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General Discussion / Re: What's the point of abolishing monarchy?
« on: May 09, 2016, 05:17:18 am »
@Dish I don't think this guy deserved an answer, either. Now my thread has derailed :(

I wanted to defend constitutional monarchy. Also, monarchy is not just about a King and a Queen, but about a large network of smaller nobles, usually representing a few % of the country's population. If you did something particularly well for your country, the King or Queen can nominate you noble, and then if you do something great again, you can go up in ranks. Of course in a republic you can get other types of honorific, but they're nowhere near as cool as becoming noble or ranking higher in the nobility pyramid.

Also, the great advantage is that the nobility is hereditary, so if your great-grandfather did something particularly great for your country, you are also rewarded. Of course it might come in strange to be rewarded about something you didn't do - but the great thing is that your great-grandfather's reward is still there, even after his death, making it sort of time-less.

Gaming Discussion / Re: GBA SP Battery Replacements?
« on: May 09, 2016, 05:12:16 am »
If you manage to find an official one then it has probably sat on the shelf for at best about 2 years after the DS was released.
Just so that everyone knowns, the Li-On batteries degrade about as fast whenever you use them or not. So a batterty made back then that would have been stored somewhere unused is going to be as degraded as the battery that you used in your console.

My GBA-SP allows me to play about 15-30 minutes before the LED becomes red. It has been that way for years, the good news is that it doesn't degrade even more.

General Discussion / Re: The Easter Bombing & The Brussels Attack
« on: May 08, 2016, 04:47:23 am »
Jews were mostly educated people, with high social positions.

Muslims, in Europe mostly, live often in the suburbs, know more unemployment and are significantly poorer than the average country inhabitant.
I'm not so sure that all jews were so educated and rich. I've heard that in Warsaw many jews were extremely poor and homeless, and were seen by the poles as being similar to gypsies. The highly educated ones were the peak of the iceberg, and those who were used as propaganda by the antisemites (i.e. "Look! They're consiprating against us" works better with educated people than with powerless homeless people).

Now the source was a website about pre-WW2 Warsaw whose address I lost, but this statement could easily be proved or refuted by a google search.

By that logic, more drugs should be legal. Not everyone who does drugs is a rapist, murderer, thief. Drugs users in general should not be judged by the worst of the lot.
1. This has absolutely nothing to do with what was discussed before
2. If you want to drug yourself and become an human vegetable unable to survive by himself, then go ahead, but please don't do propaganda for other people to do the same

General Discussion / Re: The Easter Bombing & The Brussels Attack
« on: May 07, 2016, 05:45:54 pm »
Moreover, respect Moslems. Anti-Islamicism is just as bad as anti-Semitism.

To be honest I always felt like Muslims filled the gap left open after the extermination of jews, at least in Europe. The recent events tends to accentuate this even more. They play here exactly the same role as the jews used to have before the war, and that is troubling.

  • Are present only in cities, and absent in rural areas
  • Are present in cities of most industrialized countries, and (sometimes) form their own "sub-nation" in foreign nations
  • They are a minority, but locally in certain urban areas they form the majority
  • They have their own laws which sometimes conflicts with other people's
  • They aren't liked by everyone

Now the good news, there hasn't been any muslim pogroms, yet, probably because they aren't active particularly in commerce where the jews were.

Well I'd say play the SNES version, but if for some reason you prefer GBA go ahead.

General Discussion / Re: What's the point of abolishing monarchy?
« on: May 07, 2016, 07:46:49 am »
Monarchy: peasants, clerics, army, king (and advisors). Now we got working class, bourgeois, politicians. Parliamentary democracy suck almost as much as Monarchy, because right now we are served an illusion of choice but regardless of who govern, they only serve their interests and the ones of an economic elite. At least in a monarchy it is clear that the monarch has all powers and the population is there to serve.
Once again, I was talking about a constitutional monarchy (like the UK) not an absolute monarchy (like Saudi Arabia or 18th century France).

Missing games for PS2:

  • Hanjuku Eiyuu 4: 7-Jin no Hanjuku Eiyuu
  • Hanjuku Eiyuu Tai 3D

Gaming Discussion / Re: What's your favourite bad game?
« on: May 06, 2016, 05:19:33 pm »
How could I forget about this. The "simulator" series, made in Germany (yep, usually this means high quality but not this time) the funniest games ever released. Source is in french. It's so funny how they mock those games.


