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General Discussion / Re: College Textbooks
« on: August 19, 2015, 05:53:53 pm »
Well that escalated quickly...

Imagine living through it!

General Discussion / Re: College Textbooks
« on: August 18, 2015, 06:58:41 pm »
We have a class called CS 272 - Low Level Programming that covers assembly language programming and some aspects of C programming.  That class doesn't have a required book, so I was curious what the 271 book covers.  I found it on amazon for $50.

As for putting my info out there - it doesn't matter.

I'm currently living in my truck (I got a truck!) and couch-surfing or living with my girlfriend.  I spend most of my time in Salem (population: 160,614).  Even if someone doxxes me, you can't exactly swat a truck like you would a house.

Someone threatened to swat me a few years ago while I was homeless, and it was just sad.  How do you swat a tent?

My personal information isn't on the internet, my name is commonplace, I don't stay in in location very long, I don't do anything illegal, I don't have family members, I don't have friends (I have acquaintances, mostly), I don't have a reputation of any kind (I'm a nobody), I know how to act around the police to put them at ease.  I am not a very easy target.  I try to dox myself all the time, I can't find anything about myself in any of the cities I've lived in for the past 12 years.

I have about a dozen usernames that could be linked to me by a thorough attacker but which provide false information about me.

Even if someone actually pulls something off and doxes me, I don't have much to lose.  If they destroy every physical good I have then I can start again with a few hundred dollars and be back where I was within a few months.

On top of all that I'm kind of nuts.  When I first became homeless I narrowed down my choices to:
* Work a shit job the rest of my life and try to get back into an apartment and get another car,
* Hitch-hike to a place with a better economy where it's easier to be homeless, or
* Get a passport and visa, and go fight as a volunteer in the Arab Spring (I was thinking of joining the Kurdish Pershmerga or one of the Assyrian Christian militias).

I went with hitch-hiking and homeless and here I am today.  It was fun in a crazy way, even while I was starving, freezing, sleep-deprived, dodging traffic, or dealing with crazies and junkies.  Probably the best thing that ever happened to me.  Even at the worst it was better than rotting away at my parents house or working shit-jobs and being rejected by literally everyone I met.  No matter how bad it was, I was never bored and I always had some new challenge to test myself against.  I met lots of interesting people and I saw an entire strata of society that is invisible to most people.

I have some programming ability, along with the street smarts and stubbornness that it took to claw my way up to where I am today.  I think of myself as a rogue training to be a wizard - in the D&D sense of the words.

So yeah, if someone utterly destroyed my life such that I have nothing to lose, I would want them to give them every opportunity fuck up.  I would do this because losing everything was good for me and I think everyone should experience it at least once in their life.  I guess that makes me crazy.  I've doxxed people before - script-kiddies and spammers, along with a few trolls - only now I am capable of just walking and hitch-hiking until I find them.  I spent a lot of time with ex-convicts while homeless, and they are a valuable resource for learning street smarts and people skills - plus they're huge gossips.

Ex-cons and especially junkies gossip a lot because they need info on other criminals so they can snitch to reduce their sentences.  I keep a reputation as straight-edge (and I actually am straight-edge, too), but that doesn't mean that I can't tell them about what the person who doxxed me does and where he lives, so they can snitch on him when they need to cut a deal with the local DA.

I wouldn't hurt them or break any laws.  Instead I would give them the opportunity to destroy their own lives.  Turn a bad situation to your advantage, so no matter what they do it hurts them and helps you.  Most of the time you don't need to do anything because the people who are into that sort of lifestyle - trolling, doxing for lulz, swatting, and "hacking" - do plenty of other illegal things, you just need to figure out what those illegal things are and then give them a chance to get caught doing them.

If I really wanted to fuck with someone, I'd learn how to set up a honeypot and bring all the people who want to dox me into it.  That's why I'm taking classes on IT stuff along with CS.  Within about a year I'll have the skills to work as a programmer.

General Discussion / College Textbooks
« on: August 18, 2015, 01:03:58 am »
Here's my CS 271 book:

CS 271 Computer Organization (4)

Logical organization, computer hardware, introduction to assembly and machine language programming.

