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Personal Projects / Re: (WIP) Final Fantasy II: Refurbished
« on: September 24, 2015, 04:31:32 am »
Will this fix the incredibly messed up battle system ? If so, I can't wait to try it out.

General Discussion / Re: Next republican debate
« on: September 17, 2015, 05:14:04 pm »
Trump says we are not respected in other countries, and that if he's elected, he'll make us respected again.
As someone in an other country, which do not respect the way the USA are governed (not the people living in them), it is waaaay too late. No matter what they do or who the president is, I'll never like the country. Seriously, you have threaded about evey other country in the world since 1945 like you are the only way to see thing, and supressed all cultures by imposing american culture in all first world countries and you hope we'll like you ?

The comparison between Urdu and Arabic is like the comparison between Italian and French.  Very very few similarities and almost entirely different.
Italian and french are very close languages in absolutely every way possible. I never ever studied any italian but I can understand like half of the language easily.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Ripping Samples From GBA Games
« on: September 14, 2015, 04:32:53 am »
My tool is sort of overkill if you just want to rip the samples into WAV, but why not. You can either use Viena sound font (a free GNU clone of Vienna Sound Font) to rip the WAVs from the sound font that is outputed by GBAMusRiper. Alternatively, if doing it for just a couple of samples, you could use it to see the starting address of the sample(s) you are interested in, and then extract that data with a HEX editor. The sample's length and loop point (if existent) are specified in the 16-bytes header. Since the data is 8-bit signed you probably want to use audacity, use its "import RAW" functionality and save as a proper WAV.

PS : As for Mother 3, I have no idea which of us is wrong on whether the game uses or do not use the sappy engine. In the last version, I switched from my own crappy detector that would cause lot of false positives and false negatives to the detector written by someone else and that looked to be a lot more accurate. Be sure to use the last version.

Perhaps Finnish is a unique case since I'm not aware of the nuances of that language.
Definitely. It appears that Finnish (along with its little brother Estonian) are a very unique pair of languages that do not share anything with all their neighbours - because they are non-indo-european.

I find a video (try to find a glitchless run) and skip ahead 10-15 minutes and watch just for a few minutes. The level of insight that provides cannot be replaced with a review.
Then your method for juging games before buying them is probably horrible. You're only watching a very specific part of the game, while a reviewer will summary the whole 50-100 hours experience in a few paragraphs. A review will get you much more insight as watching a random 3 minutes of gameplay, let alone if those are done by a speedrunner that will not play the game "normally".

Personally the only two uses I have of videoes of another person playing a game is
1) as a walkthgough, whenever I'm lost and need to find what to do next, or if I want to see if there is a better technique to beat a boss than the one I was using.
2) f I lost the game or cannot play it any longer, such as old PC games that cannot be easily run on modern machines because of Windows incompatibility problems.
3) If the game's control are so horrible I don't want to play it myself (such as, say, Ghostbusters or Cheetahmen II)

Gaming Discussion / Re: Why I hate OoT
« on: September 13, 2015, 05:24:34 pm »
They have TREMENDOUS storage capability.  For comparison... the largest N64 game was 64 MB.  A single CD holds 700MB.  That's over 10x the space compared to the largest N64 cart.

They aren't read from in real time for data, which is why you have the load times, but it also means you can swap them out while the game is running.  So the PSX could have 3 or 4 disks for a game... running over 3 GB of data --- but on the N64 you're stuck with a single 64 MB cart.
Just for info, FF7 had 3 CDs but the game itself actually fits in 250 MB of data, and each CD has 400 MB of videos which mostly differs themselves from a CD to another CD just because they contain FMVs of different story parts of the game. So without FMVs, FF7 would have fit 250 MB, only 4 times more than the largest N64 game. Your point still stand of course, I'm just pointing out the difference is not as tremendous as it first sounds.

