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General Discussion / Re: A Site To Host My Hacks...
« on: May 05, 2014, 02:06:27 am »
Googie, have you ever considered a hack on a more advanced system?  The SNES, PS1, and GBA could use some love.

Funny stuff. :laugh: Makes me want to watch Maximum Overdrive again.
Great film?  Or greatest film?

While there is indeed a chance a new-age military super mech (the kind that already is in limited production but without decent AI) might go haywire and become homicidal, the real threat posed by AI is economic and environmental. Metal takes a lot more to move than flesh, and if computers could do all the work that humans could, then that would make the super rich even more detached than they are already. The problem would work itself out, the solution in question being, in that instance, a very sharp and sudden technological regression....
Bolded portions are the backdrop of the Dune novels.  Too bad Frank Herbert's son butchered them.

Newcomer's Board / Tenchu hacks?
« on: February 28, 2014, 02:23:58 am »


Are there any efforts to translate the Japanese version of Tenchu 1 (which includes a level editor) into English, or to port the level editor to the english version?

I looked through it and found about a dozen text files.  Sorry about that.

All I really see in the readme in regards to a clean rom is 通常版, or Normal Edition/version.
I see a normal version and a NP version in the Goodset, so I would try for the normal version. And then test with headered/unheadeared versions. And then maybe try the No-Intro set.
There is no way to tell if an IPS is for a specific ROM, right?

It's not all bad.  There are some how-tos on the different hacks included in OB Reloaded in the text files, which include values before and after the hacks are applied.  I could use that to figure out if I have the right one before I apply the patch.

This should be relatively straightforward.

At the link above, you'll find the following text:
○改変パッチ OB_Reloaded_v1.17 (2012/11/26更新)

The first line (改変パッチ OB_Reloaded_v1.17) is a download link (www.geocities.jp/kt_0t3wqu6irw/dob/OB_Reloaded_v117.zip) to a zip file.  Inside is a Readme.txt and several other text files, along with a bunch of other stuff that doesn't matter.

All I want to know is what version of the Japanese ROM this patch uses.  If any of the plain text files give a hash for the correct ROM, so much the better.

Just FYI Spoony, but the best way to meet women is to go out and talk to women.  And men.  And people in general.

Holing up in your house and obsessively improving yourself won't help you get women.  Batman is not known for his extensive and varied sex life.  Don't be Batman.

Justin, with X and Zero's data completely separated now...what are the chances of a 2 player co-op x3??
That sounds awesome.

Personal Projects / Re: multiarch-emulator in C: ramulate
« on: January 02, 2014, 10:06:11 pm »
Try byuu.org and seek out nocash.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Romancing SaGa 1, 2, and 3 X-mas Gift Pack
« on: December 23, 2013, 11:24:50 pm »
A few years ago I foolishly misused wget to make a backup of loda.jp, a site I did not immediately realize was a general file hosting service.  I thought it was used to host stuff for the Japanese SaGa games.  After about 5 hours of wget sorcery, I quit and moved on to other things.

Just a few days ago I uploaded a 7zip archive to mediafire - an archive that contained everything I grabbed from loda.jp.  I did this at the request of a person here on RHDN.  After uploading it (all 160 megabytes) I spent a few hours looking through it.  Here's a list of stuff I found:
1. 100% Japanese language things.
2. Plain text files with the words Ro Sa-Ga in their title.
3. IPS files the same as above.
4. EXE files the same as above.
5. Various image files, which look like custom sprites.

If you want to view the original thread and mock my shameful lack of BASH scripting and common sense, go here:

If you instead want to download the loda.jp archive, go here:

WARNING: 160 MB download!  Feel free to re-upload it somewhere else or to make a torrent file, you will have my thanks.

General Discussion / Re: College Advice - Am I wasting my time?
« on: October 18, 2013, 09:57:49 pm »
What was that one college site that has notes/slides on MIPS assembly, quickbasic (Qbasic, whatever), Java programming, and something else?  I vaguely remember someone on FFHacktics linking to it, but I'm permabanned from there so I can't ask.

General Discussion / Re: College Advice - Am I wasting my time?
« on: October 16, 2013, 04:02:49 pm »
What kind of Creative Commons books exist for these subjects in C++?
* STL template library
* Virtual functions
* Classes
* Abstract data types
* Dynamic memory
* File streams
* Redirection (pointers)

And is there anything for Javascript too?

My instructor is looking for something for his CS 161 class.  He doesn't want to force his students to spend hundreds of dollars on books again.

On that note, I talked to him.  I will probably fail this class, because I am completely new to programming, especially to C.  The material just moves to fast for me to keep up, there's too much to memorize.  Seeing as 160 is a requisite for 161, I won't be able to take any of the classes in that sequence this year.  However I should be able to keep up with the HTML class this quarter, and probably the Javascript class next quarter.

