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Someone is making a fangame with enhanced graphics and music.


You wouldn't have the script somewhere would you? Just in case they would wanna go with a more accurate translation.
I clearly remember playing a Simons Quest remake on my PC, and it was not this one. It was great, and harder than the NES version.

2. Why do those games come in BIN/CUE files and not ISO images? (A little misleading, don't you think?)
Because games sometimes uses mode 2 sectors where correction data is used as actual data - for their FMVs most notably or for streamed audio music in XA format. Using simple ISO format would only rip the first 2048 bytes of the sector as if it was mode 1 and discard the rest, which would not work.

Programming / Re: GB ASM - Why use a command like 'ld a,a'?
« on: August 21, 2016, 03:52:03 pm »
I know squat about neither Z80 nor 8080 programming, and even less about Gameboy, but wouldn't this set the program status flag to the A register, for example set the zero flag is A is zero, or the negative flag if A is negative ?

Newcomer's Board / Re: What can I do with an expanded SMB1 rom?
« on: August 20, 2016, 10:01:06 am »
You're approaching the problem backwards.  Instead of saying "What can I do with expanded space", start with "what can I do" then you'll know whether or not you'll need to expand for it.  ;P

Reading back from VRAM? Could that cause slowdown/noticeable loading time?
Yes, just like any form of compression.

Don't you need for a fairly large amount of RAM to use LZ encodings? (I know the traditional is a 4KB window but that's a ton of space an NES game is not likely to have). (FF1 used only a small part of the SRAM for actually saving a game but it still used most of the rest of that space for other stuff I think.)
Not if you're compressing graphics, you can read back from VRAM. For any other use, yes, LZ77 is problematic on NES. 4k is an entiere tileset by the way, so the window is probably smaller - I don't remember my program automatically finds the optimal window size using brute force (i.e. compress data with different window sizes and keep the smaller data).

I just quickly did an experiment with FF1's graphics, and it should be able to compress them and save 31% of space using the LZ77 algorithm. Huffman saves only 27%, which is still good but not as good. FF1's graphics use 84kb of the 256kb which makes the rom, after being compressed, they'd use only about 57kb, saving up 26kb for text, more than an entiere bank.

I still didn't manage to do a demo romhack which plays FF1 unaltered but with compressed graphics, but I'll work on it. FF3 uses basiscally FF1's engine with improvements, so it'll work out the same. I suspect FF3's compress ratio will be similar - after compressing the graphics you could also compress text, and then it'll almost surely fir in 512kb.

Gaming Discussion / Re: "New" GBC RPG released.
« on: August 17, 2016, 01:53:42 pm »
I've already seen a preview on Matthew Valente's youtube channel, it really looks amazing! I am most certainly looking forward to playing it.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: NES Development Problems, with NMI
« on: August 14, 2016, 03:33:44 am »
When I enabled NMIs with $2000, all of my PPU tile writing routines became garbage.  The screens become messed up.  And when I call my controller write routine from the NMI, my game freezes on the titlescreen when I press one of the controller keys.
Did you actually programm an NMI routine and put its vector at $fffa-$fffb? Did you verify with a debugger or a code logger that it does what you intended it to do?

And a question -- I know how to wait for vblank, by LDA $2002, followed by a BPL back to the LDA $2002, but why do some games, like Megaman for instance, have simply a LDA $2002, and then LDA some other address immediately afterwards?  What is the point to LDA $2002 if you're not going to BPL right afterwards?  What does LDA $2002 do on its own?
$2002 is a PPU registers with 3 used bits in it's upper nybble : Vblank flag, Sprite zero flag and sprite overflow flag, so you can read either of those flags by reading $2002. It's also common to read $2002 but discard it's value to reset the $2005/6 selection flip-flop. The $2005 and $2006 registers actually points to two different registers, the "first" and the "second", every time you write to either $2005 or $2006, the PPU switch a bit internally to indicate which set of registers it's going to write next. Reading $2002 reset this bit and ensures the next write will affect the first set of registers.

Code: [Select]

inc frame_counter
jsr write_joypads
jsr write_spriteRAM
jsr prg_bankswitch
jsr chr_bankswitch
You should definitely save the A, X and Y registers on the stack when writing interrupt routines. The only cases where you can afford not doing that is when you don't use the registers (a rare case), or when the main program actually do nothing (jst a here: jmp here infinite loop).

The reason I'm using the NMI is because I need all of the things that are in the NMI, to be checked constantly.  And all commercial NES games have a frame counter, which from what I've seen, is incremented in the NMI.
There's nothing wrong to use NMI - that's a completely standard way of doing things.

You should really learn to use a debugger - FCEU emulators are awesome for this.

I like that she's a dork.

Anyway, I'm going to be voting for her because I think it would be the most effective vote against Trump, whom I believe doesn't even belong in the election to begin with. I was probably going to vote for Bernie. I don't support enough of what Johnson has proposed and while I still need to do some more reading about Stein to get a better picture of what she wants, I will still probably vote for Hillary as I think she is the most likely candidate to beat Donald.

