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General Discussion / Re: Coffee or Tea?
« on: Today at 10:48:07 am »
I mean, geez, 80°C?  Am I supposed to monitor the temperature with a thermometer?
No. Just add some fresh water in your boiling water and you're ready to go.

General Discussion / Re: Coffee or Tea?
« on: April 30, 2016, 03:13:30 pm »
I rather like tea, but it's just so awkward.  You start off with the tea bag in the hot water, and – then what?  Do you pay attention and take the tea bag out after a certain time?  What do you do with it afterwards?  What about cream and sugar – do you put that in right away, or do you have to hang around and wait until you take the tea bag out?  It's all much more convenient if you have it sitting there steeping in a separate kettle, but then you need to have that separate kettle sitting there, and – ugh.
You're overcomplicated things. For some reasons doing tea directly in a cup is almost systematically terrible - doing it in a teapot will make the tea taste much better. Also do NEVER clean your teapot with washingup liquid, just rince. That way each tea you'll make will add taste in the pot and make the following teas better. A good pot needs decades to start to make really great tea :)

Rince your teapot with hot water from the faucet, so that the pot is already pre-heated. Add your teabag or tea directly (depending on how it is packaged) in the pot, and then put water that is aprox. 80°C hot in the pot. NEVER PUT IN BOILING WATER, it burns the tea and make the horrible beverage that they will serve you almost everywhere which nothing to do with tea. (Note this varies by country to country - in Switzerland people tend to have no idea how to make good tea, but in some countries people do).

If you don't believe this makes a difference, just try to make yourself two different teas, one with 100°C water and the other with 80°C water and observe for yourself... 80°C Water also has the advantage of making you able to drink the tea significantly sooner after preparing it.

For herbal tea, you're done, no need to remove the bag. For green or black tea, remove the bag after aprox. 3 minutes. (This depends on the tea/water ratio however, obviously the more water there is the longer the bag will need to be here.)

Also, buy high quality tea or teabags. There is no wonder, even if you make everything right, you cannot make wonders, by buying cheap crap you will end up with a bad tea even if you make everything correct on your side. In particular, AVOID LIPTON YELLOW LABEL - this product comes straight from hell and should be banned.

If you have no teapot available no problem - just do it directly in the cup, but it'll never be as good. In particular, the tea/water ratio tends to be way too high in a cup, since a teabag is typically designed for at least 1/2L of water.

Tea doesn't have to be complicated. Boil some water, turn it off, set some tea bags in it and let them soak for 30 mins to an hour. Get a gallon or half gallon pitcher, pour in a cup of sugar for a gallon of tea, pour in the water that the bags soaked in, ring the rest of the water from the bags out into the pitcher, stir, chill/drink. Making it a cup at a time just seems siliy when you can make a whole gallon and throw it in the fridge.
This is the recet of Ice Tea, not Tea... Tea is supposed to be a hot beverage by default - although there's nothing wrong in what you said. Quite naturally you'd want to drink hot tea in the winter and ice tea in the summer, unless you're masochist :)

I've tried Earl Grey, it seems incredibly bitter...
Probably you prepared the tea incorrectly. The most common errors are covered above in this post.

Put some sugar in it and you're good to go.
Please don't. Sugar really ruins a good tea, in addition, by drinking a tea w/o sugar you have 0 calories, which is always a nice thing to have, especially for something you're going to do regulalry.
However please don't put cream, milk or whathver in. This very idea is just so weird - people doing this are probably confusing it with coffee. (If you want to drink milk, then go ahead and drink milk, this is fine to do, but without tea!)

This poll is biased towards tea, as the offensive plot is clearly against caffeine. ;)
As I said above, I like the taste of coffee, with milk and without sugar. I however do not particulalry like the effect of caffeine, especially having seen people who are seriously addicted to that. Black coffee without milk is extremely bitter and undrinkable to me, but apparently in Italy they only like it that way. Every country has it's own habits.

Coffee has none of this confusion and is stronger anyway.
It does have the confusion since there's dozen of way of making coffee and people are usually religious about one way or another :D

Sugar in excess is bad for your pancreas and teeth. That being said, I like Mexican Coca-Cola [they have the right formula, fuck that high fructose corn syrup shit] and black coffee. With only a little sugar. Preferably raw sugar.
Definitely - I seriously dropped my consumption of sugarly drink, and stopped drinking any sort of Cola whatsoever. I couldn't start again to drink them, they seem disgusting to me now, as strange as it may seem. (It's probably the same phenomena as people becoming vegetarian for ideological reasons and starting to find meat disgusting several years later, when they originally loved meat)

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: PSX Games Text (Right to Left) ?
« on: April 27, 2016, 05:20:32 pm »
You should contact FARID. He translated many games to Persian language, which is written right to left.