Prerequisite: CS 162.
Can't buy the damn thing until September 8th.  Guess I'm getting it from Amazon then.

Anyone ever use it?  Is it good?

Personal Projects / Re: SnakeOil - SaGa Frontier data editor
« on: August 18, 2015, 12:58:17 am »
I just printed off 120 pages of specifications from this thread, specifically the post where Valendian takes me to the woodshed, so I have about a week of reading ahead of me.


Did you consider that the object may be tracking a "current position" in the file? I bet that there is a method to change that position.
The innermost stream classes in Java usually don't have seek methods.  I'll explain what I think is going on there later.

You are not supposed to randomly hop around in streams. Why? Because seeking back and forth on external memory like HDDs is slow as effing fuck (thousands of times slower than in memory). Hence why streams exist. They work linearily. You start and then work your way through it from start to finish without hopping back all the time. If you need to randomly access the data -> that's why you load the data into a buffer. That one is in memory and you can do what you want with it.

A stream object tracks its position by itself, there is no need to mess with it. If you need to, you are doing it wrong. If you check the documentation on File[Input/Output]Streams linked earlier in the thread you'll also notice that there are overloaded read/write methods that don't need any offsets and indicies, just a buffer and nothing else. Because the library can flush a stream into a buffer or vice versa by itself. It doesn't get any easier.
Thanks for taking the time to explain that to me.  Wish we'd spent time going over that in class instead of trying to figure out just what the fuck the author wanted us to take away in the previous night's reading.

I think with Java there are certain stream classes you're supposed to have wrapped around a file that have only basic methods for dealing with that file, while there are other streams you're supposed to wrap around that stream, and still more streams you could wrap around the previous stream to do more specific things.


Exactly what each of these are best suited to is a mystery.  On that note, how do I actually view the code that implements each of these classes?  If I saw how they were different, I could figure much of it out myself and I could learn how to implement my own stream.

Browsing wikipedia at the moment:


Even if they're not compiled, something that assigns 64 bits to each variable no matter what kind of variable it is kinda sucks.

Also what is the benefit of a language automatically converting between different types based on their own arcane rules?  To gently fail and try to preserve website as much website functionality as possible?  Are there any other advantages?

Are there any client-side web scripting languages designed to be fast and lightweight?

Some languages excel at one thing over another and it varies a bit depending on what you want to do.

In that case, what do most of the common languages excel at?  What niche languages are very good at specific applications?

... however I can not ignore the notion of rapid deployment or reliability/heavily bounds checked code (and that does rather exclude C and C++, even with things like Cyclone).

What languages are suited for rapid deployment?  What languages excel at reliability/heavily bounds checked code (and waht is heavy bounds checking)?

Are there any client-side web languages out there besides javascript?  Don't say java applets, actionscript, silverlight, or anything dead/dying/crappy.

What languages have the most possible applications?

Personal Projects / Re: SnakeOil - SaGa Frontier data editor
« on: August 13, 2015, 06:50:25 pm »
Yet another SnakeOil release: http://biolab.warsworldnews.com/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=296&p=1621#p1621

Currently functional.

* Implement file I/O for disc image.
* Make a better looking layout for item data editor. If possible fit this layout in a 1024 by 600 pixel frame.
* Incorporate feedback from users at GameFAQs.
* Consider using a JFrame instead of a popup for informational dialogs.
* Implement editors, patching, and file I/O for all known data tables in SaGa Frontier.
* Implement action events to highlight byte/bit GUI components if they deviate from values in base patch.
* Make a changelog generator.
* Make a data table preview generator.
* Make a better readme.

Your choice of compiled executable or source code.

This release can make a patch and do various things with them.  You still need to write to SCUS_942.30 to edit the game, but if you wish you can use the *.snakeoil patches to distribute your changes instead of making a PPF patch.

You can't open a RandomAccessFile inside a ZipFile or a ZipInputStream.  I prefer RandomAccessFile over streams whenever possible.

Everything works fine, I'm just wondering about the documentation of write(byte[] buffer, int off, int len) in FileOutPutStream.  I figured offset was the offset in the file to be written, but apparently it's the index of the buffer byte array.  This seems like a pretty dumb decision to me - no, scratch that.  It seems impossible to use because you can't specify the location in the file you're writing to.

