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Much unfortunately, most non-english translations of japanese only games are usually based on an english fan translation. The problem is that the quality of the final product is lower than what it would have been from a direct translation from japanese, however people who are really fluent in japanese aren't that numerous.

The same is also true for released versions of games - i.e. the companies translate the games in various western languages based from the english translation.

(This is not true for asian languages such as Chinese or Korean)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Nes tile editor question
« on: October 12, 2015, 10:07:54 am »
CHR-ROM data is at the end only by iNES convention. Someone just decided that it was the case.

Some tile editors automatically detect iNES headers and teleport you to the start of the CHR-ROM when opening a .nes file, for instance YY-CHR does this.

Wow, I'm surprised how many people play bass.
Me too. It seems like almost everyone on this forum is a bassist, and since it seems I'll join, that'll be even more people. Normally 80% of people play guitar, and player of other instruments are somewhat rare.

I ordered a cheap bass and amp set, I am a bit afraid that it was too cheap to be honnest, but I'm a bit broke right now so I could always buy a better one later when I have the skills, money and envy.

Despite your experience with sheet music I would still like to point out how great tabs are.
Point taken.

Of all the instruments I've learned to play, Bass Guitar was the easiest.
As a bass player, the bass might have the lowest learning curve of all instruments, and lessons are pretty much completely unnecessar
Wow, great news again.

Get a cheap bass guitar (Harvey Benton are Chinese Fender eh... inspired designs, but they are prefectly well for starting out and cost <100€ new, even less used). Then get yourself Rocksmith 2014, either on PS3 or PC (if your PC is capable of last-gen games). It's like Guitar Hero but with a real instrument.[...]

Demonstration video:
This looks extremely cool ! I'll be definitely looking forward to it.

A bass guitar plays nothing like a contra bass aside from the fact that the same notes are used in their "standard" tunings for strings.
Err.... okay. I though at least the right hand techniques would be similar from one instrument to the other, and that the left hand on the contra bass would pretty much be the same as the left hand on a fretless bass. Obvously the instrument is held very differently but you see what I mean. Many bassist alternate between double bass and bass guitar depending on the situation I believe.

You can dampen a string using various methods with both the left and right hand. Getting good at it requires pure muscle memory, which requires hours and hours of repetitive practice.
Obviously, the same can be said of all musical instruments. I didn't think you could do it with left hand, thank you for informing me 'bout that.

Best of luck man!
Thanks !

Then learn some of your favorite parts from your favorite songs, some by ear, some with tabs (which is so much easier to read than standard notation/sheet music).
Fore some people it might be, but I am 26 years old and have been playing music reading standard sheets music for 20 years (that is almost 80% of my life) so for me reading standard sheet music is certainly the easiest. Reading tabs is currently "impossible" for me because I have absolutely no idea how they work and have never ever used any, I could learn however that wouldn't be my current priority.

With bass, the bar is also pretty low because most people use the bass as a prop rather than a musical instrument that interacts creatively with the instruments around it
If learning playing bass is easy then it's good news for me.

99% of the bassists out there are terrible and should be ashamed of themselves.
Then I will definitely fell in that cathegory, if I start learning to play the bass as my 3rd instrument and put a very low priority on it as opposed to the other instruments. But I don't care, since I'm just looking for the enjoyment of playing it and I don't care if I am terrible :)

or (not necessarily related) want to play a style that calls for your bass to be distorted (like punk or black metal)
Uh no, definitely not, that's not the kind of music I'm interested in.

I'd like to expand on this. Play the lower notes for supporting and providing more "lower-end", use higher notes for providing melody lines or harmonies to complement what the other instruments are playing.
I do not understand what you mean here. The musician do not decide which notes it plays, the music composer does. Of course there is the exception of improvised music, but that's not what I'd be leaning for. Through this comment you seem to assume music is necessary improvised.

Never forget that you don't actually have to know anything about music to make music.
If you want to do something original you will spend a great deal of time learning theory and the rest of your life trying to unlearn it. Theory has a tendency to box you in.
As I already told you, I already know a lot about music theory and practice. It's not like if playing music was anything new for me - just the instrument is.

Your PC will also act as amplifier and effect chain.
That is the other thing I am completely unaware of and come in as total alien to me : I know squat about electric/electronic instruments and things such as amplifiers and effects. I know about effects because I played with the synths a lot - however the effects are already built in the synth. I am not used to have to actually set a lot of potentiometers up and connect lots of cables all over the place. However, bass is usually light on effects, and since I know about the synth it should help me in the process.

General Discussion / I hesitate to try to start playing the bass guitar
« on: October 10, 2015, 04:35:36 pm »
I'm between jobs right now and I have plenty of free time. I already played music for a very long time, mostly the trumpet and the keyboard/piano. I improved my piano skills a lot recently and that's great and all.

I have never been into the guitar instrument, it is for me an extremely generic instrument played by thousands of people who don't know how to read or write music sheets at all and while I know a lot of guitarists are also skilled professionals who spent hours and hours practising their instrument, and that this fits dozens of completely different musical styles, I just don't like the wide spreading of this instrument : If you ask someone if he's playing music and say yes, there is 75% chances he'll answer "I just played some guitar you know". That is why I am not interested into being a guitarist and probably never will.

