's difficulties to be released in Germany was not only about violence, but because of the omnipresent of the red falcon symbol, which looks incredibly similar to the reichsadler.

General Discussion / Re: Nice Terrorist Attack
« on: July 15, 2016, 05:20:29 pm »
The second one of course was - how the heck can we get mankind back onto a more peaceful track?
We need yet another world war with all the atrocities, then everyone feels "oh it was SOOOO awful, NEVER AGAIN", and the cycle repeats again and again.

Well that does kinda suck to hear, but at this point I think I'll just focus on finishing the script first and then see if it can somehow be shoved into a 512kb ROM.
Indeed, you should work on a script without thinking 1st on how it'll fit.

What I'm curious about though is if CHR-RAM with MMC5 will work on a real NES? Even if that combo was never done by Nintendo.
Both a 1024k PRG-ROM MMC3 and a cart with MMC5 and CHR-RAM are technically feasible on hardware, but neither has ever been done by Nintendo, and both could be done different ways, yelding to different results.

In MMC3's case, the existing 2nd FF3j trasnslation assumes it works exactly like a 512k MMC3, with one bit added to PRG registers. If Nintendo actually did such a thing, very likely they'd do exactly like they did for SUROM in MMC1, allowing to use the original unodified MMC3, but having two sets "fixed" banks. Doing it with a single fixed bank requires developping a new version of the MMC3 or adding a fully-custom chip to an existing MMC3 (probably doable with a PAL chip or several 74xx logic chips).

In MMC5's case, what is ambigious is how CHR lines would be wired. MMC5 hardware itself is much more complex so I cannot predict exactly how that'll happen, however you could bankswitch it in small 1kb banks, or have it being hardwired to a single 8kb block.

EDIT: I have an idea, I could make two versions of this, one with 1mb MMC5 and one with an abridged script with MMC3 and compression. The MMC5 version will have the script where many NPC's are word-for-word copied straight from the DS remake (but only if applicable, of course), while the MMC3 version would be approached more like how I did FF2 where I tried to reword things to make it as short as possible but get the same point across
Having 2 versions is indeed a great idea, but I believe both needs to have the same script. For instance, if the game really cannot fit in 512kb, we could choose between oversize MMC3 and MMC5 with CHR-RAM, both unofficial mappers.

However, the script is not the only thing that can be compressed. A quick glance at FF3's ROM reveals tons of uncompressed graphics. If we can somehow get them to be compressed, then we could save a temendous amounts of ROM space.

General Discussion / Re: Nice Terrorist Attack
« on: July 15, 2016, 08:11:43 am »
I think France should get serious about its position before it is too late. There is no such a thing as "we bomb them there and they won't come here to our magical world" anymore, it is the third big action in two years.
Fourth actually if Brussels counts. Brussels is not in France, but is mostly french speaking and very influenced by french culture (and vice-versa).

In my opinion, you should seriously consider using compression in order to keep the game MMC3+512kb PRG-ROM, but be able to expand the text as much as you'd like. I wrote a tool for this kind of cases, and I'd be gad to help in any way possible since I'm also a FF3 fan.

You don't need to instert anything in the ROM (at first) in order to try to compress the text and see how well different algorithms works.

My project uses Kea's MMC5 mapper patch, and the MMC5 mapper is a legal way to have 1mb PRG on the NES.
CHR-RAM with MMC5 is just as much "illegal" as a 1MB MMC3. Neither is technically impossible, but neither was ever made by Nintendo.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Loading Custom NES Palette in Nesticle DOS
« on: July 15, 2016, 06:15:25 am »
Then what are you doing on this site ?! It's about romhacking on retro consoles.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Loading Custom NES Palette in Nesticle DOS
« on: July 14, 2016, 01:49:59 pm »
To be honnest I'd have as much nostalgia to play games under the good old extremely inacurate Nesticle than the NES itself.

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