I'll stay in CS 160 and try to catch up, and if I don't I'll drop it just before the quarter ends.  The rest of this year will be spent in web development classes, math, and lab sciences.  Then next year I'll try again with CS 160.  I intend to continue working through the book during breaks and on my free time, so if anything I should be know all the material by next fall.  It sucks that I'm incurring $9000 in debt a year to do so.


Failure isn't bad (except for the debt - assuming I decide to pay it back), it just means that I'm being challenged and I'm actually learning new things.  As long as I don't give up I'll eventually learn it.

General Discussion / Re: College Advice - Am I wasting my time?
« on: October 14, 2013, 02:05:49 am »
There are 5 software engineering companies in the Coos Bay/North Bend area.  I was surprised to learn this.  My CS professor is designing a two or three year Associate of Applied Science degree (no bullshit classes) around the local market.



My goal is to work a job until one of my side-projects takes off.  I have a lot of money-making ideas I want to implement.

The best thing that college has given me is an excuse to dedicate a huge block of time to study that would have otherwise been occupied with working dead end jobs and struggling to maintain the energy and drive to study after work. Beyond that, you have to have a passion for learning new things and the drive to force yourself through the harder bits even when you can't see immediate practical applications.
I agree, not having to work makes it much easier to learn.  I quit my work study job this past Friday because it was interfering with my CS classes.

Assuming I pass all my CS classes, my schedule for Winter and Spring looks like this:
- Winter
* Math 112 - Precalc/Trig/Elementary Functions
* CS 161
* Either CS 133 Web Scripting (Javascript, I assume) if it's available or a lab science class.
- Spring
* Math 251 - Calculus 1
* CS 162
* CS/CIS 133 Web Scripting or a lab science if I already took it.  Lab science will be the easiest shit class I can take, but one that will help me with later classes.

I may take Physics next year, but I don't think I'll have the time.  I need to take Calc 2 and 3, Data Structures, Server-Side Web Scripting (PHP and SQL), Advanced SQL, the DIY operating system class my prof is designing, and a few web-app creation classes (one of which includes stuff like mining user data for facebook/google/the NSA).

I could take a few classes online too.  Assembly language, Discrete Math 1 and 2, that's about it.

I'll try to muddle my way through the Chemistry textbook during summer term.  If I can, I'll take a CLEP to test out of some lab sciences.  If I can get a 40-90k job immediately after I get my associates, then I'll work for two years while I pay off my student loans and take more math classes.  If that happens, I'll take calc up to differential equations and I'll take physics too.  4 or 5 credits a term, not too bad.  Then I'm off to university to get my bachelors unless I invent the next facebook in the meantime (ha ha).

Do that, just be aware that that link has some curious gaps in places (what it doesn’t recommend for C and C++ or where to go for info on parallelism or assembly language sticks out to me) and the “recommended reading” is impossibly hardcore in others (every CS major “should be” familiar with AIMA, SICP, TAoCP, and Intro to Algorithms IMHO, but you’d be hard pressed to meet someone who’s read all of them thoroughly or done a good portion of the exercises in one of them). To the list of languages, I’d add Clojure; it’s the new hotness right now, so it could possibly be going away, but I think it’s going to be reasonably influential (perhaps even an “employable skill”) for the near future.
What do your recommend to fill the gaps for parallelism and assembly language?  What do you recommend for C and C++?  Is Clojure one of those languages built on the JVM?
Ah, it is.  And it's a Lisp, too!  Lisp honestly looks like fun.

I've heard good things about websites built on the JVM.  Supposedly it scales well, and you can split up the different parts of your service so if one part goes down the rest don't too (twitter).  IIRC, facebook built a JIT compiler for PHP for their restructuring.

Always be coding, be a pragmatic programmer, yadda yadda, and I could namedrop a lot of things to look at but I did that in a draft of this post, and ultimately it undermined the more important point that reading should be accompanied by coding. Knowing all that stuff is cool but it can get in the way of getting your hands dirty and doesn’t demonstrate employability to anyone. I will say to skim Hacker News a little to keep on top of things, but try not to piss away too much time there.
It’s probably true, but don’t settle for that. Among the things you gain with the B.S. is networking with classmates who are also getting one.
Time spent making ad revenue for someone else's website is time I could have spent making my own website or business.

Demonstrable mastery over a programming language like C or C++ isn’t won in a short time and won’t be required for most entry-level jobs anyway.
Where are you, geographically?  What are the entry level jobs like where you are - mostly corporate or more small business?

Regarding books? Find them in the databases or the library if you can. Beware any class with a required text written by the teacher unless they have a stellar reputation; they’re usually poorly written and the teacher will not explain things any better than their book does. You will never be able to escape expensive textbooks; sometimes you just have to bite that bullet. But Amazon is the most popular option.
I want to keep all my books, but I also want to be mobile (being homeless had it's advantages).  PDFs all the way.