Bass guitar however is something completely different even if the instrument look similar, it plays more like a double bass that had been reduced in size (and price) I believe. I always loved low sounds and baselines. I'd be very interested in playing the double bass as well, if it wasn't for the extreme size of the instrument.

As thus, I hesitate to try to learn to play the bass guitar by myself. I do currently not have the funds to take courses with a dedicated teacher, however I do play quite a few different instruments already so it's not as if I was a beginner or anything.

I have an idea how the instrument works mechanically - the left hand picking notes and the right hand plugging strings to play the said notes. I already tried to simulate playing a bass by playing a guitar (the lower 4 strings), however I had major trouble :
  • The string are too close to eachother, so if I want to plug a string I will accidentally hit the neighbour strings as well
  • Most of the notes can be reached with more than one string, so I don't know which one to use
  • I found it extremely hard to start a note and stop the previous note simultaneously when they are not played with the same string.
  • I found it extremely difficult to know and remember which frets is which note with which string - although I belive this is what the large part of learning to play stringed instruments is about.

Finally another issue is that I do now know how I'd use my bassist skills if I ever get any - bass guitarist typically play in the type of bands I am not particularly interested in - that is short lived 4 or 5 people jazz or rock bands with electronic amplification playing at this kind of festivals that I am not necessary too fond of. These kind of bands dissolves as soon as any of their members have to leave for personal reasons and often that is soon.

On the other side, if I like the instrument, it's sound and what I could do with it why not just learn it and then see later if I ever can play it in a meaningful way ? The plus side is that almost any music have a bassline and thus the bass guitar can be played with almost any music, including those who normally do not use bass guitars as instruments. Finally, an used bass and amp can be found for a very low price compared to a trumpet for example !

So, what do you guys think ?

General Discussion / Re: Your Phone
« on: October 10, 2015, 02:57:10 pm »
I have an "old" (actually 7 years old, not that old but relatively old compared to everyone else's) phone and I only take it with me whenever I know I'll be going to need it, for example if I have a meeting with someone I do not know and that I risk to miss him, or to alert someone I know that I'll be late, or something like that. On normal days, 96% of the time, my phone stays turned off at home.

If my parents didn't offer me a phone for my 19th birthday I probably would never have had one in the first place, but it turned out that I didn't have a choice anymore.

The reason I don't change or update is purely ecological - I find it terrible that people throw away perfectly functioning electronic devices just because something new and supposedly better came out, and don't even try to sell their used devices as the used market is saturated with "old" product nobody wants.

Even though I never replaced the battery (so it is 8 years old like the phone) it lasts more than one week if I keep the phone turned on, and two weeks if I turn it off during nights (which I always do).

I have a prepaid system and I had to recharge 30 CHF something like 3 or 4 times during my 8 years usage (that means I spend about 15 CHF, (about 15.5 US$) by year. Most people spend 20 times what I do or more, I have no idea why they spend that much.

He probably means the dungeon's music is going to restart from the start, instead of resuming to where it was when the battle started. This behaviour (music restarts where it left off when entereing battle) was introduced in FF5.

General Discussion / Re: Regarding the Current Direction of Science
« on: October 04, 2015, 05:06:08 am »
I always stay away from discussions of religion or politics. Here's why...people don't change their minds. People like to argue their positions with reasonable and intelligent points, as if the other side is going to say "oh, thanks for that, you're right, I'm going to change my opinion"

Here's what you actually get. Anger, and more arguments to the opposite. There is no point arguing with people. They just dig their heels in and stop listening. In fact, people tend to leave an argument MORE convinced of their rightness than before.
So true.

I have met people who truly believe that religion must be eliminated for the betterment of science. I thought "Those people must be some fringe group, right?" but I kept running into them all over the place. I still hope that they are a fringe group, because their suggestion is preposterous.

Those individuals, I reckon, probably have more of an axe to grind anent religion more so than anything else. Still, when we have wingnuts and moonbats duking it out all of the time everywhere one goes, I suppose it had ought to be expected that there would be some in the science community like that.
You really shouldn't worry too much about them, as you're not going to change their minds that easily. That kind of people probably never opened a Bible and probably don't know much about science either. The main friction part is about the Genesis, and of course nobody should take the Genesis literally, because everything that happens here is impossible - it's just a legend (even if some part of it are incredibly detailed they still remain impossible - how could God create day and night on the 3rd day - this assume day and night already existed). That isn't an argument enough to reject all kinds of religions, even though for many people it is.

By learning as much as you can about both, you could easily refute all their arguments. If they actually are knowledgeable about religion and/or science, then you won't be able to change their mind.
I'm between jobs right now.   :P   (hence the free time)
Oh, me too. That suck.

- organ transplants
I just realized how funny it is, that in english the same word refers to body parts and a musical instrument. (In french its two different words)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: A couple of ASM things I don't understand
« on: October 03, 2015, 04:49:44 pm »
CMP sets the carry flag on a comparison result, and ROL uses that carry flag to be inserted in the LSB of the accumulator. This controller reading routines want to acknowledge that a button has been pressed if either bit 0 or bit 1 or $4016 is set, because on famicom consoles, bit 0 correspond to the hardwired controller while bit 1 correspond to an attachable controller. Almost all games have something like that in their controller code.

