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Thanks, I think I would prefer the original SNES version more, but a side by side would still be cool if anyone happens to have that part recorded, and willing to share.
You're overthinking this. We're talking about like 5 minutes in the game, which usually easily reaches 25 hours of gameplay. Also those have next to no interactivity.

(^ probably the fact I had to play that part hundred of times to check the synchronization also biased me toward thinking this ^). I also developed a phobia in which I'm constantly fearing that the video and audio are getting out of sync again.

The only difference is the opera, the rest is identical. If you want to hear real orchestra in opera, even if the music changed a little bit (in harmonization) (something that some people see as a crime (a point of view I perfectly understand) ), then use the orchestral version. If you want something like SNES, use the non orchestral version (the voices are still improved from the SNES version - but the music harmonization hasn't changed).

My opinion is that this is very cool - as long as this re-activate the thread and show clearly that there is "unread" content here.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Making hacking easier
« on: April 10, 2016, 04:44:21 pm »
What can we do to make the process of hacking easier and faster?
Hacking games that use generic format for whathever they use is easier. For instance, many GBA shares a generic music engine, and as such hacking music or sound in GBA games is very easy - or in other words after having gotten the principle, doing it on other games is exactly the same.

Hacking is easier when whathever you're working on has already been documented. It's also easier if you know which RAM and ROM locations is used and which is left unused for your own usage.

Finally, hacking is a lot easier when games leaves lots of ROM space free available. Changing things without expending is hard and very constraining.

I hope this helped.

**The 2.1 version has now been submitted in the update queue**

All 3 regions of the games are supported, but bugs have also been fixed and the speed slightly improved, so even if you're playing the regular european verison, it's worth updating.

**The 2.1 version has now been submitted in the update queue**

All 3 regions of the games are supported, but bugs have also been fixed and the speed slightly improved, so even if you're playing the regular european verison, it's worth updating.

General Discussion / Re: Game Music Comparisons
« on: April 06, 2016, 12:53:15 pm »
I do not think the TMNT theme sounds like FF4. The Ys music sounds a little like both in different parts, true, but that's subtle. The Shupoof Theme in FFX sounds closer to the FF4 main theme than anything else, I don't even know if this is intentional, but probably not - as the composer is the same he reused his own work subconsciously.

Also I don't see how the SNES is a "wildly different platform" than the SNES.

EDIT: Figured it out i'm dumb. I was using wrong region dump. I could of swore I was using a north america one before is that new with this patch?
An upgrade which will allow patching USA and JP version is planned for release soon. Actually it's ready for JP and there is an obscure bug in the USA version, most probably a RAM problem, so I just need to fix that, and you'll have a playable version for all 3 regions.

I noticed some sounds are really strange now though such as the sound effect when entering battle and regular attacks sound really muddled and dull. I compared it to the vanilla rom and it is way off and actually unplayable, the music sounds 100% fine though so its not like the whole thing is broken. This didn't happen in the previous release I was using so I am unsure why this is happening.
The sword attack sound effect bug is mentionned in the readme, refer to it to know why it happens. Unfortunately with my level of knownledge this bug is not fixable. There is another bug involving an "earthquake"-like sound effects, which doesn't stop when it should, but this'll be fixed in the next release. The other sound effects should be all fine.

The J2E patch also introduced a bug on the equipment screen - the item window is visible through the equipment icons. Similar to the see through magic icons in battle.
Actually this is a bug in the original FF4 as well, where transparent colour is used as "black" in many places, such as boxes when you open chests, boxes that show the spell name in battle, and of course all kinds of menus. This was fixed in FF5 where a separate layer was used for text as opposed to window background.

Great idea, it is however a shame that the textboxes are still too wide as opposed to the original. I believe this looks ugly.