There was also a racing game where there was no collision detection whatsoever, and where the speed was not limited when going reverse. I don't remember where it was, though, but unbelivable they released this.

Gaming Discussion / Re: What's your favourite bad game?
« on: May 06, 2016, 03:39:01 pm »
What exactly do you mean?

1. A game that is so bad that it'll make us die of laughter ?


2. A game that everyone else seems to consider bad, but that we personally enjoy, despite it's flaws ?

If it is 1, Then Action 52 and Cheetahman II

If it is 2, then Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Stuck in \"Legend of Mana\"
« on: May 06, 2016, 11:53:19 am »
I visited Domina, and didn't find anyone looking for the Lost Princess. HOWEVER there was a scene with the acordion players and now they started me on a new mission, "Diddle's Letter" so maybe I'll be able to continue the adventure from there.

I of course already have the Junkyard, that's where Prof. Bomb is located and asks you to find his golem (which is in a location I don't have any access to).

EDIT: So I did a very strange mission involving Elazul in Geo where you have to go in a Fairy's drams (seriously, WTF), and now yet another similar mission is starting... Not what I expected, but definitely allow me to progress.

EDIT2: So I had this very long mission in jewel world, where you fight a final boss like thing, then you are turned to stone it triggers a giant storms, and then the game continues as if nothing happened. Seriously, guys, I can't belive they didn't use drugs while making this game. Yet, I still have no idea what to do next :(

Egyptian/pyramid is a very recurent theme for video games. They also systematically have an arabic-sounding music there.

However, this is a major anachronism. Egypt was invaded by Arabs in the 600s AD, long long after the pyramid were built. The original egyptians, which had one of the oldest prosperous civiliation, were absolutely unrelated to the Arabs who lived in the Arabic Peninsula in the east of Egypt.

Of course it would feel weird to have an Egypt/Pyramid themed level without Arabic music, so much this combo is recurrent in games... but that'd also be technically correct. We probably don't have any information how native Egyptian music sounded like, so they're forced to use Arabic music instead I guess...

General Discussion / Re: What's the point of abolishing monarchy?
« on: May 04, 2016, 05:06:15 am »
And the Arabia Saudi' royal can torture any one without the interfere from any human right watch group as long as they are still the US' comrade.
Saudi Arabia is not a constitutional monarchy, but an absolute monarchy, i.e. a dictatorship where the dictator shares the title of "King". In a constitutional monarchy, the King or Queen (or Prince/Duke/whathever) has to obey laws just as everyone else, and their role is mostly ceremonial.

Wait... if they have no governing power, then how are they "useful"?  What do they actually do?  And is it worth the endless wealth they receive?
They are useful for ceremony and tradition. A royal family just sound badass. Having presidents or whathver, not so much. Why do most work of fiction have monarchies in them, and not republics? Because monarches sound badass, while republics sounds pussy.

What sounds better in your opinion: "Czech Republic", or "Kingdom of Bohemia and Moravia" (the old name for the same country)? In my opinion, the old name just sounds so, so much better !

You saved the world and can spouse the Kings' daughter ? This sounds badass. If you would spouse the daughter of the president of the republic, it'll kinda suck, trust me.

If you're still not convinced, just play Fire Emblem games and you'll understand my point of view, I guess (or not).

That can be circumvented by suspending the monarch for a day, accept the law and re-instate the monarch (which happened in Belgium).
How complicated.

General Discussion / What's the point of abolishing monarchy?
« on: May 03, 2016, 04:14:38 pm »
I don't get it. A constitutional monarchy allows to have monarchs whose power is limited, and which prevents them into turning into ruthless dictators who don't care about their lower class people, (such as what happened in 18th century France for example). It allows to have the best of monarchy and democracy, such a system is in place for instance in the UK, Benelux, Denmark, Sweden, and works perfectly great. Those are the most prosperous countries of Europe, while the republics have shitty failing economies with high unemployment. (*)

Having a country presided by a King or a Queen, or a Prince/Duke/whatever goes for smaller countries, with a royal family is so badass and classy ! Having a "President de la République" just suck, especially considering they change so often we cannot follow what is going on and it only brings instability to the country.