If I buy a book, is there a place I can go that will scan it to a PDF?  How much does it cost to do it myself?

I'm all about networking.  That's one thing that my hitch-hiking and homeless adventures taught me.  You gotta talk to people, you gotta get out and beat feet, flap your gums, take down names and phone numbers and emails.

I'm astounded to say that I like meeting new people.

General Discussion / College Advice - Am I wasting my time?
« on: October 06, 2013, 03:11:14 am »
I'm taking CS 160 where I'm learning C and CIS/CS 195 where I'm learning HTML 5, CSS, XML, and a bit of Javascript.  In the future I'll take classes on C++, a data structures class, more Javascript, PHP, SQL (I will probably get certified in SQL before I get my associates), and maybe a few classes on programming apps for mobile devices.  Also, low-level C programming (we'll make our own operating systems).

This is all before I graduate from community college.  I intend to transfer to a university where I'll get a bachelors in Computer Science and Math.


Going by the above link, C, C++, and Javascript are good things to have.  SQL too.  I'm pretty sure I can muddle my way through a server edition of Linux since I already run the easier to use distro (Mint Debian) on my laptop, so I can run my own website.  I'll have a lot of database heavy classes under my belt.

I'm disappointed that I had to drop Chem 221.  The material was just too much, too quickly.  I couldn't memorize all that information in two quarters, let alone one.  So I guess I'm looking for some reassurance that I'm on the right path.  I took the advice in the link I posted to heart, and I want to develop a huge portfolio of well-written software (most of which will be rom hacking related, probably).  I also want mastery over C and C++, and experience in most of the languages listed in that link.

My CS professor told me that all I need is mastery over C and C++ (or Java), along with the HTML/CSS, XML, SQL, PHP, Javascript, database experience, website experience, and embedded device programming experience to get a job making $90,000 a year here in Oregon.  Is he blowing smoke up my ass?  If I get a bachelors and if I get more experience in other languages, is it likely that I can get more money?

Is it worth getting a bachelors once I have demonstrable mastery over the skills in the paragraph above?

Also where's the best place to buy physical textbooks online?  I need them fast and I need the right editions.  I'm not paying this fucking much ever again.

Throw any other college advice at me that you have.

I have always wondered myself what I would do. I think I would try and play the "I'm crazier than you are" card. So if someone did break in, I would greet them in my living room, stark naked, holding a bottle of thousand island dressing with Barry White playing in the background. I'd be like "Hey guys, which do you like better, beetles or spark plugs?" while unloading the entire bottle of thousand island dressing on my head as if I was in a shampoo commercial.

The theory is that it would disorientate them to the point that they would just wander back out the front door.

I can verify that this works especially well on people who've been to prison, but not so well on actual crazies.  When dealing with people who are crazy, it's best to keep calm, keep something between you and them, and persuade them to step outside for a moment while you lock the door behind them.

When I was homeless in Salt Lake City I would wander around the homeless shelter(s) talking to myself and staring straight ahead and I had zero problems with anyone.

Pepper spray and/or shoot to wound them with my spouse's 9mm, then call 911. Situation resolved.  :laugh:
Anything worth shooting once is worth shooting twice.  Dead men can't file lawsuits.

Pepper spray them, kick them in the nuts, then beat them with convenient objects until they submit.  Then I kick them for a while and throw them out.

General Discussion / Re: Good alternative to Pastebin?
« on: September 12, 2013, 08:36:16 pm »

Also if you for some insane reason decide to use pastebin to store embarrassing personal messages, remember to deindex those messages and give them an expiration date (though even then they can be found on google, and with google cache).

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: I'm taking data diving requests
« on: September 12, 2013, 07:13:42 pm »
I'd be very grateful if you shared some of the info for two of the games you mentioned (Aria of Sorrow and Circle of the Moon)
The location of the compressed text, and most importantly the compressed font, is giving me troubles.
I would ask you as well for the location of the compressed text inside Zelda III GBA port if you don't mind, and if it's still relevant to your thread.

Thanks a lot in advance
I don't have any info on those games yet.  Compressed text is one of the things I can't easily find.  Has anyone translated those games already?  Ask those people if they have.

Have you tried opening it with Tile Molester?

If you have, then my advice is to ask EVERYWHERE.  Beg for help at every romhacking, emulation, and gaming forum you know of.  One of the reasons why I help other people is because it's useful to know people who have skills that I don't, especially if I've already helped them out with something.

ROM Hacking Discussion / Re: I'm taking data diving requests
« on: September 11, 2013, 08:35:40 pm »
... those hex addresses are the attack power of all 6 found by me. i want you to teach me how to rename each of them...
Well congrats, you probably just found the item data!

Do a text search for "None" using xvi32 on the ROM.  If that doesn't work, then the text is compressed.

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