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Script Help and Language Discussion / Some minor help in language.
« on: April 28, 2013, 12:06:27 am »
I was wondering for dialouge what's the best way to write stomach growling.

And the other one is for people screaming in a warcry state and saying oh.

Newcomer's Board / Xdelta Gui
« on: April 16, 2013, 03:39:57 am »
I am curious does anyone know where I can find a xdelta gui? I am not talking about xdelta3, i am trying to find something a gui that use only Xdelta 1.0.  It seems like everything has been changed xdelta3 and I need something with the original xdelta.

Personal Projects / Heroine Anthem 1 & 2 English Translation
« on: January 26, 2013, 05:56:26 pm »
I remember back in 2006 D AKA Derrick Sobodash worked on Heroine Anthem and eventually gave up
due to problems it cause for his computer.

But you know after so many years with no english translation available, I think I try to continue what he
left behind. So far I did a few tests using the tools he left behind, good thing they still can be found
this site or else I would have nothing to show.

Video number 2 Shows early areas of the game and the current state of the patch.

The script is all dump, but its unorganized and hard to make out which is which in chronicle order. So
I am mostly translating parts at random. If everyone that wants to help out feel free to join.

Heroine Anthem I Progress

Finished 101/205 Files

The ripped script including the programming script is 346 KB, and 82Kb of that is translated so far.

To download current patch.

Heroine Anthem II Progress

*As of May 10
Current Progress
There are some areas in the game that have multiple script files. As of current progress right now

Script 1: 214/444 Files
Script 2: 17/50 Files
Script 3: 2/15 Files

The ripped script size is exactly 1 megabyte with the programming script included.
As of now exactly 288KB is translated out of the 1 megabyte.

To download the current progress, download it from here.

Patch is now version 0.22,


Heroine Anthem

Heroine Anthem II

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