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Newcomer's Board / Re: SNES Final Fantasy hack
« on: November 10, 2014, 11:12:21 am »
@Spooniest : Wow, you did an addentum to an addentum. That starts to be insane. But as long as it's based on the very fishy J2E translation I am suspicious unfortunately.

Everyone complains about the bad translation and censorship of Final Fantasy II (U), but nobody mentions that it prevents hours of grinding that Final Fantasy IV (J) has (that I've heard of), while still not being a piece of cake like Final Fantasy IV - Easy Type (J). Some people don't like spending hours just to level up. At least personally I found the difficulty of Final Fantasy II (U) just fine, and I didn't do any other playthoughs so I can't really juge.

Personal Projects / Re: Final Fantasy II Renovated
« on: November 09, 2014, 10:25:07 am »
I have played many times the original before being stuck at a couple of times. I didn't try to play the Demonic Palladium patch, which sounds quite good.

What really annoyed me in the original, as far as I can rembmer is :
- The levelling system is totally obscure. You had no idea how to get an HP increase or Defense or M.Def increase which are the three more important stats if you want to survive
- Impossiblility to stock up cure potions, antidoes and eyedrops
- Magic is completely useless 99% of the times, unless you spend 100 hours levelling it up, but you don't have the MP for it, and you can't get MP increases unless you waste ALL of it in a battle, and even then you aren't guaranteed to get an intcrease.
- A new weapon is always less powerful than an old one because somehow the character is not "used to it" and misses all the time.

Fixes I'd suggest :
- Don't take the player's acctions in account, and just give HP, MP increase to a character every 5 battles or so.
- Stats should never decrease, at worse they should get no increase
- Defense is increased more often when you take hard hits and M.Def is increased as well (it's extremely rare you can get hard hits with spells)
- Magic should level up 100x faster, like 2 calls and it's level 1, 3 more calls and it's level 2, etc... Nobody wants to spend it's life to call a spell 100 times to make it any useful.
- The less likely the player is to use a spell, the faster it should level up. For example, dispel should level up extremely quick, but Cure or fire can level up a little slower since you're very likely to call them (they should still level up fast enough)
- Exit shouldn't beat the crap out of your HP. Honnestly. If you call this spell it means you're desesperate in the 1st place. Nobody want to "train" calling this spell dozen of times.
- Therefore some spells, such as exit, poisonna, etc... should be exept from any level up system, you just use them, and they always work without side effects. If a level system should be used, then the MP usage could decrease as the spell levels up (but the spell itself being the same).

This is a cool hack.

I am well placed to know how hard it should have been to port all those songs to FF6 by editing the musical bytecode manually. This should have been extremely long and tedious (something that someone who didn't do hacks that deals with them can't realize). In all cases congratulations.

I disagree with people who complain that the hack is not complete enough. Seriously. I just know that in those "news" threads are usually just a long list of complaints no matter how hard you worked and how great your work is, so I am well placed to understand. Just ignore those guys.

On the other way I love how this is a complete hack but still related with the original. I tend to not like too much complete hacks that get rid of everything - why not just homebrew then - it's much easier than hacking.

(I agree with the complaints about hardware compatibility though.)

I had to give up at the frozen esper bossfight. I mean, 35000 HP right at the start of the game ? Isn't that a little too LONG ? I don't feel like sitting and doing a 1h30 boss fight. I'll see if this is somehow compatible with FF6 saves.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Music change in an existing spc player?
« on: November 05, 2014, 04:17:21 am »
So for my dilemma, hacking other spcs in an existing soundtest in a game is really complicated matter, one would have to create a player that creates a rom and adds either the backdoor you mentioned and/or the soft reset. correct?
It's really not complicated. You should just know that each game has it's own sound engine. Some games from the company might have the same or similar sound engine.

It's impossible for a game that has sound engine A to play a song from a game that has sound engine B. Unless you "port" the song to sound engine A. In your case, you'd have to "port" your music to FF6' sound engine (this is what the authors did with all the non-FF6 songs they added).

In some cases like Chrono Trigger, the music bytecode is extremely similar so the port was simple, in most other cases, it implies rewriting the bytecode to get the same music played (as well as adding specific instruments if the FF6's instruments are not enough)

Newcomer's Board / Re: Music change in an existing spc player?
« on: November 04, 2014, 12:30:13 pm »
No, after the game has loaded its sound engine in the SPC700's RAM at startup it won't ever touch it again. It will only load new samples and sequence bytecode in the RAM to play a new song. It will normally never overwrite the entiere 64kb. It's also impossible for the game to reset the sound processor, this can only be done by pressing the reset button.

