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General Discussion / Re: The U.S. Politics Thread
« on: November 14, 2016, 12:17:19 pm »
It's almost unanimously agreed that Iraq was a mistake.  Even among the politicians who sent us there.  Cheney might be the only one who's still convinced it was a good idea.
Then, why do you guys still call french people "surrendering monkeys" ? This whole thing started because G.W. Bush was angry that France refused to help him invade Irak, well obviously France refused because the whole idea was stupid. Yet American have to remember to France their humilitating defeat of 1940 (one of the only 2 humilitating defeats France ever got in history - the other being 1871) and remember us they saved our asses, just to put themselves in a position of absolute supperiority (even though the Britts and French resistance and the soviets were just as significant as America when it came to saving our asses). As if brute force was the only thing that mattered in what makes a country great.

Just trop with the imperialism and let other countries do it their own way. Please. I gladly admit we had our asses saved by America once in recent history, and thank you for that BUT let us live our own way.

General Discussion / Re: Learning Japanese for Entertainment
« on: November 14, 2016, 04:39:56 am »
I believe learning Japanese for Entertainment, given it's influence on nerd culture and other things, is one of many legitimate reasons to learn it as much as it is for it's culture and history apart from that.
It's perfectly legitimate I think.

You don't need a reason to learn a language.
Definitely not, but you still need strong motivation.

Just pick up a book and start learning. You'll figure out pretty quick whether or not Japanese is something you want to learn seriously or for fun, or perhaps not at all.
That's pretty much what I did at some point but I quickly decided for "not at all". I learnt the kanas and some basic vocabulary and some of the most basic kanjis, but it stopped there - and I always knew I didn't want to learn 1000+ kanjis. I'm glad I didn't pursue it further, because I would never have known japanese enough to understand untranslated material (games, animes) completely, and I never planned to live in or even visit japan.

Instead I started to learn the Polish language, which is much more accessible because it uses the latin writing system and have indo-european grammar while still being a great challenge, and I love it. The chance I visit the country somewhat regularly are much higher, too, so it made more sense for me to learn that language.

I had to learn German and English because I was forced to, and although I find knownledge of those two languages extremely useful in daily life, I never really liked either of those languages. Polish on the other hand I really learn it for pure interest and not for economical or practical interest, so it makes the process of learning and the motivation very different.

Personal Projects / Re: [Snes]Neo Fire Emblem
« on: November 11, 2016, 04:51:18 pm »
Cool, but you should probably avoid the Fire Emblem name and any reference to other people's intellectual propriety. Using Fire Emblem as an inspiration source is of course fine.

I love the FE series but it is flawed in that most game are a bit too hard and it requires way too much on luck. FE7 on GBA is by far my favourite.

General Discussion / Re: The U.S. Politics Thread
« on: November 11, 2016, 12:49:46 pm »
So, now that Trump is elected, will the United States FINALLY stop to police the world and impose their culture to other people ? I sure hope so, and that's the only thing I care. People and media here in Switzerland seems unanimous that Trump elected = end of the world, but personally even though I never liked him I don't think Trump elected means bad news for us outside of the US, it's probably only bad news for those who lives in the US, but I don't care.

I mostly dislkie american imperialism and culture, with a few exeptions here and there. Look at the world in 1914 before the 1st world war when Europe was not yet under any american influence. It was much, much greater than what it is today. Why don't they keep their macdonalds and all this shit to themselves ? We don't need them here.

General Discussion / Re: Jews and jewish culture
« on: November 10, 2016, 07:33:29 am »
Israel is Jaccob (Peace Be Upon Him), I don't know where you got the idea that it could be Isaac (Peace Be Upon Him),
Sorry, this was just a lapsus. I fixed it. (Nevertheless, someone who is descendant of Jaccob also implies he's a descendant of Isaac too, so I wasn't so wrong).

About the Taboos, there is many different Jewish sects nowadays, they have different taboos too.
I don't think it's appropriate to call them "sects". There however seems to be very different movements, reformed judaism being the most open/tolerant and ultra-orthodox being the most closely tied to their antique ancestors. I still have much to learn about it, yet obviously you cannot potrait things such as "jews are like that" because opinions and way of life between jews will vary just like they vary between other people.