So, it's up there almost working. The (J) version definitely works fine. The (U) version however, has a little problem, very likely a RAM clash somewhere, that makes the game freeze at some places. I tried to locate the RAM clash, but couldn't find it. I'll have to look harder. Also, the opera is back to the SNES version but with a surprise, and the ROMs are not extended. I'll also make a (E) version with the same opera, so in the end it'll be exactly like FF5 Advance with two patches for (E) version, and one for (U) and (J) versions.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Proposal: IPS Revision for CRC checking
« on: April 02, 2016, 08:19:34 am »
The problem if the patcher checks the CRC of the whole ROM before applying patches, is that it will not be possible to apply 2 patches one on the top of the other. However, doing that is often desirable, for instance a translation and two bugfixes patches you'll want to be applied simultaneously.

My opinion is that only the CRC of the patched blocks should be checked, instead of the whole ROM. That way, it becomes simple to check whether two patches are "compatible" or not.

In some cases, the blocks could overlap while still being somewhat compatible, it has happened to me that using PATCH1 then PATCH2 does not work, but that using PATCH2 and then PATCH1 does work. I do not remember the details unfortunately (*). But in those cases, it'd be nice to have just a warning with the location of the potentially conflicting data, but still allows the patching to be done. As opposed to have an error and have the patched refusing to apply it.

In all cases, any sane person will keep a backup of the clean ROM, so even if patching doesn't work, that's not the end of the world, you just throw the failed ROM away and there we go.

(*) As far as I can remember I was trying to patch Chrono Trigger with a french translation, while simulaneously apply the "Level-0" patch. It took me a lot of tries, but eventually I got something that was somewhat working. Apparently the Level-0 patch moves text arround, so applying that patch first and then applying the french translation did NOT work. However, applying first the french translation first, and then Level-0 worked - some text was in english again, (due to the Level-0 patch moving it arround), but the game as a whole still worked.

Now we can all agree that the "Level-0" patch is somewhat defective to do things this way, however, it just happens to do things that way and we cannot change that.

Site Talk / Re: Feature Request: Hiding Threads?
« on: March 31, 2016, 05:36:56 am »
getting tired of all of these garbage threads in gd but since they're (generally) within the rules more or less can there be a way to hide specific threads?

There has been so many garbage threads likely, and I feel like it's getting worse and worse. I think that even on GD, thready should be at least a little in relation with Romhacking, Gaming, computer science, or whathever. There is a difference between being off-topic but still loosely related in a way that might interest the majority of users here, and being completely off-topic.

General Discussion / Re: The Easter Bombing & The Brussels Attack
« on: March 30, 2016, 09:04:55 am »
Russia as bad as China, yep... you know they say there is no longer a distinction between the mafia and the government there?
No longer? Because this distinction happened in the past?

General Discussion / Re: The Easter Bombing & The Brussels Attack
« on: March 30, 2016, 08:15:30 am »
We can't save everybody and it's not the United States' responsibility to police the entire world.
Pretty much what everyone else wants to hear ! Sadly, you're one of the only american who think like that :(

Nope. China's turn. :)
Oh no god no !! The only country that could possibly be worse than United States (ok North Corea is even worse, but wouldn't be a suitable candidate).

Programming / Re: A Silly Question About NES Sound Effects
« on: March 30, 2016, 02:57:13 am »
All Konami games have the same pause tune, not only on NES.

Other companies just copied Konami but changed it a bit so that it wasn't plagarised, I guess.

Besides, not all NES games have a pause tune of 4 notes, Double Dragon for instance.

Don't worry I'll look into it, normally almost nothing changes between versions exept text.

I'm already working on a version 2.1 that will fix a few bugs.

I guess I'll have to investigate this. For FFV advance it was a really simple change, so this is why I released it compatible. With FFVI the major problem is the opera which takes a lot of space - space which was left unused in the (E) version which is 16 MB. However the (U) and (J) versions are only 8 MB, so I guess I'll have to convert the SNES opera songs 1:1 if I want to support those versions, there's no way arround it really. Or expand them to 16 MB, but that misses the point.

The amalgams made here are totally stupid. I am simulatneously

1. Left economically
2. Anti-war
3. Conservative
4. Against drugs in any forms

Personal Projects / Re: Castlevania AOS Genya Arikado Hack
« on: March 23, 2016, 04:49:56 pm »
I find the filter looks nice, personally. I guess I'm in the minority here. However the images looks wider than taller, this is definitely a problem.

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