Ok, I understand this might be disturbing to see a minourity of people living in luxury while the majority of people live in poverty, but that's what also happens in republics anyway, and only riches become president/prime minister/whatever. So since this is happening in all cases, we'd want as well to take the most classy system and keep monarchy. Republicanism sucks ! I wish I'd live in a country with a monarchy :(

PS : I've been playing a lot of Fire Emblem lately, so it's probably why I feel so.

(*) Yes I know, Spain is a monarchy and have a shitty failing economy while Austria and Germany are republics and are doing pretty well. Overall, those are the only exceptions I can think of.

General Discussion / Re: The Easter Bombing & The Brussels Attack
« on: May 03, 2016, 03:57:47 pm »
Actually, the problem is in my opinion not so much violence increasing but rather informations spreading at an incredibly fast rate and quantity. Now if someone kills innocent people anywhere in the world, a couple of hours later, they are mentioned through the internet on every media imaginable. The media of course continuously offers the most scandalous or violent information, so that they can continue to sell.

Imagine back in the middle of the 19th century, if somewhere a squad of terrorist in a distant country, killed someone, you would only be informed weeks later, and only if that someone was really important. People had to actually travel with their horses and dispatch actually written messages, which was much more time consuming as far as communication goes. As a result, average people tended to care only what happened in their region and their family, and MAYBE their nation, and didn't have to carry the world's pain on their shoulders. If there was a war or a famine in another country, well, who cares. Nowadays we can't do that anymore... therefore the uneasy feelings.

As for the terrorism itself, I really wouldn't care all that much. People die of cancer due to their smoking much more than they die of terrorism (in France, 78'000 deaths vs. aprox. 130 deaths), yet they PAY for dying that way, and expensive ! They also die much more due to their own driving too fast or dangerously. Life comes with its risks, there is no such thing as an absolute protection against death, and it seems people in our western capitalist society have increasing trouble to understand that, and they want everything to be 1000% safe.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Stuck in \"Legend of Mana\"
« on: May 03, 2016, 01:14:49 pm »
Are you playing an European version of the game?
I don't think they made a French version of the game for Canada. XD

Speaking of which, is the French translation based on the  English version or the Japanese one?
There is neither an European version of the game, nor a French version for Canada. This is a fan translation. I belive it's based on english (although I am not 100% sure) but this translation very well made (for once !).

I see that completing "Professor Bomb's Lab" requires going to Lake Kilma. In the artifacts list in section 12, I see that Lake Kilma's created from the Stone Eye. Doing a text search for Stone Eye, I see it's acquired from the "Lost Princess" quest at Mekiv Caverns, so go do that.
The problem is that does not work. I have the Mekiv Caverns, but I cannot start the "Lost Princess" mission. I searched all through the cavern a couple of times, but found nothing but enemies, and that monster egg. I'm pretty sure I already did another mission in the Mekiv Caverns, but not "Lost Princess".

General Discussion / Re: Coffee or Tea?
« on: May 01, 2016, 10:48:07 am »
I mean, geez, 80°C?  Am I supposed to monitor the temperature with a thermometer?
No. Just add some fresh water in your boiling water and you're ready to go.

General Discussion / Re: Coffee or Tea?
« on: April 30, 2016, 03:13:30 pm »
I rather like tea, but it's just so awkward.  You start off with the tea bag in the hot water, and – then what?  Do you pay attention and take the tea bag out after a certain time?  What do you do with it afterwards?  What about cream and sugar – do you put that in right away, or do you have to hang around and wait until you take the tea bag out?  It's all much more convenient if you have it sitting there steeping in a separate kettle, but then you need to have that separate kettle sitting there, and – ugh.
You're overcomplicated things. For some reasons doing tea directly in a cup is almost systematically terrible - doing it in a teapot will make the tea taste much better. Also do NEVER clean your teapot with washingup liquid, just rince. That way each tea you'll make will add taste in the pot and make the following teas better. A good pot needs decades to start to make really great tea :)

Rince your teapot with hot water from the faucet, so that the pot is already pre-heated. Add your teabag or tea directly (depending on how it is packaged) in the pot, and then put water that is aprox. 80°C hot in the pot. NEVER PUT IN BOILING WATER, it burns the tea and make the horrible beverage that they will serve you almost everywhere which nothing to do with tea. (Note this varies by country to country - in Switzerland people tend to have no idea how to make good tea, but in some countries people do).