So offset in write(...) references the location in the byte[] to start writing, and not the location to start writing in the file you have opened in your FileOutputStream?  That makes a lot of sense. /sarcasm

Am I being stupid or is that really easy to misinterpret?

How do I determine where I want this write operation to take place in the file I'm writing to?

We don't do anything with FPGAs at my school.  Bummer.

General Discussion / Re: Music as a form of therapeutic expression
« on: August 12, 2015, 08:45:04 pm »
I really wish I learned a musical instrument when I was younger.

I have a very long reputation as being that outlier.  I have at least 5 warnings on this forum that I know of, and dozens on others.  My current ban trophy count is 2 for major rom hacking forums, one warranted for being a turd-dollop and the other petty politics and scapegoating.  When I meet people that remind me of myself I want to be far away from them.

The best way to manage turd-dollops like me is to have concrete goals and reward results.  Dealing with other problem children requires keeping them occupied so they can direct their energy towards something useful.

Code: [Select]
byte[] buffer = new byte[28];
for (int i = 0; i < 256; i++)
int location = i * 28;
zis.read(buffer, location, 28);
tempfos.write(buffer, location, 28);
Maybe I didn't make it clear, but the code above doesn't work.  It fails when it attempts tempfos.write(...) while i = 1 (on the second iteration of the for loop, in other words).  I stepped through it.

The other code - seen below - works.

Code: [Select]
for (int i = 0; i < 7168; i++)
int writeValue = zis.read();

I don't see anything that discusses the length of a buffer array in the documentation you posted.  I constructed the byte[] buffer as 28 bytes long.  The int location is 28 times whatever the current round of iteration is (starting at zero aka the beginning of the file).  The last part, the length, of the byte array written, is also 28.

Did I miss something?

Gaming Discussion / Re: SNES or PS2 Romancing SaGa?
« on: August 11, 2015, 10:10:38 pm »
I don't know.  There are more people at the GameFAQS romancing saga boards.  The PS2 board is especially active, you could try it there.

I'll keep the quoting to a minimum to avoid wall-of-text syndrome.


Being humble isn't just useful in social situations; it helps you learn.  If you pride yourself on your work ethic, then work is rewarding and you keep improving.  If you pride yourself on your superior intellect, then you have no incentive to risk failure because this disproves either your intellectual superiority or the usefulness of the same.

Regarding SFW demonstrations of your skills: Is this appropriate? /sarcasm

In programming leadership is - from what I've heard - mostly about owning up to your failures without it costing your job.  When dealing with other programmers/technical people, it's usually okay to be honest (but there will be arguments, usually reasonable).  When dealing with non-techies though...

Working in groups mostly means acting like a sane adult.

I prepare like I'm about to face a legion of Sardaukar.

Your first job will always suck.  And I'm okay with selling out, as long as I get a fair price.  My personal philosophy is to do unto others as they do unto you, as long as you can get away with it.  Help those that help you, use those that screw you over.


Bookmarked that link, thanks!


The implied bonus to government work is that you benefit from some of that sweet sweet government cheese, namely getting security clearance and then starting your own company to do the same job for 5 times the pay.  The government is corrupt, it's going to happen whether I want it to or not, so it may as well be me that benefits from it (as opposed to Halliburton).  I'd have to enlist in the national guard or something to get clearance (or get elected?) which sucks at my age, but otherwise it's probably doable.

What sort of stuff should I learn to become proficient in programming fpgas?

Didn't the NSA and/or Israel do some rom-hackery stuff to Iran's uranium centrifuges a few years ago?

Gaming Discussion / Re: SNES or PS2 Romancing SaGa?
« on: August 11, 2015, 04:23:52 pm »
The PS2 version is much easier if you have a cheating device to set your rank points.  Otherwise it's hard to avoid enough battles and prevent your event rank from going up to fast.  If it goes up to fast missions disappear and you can auto-fail missions you're already on.

Don't spend any money on weapons or armor that aren't top-tier or story-related, either.

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