There is good and bad  in every nation and religion, you can color them as good or bad.

One thing though, you would think that they have learned anything from there history and how they were kicked out of almost every country they were in through out history, yet they are giving the Palestinians a taste of the atrocities done to them by the Nazi.
I didn't want to bring this up, but sadly yes. My personal opinion is that it is extremely doubtful whether modern artificially recreated Israel is really what was announced in profethies, probably not. Most likely at some point in the future, Israel will be invaded yet one more time and jews will be deported yet one more time (that'd be like the 4th one ? I'm not even sure).

And this means ?

General Discussion / Jews and jewish culture
« on: November 09, 2016, 03:24:50 pm »
So, until very recently, I didn't care at all about jews and jewish culture. To me they mostly represented gaz chambers and I thought most of them were extermined anyway so why care anymore. However recently I found myself very interested by jews and their culture, especially because I went through the entiere Old Testament, which happens to be the jewish torah, relating the history (sometimes mithical instead of real, true) of jews and the jewish nation before the Christ was born. Incredible facts about them:

They are simultaneously a nation and a religion. Unlike say, Germans who are only a nation (is German anyone who have German parents) or Christians which are only a religion (is Christian anyone who have Christian faith, no matter their parents). Normally, is considered jew anyone who has a jew mother (and who therefore has been rised jew), no matter if either the mother or the child have faith or not, and no matter the country they live in. Supposedly jews are all descendant of Isaac Jaccob (also named Israel), but this is hard to prove (and is probably a mythical over-interpretation of the reality). Yet one cannot "become a jew" like you can become Christian, on the other way, even if you are born jew abandon all faith and Jewish religion you are still a jew.

Jews are problly the only nation that managed to live some 1800 years in exile of their home country (palestine) in foreign countries, without having neither assimilated to other culture, nor conquered another country and forcefully assimilated the locals there. Only their language (hebrew) was lost (until it was artifially re-introduced in modern Israel but probably in a different from than the original antique Hebrew language). They also have been almost constantly persecuted, although at various degrees, yet they never gave up entierely their very ancestral traditions and way of live. I find this very admirable. The horrible massacre they went through during WW2 is unfortunately not as new as one'd think, the scale was smaller but jews have been awfully persecuted from their first deportation in Babylon and then during the whole middle ages.

Another very interesting fact is that there is jew groups in the whole world, before the holocaust most of them lived in Poland, Russia and in Arabic countries. Today most of them live in the newly formed Israel, United States, Russia and France. Nevertheless there is jewish communities in so many different countries, but the difference with e.g. Christian communities is that they consider themselves as one nation and as distant relatives (descendant of Jaccob). Today in modern life you could hardly tell a jew apart from a non-jew, (except those ultra-orthodox who dress up with jewish clothes and grows their breads, but they are in minourity). Marriage between jews seem to be strongly encouraged no matter where they're living.

Another fascinating thing is that they are somewhat simultaneously a cursed and a blessed nation. Cursed because they constantly goes through discrimination, hate, persecussion and deporation. Cursed because their law is so hard (honnestly, how many things are forbidden ? No work on sabbat, no pork, no intercourse before wedding, etc...), and becuase it is extremely hard to "escape" judaism since it is defined by blood and not by faith like Christianity. But also blessed because, unlike other nation, they do not care much of their country of residence and, in time and places where they were tolerated, jews produced some of the most respectable human beings on this planet, like Albert Einstein.

What are you even playing GBS files in if you're not using Winamp?  I think Audacity might be capable of selecting your sound card's output as a record source, so you could record things that way if you wanted.
Speaking of which, why not record from a real GB directly ? It would have the advantage to not contain any emulation innacuracy.

General Discussion / Re: The benefits of using ogg vorbis?
« on: November 09, 2016, 01:57:31 am »
MP3 is patented, although OGG vorbis is free. OGG vorbis is also much more performant, having been designed close to 20 years after MP3, for the same bitrate you can get much better quality, and for the same quality you can get much lower bitrate.

If you want music in average quality (that means most losses won't be audible) you need 256 kbps for a MP3 format, but 92 kbps is enough for OGG vorbis. This means much smaller files to deal with.