If you don't believe this makes a difference, just try to make yourself two different teas, one with 100°C water and the other with 80°C water and observe for yourself... 80°C Water also has the advantage of making you able to drink the tea significantly sooner after preparing it.

For herbal tea, you're done, no need to remove the bag. For green or black tea, remove the bag after aprox. 3 minutes. (This depends on the tea/water ratio however, obviously the more water there is the longer the bag will need to be here.)

Also, buy high quality tea or teabags. There is no wonder, even if you make everything right, you cannot make wonders, by buying cheap crap you will end up with a bad tea even if you make everything correct on your side. In particular, AVOID LIPTON YELLOW LABEL - this product comes straight from hell and should be banned.

If you have no teapot available no problem - just do it directly in the cup, but it'll never be as good. In particular, the tea/water ratio tends to be way too high in a cup, since a teabag is typically designed for at least 1/2L of water.

Tea doesn't have to be complicated. Boil some water, turn it off, set some tea bags in it and let them soak for 30 mins to an hour. Get a gallon or half gallon pitcher, pour in a cup of sugar for a gallon of tea, pour in the water that the bags soaked in, ring the rest of the water from the bags out into the pitcher, stir, chill/drink. Making it a cup at a time just seems siliy when you can make a whole gallon and throw it in the fridge.
This is the recet of Ice Tea, not Tea... Tea is supposed to be a hot beverage by default - although there's nothing wrong in what you said. Quite naturally you'd want to drink hot tea in the winter and ice tea in the summer, unless you're masochist :)

I've tried Earl Grey, it seems incredibly bitter...
Probably you prepared the tea incorrectly. The most common errors are covered above in this post.

Put some sugar in it and you're good to go.
Please don't. Sugar really ruins a good tea, in addition, by drinking a tea w/o sugar you have 0 calories, which is always a nice thing to have, especially for something you're going to do regulalry.
However please don't put cream, milk or whathver in. This very idea is just so weird - people doing this are probably confusing it with coffee. (If you want to drink milk, then go ahead and drink milk, this is fine to do, but without tea!)

This poll is biased towards tea, as the offensive plot is clearly against caffeine. ;)
As I said above, I like the taste of coffee, with milk and without sugar. I however do not particulalry like the effect of caffeine, especially having seen people who are seriously addicted to that. Black coffee without milk is extremely bitter and undrinkable to me, but apparently in Italy they only like it that way. Every country has it's own habits.

Coffee has none of this confusion and is stronger anyway.
It does have the confusion since there's dozen of way of making coffee and people are usually religious about one way or another :D

Sugar in excess is bad for your pancreas and teeth. That being said, I like Mexican Coca-Cola [they have the right formula, fuck that high fructose corn syrup shit] and black coffee. With only a little sugar. Preferably raw sugar.
Definitely - I seriously dropped my consumption of sugarly drink, and stopped drinking any sort of Cola whatsoever. I couldn't start again to drink them, they seem disgusting to me now, as strange as it may seem. (It's probably the same phenomena as people becoming vegetarian for ideological reasons and starting to find meat disgusting several years later, when they originally loved meat)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: PSX Games Text (Right to Left) ?
« on: April 27, 2016, 05:20:32 pm »
You should contact FARID. He translated many games to Persian language, which is written right to left.

General Discussion / Re: Coffee or Tea?
« on: April 27, 2016, 02:19:41 pm »
For me, herbal tea and cofee, but no black tea please. I like the taste of cofee but I do not like caffeine. The problem is that it makes me have to run to toilet 5 minutes after drinking coffee systematically, and it is not uncommon for me to have sleep problems if I drink a coffee after 13:00, so I avoid this.

The problem with Japan -> English/French translators is that they are quite rare, and so we "take what we have", even if they don't have good skills in their own languages.
You got a point.

but I've played French translations so badly written that I switched to the English one : at least, if they were bad written, my English was not good enough for me to notice :)
Same here.

stop thinking that one's opinion is better than somebody else's opinion, or that the quality of a translation can be measured objectively as a hard fact.
What makes you believe I ever thought either of those points?

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