(aside from maybe the retarded controller design -- but that's another topic)
Well it's not another topic. The horrible controller is the reason I've never played the N64 for more than like 3 minutes without giving up. Your reason for not liking the system is different - but my point is, the controller matters a lot and the N64 controller alone is enough to ruin the console without taking in account anything you've said.

I don't understand. If you want to see how a game plays, you certainly won't be watching a speedrun, because those plays the game as quickly as possible, often by exploiting all kind of glitches. You'll only watch a speedrun if you already know the game very well.

Thus the argument that "speedruns are free publicity for the game" is nonsense.

And personally I'd rather play a game than watch someone play it - the only exception being if I weren't able to successfully get past a point of the game without cheating and/or if the game's control are horrible so I'd rather not play it.

Game reviews are very informative before you are going to buy a game, as long as you pay attention to many reviews and not just one, obviously, and that you keep in mind different people have different tastes.

(such as with English and French, which both are Indo-European languages), and has a similarly restricted set of different conjugations,
French might be similar to english vocabulary wise and even grammar wise as they both belong to the into-european family, however french do not have a similarly restricted set of different conjugations at all.

French has the following simple verb tenses : Présent, Imparfait, Futur, Conditionnel, Passé simple, Subjonctif présent, subjonctif passé, in addition to related composite verb tense which use the verbs equivalent to "be" and "have" exactly like english.

All those 7 simple verb tenses have 6 different declinations for I, you (singular) he/she, we, you (plural), they, and unlike english where a -s is just added for he/she, the orthography of the verb changes completely for all those 6 persons. Add to this a couple of other forms I didn't mention, and the result is that each french verb can thus decline in aproximately 30 variations of itself, unlike English when it's only 4 like you have mentioned. Also, there is much more irregular verbs and irregularity in irregular verbs than there is in English for instance.

Can you explain this part a little more? I have the "PSOne Hack Tools" programs if it helps. PSound does indeed show 3 "files" (sorry, Bregalad) but, like you said, it's all messed up. You can tell it's the sounds used, though.
I guess that's a terminology problem. For me "files" are files on a PSX disc, they do not exist in the BIOS which is just a large bunk of ROM without a file system. The 3 things you found are VAG samples, not "files". By the way, I couldn't get them by scanning with PSound, how did you get that working ? I'd really like to see as well.

"The files" that you mention don't exist, so no it's not possible to extract them.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Why I hate OoT
« on: September 09, 2015, 08:17:53 am »
I never played Ocarina of Time nor any Zelda game more recent than "A Link to the Past", however I cannot count how many times people praised that game and said that it is a must play or the best game ever, and I answered that I could not play it 'case I have no N64 and I don't like this system, period, not even enough to simulate it on my PC.

So it's interesting that Ocarina of Time also gets haters, but after all this is understandable, everyone has it's tastes. Personally I hate the original Metroid (NES) with passion, but it seems almost everyone else adore this game for a reason I can't understand, I can understand they liked the sequels but not the original.

Gaming Discussion / Re: What is the most disappointing game you played.
« on: September 08, 2015, 04:38:01 am »
Did you ever see a game in the store, and it looked so cool. And you got it home and it just SUCKED.
I bought an used copy of Masters & Monsters : Disciples of Gaia for about $5. It looked like an amazing game on the cover, however it's one of the worst PS1 games I've had to play. Just look at the reviews on GameFaqs to have an idea how much it sucks.

I also bought a copy of Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, a new and expensive copy unfortunately for me, and I really didn't like this game, it was dark, depressing and basically the scenario is that you are an evil guy wanting to kill as many people as possible (this includes your mates), the exact opposite of traditional JRPGs. In addition to this, the game is very hard.

Finally, I also bought an expensive new copy of Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter closely after its release day, and while the game didn't exactly suck, I never managed to figure out how to save my progress, which is almost the same result since I couldn't go further than about one hour of gameplay. Also I was expecting something more like the previous games in the series, so it was very disappointing indeed. I should use a walkthrough and retry this game someday.