So yeah, I'm voting for, but not necessarily "supporting" Clinton, if that makes sense. I don't give a shit if she's trustworthy because let's be honest, that's not what anyone expects of a politician so why hold her to a higher standard than everyone else?

That remind me the 2012 election in France, everyone hated Sarkozy and wanted him out, and that's the only way Hollande managed to get elected, but he now has barely ~10-15% of people supporting him in France, so most of the country hates him. That's probably what will happen when/if H. Clinton will be elected in the USA.

The only difference is that Sarkozy wasn't nearly as bad as Trump, so this makes H. Clinton even less legitimate than Hollande is.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: How to analysis ROM of Megaman exe?
« on: August 07, 2016, 10:16:13 am »
If you have no willingless to learn whatsoever there's little chance we'll be able to help at all.

There is no need to hack the code itself, often you can get by just by hacking data in the ROM.

Also the game is called Rockan.exe in japan and Mega Man Battle Network in the west. There's no such thing as a "Megaman.exe" game.

Newcomer's Board / Re: Castlevania Aira of Sorrow Picture Swap
« on: August 01, 2016, 04:05:15 am »
I looked through the ROM in YY-CHR and couldn't find the portraits either. It's strange that they would even bother to compress the portraits given the vast amounts of open space in the ROM (at least 25-30% empty) and the very wasteful fashion that many of the tiles are stored in. Compression seems totally unnecessary.
Decompressors are available in the GBA BIOS, so compressing data on the GBA is basically free (except maybe on RAM). Also, what tells you the data wouldn't take bigger than those 25-30% empty space after being decompressed ?

You also have to take the localization/translation in mind.

Site Talk / Re: Social media sharing
« on: August 01, 2016, 03:57:36 am »
Oĥ, no PLEASE no !!

I hate the concept of "social media sharing".

Well, all you said is correct, but I'd add that for the US and EU release, the story is purely from the manual and not from the game itself, so it only half counts. Again, in such an arcade-style role, the story plays pretty much no role in the game.

You are correct that the japanese version was not released after the US version, but both were released simultaneously, in February 1988. My previous statement is wrong. However, what I wanted to emphasis, is that the US version was not made after the japanese version, and as thus is not a "stripped down" version of the japanese release, but instead a different version.

I didn't know about differences between Salamander JP version, I'll have to check this out !

PS : I do not see any meaningful differences between Salamander and Life Force, except the title screen and how the HUD is organized on the screen.

Site Talk / Re: What's up with all the noncompliants right now?
« on: July 31, 2016, 12:00:39 pm »
Hey, this is an amazing idea ! I'll be working on it.

You patched it all wrong. ALL NES ROMs are headered, and should start with "4E 45 53 1A".

What I don't understand is that you claim to have played SD3 dozen of times, and ask for advice as to which story is the best. You probably know better than any of us, I played a through SD3 only once, although I did the begining quite a couple of times, and saw how the story was altered. If I am not mistaken, you can have npr(6 3) = 6!/3! = 120 different parties, and thus 120 different stories. However, only the 1st char really affects the story significantly, and it affects like the first one or two hours of the game, then all stories converge to the same story when they reach Wendel. So just pick the main character that grants you the best story, and use your favourite characters as the other 2.

Pesonally, my favourite main character is Hawk, because of his ability to reduce the probability to have traps in chest is useful. You can also have him as a side character and switch to him to open chests, but then you don't get him at the start of the game, and have to switch manually every time.

I also loved Angela, she's sexy, immature and rebel, I like that :)

Charlie is way too much immature, though, basically she's a very little kid.

You could just have the same graphics for all animation frames.

Headerless ROMs do not exist on NES, most emus assume iNES header, although other formats also exists.

You should pick the right options in the vending machine. I think the recommendation is to keep MMC1+CHR-ROM so it remains like the original game - although perhaps Bisqwit has another recommendation.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy hacking help... =)
« on: July 24, 2016, 01:19:39 pm »
It's simple, NES can't handle the running speed. You ever try using the run fast code in Super Mario Bros? NES can't handle those speeds.
I'm sorry about what I'm going to say, but let what has to be said be said. This is just complete bullshit and you have so much no idea what you're talking about.

If the game crashes, there's a good chance you messed up something with the stack. Either you pulled too much bytes, or you pushed bytes you didn't pull later. Another common thing is that there's a jump table, and for some reason you index a routine outside of the jump table's bound, this causes the game to crash. Another possiblity, a loop somehow became an infinite loop that never exists. Those are the 3 possibilities as for how your game crash, in the order from the most likely to least likely.

Use a debugger to see what your CPU is doing after crashing. If it is still running valid code, then you are in the infinite loop situation. If it is jammed somewhere lost in the address range, then it's either a stack or a jump table issue.

The best way to fix this is to use Nintendulator's logger. Just before the game is about to crash, start the "code logger", which will write all instructions the CPU is running to a .txt file. Then enable the one-frame mode with Ctrl+F and run a couple of frames with the space button. Warning, the log file will grow huge very quickly ! That's why you should do just a few frames, if you do that at full speed your computer will crash as it won't be able to follow all the instructions the CPU is executing, which is several hundred thousands per second.

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