General Discussion / Re: Coffee or Tea?
« on: April 27, 2016, 02:19:41 pm »
For me, herbal tea and cofee, but no black tea please. I like the taste of cofee but I do not like caffeine. The problem is that it makes me have to run to toilet 5 minutes after drinking coffee systematically, and it is not uncommon for me to have sleep problems if I drink a coffee after 13:00, so I avoid this.

The problem with Japan -> English/French translators is that they are quite rare, and so we "take what we have", even if they don't have good skills in their own languages.
You got a point.

but I've played French translations so badly written that I switched to the English one : at least, if they were bad written, my English was not good enough for me to notice :)
Same here.

stop thinking that one's opinion is better than somebody else's opinion, or that the quality of a translation can be measured objectively as a hard fact.
What makes you believe I ever thought either of those points?

In any case, here's a simple reference for CT if you're interested: https://www.chronocompendium.com/Term/Translation_Differences.html
I did not read the entiere thing very carefully, however, I do not feel that any of what is described here makes the translation a shitty translation, not even a mediocre one. Some names were changed, some things shortened due to space constraints, and references to religion and alcohol were partially removed because Nintendo forced them to, even though it's obvious the original game mentions religion and alcohol even after the censorship. (one guy outright mention getting drunk with lemonade... come on).

Finally I have to doubt what this page says when it mention Ayla refering to Crono as "Cro". Since you can rename Crono to your liking, I do not see how this is possible - although it's entirely possible that she calls him "Cro" no matter how your rename him - or that she uses "Cro" only if you didn't rename him. I guess I'll have to check this out to see how it's handled.

You seem to be one of those guys that think any change, even slight, from the japanese original is an outage. Be it a name change, a change that was imposed by technical constraints such as screen space, or censorship which is due to Nintendo and not due to Square, or replacements of "?!" with "!?", you think this is an outrage, and that the translation is a piece of s***t, when in fact this is just your opinion.

Personally I do not mind such changes, as long as they are consistent. If the text is proper and fully understandable in the target language, I do not mind. However, if all names are kept "intact" but that the text is a word-to-word translation of the Japanese original which barely makes sense in the target language, then I certainly won't find that it is a good translation, even if I do not speek any Japanese.

I agree this can lead to problems, for instance, when the j2e re-translation of FF4 was released, I first thought it was an amazing translation because it was well worded, and very clear. Only later when the truth was uncovered and that I learned that many side-stories were simply made up, then I change my mind.


I must say I might have been a little harsh with this new CT French translations. I expected it to be a major improvement over the previous one, it is not. It is just different, makes different choices and compromises. I was sort of attached to the original translation, which is why it is not to my liking.

The usage of japanism is limited, but they're still here and there, and I find it disturbing and un-professional. They only use Lenee-senpai (or was it -sama I don't even remember) once, and use just "Lenee" everywhere else. They also have laughter left in japanese "ku ku ku" which in French sounds completely idiotic and do not soud like a laughter at all, if you didn't "study" japanese.

Gaming Discussion / Stuck in "Legend of Mana"
« on: April 26, 2016, 04:16:31 am »
I am stuck in my "Legend of Mana" playthrough. This games works by adding your own places on the world map, and in order to do that, you should complete missions that gives you items that gives you extra places on the world map, that will in turn give new missions, etc... This is super nonlinear.

The problem is that I no longer have any new place to add to the world map, and that almost all of my missions are complete. Only 2 of them are incomplete (see picture), but I do not seem to be able to complete them (by looking up walthrough), because they involve locations in the world map I do not yet have. Is such a deadlock situation possible in the game?

I think it honestly depends on the setting. If a game setting takes place in Japan, I think it's fair.
You got a point.

You don't seem to know much Japanese, so you can't really tell which one is better. You can only judge how much you like each one, but I could make up an entire script from scratch that you might like better, and that doesn't make it a better translation (or a translation at all.)
Absolutely. What I really meant is that the end-result in French language looks better with the older patch from the other group. I do not really care if it is 1:1 faithful to the japanese original, as long as it is understandable and well written, and that the storyline is kept intact, and that no stupid jokes are made up.

The official SNES English translation of CT was an inaccurate piece of shit, and any translation based on that is an even worse piece of shit.
Please give me a reference that it indeed a piece of s**t. Do you speak japanese? To me it doesn't look like a piece of s**t at all. The english is perfectly understandable.