I could also say I was disapointed by FF12 but that wouldn't be totally true since I expected the game to be mediocre in the first place, and I received a copy, I didn't buy it.

Probably the Castlevanias on the PS2.
I loved them personally (although they're in no way perfect I admit). If you were expecting them to be like SOTN then I understand you were disappointed.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: SNES sound samples
« on: August 24, 2015, 04:24:00 pm »
Are BRRs in a game generally differing sizes from one another
Of course they differ in size. The S-DSP will continue decompressing samples until bit[0] of the header byte is set. Then the sample playback will either stop (if bit[1] is clear) or loop (if bit[1] is set).

As for the instrument you're talking about, it sounds just as awful than a real whistle I guess. You can't blame the SPC or FF4 for that.

Can't help but link this:


Epic ! Even worse than german "Simulators" that made me die of laughter.

General Discussion / Re: Bad taste
« on: August 10, 2015, 12:44:30 pm »
Talking about drugs can be bad taste; discussing the dangers and widespread use is not but saying how you do weed everyday is bad taste.
I very highly agree.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Final Fantasy 7 - Changing Text
« on: August 09, 2015, 04:56:46 am »
The problem is that you cannot move text from the title screen to the credits as if it was just "moving them on the screen". Doing such a hack requires removing the text entierely from the title screen, and adding it in the end credits (and those are two completely separate operations).

For a beginner project it'd be a better idea to move them around the title screen, and/or change the content of that text for instance.

Hacking a title screen is practical because you just need to boot the game in order to see the results, however hacking the credits is very impractical in this case.

General Discussion / Re: Republican Debate: Web link?
« on: August 08, 2015, 10:22:55 am »
Just my $2, but seen from western Europe, the republican party is particularly ridiculous, and pretty much incorporate all that we do not quite like with USA. If a similar party would exist in western Europe it would probably be banned for being a neo-nazi party, and if it wouldn't be banned it would get  1 or 2 % of the votes, never 50%.

Don't get me wrong, we have all kinds of ridiculous parties in western Europe, and some of them are successful unfortunately. However I feel like none of them is as dangerous as Republicans, except maybe Golden Dawn in Greece. A party that blames foreginers and relies on nationalism in a country which was ENTIERELY created by settlement from other continents less than 300 years ago is particularly ridiculous. It is probably one of the only country in the world, with Canada and Singapore, where no more than 1% of the population actually is native. At least nationalism in european nations can have some sense. Also their denial of the fact that global warming exists (which have been scientifically measured) and their imperialism (especially in middle east) is just... GRRAAH

I am not American so I cannot intervene in any way but I sincerely do not hope to ever see a republican US president ever again.

For videos on why the last 2 are necessary, this blogger made a great series of videos that I recommend everyone watch.  They're only a few minutes each:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7tWHJfhiyo   <- the problems with FPTP voting
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y3jE3B8HsE  <- why alternative vote works so much better
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUS9mM8Xbbw  <- How the Electoral College works
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wC42HgLA4k  <- why the electoral college is a democracy-destroying piece of shit (my words, not his -- he's actually very calm)
CPGrey is indeed an *amazing* youtuber. He got me more intereseted in politics than I ever way (before I was only interest in politics within my own country).

Newcomer's Board / Re: Spc Jukebox/player on real hardware/flashcart
« on: August 08, 2015, 10:13:34 am »
It can do this because the reset line is one of the cart pins. ;)
Ooooh ! Thank you. That's just insane.

So a Player for Real Hardware is not something impossible after all, right?

Newcomer's Board / Re: Spc Jukebox/player on real hardware/flashcart
« on: August 06, 2015, 06:14:32 am »
This do not answer my question, I understand resetting the console is the only way to get out of SPC playing, but HOW is it done (in hardware). The 65816 can soft reset itself, but it also resets the SPC.

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