General Discussion / Re: Gave up on the Music in Harmony of Dissonance
« on: November 04, 2014, 03:34:15 am »
It could sound like a NES with the Namco chip extension, or a PC-Engine. I don't know what they tried to imitate. At least it's 100% sure the low sound quality is intentional, just like in the Battle Network series and many other GBA games. (But CV-HOD and the Battle Network series are the only 2 where this pseudo-8-bit sound really works great I think)

Newcomer's Board / Re: Music change in an existing spc player?
« on: November 04, 2014, 03:22:43 am »
If they made it of course it's possible to hack it.


This is only for FF6's sound engine. A .spc file is an arbitrary program (even if, in 99.99% of the cases, the SPC files of the same game will have the same program, unless the game has 2 sound engines).
The SNES main processor CANNOT reset the SPC700 and reload another program in it. It can just connect to it using 4 registers. When the SPC700 is running the BIOS in the IPS ROM, it can upload data in a standardized way, which all games does at startup. But after that, there is no standard way to make the SPC700 return to IPL ROM. Each game either has it's own way to returning to IPL ROM, or simply a totally different customized way to upload a new song in the memory.

Some of the simpler/earlier games has *everything* in memory from the start, and thus it's possible to play all music and sound effect just by writing some numbers to the 4 registers. Zelda III and Super Mario World are like that. But for the vast majority of games, the internal 64kb of memory was not sufficient to put evertyhing at once.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Music change in an existing spc player?
« on: November 02, 2014, 05:35:27 pm »
Cool !

Some of them were really well ported, though in the majority of the cases the port quality varies from mediocre to extremely poor. Let's hope this'll be fixed in a future version !

Newcomer's Board / Re: Music change in an existing spc player?
« on: November 02, 2014, 12:41:34 pm »
Did you figure out how to access to this "music player" we can see the screenshots ?

And as for playing music on real hardware, the Super Power pak can do that with SPC files, you just have to reset whenever you want to play another SPC (this is a technical limitation of the console).

I just bump to say that the patch "with orchestra" should now be fixed and working.

Just to be sure, a NES modded with the famicom expansion audio, will be able to play the enhanced music?
Of course, but I don't know if the Power Pak or the Super Ever Drive supports this mapper (VRC7) with its expansion sound.

On the NES/FC a VWF is extremely hard to do because
1) VRAM is limited
2) Time in VBlank for transferring data to VRAM is limited

That's probably also why those chineese guys should have had a very hard time to make the game display arbitrary sinograms on screen. If they can do that though it also means a VWF is possible. But personally I kind of like good old 8x8 fonts, as long as there is a blank line between the lines (if the text is too comprimed it becomes hard to read).

General Discussion / Re: Gave up on the Music in Harmony of Dissonance
« on: October 23, 2014, 03:10:42 pm »
Personally I think the music of CV-HOD is an misunderstood masterpiece. Sure outside of the game it doesn't mean as much but in the game it's something.

I always love it when developers push NES' capabilities to the limit on their games, but... if only it wasn't an RPG... I swear, I have no patience for them. I might give it a try for the soundtrack alone, really.
Why not just listen the NSF then ?
Despite being technically impressive, in my personal opinion, the music of this game is not very good. But that's just my opinion.

Personal Projects / Re: Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse (Easy Type)
« on: October 20, 2014, 01:45:59 pm »
This has already be done for Castlevania 1 :

Although I really like a easy hack, because the original is too hard especially from the Death stage, I'd like to also say this hack and other easy hacks make it now too easy. An easy-but not too easy either hack would be great.

Newcomer's Board / Re: English Chrono Trigger patch for Japanese rom?
« on: October 17, 2014, 01:53:06 pm »
My suggetion is that the guy who wrote this readme is a douche not very very smart, and doesn't know the different between Japanese and garbage.

He also doesn't know the difference between an IPS that contains the entiere rom and a legitimate IPS patch.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Hacking music in a NES game
« on: October 14, 2014, 12:43:38 pm »
I think you should look at the post I made here, because after all, sound extraction and music hacking are almost the same : You'll need to figure the bytecode format used by the game first.

Gaming Discussion / Re: What are some good TV-like shaders for Snes9x?
« on: October 14, 2014, 06:20:48 am »
I like to use Blarg's NTSC. This is pretty much how the games were "supposed" to look.

Oh I completely forgot I had to do this, thanks for remembering me. I'll note this on my TODO list.

Newcomer's Board / Re: English Chrono Trigger patch for Japanese rom?
« on: October 13, 2014, 06:37:34 am »
rom 1 is Original ROM
rom 2 is Modified/Translated ROM
Create Patch
And you have your ips file.
This is very dumb, as the ips patch will contain most of the ROM's data. Unless everything was kept at the exact same adress in ROM which I seriously doubt.

IPS was meant to record small change among 2 similar files, not to completely transform file 1 into file 2.

they are PC programs? i could swear they were MM6 hacks...
Do you realize the quantity of things that wouldn't be doable on NES hardware with these games ?

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