I had to play many French translation from official games where the language is actually not understandable. Secret of Mana and Breath of Fire III comes to mind. And don't even get me started on Final Fantasy Adventure, Square's 1st RPG to have ever been translated in French. Now THOSE are shitty translations.

But I'll still be thankful and glad for English translations. ;D
Sure, in this case Chrono Trigger SNES has already been translated in French by a group #1, in maybe year 2000 the "original" translation which I played through countless times. Then in maybe 2008 group #1 updated their translation patch to make it even better.

Finally in 2016 group #2 release a French translation which was supposedly better, because based directly on the japanese script. That's where my disappointment comes from. If this was the 1st translation I'll be very glad, but since it's pretty much the 3rd one, the expectations are much higher. And to be honest, translation from group #1 is in my opinion better, even though it is not based on the Japanese script. How ironic.

And, how do you localize the "first name basis" rule? I notice that the Japanese are very particular when someone calls you by your first name (especially by nickname) or surname.
I have no idea how it is in english speaking countries, but in French speaking countries, it's exactly the same. You're supposed to call your friends and family members by their first name, and your professors, supperiors, etc... by their family names, precessed by "Monsieur" or "Madame". You can do exceptions on a case by case basis of course, for example between guys it is common to refer us by simply our family names, but between girls that would never be possible. It's all a matter of context.

That is why they should translate from Japanese properly, by using the equivalent speech in the target language.
That's great, you should always have the chance to ignore these translations if you want to.

But you should not tell other people how to do whatever they want to do, *specially* if you're not paying anything for it.
So, because I used something that was given for free, I do not have any rights to say my opinion whatsoever? Because people give something away of their own will, they are doomed to have no feedback and stays low quality? What's up with this bizarre mentality? (also, offering paid romhacks and translations wouldn't be legal anyway, so it's not like they had  a choice)

And sure, I am free to ignore this translation and I probably will, also, if it disturb you that I voice my opinion about something I didn't pay for, you are free to ignore this thread.

A forum thread in 1897 ? :huh:

More seriously, I have absolutely no problem with Japanese words being imported in other languages. What I do have a problem is japanese grammar being imported, because the translators were not able to translate it a proper way to the target language.

-san / -sama are not Japanese words, they are grammar particles. The concept of grammar particle doesn't exist in western languages, and there is absolutely no point in "importing" them that way.

Also I'd most certainly spend time researching japanese culture, even if it takes more than 3 hours. HOWEVER I still do not want to see these particles in neither French nor English translations.

Glad I am not the only one who think this is an annoyance.

Only if they are not aware that countries and cultures exist outside of the United States.
Why make Japanese the exception, when in the English language we still say "Kaiser Wilhelm" or "Czar Nicholas II" or refer to French women as "Madame"? Who really gives a fuck when English is so bastardized anyway? This sounds more like a personal beef to me.
I was talking about a FRENCH translation, however the principle applies to english as well.

(I am pretty sure the Russian emperor's title should be written "Tsar". "Czar" sounds like a Hungarian spelling, or something.)

But seriously, English suffers from this thanks to the Norman invasion and the subsequent French corruption of the language.
I guess you have no idea at which extent modern French has been corrupted by English the last 20 years. Many false friends, like "abuse", which in french, means "using too much a product", is constantly used by the media for its english meaning "using violence of someone else", which in turns makes the population use it that way.

In the professional world it's even worse, we are flooded with things like "management", "marketing", "leadership", etc...

But perhaps we're relatively privileged in international comparison, French is the only language I know that have another word than "Computer" (or a close derivative) to mention a computer.

The French just couldn't handle that pronunciation and that's why it's like this today.
I cannot know how it was in the middle ages, but today, definitely not. As a French native which learned both German and English as foreign languages, I can assure you that German pronunciation is dead simple and is absolutely no problem for us. (The German phonemes are almost exclusively a subset of the French phonemes, the only exception is 'H' sound which exists in German and not in French). English pronunciation, on the other hand, is extremely tough and I probably won't be ever able to get it "right".

Unlike most people on this forum (and elsewhere) I am usually not very picky about what is a "good" and what is a "bad" translation, I can tolerate some level of freedom and do not consider that replacing "?!" by "!?" is an outrage to the original text and automatically makes a translation shitty.

