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General Discussion / Re: Brexit begins. The world looks on in horror.
« on: June 25, 2016, 04:32:29 pm »
Oh I knew they would call for the vote, but I doubt it will get as much support now knowing what will happen to their economies because of the uncertainty.
I agree, however, in the case the long-term effects of the Brexit turns out to be great in a half dozen of years, things will be radically different. Also, if a country uses the Euro and choose to leave the union, traders cannot make the money plundge since the money is the Euro itself. Yes the euro would loose some value, but that'll be filtered out by other countries remaining stable enough.

Also, I do not understand why GB didn't organize this vote on a sunday. This would have prevented the economists to do anything before monday morning, limiting the damage. Maybe even saturday, but I'm not sure if the trades are open on saturday.

General Discussion / Re: Brexit begins. The world looks on in horror.
« on: June 25, 2016, 05:03:34 am »
Basically, the UE calls themselves democratic and humanitarian. But their philosophy is : "If you disagree with us, you're wrong. If you leave us, you're dead." Very democratic indeed.

General Discussion / Re: Brexit begins. The world looks on in horror.
« on: June 25, 2016, 04:17:06 am »
We will. All someone has to do is fart somewhere else in the world and the stocks go crazy here. It's pretty stupid.
It's a perfect example of how stupid the current system is. Nothing has even changed yet. There was a vote and the prime minister will be stepping down in a few months. Other than that, what has actually occurred and caused so many business folk to simultaneously shit their pants? It's ridiculous and pathetic.

I am quite surprised at the lack of love for the EU from outside the EU though.
I tend to quite disklike imperalism as a whole, it being American, Russian, Chineese, or whathever. The EU is just yet another form of imperialism, where some elite wants to control one continent. And no, even if they call it democratic or whatever, I do not appreciate that, at ALL.

Switzerland can afford to do it because it's a insignificant country that doesn't affect a thing (except where thieves and criminal bankers stash their money).
Err... no. Switzerland is more populated than 13 of the 28 EU members, and it's GDP between the 6th and 7th GDP of the EU (The Netherlands and Sweden), that means grosso modo a stronger economy than 22 of the 28 EU members.

General Discussion / Re: Brexit begins. The world looks on in horror.
« on: June 24, 2016, 04:46:51 pm »
But asking Joe Bob the 50 year old farmer what he thinks about matters of state that can alter the world economy? Fuck no.
Yup, and 20 years old <insert job here> aren't much better, since they have 30 less year of experience with life.

General Discussion / Re: Brexit begins. The world looks on in horror.
« on: June 24, 2016, 03:42:40 pm »
The United States already are a construct like the EU, just in a later stage.
The United Kingdom too...

Off topic :
The United States, unlike each of the 28 EU member, and quite more of regional instances within those, do not have any history or traditions. It's just a place where billions of european, asians and africans immigrated in disorder, exterminating the civilisations that were already there. As such it is by no means a nation comparable to European nations.

General Discussion / Re: Brexit begins. The world looks on in horror.
« on: June 24, 2016, 03:31:59 pm »
I just don't see why the UK needed to be a part of the EU in the first place. They'll be successful whether they are a part of it or not and for them it just seems like a source of unnecessary problems. I imagine that would be like a bunch of south American countries convincing the US to join a similar union just so we could help prop up failed states like Mexico.
I could be wrong, but the UK joined very early, before the EU was actually that significant. At this point it wasn't supposed to be "states helps other states", but just an international group like the United Nations.

Newcomer's Board / Re: LGBT ROM Hacks
« on: June 24, 2016, 03:18:38 pm »
Any and every video game I can find will have a gay version made. Mario, Zelda, Mega Man. This is the first of many, many projects.
Seriously, this sounds like yet another flood of low quality hacks. If you're really that serious about it (and from your next post quoted below, it sounded like you are), you'd better pick something more seriously and work harder to have one hack worth of playing.

It is serious. When I realized I was gay, I was extremely distressed because I saw nothing but straight relationships in every single form of media. It caused me to believe I was defective and/or insignificant.  I am making these hacks to prevent others from feeling the way I did when I was younger.
No ROM hack will ever fix this problem for people which will later realise them as homosexual (or whathever). Homosexual-based media already exist in quantity, however it is only watched by the niche market people which already came out. Nobody else wants to see that, trust me.

That's a bit similar to how retro games are ignored by the vast majority of people. They know they exist, but aren't interested in them, they are only interested in new games. (now the comparison stops here).

It raises the question: could sex be removed from such games entirely?
In some games you play as the main character, such as Myst or its sequel Riven. In english languages it makes it possible, but in french language one person's sex has to be revealed when this person speaks, so this made the Myst protagonist male.