There is absolutely ZERO reason to use the MP3 format, ever. Please PLEASE avoid it, it is awful and obsolete.

You should use the "file writer plugin" for Winamp, it allows you to output to many audio format instead of the speaker, including OGG Vorbis. No post-editing is even required - although you might still need it depending on what you want to do (for example, add a fade-out or filter the sound). In this case I recommand getting familiar with Audacity, which has the advantage of being GNU/Free.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XII
« on: November 07, 2016, 01:55:33 am »
They are VERY similar and take place in the same world but just hundreds of years apart.  FF8 is supposedly hundreds of years after the conclusion of FF2.  Look at the FF8 world map and tilt your head to the right 90 degrees and you will see it is quite similar, just that one continent was broken up into large islands and another continent's orientation changed.
I'm sorry but there's nothing obvious between both. FF2's world map has the particularity that you can actually run all over the world without leaving a continent, and is unique in its genre. FF8 does not have this feature.

It takes not hundreds but millions of years for continents to move significantly. In the real world the last time the continents were different to what they are now (for instance, Indian subcontinent was further south and disconnected to Asia, and south america was closer to Africa), hummanity wasn't even there.

The only obvious similarity between FF2 and FF8 is the presence of a character named "Leonheart", but that's just that - a name.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XII
« on: November 06, 2016, 03:23:36 pm »
F7 does have a very strong implied love triangle between Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.
I ought to disagree. There is some evidence that Tifa might have loved the young cloud, before he tought himself to be zack. There is zero evidence that Tifa still cares about Cloud during the game's timeline, nor is there any evidence that young Cloud used to care about young Tifa. At best, depending on answers you give to Tifa, we could imagine a young Tifa that used to love young Cloud, and during the game, a Cloud who somehow cares about Tifa long after she stopped to care about him.

There is absolutely zero evidence of Cloud or Earith/Aeris caring about eachother. Depending on the answer you give to her, Cloud could either care a little or not give a fuck, and Earith/Aeris definitely do not care about Cloud particularly, other than considering him a good friend.

If you don't believe me just replay the game, you'll see that there is really no explicit love story in the game. I guess gamers just imagined them themselves when playing the game, which is different. Personally I like Yuffie over both Tifa and Earith/Aeris by far, so...

Also you can date anyone (including Barret, which I found awesome in a game from 1997).
The dating event is annectdotal, and the player is not informed how to chose who to date, the game just does it in the background. No matter who you're dating, Cloud obviously takes it as a chore and dislike the date, acting unfriendly towards the person dating him.

I've played every one of them (except the online titles and the weird spinoffs type-0 for example) up till 13-3, been a diehard since the late 90s, and XII just rocks my god damn world more than any other one has.
This is surprising. Usually people who are fond of XII are old World of Warcraft fans who never were FF fans in the 1st place. I do not necessarly consider XII to be horrible, it is just very boring and has absolutely nothing to do with the FF series. FFX was already a bit weird and not very related to the series, but it still did well in my opinion.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XII
« on: November 03, 2016, 01:44:20 pm »
The 30 hours or so that I played of it were alright.
The 30 hours or so that I played of it were incredibly boring.

#7.  NO LOVE STORY. this one is pretty huge, after 7, 8, 9 and 10.
FF7 doesn't have any explicit love story either. People imaginated them but that's pretty much it. FF6 however does.

Also there is the random traps. It was a real nightmare. There were also monsters that were much too hard and I had to avoid them, it was quite unfair/I didn't like the concept.

Gaming Discussion / Re: FF4 Soundtrack question
« on: October 27, 2016, 04:30:49 pm »
I'm fairly certain that's how it is supposed to go, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was wrong. If I had the original cart I'd know for certain. PS (Chronicles) just streams it and should be accurate, but it's PS and hence not native.
The PlayStation version of FF4 simply plays recordings of SNES songs - probably because FF4 is small enough to fit entierely in the PS1's RAM so they don't need the disk anymore after the game boots. For FF5 and FF6 and Chrono Trigger it's different, they actually remade the songs and they don't sound the same even if they're close.