So am I correct that Carry is not simply a flag?  It is capable of holding a bit?
That makes absolutely no difference - a "flag" or a "bit" are just two ways to call the same thing.

Is is possible by any chance that the palette is changed mid-frame to make the falling door effect ?

General Discussion / Re: Regarding the Current Direction of Science
« on: October 03, 2015, 02:36:58 pm »
@Tharthan: I do not get at all what you are trying to tell. I honestly don't know.
It seems to me that you think to assume that science is a religion that is in concurrence with Roman Catholicism, and that you are defending the later against the former. Let me tell you, science is not a religion, and certainly isn't conflicting Roman Catholicism.

Dreams are like the programs that run on the background while the computer is sitting idle - defragmenting your system, or updating files, and some crazy person has written a screensaver to try to display random images based on these background processes.
Actually the process of sleeping is pretty much exactly like defragmenting a hard disk (now that HDD do not need to be defragmented manually this is not as useful as it could be as a metaphor). Information is literally being sorted in your brain, and everything from the day that doesn't need to be kept is thrown in the waste bin, and what needs to be remembered is consolidated.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: I have a question about Sappy.
« on: October 02, 2015, 08:50:22 am »
Of course it does not tell you which instrument it is. That information is not in the ROM, you know ? How could GBAMusRiper possibly guess what instrument it is decoding ? You are expecting the impossible. Just rename them yourself manually if it helps you.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Final Fantasy I (NES) - Sprite Editing
« on: October 02, 2015, 03:54:14 am »

Does anyone of you know why in the US version of Final Fantasy they edited a lot of the sprites? I do understand that church/clinic thing, but why these unnecessary sprite edits?
Could you edit this sprite sheet so it is actually useable ? The sprites are in 16x32 format, so it should be possible to see them in a nice or almost nice setup. Also I didn't notice any difference so you'd have to highlight the difference you want to show us.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: I have a question about Sappy.
« on: October 02, 2015, 03:52:16 am »
Did you take in account the soundfont used my the game ? Most games do *not* use General-MIDI compliant soundfonts. Only some games use partially GM compliant soundfonts.

To be honest I was considering asking you about it, but I think you mentioned in one of the readmes that because of the time and effort these patches require you don't intend to do more for any other games or something along those lines. Unless I misread it?
I wrote the readme straight after putting a lot of effort into a hack, so I don't feel like taking another one right away. One or two years later, though, it's a different things, and perfectionism starts to resurface.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Mega Man 2 and...REVISITABLE STAGES?! YES!!!
« on: September 30, 2015, 02:47:43 pm »
Megaman 3 doesn't let you revisit stages either.
It appears that some versions of Mega Man 3 / Rockman 3 allows you to revisit stages (before you beat all 8 robot masters, obviously) and that some do not.

Whoa thank you very much guys for your supports, I didn't expect people to be so motivated about a possible update. So yes, I guess I'll have to do it ! It's a lot of work but I don't care since it is work I enjoy doing.

About the final bosses, unfortunately I do not think I will be able to make them with continious music like the original game did. I suppose the sappy sound engine do not support that - if it does FF6A was not programmed with that in mind so it would mean a lot of hacking to make it use that and that would go way beyond what I can do at the momment.

I did a full sound restoration hack for all 3 of the SNES -> GBA ports, however, now that I have done and updated both FF4 and FF5 several times, FF6 is now the oldest and less maintained of the series, and the one which sound the worst, in the way that it is not faithful to the SNES. Ironically it's the most successful hack too in terms of popularity.

There is the following issues with current version (1.1) of FF6 sound restoration :
  • The sound effects are still from the GBA version (except a couple of effects like the Wind which were restored)
  • The reverb sounds awful and not SNES-like at all
  • The game still uses the original noisy and slow 8-bit mixing routine, it could be adapted to use the faster and less noisy mixing engine from Golden Sun to make the sound less noisy *and* to reduce lag in battle (for example when casting Ultima)
  • The music sequencing is not accurate, for example the balance of volume between music tracks is incorrect, the vibrato speed and depth do not match the original, there is no panning (the sound is in mono), etc, etc...
  • Only the EU version of the game is supported

I'm a perfectionist so I feel bad for leavnig all those problems in my hack. All those could be fixed rather easily but it would take me a lot of time. The problem is I think that with over 30 thousands downloads the old version of the hack is very widespread and the new one would have some problem to take on the old one. I don't know, what do you guys thinks ?

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Mega Man 2 and...REVISITABLE STAGES?! YES!!!
« on: September 29, 2015, 03:43:45 pm »
Why should this post (the first one) have to read like an ad ? It feels extremely annoying, especially since it says nothing that special. Capcom just made a choice to have stages non-revisitable for some reason. If you want to re-visit them, just hit reset, it's that simple. I'm very happy you found another way to revisit them, but really it's nothing that impressive.

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