General Discussion / Re: Brexit begins. The world looks on in horror.
« on: June 24, 2016, 02:57:07 pm »
What think you?
(My biased point of view of someone living on the European continent somewhere which has never been part of the EU)

I think it's great news. The EU was originally an international group meant for peace in Europe. Since 1990 or so it has become some way to super-americanize europe, and basically with the goal to force european countries to merge into one huge puppet state of the USA, and renounce to all the sovereignty. They don't hesitate to call themselves "universal" and "the only way to democracy", and call their opponents "right extreme", "Nationalist", "fachists", just because they want their country to be independent. Introducing a money with a dumb name and trying to force everyone to adopt this currency is a TERRIBLE idea. Last but not the least, they purposely bring always the confusion between Europe the continent and the European Union, so that they exclude peopel which doesn't adhere to their views as if they were not part of the continent.

They want to have power and decide what all countries do, they also want all countries which very different cultures and languages to behave the same, and do exactly the same, which is neither a good thing nor possible. They'll soon under the influence of city-driven elite people force member states to allow gay marriage and legalize weed, they'll continue to massacre the traditional agriculture by encouraging only industrial farms, and the remains of our traditional European society would definitely be destroyed.

I am also certain independant european countries can have a much higher weight on the international scene than a weak, destabilised and extremely unpopular EU. Look at how europe was before the first world war and at what it is now, for instance. Back then Europe (the continent) was unambiguously seen as the centre of the world, both culturally and economically, and various independent states had good relationships with each-other, allowing good economic cooperation.

Today... look at this mess. Seriously. The UE needs to disappear into a bunch of smaller, less powerful and more meaningful unions. For instance, the Benelux union and the union of former Austro-Hungarian states would make sense.

As for horror, this was probably hironic but don't get me started. If you want horrors looks at North Korea, Yemen, Syria, Eritheria, .... not the UK.

Apparently there's a government petition to vote again about brexit, got around 130K people signing
Typical EU mentality. You don't agree with us ? Let's revote until you do... we're in a democracy, you guys are just retarded fascists. They already did something like that in Ireland if I remember well.

Don't worry: I'm moving out in 4 years now because of this, you won't be seeing me in the UK after I hit 18.
You are so obviously not used to referendums being held in your country. Here in Switzerland this happens 18 times a year, and in about 2/3 of the cases I am frustrated about the result and it makes me extremely angry. I can perfectly understand how you feel exactly. Nevertheless, I never quitted my country because of how horribly the political decisions are taken here... because it's not better in other countries. Not everyone is going to always agree with you, no matter your opinion.

Gaming Discussion / Re: What do I do if the Nintendo ship sinks?
« on: June 19, 2016, 04:14:10 am »
What do I do if the Nintendo ship sinks?
So what could you possibly do? I guess you should just be acclimated to that, and perhaps feel nostalgia, but you can't do much, really. Unless you're rich enought to buy the company, but I seriously doubt that.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Expanding and Using NES Memory
« on: June 14, 2016, 02:12:38 pm »
Have you tried to compress your script, for example with CompressTools, and see how much space you could save by using an apropriate compression algorithm?

Switching to SUROM should be straightforward, given that you dupplicate the fixed bank. Since the rest of the game fits in the first 16 banks and you have a duplicate fixed bank in bank 31, you have bank 16-30 at your disposal for all the text you want. You'll have to have a secondary switch routine that select the banks 0-15 (normal gameplay) or 16-31 (your extra text space), but as opposed to what Dish says, this do not have to be in the fixed bank. I am also pretty sure the game has routines to write to all 4 MMC1 registers in its fixed bank already, even if the middle 2 aren't used because the game uses CHR-RAM, so you'll just have to call them from the text dispatching/decoding routine.

It looks more like documentation about 3D graphics on the Playstation rather than documentation about PlayStation development in general I think.

I do not know how to solve your problem, but the PS1 (don't call that console PSX, this name means nothing) do not have a fixed resolution, like the NES for instance. Both vertical and horizontal resolution could be changed for different games, and can even change between screens of the same game. So not all agmes are necessary 320x240. They could go up to twice that.

@Kallisto and your point is?

Technically, only German, Dutch (including Flemish dialects), English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish are considered Germanic languages (this includes the dialects of those languages, obviously). Other languages have many Germanic influences, but aren't Germanic at core.

-Keywords from FF2. This was a more western approach to dialogue that at times made town/story segments more engaging I thought. It could've also been used just to keep track of important info, like a journal.
My impression is that keywords in FF2 was a cheap way to make characters says different things when the game engine would normally not have allowed it. In FF1, characters just says a line, period. Only Conelia's King, Conelia's Princess, Matoya and the elf prince actually switch their dialogue from something to something else depending on your progress.

In FF2 it would not be much better, but the keywords allowed them to make a NPC act more appropriately depending on your progress. I think in FF3 and after they improved the engine so NPC could just say whathever was needed depending on the situation.

Manually using items on NPCs (FF3). This could've been a lot of fun if expanded upon and using items on NPCs is re-used, albeit in a more controlled manner, but I suppose they had to prioritize due to cart size and time constraints.
Cool feature indeed! I dont know why they removed that, but this is back in... Chrono Cross !