HOWEVER I really do not appreciate translators that leaves japanese grammar particles such as "-san", "-sama" in translated text. I see this in anime subtitles all the time. I downloaded a brand new Chono Trigger translation for French language, supposedly a huge improvement from the previous available patches, as it was translated "directly from japanese". This is interesting and all, but they refer to Lenee as "Lenee-sama" which is just, horrible. This means that they were not able to translate the text properly, and had to leave things in japanese because of their incompetence to have an equivalent in the target language.

In this particular case it should have been translated something like "Her Majesty the Queen Leene" for example, to mark a form of respect. We do not use "-sama" as a mark of respect in any western language, and this should not be in the text, period.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: Rom Hacking of Super CastleVania IV
« on: April 21, 2016, 03:03:44 am »
Perhaps the fact that everything in CV4 is compressed is why there's so few hackers for it.

@ninn: AFAIK UOROM is a mapper 2 with 256KB ROM, while UNROM is the same mapper with 128KB of ROM. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.
Basically you're right, but the real picture is abit more complex. Mapper 2 can be realized by any hardware, the most common of them being the nintendo made UNROM board. However there is boards manufactured by anyone else, such as Konami, Jaleco, or you could make your own board, that are also mapper 2 without being UNROM. In addition to that, the game Crazy Climber uses a Nintendo-made UNROM board but is not mapper 2.

UOROM is a very rare board, I think only 3 games ever used it, period. It would however be very easy to make your own oversize mapper 2, and not necessarly limited to 256k.

Is there anything that cannot be edited via Hexadecimal?
Technically, no, but there are many things which cannot practically be edited with only a hexadecimal editor. Graphics is the #1 thing that comes to mind.

Specifically, there are some changes I would like to make to Final Fantasy III (NES) that I can't find in the ROM map.
Unfortunately, FF3j is a difficult game to hack for the very reason you mentioned. This ROM is packed, especially the english translation, there is something like 4 bytes free in the entire ROM if I remember well (don't take my word on that). Since the game is already 512kb MMC3, it is impossible to expand the ROM, or you could, but end up with a largely unsupported MMC3 oversize ROM (the alternate English translation did exactly that).

Don't get me wrong I love FF3j and I'd like to see hacks of it. Good luck !

General Discussion / Re: PSA: Back up your PC
« on: April 15, 2016, 04:03:12 am »
Just experienced a HDD crash... Windows crashed, the computer rebooted, and SMART reported the disk was out of spec. Tried to access it with my USB hdd adapter, but all I got was "tick-tick-tick, tick-tock". I lost everything I hadn't backed up a couple months ago. I'd been running that drive since 2006. A lot of people are running PCs still from that era and they ought to know: this is the point when they start to fail. Back up your PC now, not tomorrow, because tomorrow it might be too late.

*I did not lose my most recent hacking work, because I had that on another disk.
Oh that suck. As someone who had lived through this once not so long ago (2 years maybe?), I can empathise your pain.
A backup protects your data from being lost in accidents. Raids only cover one specific cause of data loss, a dying HDD. There are tons of possibly accidents where a raid is completely useless.

- Accidentally deleting data yourself
- Physical damage to the computer (being dropped during transport, power surges, etc) will very likely destroy more than just one HDD
- Home fires
- Theft of the computer
- Ransomware infection
Very good point indeed. This just show how hard it is to have a really safe backup. For those living in earthquake sensitive areas, this is also something to consider as to where you'll store your backed-up data.
Personally I'm lucky to live somewhere where earthquakes never happen - however fires can still be very destructive even with all the progresses that has been made in this regard the last decades. I wonder where should I store my backup external HDD in order to be as safe from fire as possible - if possible in a way so I can take it along when leaving the home urgently.

Well if you want to go there...I only pointed it out because her singing is pretty much undecipherable. I could not understand what exactly she was saying, hell I didn't even she was even singing Italian.
Nobody's singing in Italian. The opera version is in Japanese - the normal version has no real lyrics it's just "la la laaa".

@JohnEnigma : I'll send you a PM.

Im not sure I understand the attack noises dont sound like that in the snes version or the gba version. They sound heavily distorted now.
No, the attack doesn't sound like that because of the documented bug. Punches sounds however like that. Or are you talking about the fact that the GBA noise generator is different from the SNES noise generator? Yes they are, but I didn't though the difference was so major than anybody complained.

I'm definitely not complaining about the patch i used a previous version to play the whole game and it was fantastic, these didn't sound like this before.
The previous version only altered a couple of sound effects, this version supposedly replace them with the SNES version's sound effects.

What I mean is that's how they're supposed to sound (sound effects from the SNES version), if you don't like that you're free to play the unpatched game - nobody forces you to use my patch !

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