Gaming Discussion / Re: FF4 Soundtrack question
« on: October 26, 2016, 03:42:43 pm »
I think he was being a smart-alec.
I have no idea what a smartalec is supposed to be, but I don't like you calling me things I don't know who they are.

And for the record, I was serious all along.

It's my general impression as an American who is interested in all sorts of foreign issues and entertainment that most people here know next to nothing about what goes on outside the US and don't care. [...] A lot of Americans know about American stuff and that's about it.
Yeah, I knew but I completely forgot about that. Ironic from the country where close to 99% of people are foreginners (*), many of them of German, French descent for example (since you cited those countries).

(*) The 2010 american census recorded aprox 3 milion pure native american people, and aprox 2 milion mixed between native american and other races out of a population of 330 milions, amounting to approximately 98.485% pure foreginners, 0.606% mixed and 0.909% natives.

Gaming Discussion / Re: FF4 Soundtrack question
« on: October 25, 2016, 06:30:47 am »
He's not the only person who remembers it that way because apparently no one pronounced the name correctly
None of the pronunciations the Nerd suggest is even remotely correct for the "-stein" suffix. In german this means "stone" and is an extremely common suffix for jewish and german names. I do not know how to explain how to pronunce it in english, but it's something like "shtayne".

I have no idea about the ethymology of a -stain suffix though, nor do I know if it comes from an english deformation of the german "-stein" or if it is something completely else.

The Berenstain bears do not appear to be popular in the french speaking world, so I never heard of them before the AVGN episode.

Gaming Discussion / Re: FF4 Soundtrack question
« on: October 25, 2016, 02:05:05 am »
This remembers me some other recent thread...

To be honest, I am disapointed at you Disch. If you were going to prove that something sound different in 2 different versions, you should at least come up with some evidence. Just saying "I remember something different" is a void and pointless statement if you cannot prove that what you "remember" exists at all.

Also remembers me the recent AVGN video about Bernstain Bears and he remembering it being spellt "Bernstein" even though that spelling never existed.

PS : Also if you want to have accurate MIDI representation of SNES Final Fantasy music you can either use VGMTrans (if you don't mind it not being Gerneral MIDI compatible) or GBAMusRiper on the GBA ROMs with my sound restoration patch applied (the songs are edited but are as General MIDI compatible as possible).

General Discussion / Re: Good and Bad console names
« on: October 23, 2016, 07:39:56 am »
"This isn't like the DS ... the DS's name is actually "DS", it's not "Dual Screen"."

again, an abbreviation. the full name is Nintendo Dual-Screen but NDS sounds better and is much easier/quicker to say.
The Nintendo DS was always marketted as the "DS", and it's what is printed on the console and on the box in which it is sold.

On the NES on the other hand it says "Nintendo Entertainment System". "NES" abbreviation is only found in cartridge and hardware's Nintendo code, but aside of that is not used as such in any documentation from Nintendo as far as I know.

General Discussion / Re: Good and Bad console names
« on: October 21, 2016, 04:04:56 pm »
In the french speaking world, as far as I can tell it was the same. The 1st console was called "Nintendo", the 2nd "Super Nintendo", and the 3rd "Nintendo soixante-quatre".

Only at a later time the accronym NES and SNES (pronunced "ness" and "sness" - never the individual letters) became known, mainly through the internet and primarly English speaking communities. Today the accronym is used the most often for the NES, because using just plain "Nintendo" refers to the company as a whole. The other consoles however continues to be refered to like they always were, such as "Super Nintendo".

I also like the "Super NES" compromise, sort of the best of both world, but it doesn't seem very used.

* pops in *

So, we all agree that Trump is part of a democrat conspiracy to get H. Clinton elected despite her numberous shortcomings, right ? Since she appears to be the only remaining "real" candidate. How lovely democracy is...

It'll end up like France where there is an elected president technically but he's got 8% popularity and litarally everyone in the remaining 92% hates him with passion.

* pops out *

Gaming Discussion / Re: Will Nintendo target [b]here[/b] next?
« on: October 09, 2016, 06:00:48 am »
It's funny RHDN is hosted in Italy. I had absolutely no idea it was located just next door to where I live :)

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