Group target by enemy type (FF3). This was a surprisingly modern convenience type feature, which would also have more of a use with more mixed encounters of enemies with different affinities. Would've perhaps made things too easy though.
I do not remember what exactly you're mentioning. However, it's quite possible FF3 allows you to group enemy type only, and not *all* enemies, so back then it was supposed to be impressive that FF4 allowed to target all enemies, seen as an improvement from FF3 where you could only target a small group. From FF5 and on, you fight smaller group of enemies (usually 1-4) as opposed to FF1-4 where fighting against 8 enemies was common, so it's quite different.

Controllable growth of stats, spells and party make up (FF1-3 to different extents). I don't mind predefined, specialized characters from a challenge perspective and can see how it makes storytelling easier, but I also thought earlier approaches to character/party building made more sense for an RPG and offered a bit more replayability.
In FF4, Cecil switching from dark knight to paladin, as well as to a lesser extent, Edward being a bard and Lydia being a summoner plays a major role in the story. So they'd rather have fixed jobs for everyone else too and make a game based on fixed job characters and develop other portions of the battle system better, in occurrence the ATB system. FF4's battle system might seem the least interesting now that character progression is fixed and linear but ATB wasn't the norm back then so it was the selling point of this game back then, I think. FF5 and + did restore the controllable growth of stats, spells and party make-up that was lost in FF4.

Gating via harder encounters rather than with a "lock and key" mechanic (FF2).
This can probably easily be contoured by abusing various mechanics in the game, also, this do not impose a precise time in the story where an area switch from "inaccessible" to "fully accessible", instead, it gradually moves from inaccessible to accessible. The story of FF4 and + are linear, and requires you to complete tasks in a precise order, this wouldn't be possible by preventing you to pass only with hard encounters. This only works for subquests access locking. It could work by allowing enemies to be defeated by a key-item only, but heh, that doesn't sound very exiting.

Anything else you can think of and want to comment on? Go ahead!
I agree it's a shame that elves disappeared from the series.

Really, the old-school miss mechanic is just stupid and probably only existed because they were early iterations of the franchise and therefore less developed than all of the games that followed.
I agree, this mechanic is terrible. FF3 does better things to prevent us to spam the 'A' button, like forcing us to be mini to access certain areas for instances, as well as having enemies almost immune to physical attacks.

Golden Sun still manages to be great despite them using this shitty idea of ineffective attacks.

That's something these days that prevents me from enjoying a lot of FF games like I used to.
Only the original FF and FF2 have this "feature", and FF2 already suck for other reasons, so this really does only make one single game we're prevented to ejoy.

For what it's worth, the 2015 French fan-translation is apparently based on the JP ROM with VWF hacks made for it from scratch among other things.
It is based on the US ROM, but on the japanese script.

Magus is called "Maoh" which is I think a fine choice. Having frog as "Keru" is veird, considering most people aren't expected to know this means something in japanese. They could at least have francised it as "Kaƫl" if they really wanted to keep the original name.

Also as it happens, Shadowgate is supposed to be in German
No only the box is, the ROM is in english.

And yeah, funny that both Kemko and Kemco appears to be acceptable orthographies. I guess this can happen, especially if this the company's name involves a transliteration.

Gaming Discussion / Re: Stuck in \"Legend of Mana\"
« on: June 03, 2016, 05:32:27 pm »
Thank you SOOO much, I was desesperate to have anyone helping me to help me to continue the game.

I guess the missions are just unbeatable but it's no big deal - it's just the game made me think those were beatable when they weren't and lead me to a false route to continue playing, so this is annoying. I usually do not care much about side quests, breeding, collecting, etc... when I can skip it I do, I have other games to play on my list :)

Assuming you placed at least 18 artifacts on the world map
I placed 17 (house included). How can I find a 18th?

Well as far as I know only The Smurfs, Maniac Mansion and a couple of Kemco games were translated and released in French here. Text-heavy games most often weren't released at all. Same applies for GameBoy games.

The manuals and boxes however were more frequently translated, especially toward the end of the console's life. Many manual/boxes are in German, or have a couple of languages on it, but I do not think any NES game has ever been officially released in German language (I could be wrong).

In 1990, German language had about 100 million speakers, Swedish about 8,5 million and yet the bothered to translate games in Swedish, but not in German, nor in Spanish. What was up with their minds?

Or maybe Swedes just bought so much games that Nintendo made that particular country a priority?

(I am not even talking about the quality of the French/Swedish translation, which are a topic all by themselves :) - just about the decision Nintendo made to translate a game to specific languages)

Personal Projects / Re: Super Castlevania 4 - Classic CV sprite port
« on: June 01, 2016, 04:19:41 pm »
Isn't there any enlarged version of this screenshot? It looks tiny as hell.

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